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By Bani Basu | Comments: ( 574 ) | Date: ( Jul 09, 2020 )

This is the story of students who came to join college at the age of 18 and after three years,being twenty one they spread their wings to take flight in the vast sky of life.

  • Title: একুশে পা
  • Author: Bani Basu
  • ISBN: 9788172153151
  • Page: 187
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Bani Basu

Bani Basu is a Bengali Indian author, essayist, critic and poet She was educated at the well known Scottish Church College and at the University of Calcutta.She began her career as a novelist with the publication of Janmabhoomi Matribhoomi A prolific writer, her novels have been regularly published in Desh, the premier literary journal of Bengal Her major works include Swet Patharer Thaala The Marble Salver , Ekushe Paa twenty One Steps , Maitreya Jataka published as The Birth of the Maitreya by Stree , Gandharvi, Pancham Purush The Fifth Man, or Fifth Generation and Ashtam Garbha The Eighth Pregnancy She was awarded the Tarashankar Award for Antarghaat Treason , and the Ananda Purashkar for Maitreya Jataka She is also the recipient of the Sushila Devi Birla Award and the Sahitya Setu Puraskar She translates extensively into Bangla and writes essays, short stories and poetry.Bani Basu has been conferred upon Sahitya Academy Award 2010, one of India s highest literary awards, for her contribution to Bengali literature.

Comments একুশে পা

  • Nusrat Mahmood

    কেন জানি মনে হলো অল্প পরিসরের জন্য নাকি অন্য কোন অদ্ভুত কারণে চরিত্রগুলো ঠিকমতো ফুটে বের হতে পারেনি। ফলে আমি গল্পের গভীরে যেতে পারিনি সেভাবে যতটুকু যাবার কথা ছিল!

  • Shounak

    Dealing with the young adults who just starts their college this book makes us nostalgic of our college days and tells us a great story though the characters are two decade old still they are somehow contemporary .

  • Colited Satya

    nijeke onekta venkot er choritre dekhte pai. Bani dir ei boi ta amae college lfe dewa hoechilo Ami porar por duratri ghumate parini. Rather ekhon job kori Ekhono jakhn ei boi ta pori same feelings hoy

  • Chiro Pipashito T H


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