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By Sara Craven | Comments: ( 709 ) | Date: ( May 31, 2020 )

Why won t he claim her as his bride This is one occasion in Andreas Stephanos s life when he cannot have what he really wants Better not let Zoe Lambert know that he s really the heir to a shipping fortune,or allow the intense physical desire between them to be indulged There is a compelling reason the Greek tycoon can never bed or wed Zoe.

  • Title: His Forbidden Bride
  • Author: Sara Craven
  • ISBN: 9780373124008
  • Page: 495
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Sara Craven

Anne Bushell was born on October 1938 in South Devon, England, just before World War II and grew up in a house crammed with books She was always a voracious reader, some of her all time favorites books are Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen, Middlemarch by George Eliot, Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bront , Gone With the Wind by Margaret Mitchell and The Code of the Woosters by P G Wodehouse.She worked as journalist at the Paignton Observer, but after her marriage, she moved to the north of England, where she worked as teacher After she returned to journalism, she joined the Middlesbrough Writers Group, where she met other romance writer Mildred Grieveson Anne Mather She started to wrote romance, and she had her first novel Garden of Dreams accepted by Mills Boon in 1975, she published her work under the pseudonym of Sara Craven In 2010 she became chairman of the Southern Writers Conference, and the next year was elected the twenty six Chairman 2011 2013 of the Romantic Novelists Association.Divorced twice, Annie lives in Somerset, South West England, and shares her home with a West Highland white terrier called Bertie Wooster In her house, she had several thousand books, and an amazing video collection When she s not writing, she enjoys watching very old films, listening to music, going to the theatre, and eating in good restaurants She also likes to travel in Europe, to inspire her romances, especially in France, Greece and Italy where many of her novels are set Since the birth of her twin grandchildren, she is also a regular visitor to New York City, where the little tots live In 1997, she was the overall winner of the BBC s Mastermind, winning the last final presented by Magnus Magnusson.

Comments His Forbidden Bride

  • KC 2.0

    Heavy on the subplot, light on the romance.Sara Craven does angst and longing well. However, I felt the romance took a backseat to the mystery surrounding Zoe's mother. (view spoiler)[Zoe travels to Greece to unravel her mother's past. She ends up meeting and falling in love with Andreas. They are both later led to mistakenly believe they are half-siblings. Zoe is eventually told the story of how her mother, Gina, had had a love affair with a married man while vacationing in Greece. That man, St [...]

  • Cecilia

    Woman discovers her recently deceased mother owned a Greek villa, and goes to the island to find out more about the situation. She meets the handsome Andreas, and over time the truth about him and about her past is revealed. The story has a little bit of a Gothic tone, with elements like mysteriously glaring old men, and the empty house featuring prominently. The main character and the romance are developed satisfyingly; while it's never in doubt that the reason for the relationship being "forbi [...]

  • Missy

    A good read.Beautifully written location scenes made me feel like I was right there on that wonderful island.The instant attraction that draws Andreas and Zoe together is hot but forbidden. You can just feel their connection simmering and waiting to burst out taking control. But Andreas reminds in control and wants to do their relationship right, finally convincing Zoe he is serious only to disappear, breaking her heart. Finding out why he left and an old secret smashs the remaining pieces of th [...]

  • Adelyn

    it is a said story in a way but it is definitely worth reading. the ending was wonderful

  • Mudpie

    RIP Sara Craven15 Nov 2017I'm afraid I did not like this messy plot at all. The setting of the Greek island was very lovely, not touristy at all and the mysterious Andreas was perfect summer holiday fling material, or so Zoe thought.But the mystery of Zoe's mother and the villa Danaë overshadowed all the romanceSPOILERSTHE icky factor of Andreas and Zoe being half siblings was too much for mee writer was cruel as I really felt the hopelessness of their situation. In real life this would have be [...]

  • Linda

    I didn't care for the main characters, they treated each other badly. The shocking revelation near the end, I suspected, but I wondered at their complete acceptance of the "truth". I did like the ending though.

  • Calatasde

    Kitabın türkçe adı Yasak Gelin. Gerçekten ilginç bir kitaptı. Andreas'ın Zoe'yi ilk görüşte evleneceği kadın seçmesiDiyor ki Tamam bu evleneceğim kadın. Ve Gerçekten saygılı. öpüştü falan ama birlikte olmadı.Bu çok hoş bir davranış. Ama Salak kız(HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA) Gitti bikinisinin üstünü çözüyor Andreas'a aklını çelmeye çalışıyor fdbadfgadghf bu çok küçük düşürücü bir davranış hele de Andreas karşılık vermeyince :D Ve yanlış anlamala [...]

  • Diamond

    الماضي السجين سارة كريفنكم جميل أن ترث زو لامبرت تلك الفيلا الفخمة على الجزيرة اليونانية ! إنها في الحقيقة فرصة لتعيد بناء حياتها بيتها الجديد رائع وكذلك البستاني المثير الذي يعتني بالحديقة يا له من وضع غريب فما هذا الانجذاب التلقائي العجيب بينهما لكن أسرارا كثيرة تتكشف ح [...]

  • Modesty_b

    i really didnt expect the same father card to be drawn when i was trying to work out even if thir parents had a history why the hell should their relationship be forbidden and i think the ending is a little bit rushed.i feel sorry for all the miserable parties. such a waste.

  • Tia

    I thought the book was a good read and the angst was there to make it even better but when the hero and heroine thought they were brother and sister I was thrown off. The story got a bit ludicrous and boring.

  • Usagi Tsukino


  • Danielle The Book Huntress (Back to the Books)

    The whole forbidden thing is why I haven't read this yet.

  • Brigitte

    This was pretty good, for a "romance." The characters were predictable, but the plot had a twist that was much more interesting than most in the genre. I liked it.

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  • ï His Forbidden Bride || ☆ PDF Read by ☆ Sara Craven
    495 Sara Craven
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