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Scritto nel 1907 questo romanzo profetico racconta l ascesa del grande filantropo Giuliano Felsemburgh, democratico e rassicurante, fautore della pace mondiale, che realizza un mondo ideale con l avvento di un nuovo umanitarismo che stempera le differenze fra le religioni e predica la tolleranza universale Tutto viene accettato fuorch la Chiesa Cattolica, che sempre inScritto nel 1907 questo romanzo profetico racconta l ascesa del grande filantropo Giuliano Felsemburgh, democratico e rassicurante, fautore della pace mondiale, che realizza un mondo ideale con l avvento di un nuovo umanitarismo che stempera le differenze fra le religioni e predica la tolleranza universale Tutto viene accettato fuorch la Chiesa Cattolica, che sempre in nome della tolleranza viene straziata fin quasi alla sua completa eliminazione Comunicazioni istantanee in tutto il mondo, trasporti aerei e sotterranei, luce solare artificiale, un parlamento europeo, attentati con kamikaze, il crollo della Russia, la crisi delle vocazioni, l apostasia di preti e vescovi, la persecuzione e la solitudine del Papa tutti elementi che oggi fanno parte della nostra storia e della nostra quotidianit e che in questo romanzo sono stati descritti con impressionante realismo Il Padrone del mondo racconta il venir meno della fede cristiana non a causa di una persecuzione pubblica ma attraverso la subdola religione umanitaria del relativismo La speranza riposta nell Unico che rimane fedele per sempre e nel Suo glorioso ritorno.

  • Title: Il padrone del mondo
  • Author: Robert Hugh Benson
  • ISBN: 9788816502253
  • Page: 394
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Robert Hugh Benson

Robert Hugh Benson 18 November 1871 19 October 1914 was an Anglican pastor who joined the Roman Catholic Church 1903 where he was ordained priest in 1904 Youngest son of Edward White Benson Archbishop of Canterbury and his wife, Mary, and younger brother of Edward Frederic Benson, he was lauded in his own day as one of the leading figures in English literature, having written the notable book Lord of The World.Benson was educated at Eton College and then studied classics and theology at Trinity College, Cambridge, from 1890 to 1893.In 1895, Benson was ordained a priest in the Church of England by his father who was the then Archbishop of Canterbury.After his father died suddenly in 1896, Benson was sent on a trip to the Middle East to recover his own health While there he began to question the status of the Church of England and to consider the claims of the Catholic Church His own piety began to tend toward the High Church tradition and he started exploring religious life in various Anglican communities, eventually obtaining permission to join the Community of the Resurrection.Benson made his profession as a member of the community in 1901, at which time he had no thoughts of leaving the Church of England As he continued his studies and began writing, however, he became and uneasy with his own doctrinal position and, on 11 September 1903, he was received into the Catholic Church He was awarded the Dignitary of Honour of the Order of the Holy Sepulchre.Benson was ordained as a Roman Catholic priest in 1904 and sent to Cambridge He continued his writing career along with his ministry as a priest.Like both his brothers, Edward Frederic Benson Fred and Arthur Benson, Benson wrote many ghost stories, collected in The Light Invisible 1903 and The Mirror of Shallott 1907 Seven of these stories are included in David Stuart Davies ed The Temple of Death The Ghost Stories of A.C and R.H Benson Wordsworth, 2007 along with nine by his brother Arthur His 1907 novel, Lord of the World, is generally regarded as one of the first modern dystopias see List of dystopian literature.As a young man, Benson recalled, he had rejected the idea of marriage as quite inconceivable Then, in 1904, soon after his ordination as a Roman Catholic priest, he formed a chaste but passionate friendship with Frederick Rolfe For two years this relationship involved letters not only weekly, but at times daily, and of an intimate character, exhaustingly charged with emotion All letters were subsequently destroyed, probably by Benson s brother.Benson was appointed a supernumerary private chamberlain to the Pope in 1911 and, consequently, styled as Monsignor enpedia wiki Robert_H

Comments Il padrone del mondo

  • Werner

    In the real world of the early 21st century, the Western world, which dominates the rest of the world economically and politically, is similarly dominated internally by a ruling wealthy political and cultural elite. That elite is united behind a worldview that serves them as a de facto state religion, the basic tenets of which are: materialistic atheism that rejects any concept of a transcendent God as not only misguided but evil; idealization (and idolization) of a deified Mankind, while denyin [...]

