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The biggest snake, the anaconda, can swallow a deer or goat whole The smallest mammal, the Etruscan shrew, could easily sleep in a teaspoon In a striking full color collage, each spread of Biggest, Strongest, Fastest portrays an animal that stands out in the animal world as the largest, slowest, longest lived Readers can see the animal s size in relation to something faThe biggest snake, the anaconda, can swallow a deer or goat whole The smallest mammal, the Etruscan shrew, could easily sleep in a teaspoon In a striking full color collage, each spread of Biggest, Strongest, Fastest portrays an animal that stands out in the animal world as the largest, slowest, longest lived Readers can see the animal s size in relation to something familiar, and a chart on the last page indicates the size, weight, and diet of each animal, as well as where it can be found in the wild Biggest, Strongest, Fastest is an entertaining, informative introduction to the world records held by fourteen members of the animal kingdom.

  • Title: Biggest, Strongest, Fastest
  • Author: Steve Jenkins
  • ISBN: 9780395861363
  • Page: 209
  • Format: Paperback

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Steve Jenkins

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Comments Biggest, Strongest, Fastest

  • Aska

    In this book, Steve Jenkins uses his signature collage to illustrate his informational text. Children learn about the record holders of the animal world. He uses his colors for the background wisely to contrast with the featured animals. Instantly, as you turn the pages, animals pop out from the plain background. Some of the background paper looked like washi paper which is a traditional paper made by fibers from the bark of a tree. It creates a rough texture, which effectively depicts a sense [...]

  • Brenda

    I loved this very simple picture book that explains about some extreme animals using cut paper collage. The size of each animal is compared to a human at the bottom right of each page and includes weights and measurements. The book could be a simple research book for younger children. It could help students understand size and shape. For older children, the book offers interesting content for understanding weights and measurements. Finally this could be aa wonderful book to teach the concept of [...]

  • Robert

    This book presents a variety of animals and what superlative feat it is known for. Cheetah is the fast, African elephant largest land animal, land snail is the slowest, etc.It is a short but interesting read. The accompanying illustrations are complementary. A solid book.I think I shall use this when I teach superlatives this year.

  • Stephanie Glenn

    Summary: Biggest, Strongest, Fastest is a collection of record holding animals. Each page is dedicated to a different animal and contains beautiful collage-style illustrations. Evaluation: This book has interesting facts and real-life comparisons for each animal included. In the back of the book, there is chart which includes the animal, the record it holds, the size of the animal, diet and areas in which the animal can be found. The book is easy to read and includes interesting facts that will [...]

  • Gail

    Do your children love books about animals? This was a fun read for my class. I shared this text prior to learning about grammar and they really enjoyed it. Some of the facts, such as the fastest animal, they knew quite well, but other animals were surprising and they really liked hearing about the different animals. A nice picture book format and some fun facts. Good to share for a read-aloud or with your child who loves animals.

  • Jonathon

    I feel that this book has a lot of good information, for students of any level from pre-k to college, due to the basic facts within this book. I personally would not use all of these facts in this book simply because not all of the facts may be true. However, if I were to use this with a high schooler or college students I would have them research the facts in this book and see if they still stand.

  • Emilie

    3.5Good overall, great for classroom resource, and great papercut illustrations.

  • Shannon Futrell

    This is a very informational book about the sizes of animals. The book shows the sizes of animals as compared to something else. The book also talks about the diets and weights of the animals.

  • Brandi

    Biggest, Strongest, Fastest is a very adaptable book for younger elementary grades. This nonfiction picture book is all about extreme animals. Which animal is the tallest? What about the smallest? Fastest? Slowest? This book has all the answers to these questions and more. Within these 32 pages I learned several facts about the animal kingdom, some of which awed me and some gave me shivers and goose bumps. Any kid who loves learning about animals will enjoy this very readable book. Teachers cou [...]

  • Ilyen Marban

    This a non-fiction book about animals. it talks about various facts on animals and what makes them big, strong, and fast.

