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By Annie Hauxwell | Comments: ( 110 ) | Date: ( Jul 09, 2020 )

The first in a series of crime novels starring the magnificent Catherine Berlin, a civilian investigator whose long standing heroin addiction is only part of her story.On a bone chilling February morning, Catherine Berlin, investigator with the Financial Services Agency, finds the almost headless body of her informant, Juliet Bravo , rolling in a shallow reach of the ThamThe first in a series of crime novels starring the magnificent Catherine Berlin, a civilian investigator whose long standing heroin addiction is only part of her story.On a bone chilling February morning, Catherine Berlin, investigator with the Financial Services Agency, finds the almost headless body of her informant, Juliet Bravo , rolling in a shallow reach of the Thames That Juliet Bravo s death is linked to an investigation of local loan shark Archie Doyle is no surprise to Berlin, but when Berlin s own unorthodox methods are blamed for the murder, she realises bigger predators are circling.To start with, it looks as though Berlin will pay only with her job And then, on a routine trip to her GP one of a dying breed who will still prescribe heroin to long term addicts , she stumbles across a second body.Suspended, incriminated, and then blackmailed into cooperation by the detective leading the murder investigation, Catherine Berlin has seven stolen days of clarity in which to solve the crime and find a new supplier.

  • Title: In Her Blood
  • Author: Annie Hauxwell
  • ISBN: 9781921901171
  • Page: 205
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Annie Hauxwell

Annie Hauxwell was born in the East End of London and grew up there and in Melbourne, Australia Her working life has included stints as a psychiatric nurse, cleaner, sociologist, taxi driver and lawyer She abandoned the law to work as an investigator, an occupation she has happily pursued for than twenty years, and which she now combines with writing.She divides her time between Castlemaine, a small country town in Australia, and Barkingside in London.She is a keen sailor, but suffers from seasickness, follows Spurs and St Kilda, and travels a great deal, because it s harder to hit a moving target.

Comments In Her Blood

  • Sharon

    Investigator Catherine Berlin is on a case involving local loan sharks in London. As far as she could tell the case looked pretty straight forward, but that was to change when her informant is found floating in Limehouse Basin. With just seven days to solve the crime, Catherine knows she has no time to waste, but will she have enough time to find out what happened to her informant? With twist and turns throughout this story Aussie author Annie Hauxwell has written a very entertaining and engross [...]

  • Angela Savage

    ‘Everyone is hooked on something,’ says the back cover blurb of Annie Hauxwell’s debut novel In Her Blood. I quickly became hooked on this novel.That said, I don’t believe the back cover blurb does it justice. Hauxwell herself offers a more compelling synopsis in an author Q&A on the Penguin website:‘Catherine Berlin, an investigator with a financial regulator, finds the almost-headless body of her informant in a shallow reach of the Thames. The death is linked to Berlin’s invest [...]

  • Michael

    Catherine Berlin is not your average investigator. Not only does she not work for the cops but she is also a heroin user who relies on a controversial doctor for her supplies. Her current case seems straightforward investigating dodgy dealing by a local loan shark Doyle until her informant is found dead floating in Limehouse Basin. Berlin is convinced the killer is Doyle only to find out thanks to local police that Berlin's informant is infact Doyle's daughter Gina.In another part of town Berlin [...]

  • Karen

    Whilst it's not particularly unusual to have a flawed central protagonist, unapologetic ones are less common. Add being female, and that makes IN HER BLOOD's Catherine Berlin a rather rare beast, and a very welcome one.Set in London after the Global Financial meltdown, Berlin is a government investigator who receives a tip-off about a local loan shark, then finds her informant floating in the Limehouse Basin, brutally killed. The first complication is that her female informant has been anonymous [...]

  • Jo

    To be perfectly honest, if it wasn't for the Australian Women Writers Challenge, I would have stopped reading after the first 30 pages. It is not only that I am not a big fan of noir, although that didn't help. The main characters are depressed and hopeless. Their world - London in a particularly cold winter, in the depths of the GFC - is bleak. Doom seems to be nigh. I know it's all part of the genre, but it just doesn't do that much for me.What really made it difficult for me to keep reading w [...]

  • Lucas Bale

    I found this book because Annie Hauxwell was shortlisted for the CWA Debut Dagger award. It's cleanly written, the plot is reasonably compelling and the main protagonist is flawed, yet driven. There is plenty of conflict – between Berlin and her addiction, between her and her box/her organisation, her work colleagues, the antagonist(s) – in fact, almost all the main storytelling elements are there. Yet, the book fell flat for me. London is reasonably well drawn, but it's a sketch rather than [...]

