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An angel of Death in Los Angeles A sociopath kills a young boy, a quiet teen, and then an entire family before turning his attention upon Pavel Trusnik, an elderly shut in from across the street Loneliness can drive a normal man to madness, and Pavel Trusnik is not a normal man After committing a crime that leaves him shunned and isolated, Pavel has only the fading memoAn angel of Death in Los Angeles A sociopath kills a young boy, a quiet teen, and then an entire family before turning his attention upon Pavel Trusnik, an elderly shut in from across the street Loneliness can drive a normal man to madness, and Pavel Trusnik is not a normal man After committing a crime that leaves him shunned and isolated, Pavel has only the fading memories of his tragically flawed life, and his one great love When the violent sociopath sets his murderous desires upon Pavel, only an ancient order that knows Pavel s secrets can intervene But for the isolated old man, the vicious intruder is the only company he has had in decades

  • Title: The Puppet Maker's Bones
  • Author: Alisa Tangredi
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 111
  • Format: Kindle Edition

About Author:

Alisa Tangredi

A native Californian, Alisa Tangredi currently resides in Van Nuys with her husband and their dog She has written all her life, though most manuscripts were hidden in a drawer She studied theatre and music at San Francisco State University and worked as a stage actress for thirty years, with sporadic employment in commercials and television She was also an active participant in several Los Angeles based theatre companies and continues to support live theatre throughout the L.A area She has written several stage plays in addition to her novels For information, please visit her on FB at facebook writerisa or Twitter AlisaTangredi, or her website alisatangredi.

Comments The Puppet Maker's Bones

  • Lisa

    ** I got this book as a First Reads giveaway **What do you get when you cross an Angel of Death, who is in denial of his purpose on Earth, and a teenager, who is a diobolical sociopath? You get a wonderful read that keeps you engrossed in the story to the very end. Pavil Trusnik's story begins in Prague three hundred years ago and tells of the trials he emcompasses throughout his life while in the hunt to find solace in love and hope. Fast forward to present day: Kevin has mastered his appearan [...]

  • Zoe Brooks

    I enjoyed this psychological thriller/fantasy cross. After all it had so much that I love - puppets, a Czech setting, history and a large chunk of fantasy. The author Alisa Tangredi has really researched her puppet and Czech history backgrounds to create a totally authentic feel to her descriptions. The book is beautifully and intelligently written.The book might disappoint those people who read it expecting violence and gore, but if you like intelligent books which do not conform to the expecta [...]

  • Sarah

    It's rare I get a free book on and actually feel sort of badly about it: this is one of those times. I loved the non-linear narrative structure, I loved the concept. Just a really well-executed story with plenty of room for the series to grow. I'm looking forward to reading her next books.

  • Caleb Blake

    Cross-posted from Papyrus Independent Author Reviews (papyruslebblake/2012/12/16/the-puppet-makers-bones-by-alisa-tangredi/)Pavel is a shut-in, an old man who seems like an easy target to a local predator – but who will be the hunter and who, the hunted?The Puppet Maker’s Bones is an interesting blend of psychological study, dark fantasy and mystery. The action is set in the present day, but the great majority of the novel is concerned with the historical background of Pavel, the protagonist [...]

  • Cheryl M-M

    This book takes a bold step beyond the usual realms of supernatural and paranormal genre. I do like quirky and new concepts and this one sneaks up on you in a slow unsuspecting way.From the moment of his birth Pavel is connected with death and it takes him many years to find out why death follows him around. Indeed much like the scars on his shoulders, his real identity and scope of his true being remains a mystery for many years.Pavel almost reminds me of various animals used to demonstrate the [...]

  • Stewart

    I won this book in a giveaway and wasn't expecting to enjoy it as much as I did. I can honestly say that I absolutely love this book from beginning to end! Unlike many of the books I have read recently, The Puppet-Makers Bones was pure enjoyment. Alisa Tangredi doesn't try to be overly complicated or extremely intellectual with her story but she captures everything necessary to make the story a joy to read. Although the story is a sad, dark tale, it was written in a way that made the reader wan [...]

  • Kathy

    This one came in today's mail, as I won a copy from . Having lost my ereadern I started reading this one. Remember when horror stories were really suspenseful and made you want to sleep with a light on, without being full of gratuitous guts, gore, and violence? Well, it seem the GREAT ones are back again! As my students would say, this book is 'creeping me out!' Thank you, Alisa Tangredi!I lost track of the week but not the book! I've now finished it, and I wasn't disappointed. A child is born, [...]

  • Robby

    Actually; I would rate this a (4.5). Sometimes you just take a chance on a selection to read. And sometimes you get lucky; very lucky. Well, call me Mr. Lucky because this selection was a hit in several phases of interest; ie. psychological thriller, suspense, horror, some fantasy, and a step into the supernatural and paranormal realm. Come on; what's not to like. Disturbed (sociopath) teen vs. disturbed (shut-in) elder. What a battle and what a story. Alisa Tangredi wrote this as Book 1 in the [...]