  • Jessica Schwartz

    I grew up reading Steve Jenkins' science picture books and still enjoy them. This informational text is filled with beautifully drawn pictures of different animals accompanied by truly interesting facts. All of these facts pertain to the world records held by the animals. For example, the first animal drawn is an elephant which we now know is the biggest land animal. What I really like about this picture book is that on each page, the fact is elaborated on even more in almost a foot note style. [...]

  • Kelly H. (Maybedog)

    The pages of this interesting picture book describe some of the record holders in the animal world like the strongest and the smallest. This is kind of two books in one. The first is simple sentences describing the record and the creature such as "The smallest bird is the bee hummingbird." reading the book like this is appropriate for really little children who don't have the attention span for more text. But on each page is another couple of sentences that give more information as well as a sil [...]

  • Becky B

    Animal loving kids will devour this picture book. It relates in brief text information about animal record holders and tries to put it in terms kids can understand (like if a 5.5ft woman had the same jumping skills as a flea she could leap on top of a 65 story building in one bound). The illustrations are colorfully done in a collage style that catches the eye. There is a chart in the back with further information on each animal. I wish that there were one clarifying statement that these are the [...]

  • Kiersten Knapp

    1. This book has not received any books.2. The ideal audience for this book is pre-k through 2nd grade.3. This book gives the reader information about animals that have different characteristics, like the biggest, tallest, and strongest. The book gives pictures of the animals, so that the students can easily make connections if they have seen these animals in real life or in other places. There are also a few sentences on each page for fun facts about the animals.4. I really loved this book for [...]

  • Alyssa

    1. Original 3 line summary: Biggest, Strongest, Fastest is a picture book that shows and explains the all sorts of animals. It starts by telling the reader that animals are all unique and that each of the following pages will discuss a different record holding animal. Each page tells a fact about the animal and shows a scaled comparison of the animal and a human. 2. Original 3 line review: I thought it was a very interesting book that provided lots of details about many different animals. Many o [...]

  • Catherine

    Published 1995.This is one of several cool nonfiction books by Steve Jenkins. Typically, we think of an informational book containing photographs, charts, diagrams, etc. Jenkins creates the illustrations of animals in this book with cut-paper collage. So it has the aesthetic enjoyment of a fun picture book combined with the awesome facts about the biggest, fastest, longest animals. I also really like the tiny images for each animal that show how it compares to humans. My favorite fact was about [...]

  • MrsRoberts123

    Another intriguing and engaging book by Steve Jenkins. This book draws the reader in with interesting facts about animals and beautifully illustrated pages. The reader will find added interest with the human-animal size comparison chart which helps children envision and relate to a more concrete representation of how the size of the animal compares to a human. This book will appeal to most children who have a natural interest in nature and animals. It could be used with younger children (K-3rd g [...]

  • Emma Hendrickson

    This book shows the record holders of the animal world. The illustrations are so beautifully done in this book, a kid wouldnt even care that you're basically just reading a bunch of facts about animals to them. But I also love that the book is filled with facts about animals. Kids love animals and can relate to them because of that love for them. I love how for many of the animals, there is a small drawing of a human compared to the animal in question. The human next to the sun jellyfish is trul [...]

  • Mykenzie Johnson

    Biggest, Strongest, Fastest is about all the animals in the animal world and how big, strong and fast they are. I think this would be great for a class to learn about all these different animals and the things they can do. The pictures in this book are great because he uses collage, which I think fits nicely with the theme of the book. This book is very informational and is good to just have around the classroom for kids to look at or if they need to know something about a certain animal. I real [...]

  • Julia Jasztal

    (Mommy's review from 5/12) We read a book by this author last week and both really liked it so I ordered a few of his other books that looked interesting from the library. This is perfect for young animal lovers who like facts and records but don't have the patience to sit through anything more in depth. I learned a few things myself. For instance, I had no idea that the blue whale is larger than any dinosaur that ever lived.)I liked the little chart on each page showing how the animals size rel [...]