  • Deb Bodinnar

    I have heard Annie talk at a couple of Sisters In Crime events and decided to give her novels a go. Most of the books I have read this year have all been set in Australia, so this one obviously took me to a part of the world I don't know at all. I felt Catherine Berlin was a strange character to get to know but I did warm to her mid way through the book. Interesting plot with interwoven characters made for a great read. Will be following up In Her Blood by reading A Bitter Taste next.

  • Joan

    Somewhat entertaining, but I never warmed to any of the characters.And while it could be amusing, I just felt the author could not make up her mind what kind of book she wanted it to be, so if came off half-baked as comic and as a mystery and as a comic mystery.

  • MaryG2E

    I found it hard to get into this book at the start. There is a swirl of characters introduced in a somewhat random way and I had to keep turning back pages to figure out who was connected to whom and in what way. The somewhat diffident character of the main protagonist, Catherine Berlin, is rather sketchily portrayed, and I found it hard to warm to her. The author describes her as 55, thin, with greying hair. We learn that she works as a civilian investigator in the Financial Services Agency and [...]

  • Lauren K

    In Her Blood is the crime fiction debut of Aussie author, Annie Hauxwell. Interestingly, the protagonist Catherine Berlin is an investigator leading a double-life as a heroin addict. Set in London during tough economic times, loan sharks are on the rise and one in particular becomes the subject of Berlin’s investigations. But things become more serious, more dangerous when one of her informants is found dead and the death is linked to loan shark, Archie Doyle. A second body is then linked to B [...]

  • Fiona

    3.5 stars. I like Berlin. Looking forward to reading the next books in the series to see what happens next!

  • Calzean

    A good crime novel, with a few twists and turns, many flawed characters and many secrets uncovered.Berlin, the main character, finds herself in the middle of a series of murders. The thing that annoyed me in this book was that the main characters all were connected through living in the same neighbourhood, marriage or paternally - maybe one or two less of these overt relationships could have made the story a more believable tale.

  • Tim

    I found this a little to slow and disjointed for my tastes. The idea of an addict as the main character has possibilities but I'm not sure that the 'addiction' and the' investigation' really worked together in this case. What I did feel throughout was an air of pessimism which, I'm sure, comes with the territory but might also have been about knowing I had undertaken to finish the book.I received my copy free through giveaways

  • Rachael

    Interesting to have an investigator who is also a registered heroin addict. A continual theme throughout as she has to weigh up getting heroin or getting/giving information. A good mystery with quite a lot of people getting beaten up and/or murdered along the way and many varied relationships between the characters that they don't know about until a good way through. I will read the next one.

  • Becky

    This was a fast-paced story of life on the dark side with a female protagonist with faults and a heroin addiction. Some of the other-side-of-the-pond vocabulary gave me a bit of a challenge, but it was good fun. I wish I had found time to read it earlier, but I'll get on Annie Hauxwell's next book right away.

  • Jane

    I'm not a big reader of crime fiction - Raymond Chandler and Peter Temple are really as far as I've gone - and this hasn't really pitched me headlong into a crime addiction. But it was fun: cracking pace, interesting characters, convoluted plot (perhaps too convoluted?) and a great setting, with London tumbling from the top of its game into bankruptcy and debt.

  • Bronwyn

    I love a good crime novel. This first novel by an author now resident in Australia, is a good one. There are all sorts of interesting characters and a great feel for the social dynamics of London when the ecomony is not going well.

  • Anne

    The premise of this story is very interesting. I think it wrapped up a bit more neatly than I would have liked, but the things left open leave me wanting more. A quick page turner excellent for a weekend away.

  • Chava

    Boooooooring. Unlikable characters and just too hard to connect with. I couldn't get into this book at all.

  • Margareth8537

    Enjoyed this. Well read. Very unusual main protagonist, and remembered a lot of the East End locations.

  • Ann Tonks

    Smart piece of thriler writing; interesting lead and some other great characters as well. A good read.

  • Cathy

    A gritty sort of book. Not a bad read and unusual to have a heroin addict as the main character.

  • Cel Jel

    I would not have picked this book in a bookshop, but my book club selected it. I am glad they did because it was a gripping read. I did not like the violence but it was appropriate for the story.

  • Mary

    Ok, but I didn't find it a gripping read. I had a problem with the lead character. Whilst she was clearly intelligent, she lacked insight and was somewhat annoying.

  • Jess

    I enjoyed the story and really like Catherine Berlin. I got a bit distracted tho and not too sure what didn't exactly have me riveted to my seat, but am looking forward to another one in the series.

  • Ari Karishma Dewi

    A neat and fabulous crime story bye Annie in her first bookBeeing common in this field (crime) Annie seems really know how to brough us to a dangerous and anxiety feeling on the crime scene.

  • Marg

    finished book club book with more than 24 hours to go. What's that about.?

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  • Free Download [Music Book] ✓ In Her Blood - by Annie Hauxwell Þ
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