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When darkness consumes you will it be hard to find the light After Jade s world was torn apart, she is unsure of where she belongs, if anywhere at all Deceived by those she trusted the most, she must now accept her fate and the life that lays before her.The voices are back but this time, they are trying to lure her into the darkness But could they be telling her the truWhen darkness consumes you will it be hard to find the light After Jade s world was torn apart, she is unsure of where she belongs, if anywhere at all Deceived by those she trusted the most, she must now accept her fate and the life that lays before her.The voices are back but this time, they are trying to lure her into the darkness But could they be telling her the truth That the only person she has been able to trust since the death of her boyfriend, Avan, is lying to her too If the voices are right Could she really trust him In Fallen, the second book in the Feather Trilogy, Jade will embark in a quest through the pits of Hell The question now is once she is in, will they ever let her out

  • Title: Fallenmore
  • Author: Lucy Swing
  • ISBN: 9781477443545
  • Page: 499
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Lucy Swing

Lucy Swing lives in sunny Florida with her two children.She is a YA Paranormal Romance writer, whose works include Feather Feather Trilogy 1 , Fallen Feather Trilogy, 2 ,Bloody Valentine, a Vampire Witch novella, and is currently working on Forever Feathe Trilogy 3.She is an absolute book hoarder and must always have a book at arms length Music is her muse, and there is always a soundtrack that plays along her life.For information on Lucy Swing please visit her website LucySwing

Comments Fallenmore

  • Lori

    This one badass motherfucking amazing book. Actual review to come. It will still probably have foul language in it. Holy sh*t, mother loving, all things good, sugar spice and everything wonderful epicity epic that book rocked my socks off and melted my face. Hardcore! Blake is my newest book boyfriend. Hands off. I may have to get moody and handsy with you if you try and steal him. I swear. Lucy Swing took complexity, badassery, humanity and hot boys by the horns and just dominated the sh*t out [...]

  • L.P. Dover

    This book was a wonderful continuation to Feathermore. I read this book in one sitting because I just had to know what was going to happen. Jade lost so much in the first book, but managed to fight back and gain a lot in this book. Relationships are mended and some are beginning. Jade learns about all of her abilities and what she must do to save the ones she cares about. Jade and her best friends Claire and Nate forge back their relationship after being broken in Feathermore. They both love Jad [...]

  • Tana

    I love Lucy Swings writing does that sound to stalkerish lolFeathermore was fantastic so I have to say Fallenmore is out of this world fantastic. Lucy's writing has only gotten better, the story line is great, plot well written and love finding out more about Blake.This is a book you have to get yourself comfortable because if your like me once you start you will not put it down.Jade is struggling with losing Avan and her parents, then Blake returns and struggling through her trust in him and he [...]

  • Marie

    FANTASTIC read!!! Love everything about this book!!! Can't wait to read FOREVERMORE!! AWESOME JOB Lucy!! :)

  • Carly

    Fallenmore is the second book in the Feathermore trilogy and while I didn't quite enjoy it as much as the first book, it's still a really great instalment from Lucy Swing. It took me a good few chapters to get into this and I will admit to being a little confused at the start but once I got my bearings I was quickly hooked into this exciting world once again. We see a darker side to Jade in this book, which was definitely different but I'm not sure I like this all powerful Jade. I think Lucy Swi [...]

  • Nereid

    The theme of this book should be "Be careful what you wish for" because sometimes you do get it and then it turns out not to be what you wanted after all. Jade is having huge problems adjusting to losing Avan and her parents and the loss is devastating to her. She is consumed with grief and is planning to avenge his death even though Claire was one of her closest friends. Blake is charged with helping her deal with her grief and move on with her life but she can't. Jade is having nightmares agai [...]

  • L.A. Kuehlke

    I first fell in love with Lucy Swing’s characters in FEATHERMORE. It was one of those books I simply could not put down. The same held true for FALLENMORE. FALLENMORE picks up right where FEATHERMORE leaves off. We find Jade continuing to struggle with the grief of losing her parents as well as losing her boyfriend, Avan. She is growing stronger and coming into her powers. The voices she heard in book one seem to have returned, the darkness calling to her and threatening to consume her. We als [...]

