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By Felicity Kendal | Comments: ( 226 ) | Date: ( Feb 26, 2020 )

Felicity Kendal was brought up in India, touring the country as part of a troupe of actors managed by her father Aged 17, she came to England for the first time This book describes that exotic upbringing in India and explains what an unusual effect it has had on the rest of her life.

  • Title: White Cargo: A memoir
  • Author: Felicity Kendal
  • ISBN: 9780140271584
  • Page: 370
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Felicity Kendal

Felicity Kendal Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the White Cargo: A memoir book, this is one of the most wanted Felicity Kendal author readers around the world.

Comments White Cargo: A memoir

  • Bookguide

    If I had been hoping for tales of 'The Good Life' ('Good Neighbors' in the USA), Felicity Kendal's most famous role, I would have been disappointed, as that chapter of her life was relegated to the last chapters and skimmed over. It is clear however that she thinks back with great fondness to the series, and it is obvious that all the cast members had great fun making it.The majority of 'White Cargo', however, concerns Felicity Kendal's childhood, touring around India with her parents' rep compa [...]

  • Brenda

    The autobiography of Felicity Kendal, star of the British comedy series "Good Neighbours," PBS's Mystery! series "Rosemary and Thyme," and numerous stage plays.Ms. Kendal was born in England then taken to India as a child by her parents. They ran a travelling theatre company and traversed the whole of the country in the last days of the British Raj. (Their lives are the basis for the Merchant/Ivory film "Shakespeare Wallah," my first Netflix rental!) Felicity herself was brought on stage as a ba [...]

  • Lizzie

    I mainly know Felicity Kendal, a British actress, through jokes on shows like "The Young Ones". But this book looked interesting, and it was. She grew up in India where her parents had a traveling Shakespeare troupe that performed for schools, maharajahs, and anybody who'd pay them. Her parents went there during the war to perform for the troops and liked it so much they emigrated there. Kendal loved it too and has many memories of the beauty of the place and the kindness and friendliness of the [...]

  • Chris Burke

    A brilliant cameo of Felicity's touring family of actors evoking the India of the 1950's. A book simply gorgeous and rich in its texture but with that seriousness that you knew always lurked behind this face that grows more elegant with each year. Read it and learn but also be prepared for some tears. This is the best kind of biographical material which lifts a small viel on a private person in order to pay tribute to a departed but much loved father.

  • Yorky Caz

    This book was brilliant and ticked so many boxes, if you like travel books, if you like autobiographies, if you like a good read, if you thought you had an idea of a person from TV and then discovered there is a whole lot more to them.e list goes on! This is on of my BF books which he only bought due to a crush on Felicity Kendal and he loved it despite not liking travel books so I defy anyone to read this and not enjoy it!!!

  • Barbara

    Felicity Kendal is well-known as "Barbara" on the BBC hit "Good Neighbors" seen in America on PBS. Who knew this diminutive actress has such a delightfully delicious autobiography? She was raised on stage as her family performed Shakespeare all over India! Well written, fascinating and full of delightful facts about the British/Indian cultures. Enjoy!

  • Steph Robinson

    Felicity Kendal has written this superbly. I love the way that she recalls her childhood, and adulthood in the form of a story. It makes for an easy read, with the colours, smells and sounds of India leaping from the page. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

  • Walter Van praag

    Loved this book. Had no idea about Felicity's past, so this book was a complete surprise. My knowledge of Felicity was pretty much limited to her role as the loving self sufficient wannabe. in The Good Life series. Little did I know she grew up in a traveling Shakespeare production company traveling around India and other countries.A fascinating book written by Felicity as she watched her good father Geoffrey die of old age. sitting at his bed side in a retirement facility in England.This book w [...]