  • Rachel Keller

    What a beautiful example this book is of artistry and non-fiction. The images in the book have a paper, handmade look to them, yet the text is all fact. I actually recently bought this book at my local Art Museum because I loved so many things about it. The text is simple and would be very accessible to early readers in first through third grade. I liked the format a lot - the author has simple, single sentences, yet there are smaller, subsets where more information is given about the animal. I [...]

  • Alise Durkota

    This book is fantastic in that it is great for all elementary levels!k-2nd (Math/ suffixes) -est: In math this book could indirectly be used to talk about math words that we use to organize information smallest, largest, biggest. ect. In the literacy development real it could be used to talk about suffixes and what they to to a word.3rd-5th (Science/ Literacy Development): This book holds many interesting facts abot the animals in our world. But the more powerful way that it could be used is to [...]

  • Leslie Rendon

    I think this book is really interesting for children to learn more about the biggest,strongest,and fastest animals. The book names the animals and has a small fact about it at the bottom of the book. The back of the book has a page that lists the animals record,size,diet, and range. This book would be good for smaller children who love knowing more about animals. The text is not long at all so younger children would not have a problem reading it. The illustration are cut-paper collage which make [...]

  • Dolly

    We've read several books by Steve Jenkins and we enjoy the mixture of collage illustrations with fascinating information. This story focuses on the extreme abilities and physical characteristics of various animals. The narrative is short and the facts are eye opening. Our girls really liked the comparison of the animals to the size of a human or other familiar objects (like a teaspoon). We really enjoyed reading this book together and we will certainly look for more of his books at our local lib [...]

  • Cinthya Murguia

    This book describes which animal holds the record of being: the biggest, strong, fastest, slowest, etc. I liked that the book showed it's size compared to humans and it also gave a little information of the animal and gave some fun facts! This is a very informational book and at the end of the book, it goes over information of the animal's mentioned in the book; it contains information on the animal's diet, range, size and what their record is. I would use this book if I would to be talking abou [...]

  • Kathryn Brunk

    This books graphics reminds me of Eric Carle because they are collages. The content in this book is science and nature. It describes animals that are big, fast and strong. There are many interesting facts in the book about the different animals. This book gives a great understanding through the descriptions of the animals of how fast, strong and big the animals are. As a class we could create a comparison chart of things that are relatable to these animals and their characteristics (like cars, b [...]

  • Jordyn Mcleod

    Biggest, Strongest, Fastest has landscape style images. The illustrations are full-bleed and are also double-page spread.Each background image is a different color and texture. I found it very interesting that the text was made simple for young kids to understand, but that there was also facts explaining each animal throughout the book. The very last page is a summary of each animal and it's facts. The illustrations of the animals look as if they are created by multiple pieces of paper and were [...]

  • Cemeread

    Steve Jenkins titles are good at letting us know exactly what the book is about. Each of the animals presented holds the record for one of the words in the title or it has the opposite record (smallest or slowest). The animal is illustrated with a simple sentence stating it's record. A small aside on the page shows a comparison both is words and illustration. A final page list each animal, its record, size, diet and range in chart formeschool- third grade

  • Jon Van

    This book is a great to introduce a lesson on animals and the wonderful variety of animals that exist in the world. You could use this book in a math class because it contains lots of different weights and measurements. One fun activity that could be used with this book is to read about one of the animals listed and compare it to other things that are similar in size or speed. This book is a good mentor text for information, presentation and ideas.Reading level: 4.8

  • Heidi

    Grades Preschool-3Jenkins explores the superlatives of the animal kingdom through cut-paper collage, short sentences, and captions that compare the attribute to a human's, complete with scale silhouettes of, for instance, a giraffe and a human standing side-by-side. This is the perfect format for young readers in that it reads like a picture book, but contains more information to support growing curiosity.

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