  • Lindsay

    WHOO! This book was heads and shoulders above Feathermore (and I had enjoyed that one, too, so it tells you how much I loved this one)! I love being able to see an author grow, in such a short period of time. The book is well paced, the characters are dynamic, and there is a touch of sophistication to this book that was lacking in the first.Jade is going through a lot, after what happened throughout Feathermore. What I love most about this is that her reactions are completely realistic. I can co [...]

  • Aarzoo**im not stubborn, my way is just better**

    IT was A-W-E-S-O-M-E!!!after reading the book MY EXPRESSION!!!i was so glad that she chose to save Avan but finally she ended up with BLAKE!!!Cause im so happy she chose the second guy, cause usually the girl chooses the first guy and gives up the second one even though the second guy is better!lets get to the story! nthe story picks right after what happened in the woods, but then it picks up after 3 months was Awesome how Blake helped Jade train and stuffthe only thing i didn't like is the CLI [...]

  • Ashley Robertson

    A Fantastic Continuation of the Feathermore Trilogy. Fallenmore picks up right where things left off in its prequel. Some major questions have been answered, but only more seem to pile up as Jade tries to come to grips with what she’s become, though that, in itself, is one of the big mysteries. Unlikely allegiances and betrayal at every turn, then of course, there’s lots of kick-ass fighting which Ms. Swing does an exceptional job with portraying. A small downside with this book was that it [...]

  • Amanda

    I love the story line and the characters. You can feel all of the pain Jade feels after kissing her parents and Avan and you can't help but want her to avenge them, but at the same time you are cheering for her to do the right thing. The only real thing that drove me crazy was all editing errors. There are a lot of word with out spaces and words missing. It definitely needs to go through another editing process.

  • Ashley

    excellent follow up to feathermore. the story line was great and didn't have a lot of extra useless fluff that you get with some stories. jades character really grew in the book, from being very vindictive to finally being able to see for the first time her purpose and to not only think of herself but to think of how what she does affects others. loved the cliff hanger and can't wait to see what's next!

  • Elyse Schramm

    So this book made me very angry for a long time! Jade would just not get over Avan, to see the boy that loved her unconditionally and took care of her in her darkest hours RIGHT IN FRONT OF HER FACE. Blake was picture perfect from the moment she met him. And then the ending?!?!?! GAH!!!! I can't even go there. I really loved this book, just like the first one. I cannot wait for the next one.

  • Karen Origer-Greco

    I enjoyed it more than the first and can't wait for the third in the trilogy but it is somewhat disjointed and has quite a few grammatical errors. It seems more of a rough draft. It has great ideas and storyline but could use a bit of editing and clarification. The reason I gave it a 4 instead of a 3 is because it was still an enjoyable read and had some great characters like Jade and Blake.

  • Samara Sant

    I enjoyed this book however it was all over the place and many times I found myself yelling, SERIOUSLY you are NOT still thinkinge other MAJOR irritant was the spelling, and grammar and it was hands down the worst spell checked/edited book I've ever written. Ulitimately I looked past it, difficult though it was and enjoyed it.

  • Lucy Swing

    I am so excited to bring the second book in the Feathermore Trilogy to you all. It has been a very trying experience, but I think it has all worked out for the best in the end. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I have done writing it.

  • Andrea

    Loved it. Can't wait for the next book.

  • Krystal Marlein

    Good book

  • Jo

    All I can say is WOW. I cant wait for the next book. I loved how it kept me on my seat and how the ending just through me for a loop. Great book! A deffanet must read!

  • Kathryn Jacob

    Cant wait for the second book to come out :)

  • Nikki Archer

    Lucy Swing did get again I love this story. Full reviiew to come

  • Kristin

    Review to come

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  • Ò Fallenmore || ✓ PDF Read by ´ Lucy Swing
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