  • booklady

    It’s hard to remember this book is over one hundred years old. Technologically speaking it’s out-moded, of course. Robert Hugh Benson’s ‘volors’ (flying machines which sound like Zeppelins) zip along at 150 mph and people rely on typewriters for administrative work, but Ray Bradbury’s The Martian Chronicles is far more dated and it’s fifty years newer. Where Lord of the World stands up to the test of time is in its presentation of ideas. Written in 1907, it accurately predicts a fu [...]

  • Dhanaraj Rajan

    Not sure what to write as a review.Loved reading this book. And the dystopia presented in the book is very visible in today's world. This book was written in the begiining of the 20th century (1907). It imagines the future (2000) when Humanity-Religion (Humanitarianism) will overtake the entire world. The oly challenge it will feel will be from the Catholic religion which will by then reduced to a small minority. The whole world will unite under one leadership (Lord of the World) having one 'rel [...]

  • Stephen

    At the turn of the 21st century, war between the states of Europe and the East threatens; at the midnight hour, however, comes an obscure American politician, a senator of no fame, whose cosmopolitan charm allows him to calm the troubled diplomatic waters and prevent a century of peace and prosperity from being overturned by strife. Hailed as a savior, the rising star becomes a pivotal figure in world affairs – but the epitome of modernity, this senator has a far darker role to play in cosmic [...]

  • Michele

    I was ready to give this book 5 stars right up until the last page, maybe even the last line. The writing is lush, complex, with the sort of Victorian-era delight in rich and beautiful language that one seldom encounters these days and it was a joy to read. Here's an example:It was a very upright old man that [Father Franklin] saw in the chair before him, of medium height and girth, with hands clasping the bosses of his chair-arms, and an appearance of great and deliberate dignity. But it was at [...]

  • Helen

    Our Pope Francis is full of surprises. This book is on his list of favorites! It is in the public domain so is available for free in the kindle store and is available free in audio on librivox. I read it both ways. The author was a Catholic priest, so there is definitely a Catholic perspective, but I think that anyone would find the book a page-turner. Fr. Robert Hugh Benson wrote it in 1907 and it is shocking how prophetic it is. Honestly, I think it would be a very interesting read especially [...]

  • Manuel Alfonseca

    An apocalyptic novel written in 1907. Personally, I prefer A canticle for Leibowitz, which seems to me better built and more believable, because the apocalyptic end is caused by man himself, rather than by unexplained acts of God.There are two kinds of atheism:1. Optimistic atheism, which replaces faith in God by an overpowering faith in Man. God, in this view, is the result of evolution, not its cause. The last question, a short story by Asimov, could be considered the most concise representati [...]

  • Harry

    Although this book of fiction was written over 100 years ago the author accurately predicted the radical changes that have not only taken place in the 20th century but may occur especially in relation to the emergence of air travel,constant berating & actual warfare against the Catholic Church, ready acceptance of euthanasia as a form of so-called medical treatment & most important of all the election by the world's population of the new Messiah who comes forth as a gentle,peace loving & [...]

  • Allie

    Freakishly prophetic to today's world "theology" of secular humanism and all that encompasses- even though this book was written in 1907. I read this book in a few days it was so hard to put down and a flowing read. The major point I remember from it is the recognition of how important it will be to be fully in the state of grace in the time of "the" Anti-Christ because of how easily the masses will be fooled and believe in him.

