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The library on Kar Charrat is one of the wonders of the Universe It is also hidden from all but a few select species The Doctor and Ace discover that the librarians have found a new way of storing data a wetworks facility but the machine has attracted unwanted attention, and the Doctor soon finds himself pitted against his oldest and deadliest enemies the Daleks

  • Title: Doctor Who: The Genocide Machine
  • Author: Mike Tucker
  • ISBN: 9781844350698
  • Page: 329
  • Format: Audiocd

About Author:

Mike Tucker

Mike Tucker is a special effects expert who worked for many years at the BBC Television Visual Effects Department, and now works as an Effects Supervisor for his own company, The Model Unit He is also the author of a number of original tv tie in Doctor Who novels some co written with Robert Perry , and three books based on episodes of the television series Merlin He co wrote the factual books Ace The Inside Story of the End of an Era with Sophie Aldred in 1996, and BBC VFX The Story of the BBC Visual Effects Department with Mat Irvine in 2010.

Comments Doctor Who: The Genocide Machine

  • Jayaprakash Satyamurthy

    This has some major plus points in my opinion: Sylvester McCoy's delivery is such a crowing, sneering masterpiece of Doctorly disdain and outrage. Librarian Elgin is a great character, voiced excellently. It's about a library! A massive library that houses all of knowledge everywhere!There's a sentient species that lives in the water of a rainy planet. Since human beings are mainly water, it can live in us, even take over our bodies. Daleks! With silly strident voices!!Some great byplay with Ace [...]

  • A Bald Mage** Steve

    The first Dalek story by big finish and its bloody good 8/10

  • Kelly McCubbin

    This reminds me of a televised Third Doctor story, The Day of the Daleks without being a fraction as interesting. The Day of the Daleks was an interesting mystery about time-travel paradoxes and political intrigue in which the Daleks are shoehorned in at the last minute. All in all it survives the stretch and is pretty fun. The Genocide Machine simply FEELS like the Daleks were added later in the process and, as a result, feels incredibly awkward as a narrative. You can hear in these early Big F [...]

  • Linnea Gelland

    Daleks, Ace and secret libraries - and an extremely overdue library book. Fun mixed with some excitement in a pretty standard Who-story. What makes this one stand out to me, though, is the fact that we get to hear the Doctor get really angry. While this may not be all that uncommon (although I think that this Doctor usually finds himself in a state of frustration, rather than furious anger), it still gives some deeper insight into his priorities and personality.

  • Nicholas Whyte

    The Seventh Doctor and Ace visit a ginormous library and confront the Daleks. Excellent. I loved: the Daleks themselves; the concept of a library storing all knowledge in the galaxy (impossible though I know it to be); the duplicate Ace demonstrating the Sophie Aldred can act (something I have occasionally had cause to doubt); and especially the many many references to other Dalek series - jungle planet with unseen indigenous species (Daleks' Master Plan), Daleks modified by their own plan who t [...]

  • J.E. Remy

    Imagine the Library from Silence in the Library, but on a wetter version of a planet suspiciously similar to Kembel from Daleks' Master Plan. The archaeologists in this story are more of treasure hunters (one of which sounds unfortunately similar to Ace), the librarians are still around (despite the library being quite empty), and the Daleks are the baddies mostly. Anyway, toss in the 7th Doctor and Ace, and you have The Genocide Machine.Plus side, there is an underlying plot that goes beyond th [...]

  • Xavier Granville

    A planet covered in rainforest. A hidden library that contains the entire knowledge of the universe. A long-thought extinct race trickling to the surface.Enter The Doctor. Enter the Daleks.This one I didn't know what to think of at first, other than the fact that the backdrop was serene. The sounds of the 'waterworks library', a databank of information made up of drops of water, and the rains of the jungle provided a setting that really drew me in. Throw in a whispering race of rain-creatures, t [...]

  • Wendy

    This is a rather paint-by-numbers Dalek story, including a jungle planet, invisible natives, a complicated Dalek plan to take over the universe, and a character named Tarrant. It really should have been called "Day of the Planet of the Daleks' Master Plan". For all that, I quite enjoyed it. The plot moves along nicely. There's a running gag about a character who never actually gets to speak until near the very end that strikes me as a mistake, since it turns a potentially interested character in [...]

