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By André Gide | Comments: ( 350 ) | Date: ( Apr 05, 2020 )

J r me et Alissa, l a n e de ses cousines, s aiment d un fervent amour Autour d eux, on y consent l harmonie familiale semble parfaite Mais peut on concilier les hauteurs de l id al spirituel auquel ils aspirent avec le simple bonheur humain Le r cit bascule alors vers les d chirures intimes entre les protagonistes De ce combat ternel entre Eros et Thanathos, AlissJ r me et Alissa, l a n e de ses cousines, s aiment d un fervent amour Autour d eux, on y consent l harmonie familiale semble parfaite Mais peut on concilier les hauteurs de l id al spirituel auquel ils aspirent avec le simple bonheur humain Le r cit bascule alors vers les d chirures intimes entre les protagonistes De ce combat ternel entre Eros et Thanathos, Alissa sortira par le renoncement l amour et la vie Histoire d un sacrifice, ce roman de l abn gation rend compte d une soci t refoul e et pesamment terre terre Il faut lever les yeux vers le ciel pour respirer

  • Title: La Porte étroite
  • Author: André Gide
  • ISBN: 9782070362103
  • Page: 490
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

André Gide

Andr Paul Guillaume Gide was a French author and winner of the Nobel Prize in literature in 1947 Gide s career ranged from its beginnings in the symbolist movement, to the advent of anticolonialism between the two World Wars.Known for his fiction as well as his autobiographical works, Gide exposes to public view the conflict and eventual reconciliation between the two sides of his personality, split apart by a straight laced education and a narrow social moralism Gide s work can be seen as an investigation of freedom and empowerment in the face of moralistic and puritan constraints, and gravitates around his continuous effort to achieve intellectual honesty His self exploratory texts reflect his search of how to be fully oneself, even to the point of owning one s sexual nature, without at the same time betraying one s values His political activity is informed by the same ethos, as suggested by his repudiation of communism after his 1936 voyage to the USSR.

Comments La Porte étroite

  • Manny

    Gide said that he meant this book to be treated as one half of a pair, together with L'Immoraliste. I took him at his word and read them in rapid succession. By the way, I should say this was atypical - I'm a "when all else fails, read the instructions" kind of person, but I found both books together at a second-hand bookstore and it seemed silly not to do what he said.Looking at other reviews, I seem to have a fairly different take on the book, and perhaps my reading route has something to do w [...]

  • Ahmad Sharabiani

    758. La porte etroite = Strait Is The Gate, André Gideدر تنگ – آندره ژید (نیلوفر) ادبیات فرانسه؛ تاریخ نخستین خوانش: ماه آوریل سال 2003 میلادیعنوان: در تنگ؛ نویسنده: آندره ژید؛ مترجم: عبدالله توکل؛ رضا سید حسینی؛ تهران، کتابفروشی زوار؛ 1316، در 144 ص؛ چاپ دیگر متین، 1342؛ در 207 ص؛ چاپ دیگر: بامداد، 1359، در 214 ص [...]

  • Shovelmonkey1

    This book is been hailed as one of the most sensous and sublime love stories of the 19th century, as well as being one of Andre Gide's most vaunted publications. Me? I have no basis for comment or comparison at this time as this was my first tentative foray into the world of Andre Gide. I don't think it will be my last but I don't think I will be charging out the door to clasp all of his other publications lovingly to my bosom. It also seems a little ironic that a gay Frenchman produced one of t [...]

  • بثينة العيسى

    النسخة الفرنسية من الرافعي والمنفلوطي تقريبًا.

  • Teresa Proença

    "Esforçai-vos por entrar pela porta estreita, pois a porta larga e o caminho espaçoso levam à perdição, e numerosos são os que por aqui passam; mas estreita é a porta e cerrado o caminho que conduzem à vida, e poucos são aqueles que os encontram."(Mateus 7:13,14)Julieta ama Jerónimo. Jerónimo ama Alissa.Alissa ama Jerónimo.Julieta casa com Eduardo.Alissa e Jerónimo são infelizes para sempre

  • Mary

    A haunting tale of doomed love.Sad, powerful and deeply moving.Stimulates the emotions with beautiful prose.Such a sad ending!

  • Laila

    Ahmet Hamdi Tanpınar'ın kitaplarından birinde adi geçen romandı Dar Kapı, bu vesileyle okuma listeme almıştımGirisgahtan bir alıntı ile baslayayım: "Fedakarlık nedir, insan aşk için nelerden vazgeçer, peki ya ilahi aşk? Saflık için, Tanrı'ya tertemiz geri dönmek için, erdem olarak kabul edilen değerleri korumak için insan bazen kendi hayatını verebilir mi?"Kitapta başlarken çevirmenin yazdığı sunuştan yaptığım bu alıntı öyle değerli ki, eserin devamında bu [...]

