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By Beth Hilgartner | Comments: ( 747 ) | Date: ( Jun 05, 2020 )

The Weaver sat at the Loom, a frown lodged between his brows as he studied the pattern Things were desperately wrong The fabric of Fate was not as closely woven as it should be.The Feast of the Trickster is fast approaching, and the Weaver fears what that malicious goddess may do With her power at its greatest, the very fabric of Fate is threatened Somehow the TricksteThe Weaver sat at the Loom, a frown lodged between his brows as he studied the pattern Things were desperately wrong The fabric of Fate was not as closely woven as it should be.The Feast of the Trickster is fast approaching, and the Weaver fears what that malicious goddess may do With her power at its greatest, the very fabric of Fate is threatened Somehow the Trickster must be stopped.The only person capable of doing that is Zan Alexandra Scarsdale, a young college student whose life color is already woven into the Loom.Five companions a Minstrel, a Swordswoman, a Shapeshifter, a Prophet, and a Heartmender are sent to Earth to find Zan and bring her back to their world The Trickster, aware of the plan, also goes to Earth to locate Zan and keep the Five from her An intense and sometimes comic series of adventures ensues as the Five and the Trickster attempt to find their way among the strange people and customs of New England The Five are helped by a group of Vermont teenagers, while the Trickster is aided by a Boston psychiatrist who thinks he s found his most challenging case But the greatest contest is still ahead when Zan, once found, has to make a decision that could change the pattern of the Loom forever.This satisfying sequel to Colors in the Dreamweaver s Loom is full of fascinating characters, climactic conflicts, and emotional entanglements The idea of Fate being woven with various strands is a vivid image, and the struggle to keep this fabric from unraveling becomes an epic adventure.

  • Title: Feast of the Trickster
  • Author: Beth Hilgartner
  • ISBN: 9780395550083
  • Page: 463
  • Format: Hardcover

About Author:

Beth Hilgartner

Beth Hilgartner has published six previous books three fantasies, a historical fiction novel, a picture book, and a dark fantasy She is an Episcopal priest, an award winning author, a musician, a flower farmer, an equestrian, a maker of historical instruments recorders , and chronically short of sleep She lives in Orford, NH no, not Oxford with her husband and their four seriously pampered cats.

Comments Feast of the Trickster

  • Claire

    Sequel to Colors in the Dreamweaver's Loom, which was an excellent character-driven fantasyuntil its supremely dissatisfying ending. I was thrilled to find this sequelen disappointed that it only tortured and divided the characters more.

  • Chocolate Panda

    The focus of this volume is mostly on the character of Trickster, like why she gave curse-like gifts to the Five in the previous book and such. The 80 percent of story involved Trickster. 10 percent revolved around the old characters and 10% around the new ones.I like how the world is described as a loom and humans' life as the threads on this loom.I recommend this and also the prevoius volume if you're looking for a book to not just fill your expectation but to get to know a new world that goes [...]

  • Arya

    Alright first to dispense with why I have given this book four stars when its predecessor (Colors in the Dreamweaver's Loom) was one of my all-time favorites. Well the answer is somewhat less than satisfactory - even for me. There is no real "reason" why it was not as good as the first, the writing was just as good, the plot was still woven like a beautiful tapestry, but the richness of Hilgartner's fantasy world was less because this book takes place in our own world. If I had read this book a [...]

  • Elli Pope

    I loved the first book in this series (Colors in the Dreamweaver's Loom) when I first read it back in middle school, with the exception of the awful ending. I only recently discovered that there was a sequel to answer everything that was left unfinished in the first book, so I bought this one eager to find out what happened.What an utter disappointment. Everything I loved in the original book was absent in the sequel. The sense of teamwork and camaraderie that captivated me in the first was miss [...]

  • Jen

    Sequel to Colors in the Dreamweaver's Loom, a tale I was ecstatic to find a sequel to when I was a child. Must read them both again soon.We loved reading/hearing this story as kids. All of us. What a unique tale to be told, during one's formative years. To hint at the concept that LIFE might just be a tapestry- woven into one bigger picture by some higher power, each strand of thread used representing every individual, new threads being added as people are born, deaths of others represented by t [...]

  • Lizann Dennis

    Hilgartner’s book for me was a great example re-inventing. Taking from the idea of ancient Greeks Hilgartner reinvents the idea of the gods and creates almost a cross of Norse mythology and Greek mythology. For one you have the weaver he weaves the fabric of fate basically. So too did the Greeks have The Fates who controlled and the threads of life. Then there is the matter of the Trickster herself a god full of mischief and chaos causing trouble for all. To me this character is reminiscent of [...]

  • Tabitha Phillips

    I couldn't understand why there was such a vast difference between the plot and style of the first and second books, but it appears to be because the author had a change of heart. She herself said that she grew up writing epic fantasies but one day realized that what she really wanted to write about was people.That must be why the first book was an incredible fantasy that left me turning the blank pages at the end hungry for more and the second book was about horse shows.My understanding of the [...]

  • Amy

    Oh! How can one possibly rate such a book? I LOVE Beth Hilgartner's writing, its enchanting and will keep you glued to the pages, but the plotI found it frustrating. While the first book introduced and worked changes in the lives of the heroes, bringing meaning and purpose, this sequel does not. Instead characters struggle with one problem or the next, never quite happy, and never quite mastering their problems. The very end leaves one confused. The amazing writing keeps the book from being a co [...]

  • Mercurybard

    This book isn't great--too many characters and not enough time to really get to know the new ones (Mark and Brice are particularly interchangeable, and Brigid feels like a stand in for 'Tsan)--but it does give everyone the happy ending they deserved at the end of The Colors in the Dreamweaver's Loom.

  • Aileen

    This was the sequel of one of my favorite library books when I was little - I recently found both of them and snatched them up. The first was still great, but this was a disappointment. Really poorly done. I think plotwise I can see where the author was going with it, but just didn't really execute.

  • Jenny

    Three years after being torn out of the pattern of the Loom and sent back to our world against her will, Alexandra (Zan) is miserable. Now the fabric of the Loom is unraveling, and the Weaver must send the Five to our world to bring Zan back. but the Trickster's feast in coming, and her power is growing. She will do anything to thwart the Five and gain power . . .

  • Christina

    I love stories where magical beings have to navigate our world, so this book was right up my alley. I found the antagonist to be surprisingly sympathetic, and the changes that this character underwent were my favorite part.

  • Aven

    I did read this one first, not knowing it was a series The cover drew me in. Alright, but you really need to know what happened in the previous books or this book really doesnt make any sense.

  • Lori

    See my review for Colors in the Dreamweaver's Loom if you're really that dang curious.

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  • [PDF] ¸ Unlimited ✓ Feast of the Trickster : by Beth Hilgartner ¹
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