  • Nishay

    The interest in this book for most of the reviewers here, seems to arise from Felicity Kendal, the British television persona. In my case, White Cargo was a hand-me-down by an Australian professor while traveling through the remotest part of east Indonesia. The mentions of Shashi Kapoor & Shakespeare Wallah (a familiar Merchant & Ivory work) were sufficient to pique my interest, having never before heard of the author. The book follows a back and forth style between the past and the pres [...]

  • Amanda

    I bought this book from a church stall because I have been a fan of Felicity Kendal since the TV show 'The Good Life', which I loved. Her book tells of her childhood in post-war India, travelling with her parents' theatre troupe, 'Shakespeareana', and her later career in England.Intertwined with her story are her musings to her father who lies incapacitated in a London nursing home after a stroke. She unpicks her relationship with him, which became very difficult after she 'deserted him' (his wo [...]

  • David Magnenat

    Honestly, this is a bit sappy, but I'm nuts for Felicity Kendal and have been since I was a young lad just discovering he joys of the fairer sex. Suffice to say that, fantasies aside, Ms. Kendal does have an amazing background. She reminisces about her early career in the context of a one-sided conversation with her dying father while she sits at his bedside. It's all a bit maudlin, but set that aside and enjoy the sensuality of her rearing in India, the rough adventure of the family traveling S [...]

  • Lisa

    This is a memoir of Felicity Kendal's past and present. We learn about her complicated life with her father and her family, her life growing up in India and her hard work and struggle to make it in show business! One of my favorite quotes in her book is: "Your voice is your most precious instrument: The SOUND you make can move an audience to laugh or cry. So, put your shoulders back & FILL YOUR BELLY FULL OF AIR" this quote was advice from her father.I came to love her from the television se [...]

  • Julie

    Bought this at the Friends of the Library book sale! I am very excited as Felicity Kendal is one of my all time favorite British actresses! She is famous for the TV series "The Good Life" known as "Good Neighbors" over here & the gardening detective series "Rosemary & Thyme".It was lovely to listen to Felicity's both soothing & melodious voice. You could tell when she was smiling at a sweet or happy memory. Her descriptions of India through a child's rose tinted view were very charmi [...]

  • A.E. Shaw

    The majority of this is about Felicity Kendal's early life travelling India in her parents' theatre company. It's vivid, fascinating and absorbing. The remainder - her early acting life in London, letters from her family - is just as well-written, but the parts written to her dying father are truly heartbreaking, and, I won't lie, I skimmed through them as I couldn't keep the tears away at every such passage. The biographical parts, though, are unique and brilliant.

  • sanaz

    I have started an attempt to read biographies. This one had a very interesting setting: an English family traveling through India performing theatre. The writer let you in a very intimate life of this traveling group but she is mum about some aspects of her personal life and goes back and forth on her tales in a way that some times leave you wondering there are some big holes in her narrative.

  • Anne

    This was read for my book group, I wasnt sure that I would enjoy it but I really loved it. It's Felicity Kendal's memoir, what a fascinating and interesting family she came from. Very novel-like and well worth a read.

  • Marilyn

    I found this book a trial because it was too british in it's view and writing. Also at the point she became a famous actress it skipped just along leaving out swathes of story. I think if she had focused on her father then the book would have had better form.

  • Barbara Leonard

    If you grew up with The Good Life it is interesting to find out about Felicity Kendal's life story. A very enjoyable read and refelection on relationships that can be more than tricky, however exotic your life.

  • Bradley

    Uterly fascinating life

  • Anne Marshall

    Very interesting

  • William

    Interesting story of a young girl in India who traveled throughout the country with her parents theatrical troupe.

  • Sephie

    Not as innocent as she looks!

  • Maxine

    This is a fascinating insight into the early life and career of one of Britain's best loved actresses Felicity Kendal. Very readable.

  • Amy

    What a fascinating life!

  • Rachel

    Honest, fascinating and poignant- an entrancing read.

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  • [PDF] Download ✓ White Cargo: A memoir | by ↠ Felicity Kendal
    370 Felicity Kendal
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