  • John David

    As with most all of Gide’s best novels, this one concerns the anxiety and yearning at the heart of human experience. A very young Jerome Palissier regularly spends holidays at the house of his aunt and uncle’s estate in Fongueusemare in rural Normandy. One day, he happens upon his cousin Alissa, who is distraught at her aloof, hypochondriacal mother. Both desperate to rescue her and drawn by a genuine affection, Jerome takes it upon himself to sweep in and rescue her like a good, Christian k [...]

  • Nahed.E

    هل تعرف الإحساس الذي يراودك حين تقابل وجهك بعد عشرات السنين فتنظر للمرأة وتتذكر عمرك كله وهو يمر أمامك وكأنك تنظر من نافذة قطار سريع ؟هذا الإحساس هو إحساس البطل في هذه الرواية التيتتعبك معك في رومانسيتها وأخلاقها وضميرها المستيقظ دائماًفلا الضمير ينام ولا البطل ينسي ولا ال [...]

  • gwayle

    The worst kind of person is one who uses the love of another to hurt herself, someone (Alissa) who willfully provokes feelings in another (Jerome) then uses them in cheap furtherance of a self-glorifying martyrdom. Make no mistake: the about-face from self-indulgence to self-denial is itself an indulgence--and especially despicable when it makes casualties (Jerome, Juliette) of others. Morality is not algebraic; cessation doesn't undo; and neither human frailty nor youth nor the absence of ill i [...]

  • David

    Is Andre Gide always pointing in the wrong direction? And does he ever have any fun? Can someone please tell him that the First World War's coming and that very soon we're all going to be living in a world of "if it's a bit warm, take off your jacket. You don't have to move your entire household 200 miles to the north"?I think I'd probably have been kinder if the secret diary had been more fun. A book with a boring secret diary? That's just rubbish, isn't it?

  • Ahmad Ashkaibi

    انتهت بسرعة هذه الرواية الشيقة اللذيذةوعلى الرغم من أن موضوعها ليس بالجديد إلا أنها في غاية الروعةالرواية يقدم لها طه حسين وترجمتها رائعةشعرت كأني قرأتها بلغتها الأصيلة من جزالة اللفظ وحسن اللغة رواية جميلة جدا أنصح بها الجميع

  • Stephen Durrant

    Much about this novel could lead some current readers to brush it aside, maybe even with a sneer: overheated teenage romanticism, a struggle with a literalistic but now somewhat passee notion of what Protestant devotion should be, frequent Biblical references and quotations, a somewhat "old-fashioned" use of letters and diary entries to present several points of view, etc. But I confess this novel enthralled me precisely because I have seen in my own religious tradition so many of the same tende [...]

  • Perihan

    "Dar kapıdan girmeye çabalayın. Çünkü yaşama giden yol dar ve çetindir. Bu yolu bulanlar ise çok azdır."Kitap novella tarzında yazılmış, bir oturuşluk kitap. Ama bitince de bir ton ağır kederi yüreğe bırakıp kaçıyor. Düşün dur, kederlen dur diye!Aşk, erdem ve ilahi aşk , bu değerler birbirlerine düşman ilan edilmiş sanki. Birinden birini tercih etmeye mecbur bırakılmış karakterler.Halbuki üçü birden bir arada olabilir pek tabii.Alıntı:"Tanrım, aşkım ve [...]

  • Rania Chokor

    "لقد وجهت نظراتي نحو الله، نحو هذا الذي تصدر عنه المواساة الحق، وكل رحمة وكل عطاء."

  • Sunny

    Wow. So I’m going to put this right into the sufferings of young werther, the devil in the flesh, the blind owl mould. Yes I would mention Gide in the same breath as Goethe and Radiguet and Hedayat for sure. If you have ever been in love read on, if not then this will not impact you as much. The book is essentially about 2 cousins who fall in love with each other but the girl (Alissa) sacrifices her love for the boy (Jerome) because her own sister falls in love with the dude. Ok maybe a bit un [...]

  • Amr Raouf

    كلاسيكى صرف عذاب الحب العذرى و البحث عن الفضيله المطلقة حيث يكون الله وحد فى قلب الانسان و لا مشاركه من اخرين بدايتها كانت جميله لكن يعيبها الكأبة المفرطة , ايضا لم يكن واضحا اسباب التقلب المفاجئ فى حالات البطلة لكن النهاية كانت كافيه للتوضيح واضح ان النص الاصلى صعب لغويا , [...]

  • Kirsty

    Strait is the Gate is, for some reason, the first of Andre Gide's books which I have read, despite his having been on my radar for years. I had written his name upon the list of authors whom I hoped to get to during 2017, and also thought that he would be a great inclusion upon my Reading the World list. First published in France in 1909, and in Dorothy Bussy's 1924 translation, I could not pass up the chance of adding yet another marvellous classic of French literature to my list. Strait is the [...]