  • Diabolika

    Raramente ho letto un romanzo così brutto. La trama avrebbe potuto essere una splendida occasione di spunti di riflessione su questioni non banali: l’opposizione tra laicità e fede (è necessario essere credenti per avere etica e morale?); la necessità politica di un “padrone del mondo” (l’uomo senza Dio ha necessità di avere un “uomo forte” al potere?). Ma nulla di tutto questo è stato sviluppato. Pur non essendo credente, una Christian-fiction non mi avrebbe disturbato se solo [...]

  • Chris Fellows

    In this book a practically unknown one-term United States senator with a charismatic personality and a magnetic speaking voice comes to power in 2008 and turns out to be the Antichrist. Honest.Yes, this is basically the same plot as a book I was handed by a wild-eyed fellow outside Redfern station a decade ago. You may have been handed the same book. However, in this case: (1) it is the Protestants who cave immediately to join the Antichrist while the Catholics are the persecuted minority fighti [...]

  • Gaetano

    Il libro è stato scritto nel 1907 da un prete anglicano R.H. Benson, convertitosi al Cattolicesimo qualche anno prima e, di recente, ne è stata consigliata la lettura da Papa Francesco facendolo diventare di moda in alcuni ambienti cattolici.Dico subito che io non ho apprezzato questo libro: l’ho trovato in buona parte noioso, con i personaggi privi di spessore e con una trama poco convincente anche se alcuni aspetti, per così dire, premonitori del futuro possono colpire il lettore.Uno stil [...]

  • Robert

    I found it a bit tough to get through. I found him spending too much time on the descriptions of a persons interior movement and redescribing it over and over. I was impatient with them and skimmed a bunch getting to the action. It could have been cut down to a more bone and quicker story in some ways.

  • Frank Roberts

    First off, let me say that this book is very Catholic. Catholic ritual, phraseology, and views play major roles, and the chief protagonist is a Catholic priest. As this book was written by a Catholic convert and priest, this is not too surprising. Writing in the first decade of the 20th century, but depicting the 21st century, Benson's vision of the future fails in some respects, but is eerily prescient in others. His technological imagination anticipates nuclear weapons and interstate highways [...]

  • Nusato

    I really hate books where people forget that they write what they know. For instance, this author for some reason doesn't know anything about Islam or Africa, so he writes off an entire continent and an entire religion in two paragraphs and completely removes them from the story. An end of times story with no Africa. Or any black people. Yellow ones get mentioned in passing as well, and America is only the birthplace of the Anti-Christ and then a whiny bitch of a nation in later sections. Everyt [...]

  • Sarah

    Lord of the World: A Novel, by Robert Hugh Benson, is a classic I had never heard of, but which boasts "I advise you to read it" - Pope Francis on the front cover.Ave Maria Press released a new edition in 2016 of this 1907 novel. Confession: I skipped the (probably very interesting and educational) introduction by Fr. Mark Bosco, S.J and just dove into the book. I had no clue what it was about, aside from the back cover's assertion that it's "one of the first dystopian novels of the twentieth ce [...]

  • Nefficus

    I decided to pick up this novel after reading that Pope Francis highly recommended it. An excellent novel about a dystopian, atheistic future, the rise of Antichrist, and the final persecution of the Church. It's hard to believe the novel was written over 100 years ago, because in many ways it is proving prophetice rise of atheism, commonplace availability of euthanasia, and a search for a Godless "peace" that justifies war and death to attain it. The only significant drawback is that some of th [...]

  • Victor

    I would have rated this book lower if there hadn't been one somewhat likable character in it.I might have rated it higher if the author had not forced that character to commit suicide for no good reason and tried to make it seem like it actually made sense for that to happen.As it was, I don't want to rate it one star since it was not as bad as the worst book I have ever read. However, the description for two stars- "it was ok" - is inaccurate and far too complimentary for the book.

  • Elisabeth pifer

    Written in 1907, as current as today's thoughts in trends in relativism and humanistic philosophies.