  • Mel

    "There have been too many senseless killings in my library". This is the second time I've listened to this audio and I liked it even better the second time around. This one is really great. As a librarian I loved all the lines about the library and the evil of librarians. It was nice to see an early version of Bev Tarrant after hearing her in the Bernice audios. I really liked the interactions between her and Ace. The daleks in this one were really good. The water creatures made much more sense [...]

  • Angela

    The Doctor realises he has some library books overdue. He returns them to a library that is time locked and has the knowledge of the universe. The daleks also want this knowledge and are determined to find a way in. This is a great story with the daleks acting very sneakily, and at times outwitting the Doctor. Ace is portrayed well too. This is a fun, exciting story that matches the McCoy era really well. A great listen.

  • Noah Soudrette

    A solid, if not terribly original Dalek romp that gets a bit of a bad rap. The story itself is fairly standard, but there are some shining moments, such as the Dalek going insane, the "genius" Dalek turning good, and the Doctor's fury over what's been done to the planet's indigenous people. If you've never heard it, try it out for yourself. If you didn't care for it originally, give it another spin.

  • Gayle

    No matter how much I try, and how many audios I listen to, I just dislike the Daleks. Not in a "ooh, they're such evils swines!" but more in a "Daleks bore me". I think my dislike for them also involves their ruddy voices(!)Apart from 'Jubilee' and the television episode 'Dalek', I really don't like those bloody pepperpots.

  • Taksya

    Avventura con il settimo Dottore e Ace.Una biblioteca con informazioni su tutto e misteriose creature che la infestano, cloni umani realizzati con tecnologia Dalek c'è tanto deja-vu, ma che dovrebbe funzionare al contrario.Sempre ottima l'interpretazione, ma la storia non mi ha preso del tutto.

  • Nathan Friedl

    Wonderful! The 7th Doctor-Ace team has always been one of my favorite pairings, and the actors rise to the occasion. Good production values too. The plot is so-so, so it's really three stars for the script and five for everything else. Looking forward to listening to more of the Big Finish dramas.

  • Sarah

    Seventh Doctor discovers overdue library books in his library and takes Ace back to a library that contains all the knowledge in the universe. *drool* The Daleks are trying to take it overr obvious reasonsd the Doctor has to defeat them. The Genocide Machine is not actually what you think it is.Also, this is supposed to be the first in the Dalek Empire series.

  • Matt

    Although not as awesome as The Fearmonger, it's predecessor among Seventh Doctor audios, The Genocide proves to be really solid, and that's impressive considering I generally don't like Dalek stories. Sylvester McCoy is excellent as always, and the writer does a good job of showing the dark, menacing side of the Doctor that was developed heavily in McCoy's final season. Worthwhile listen.

  • Steven Shinder

    The glitches in Dalek voices were annoying, but I like the library setting(a precedent for "Silence in the Library") and how this ends with The Doctor saying that the Daleks bring out the worst in him and that books are beneficial. This was a better Seventh Doctor story than The Fearmonger, in my opinion.

  • Erichyde

    I'm listening to Big Finish (semi) in order and this was a lot of fun.The Daleks were menacing (they weren't in Blood of the Daleks) and Sylvester McCoy was great as always. This one seemed moodier and more intense than Fearmonger. Looking forward to the rest of this arc.

  • Kate Sherrod

    This is the best Seven story I've yet heard, with a first class take on the "what if this useful tool is actually a sentient life form" thang. The guest characters were good (though Elgin got tiresome) and Ace gets to blow up ALL THE THINGS, and be eeevil for a while, too!

  • Steven

    Big Finish actually learned to use the Daleks in very good, very scary ways, but they get off to a very rocky start with this story -- they come off more as tin-can Vogons than anything else. The story is also very ploddy, with some cumbersome dialogue.

  • Bronwen

    This was alright I liked the library setting. Daleks are very annoying to listen to though.

  • Meredith

    A solid adventure with a previously unknown life form, a library, thieves, and daleks.

  • Luiz Santiago

    Se não fosse parte de um arco chamado "Império Dalek", até que a história seria melhor. Mas para mostrar a ascensão de um Império, a trama aqui não foi assim tão precisa.

  • Beni

    Fun and great to listen to while traveling for holidays. Would listen to it again.

  • Steven

    On the planet Kar-Charrat, the Seventh Doctor and Ace try to prevent the Daleks acquiring a technology called the Wetworks Facility.This episode addresses issues of scientific ethics.

  • Ron Sadowski

    Audio 2-12-13

  • Debra Cook

    This is a good Dalek adventure. Full of suspense and it keeps you attention.

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