  • Shaghayegh.l3

    با خوندن مائده هاى زمينى آندره ژيد ، ردپاش به راحتى همه جا قابل تشخيص ميشه و از اوناس كه كتاباش يجورايى به همديگه وصلن . تو اين كتاب هم مفاهيم فلسفى و اون جمله هاى موندگارشو با يه داستان عشقى ِ شل كن سفت كن ِ پرغرور قاطى كرده و راحتتر به خورد مغز ميره . اگه مثه من با شخصيت كتاب احس [...]

  • Leonard

    Le Havre, France(view spoiler)[Strait is the Gate is a story of love between a man and a woman. But it is a love beyond the love of a man and a woman. They sought “mental love,” which is akin to divine union: the love through union with God, the fellowship of the Father and Son and Holy Spirit. They sought a love without happiness, a love too elusive between two mortals, a love at once holy, pure and sublime, which our mortal passions would likely taint. In the end they must give up the love [...]

  • A-Ile Self-hallucination

    قد يبدو أحمقاً قليلاً ما فكرت به، لكن ألم يكن بمقدار أليسا أن تكون لوسيل بوكولان لو أرادت، وربما أليسا أصبحت أليسا لأن أمها لوسيل بوكولان.أندريه جيد روائي جيد، لكن أشعر أنه يحاول نحت مثالية أخلاقية في شخصياته غير متوافقة مع عصر مجنون، أندريه يعمل نحّات بالمعنى الدقيق وليس رو [...]

  • Leslie

    Better known as "Strait is the Gate". 4½★This is the second French classic I have read translated by Walter Ballenberger. I appreciate the way he has put them into modern English without losing the flavor of France. I have only read one other book by Andre Gide, "The Immoralist". Both that novel and this one deal with people who choose to live their lives according to a guiding principle and where that decision takes them. While I could understand the main character in "The Immoralist" better [...]

  • Sanabel Atya

    الفكرة الدينية المنتشرة عند المجتمع المتدين في الغرب عن التضحية بأبسط مشاعر الحياة إرضاء لرغبة الرب، أراها فكرة مقيتة ! و كأن الإنسان بها لم يُخلق إلا ليتناول العذاب تلو العذاب حتى يأخذ الله أمانته يا الهي ما اقسى ألا يعيش الإنسانٍ في حب إنسانيّ خالص.باب ضيقٌ حقاً هو ذاك البا [...]

  • Vishnu

    A short review for a short novel.As French things go, this one went too. Delicate in its aesthetics, bold in ideas and a little silly in its notions of love. A petite and accessible tale of love and its labours lost and a simultaneous ode into dejection. For me, this serves as an introduction to Gide before I read the more serious work that is 'The Counterfeiters'.

  • Ayah

    يخطئ أندريه جيد عندنا يعتبر أن الحب الدنيوي يجب أن يسير في درب العذاب لنيل ملكوت الله ، تلك نظرة مخصية تافهة للحب أرفضها و أرفض،كل متعلقاتها ، باختصار جيروم و أليسا ثنائي فاشل ، و أليسا المقيتة التي أضاعت لحظات كان الأجدر أن تعيشها بكل زخمها مع حبها تستحق،الرثاء ، لوقوعها تحت [...]

  • محمود أغيورلي

    عمل رائع ، ياخد القارئ في رحلة عاطفية من نوع مييز ، اذ يخسر القارئ حب حياته تجاه غريم قاس و هو العقل ، الرواية فيها احداث مميزة و كثيرة و تتسم بالخفة .مقتطفات من رواية الباب الضيق للكاتب أندريه جيد----------------------كان الاذعان للقيد طبعا لدي كالإسلاس للفوضى لدى الآخرين , وكان هذا الق [...]

  • Glorrry

    4,5 Canım Andre Gide ❤️

  • James

    "I advanced slowly; the sky was like my joy---warm, bright, delicately pure. No doubt she was expecting me by the other path. I was close to her, behind her, before she heard me; I stopped . . . and as if time could have stopped with me, "This is the moment," I thought, "the most delicious moment, perhaps, of all, even though it should precede happiness itself---which happiness itself will not equal." (p 96)"Enter ye in at the strait gate: for wide is the gate and broad is the way, that leadeth [...]

  • Kaph

    Verdict: Arguably a love story because ‘story’ implies things happen. On the plus side, it is quite short.Unlike the French as a whole, I’m quite au fait with their literature so far. du Maurier wrote a better Jane Eyre and, against all expectations, I found Madame Bovary to be a rip-roaring good read. Sadly I’m afraid Gide is letting the side down. To be fair Strait is the Gate is a symbolist work of literature which is fancy speak for ‘nothing happens.’ I will never understand how [...]

  • Bruce

    This novel, sometimes translated into English as Strait is the Gate after a passage from the Gospel of St. Luke, was published in 1909. It is at once searing and haunting, often misunderstood and misinterpreted, and remains forever enigmatic. The young and earnest man Jerome falls in love with his cousin Alissa. She in turn has suffered the awareness of her mother’s infidelity and eventual abandonment of the family by running off with her current lover. Aware of Alissa’s despair, Jerome dete [...]

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