  • Michael

    This book describes the author's vision of the end of the "long defeat" of history (to borrow from Tolkein). The book is engaging on a number of levels. It was written in 1907 and takes places a century or more in the future (from then) (I don't recall if there's an exact date, but probably somewhere around 2030 or so). The book essentially describes the coming of the anti-Christ and the end of days. The book is a novel, though, and there are few, if any, references to revelation, i.e it's not a [...]

  • Ulyses Berlin

    Es un libro intrigante y bien escrito. Es asombroso cómo el autor describió, hace más de cien años, fenómenos sociales que están aconteciendo en la actualidad. Mantiene el interés desde la primera hasta la última página. Muy recomendable.

  • Evan Kristiansen

    Oh boy, what is there to say about this book? It's fantastic, heart wrenching, conflicting, and beautiful. At it's heart it's a story about man's pursuit of higher ideals, but in practice it's an apocalyptic vision of the so-called progress of modern man.The book follows three main characters, a young priest - who represents the "outmoded" Catholic worldview-, a politician in the new world government - representing rigid idealism and utilitarianism-, and the politician's wife - representing the [...]

  • Richard Grebenc

    A classic Catholic novel of the apocalypse from 1907, it takes the reader about 100 years into its future into a Catholic dystopia. An anti-Christ figure, Julian Felsenburgh (interestingly, an American senator), mesmerizes virtually the entire world, eventually becoming President of the World and ultimately ordering the killing of all Catholics. The end of the story is somewhat mysterious but this last attempt to kill remaining Catholics apparently brings the end of the world. There is more to i [...]

  • Evandro Menezes

    I just finished reading this book this weekend. It's an interesting novel published in 1906 about a then futuristic 21st century by Robert Benson, the son of an Anglican bishop who converted to Catholicism.The story depicts a technological century where thoroughfares, telecommunications and air travel are common, though with a Victorian flavor, for the highways are paved with rubber, people have telegraphs at home and fly on airships.But it also has other almost prophetic descriptions of the soc [...]

  • John

    Because this book has stayed with me for weeks after reading, I must change my three star review. This book accurately predicted a good portion of what's going on now. The idea of a world government holding so much power and how the characters respond to that power is thought provoking. Actually, it's downright scary. I don't know why Pope Francis recommends this but it might be because of the fight over religious liberty. Four stars.____________Highly recommended by Pope Francis. Before 1984, a [...]

  • Seth Holler

    A lean narrative, sometimes propulsive, sometimes pathetic (martyrdoms on pp 176-7), and sometimes a thinly-veiled pamphlet. Also a bit sloppy (the chronology is irregular, for instance). Makes an interesting contrast with Rolfe's HADRIAN THE SEVENTH. In Rolfe, the pope engineers world peace, while in Benson that task falls to the Antichrist. (That Christ came to bring "not peace but a sword" is Benson's chief theme.) Both novels also feature protagonists with doppelgängers.The figure of Mr Fra [...]

  • Jerrod Carter

    I love a book that will make the contemplate its message for some time to come, and Lord of the World has accomplished that. I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in where the arguments for humanism must logically end.The author is writing from a decidedly Catholic perspective, but the story could easily be extended by an open-minded reader to include all Christians in the persecutions depicted, or even all people of resolute faith.I especially liked the author's portrayal of the proc [...]

  • Ulyses Berlin

    Se trata de una novela distópica ambientada en lo que la Biblia se conoce como el Apocalipsis. En la novela se ve cómo la figura del Anticristo aparece como un líder político que convence a los ciudadanos, nada que ver con figuras sobrenaturales y espectaculares. Robert Benson describe con genialidad los sutiles métodos de atracción y la lenta pero imparable destrucción de la Iglesia Católica, como único reducto rebelde contra el Nuevo Orden Mundial. Sorprende saber que este libro fue e [...]

  • Jake

    An end of days/sci-fi book written by a Catholic priest in 1906. It is very surprising to see how many things he got right. Of course it is unabashedly preachy and Catholic, but it is interesting all the same. The prologue is 5 stars and definitely worth checking out.

  • Mary O'Connor


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