  • Christine

    One of the most erudite, tension-packed, gut-wrenching stories I've read in a long time.The emotional story is very real. It's about a man driven to madness by loneliness, until the only person he can relate to is a sociopath hell-bent on killing him for pleasure.But if you think you're in for another sadistic serial-killer thriller, or another Stephen-King style horror story, or any of the Halloween franchise, you're in for either a treat or a disappointment. This book is not "inside the lines" [...]

  • Georgeanna

    The story of Pavel Trusnik was a new concept for me. It was very refreshing to find a new idea in the paranormal genre.This author made me care about Pavel and the others like him. She also made me hate the teenaged sociopath who lives across the street from our poor, dear Pavel. I don't want to put any spoilers in here because this is a rich story that really should be enjoyed as it unfolds, without any more hints. I recieved a free copy of this book for review. I liked it so much that I inten [...]

  • Lydia Schlais

    This was quite a different spin on legends and cupids. It brings the legend to life in a very emotional and exciting way. You always want to know what's going to happen to the main character Pavel. Pavel sticks on you as well. You feel what he feels, what he thinks, and know what certain things will bring. It keeps you involved through the book. It would recommend this book to anyone who likes historical fiction, twists on legends, or just a small story of murder.

  • Tracie

    The final confrontation between the teenage psychopathic killer Kevin and the mysterious shut-in Pavel is a little anti-climatic, but the story of Pavel's long life and growing understanding of what he is makes this an intriguing read.

  • Amy

    Loved it. Fell right into the mood and story. Highly recommend it.

  • Kristina Franken

    I highly recommend this book for anyone FTC: I received a free copy of this book and was not reimbursed in any other way.

  • Heather

    Interesting and enjoyable.

  • Diane

    Just finished this one and what a great book! It's so uniquethat it was like a breathe of fresh air. Can't wait to read the next one!

  • Tricia

    Now this was a refreshingly different book. Told over a span of centuries, all in a seamless fashion! A great read!

  • R

    FABULOUS read!!! Can't recommend it highly enough. First in a series and I cannot wait for the others!

  • Sabriena

    This was a refreshing book to read in the paranormal genre. Of course paranormal always has me thinking about lame little romances. Anyway, this is about Pavel Trusnik who is very old but you also are taken back through time of his and explanation of what he is which is an angel of death.I felt really, really bad for Pavel because he just wanted to have a normal life. He wanted to love and be loved but with the way he was, he was unable to do that or there would be horrible outcomes.We also meet [...]

  • Susan

    This book is extraordinary. It is extremely beautifully written and mannered. The characterisation of the main character is superior - I feel for Pavel, ache for Pavel and ultimately weep for him. This is catergorised as horror and I could not think of a more horrid existence. That said, it doesn't really fit that genre unless you look toward gothic horror of days past. The story is ingenious and I really wanted to know what was to become of the characters. You feel all along that it cannot be a [...]

  • Aleksandar

    Kevin is young, charming and kills for fun. His old seclusive neighbour Pavel Trusnik who has no relatives and no friends looks like the perfect victim. Kevin is wrong. Pavel has a dark secret and he stays away from other people for a reason.It is an interesting premise and while many books have one but fail to deliver, this one lives up to its promise. The writing is good and as the story unfolds we learn more and more about Pavel's past until the book reaches its climax with the meeting betwee [...]

  • Kristy McRae

    A very interesting story that takes place both in the present and in the distant past, connected by a VERY long-lived character. I really liked the angel-of-death mythology. I had mixed feelings about the ending--while it seemed a bit abrupt, at the same time it was totally appropriate for the arc of the character's story. I'd be interested to see if there will be more books written as companions to this one. I'd definitely read them!

  • Rosalind M

    3.75 stars. Well written dark fiction with memorable characters. However, for me, the resolution was unequal to the buildup of the two stories. So much was also left unexplored; I don't need all of the details to make a good story, but small things that slid by without consequence (like the first kiss) bothered me.

  • Ty Hutchinson

    Beautiful writing. Loved the way the story unfolded through the present and the past.

  • Casondra Marie King

    AmazingI absolutely loved this book from beginning to end. I felt like I was right there with the characters. I would definitely recommend

  • Jenniffer

    Could not put it down. Read it almost in one sitting!

  • Asha Cohen


  • Craig S.

    Interesting story,hard to put down,not normally my genre but would recommend

  • Marcus

    I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review. This book is many things, but boring is not one. It is a psychological thriller, love story, murder story, a story about a journey of discovery, and a sci-fi horror mix. The author combines these elements and characters into a very very good cohesive story with plenty of strong characters, decent secondary characters, and very intense, dark, sneaky action

  • Alan Nayes

    Ms. Tangredi’s The Puppet Maker’s Bones has elements of a Shakespearian tragedy and is as well written as any I have ever read. This compelling novel also has horror and paranormal elements, AND it’s a love story. Pavel Trusnik is a mysterious recluse who lives with a tragic secret that is revealed to us in layers as his story unfolds. The manner in which the author shifts seamlessly to the past and present makes for an entertaining read. From the first mention of the strange pair of scars [...]

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