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A solid historical from Edgar winner Heffernan Publishers Weekly Mystery fans will zip through this, fans of historical fiction will enjoy the fin de guerre mood Library Journal Heffernan swings his vivid tale back and forth between past and present, war and peace a neat tour de force he pulls off with admirable assurance Kirkus Reviews Heffernan, three tim A solid historical from Edgar winner Heffernan Publishers Weekly Mystery fans will zip through this, fans of historical fiction will enjoy the fin de guerre mood Library Journal Heffernan swings his vivid tale back and forth between past and present, war and peace a neat tour de force he pulls off with admirable assurance Kirkus Reviews Heffernan, three times nominated for a Pulitzer Prize and an Edgar Award winner, knows his history and his mysteries This is really a story of war and redemption and what happens to idealistic kids who have to turn into killers Globe Mail Canada Moving back and forth in time, the well paced narrative involves the reader with powerfully vivid descriptions of horrendous battles like the Wilderness and Gettysburg, of terrible raids on civilians, and of great physical and mental anguish suffered by the soldiers Heffernan skillfully presents a realistic and evocative tale of war and its lingering effects Historical Novels Review Sliding back and forth in time before, during, and after the Civil War William Heffernan creates a powerful, intriguing, and complex novel about the intricacies of friendship and the devastating effects of war Jonathan Santlofer, author of The Death Artist When Johnny Came Marching Home evokes a young soldier s reluctant relationship to violence and brutality with a chilling realism that brings the reader face to face with the moral complexities of even the most noble of wars Following in the literary tradition of Ernest Hemingway, James Jones, and Larry Heinemann, William Heffernan is able to somehow find grace and beauty amidst the horror of battle Kaylie Jones, author of A Soldier s Daughter Never Cries When Johnny Came Marching Home is a carefully constructed and evocative Civil War era tale that will hold you from first to last page The author has a rare gift for transporting the reader in time and place Put this one at the top of your list No one does this kind of novel better than Heffernan John Lutz, author of SerialWhen Johnny Came Marching Home is a mystery, a love story, and William Heffernan s best book to date The novel tells the story of three boys who grow up in rural Vermont in a seemingly indestructible friendship, then see their lives ruined as they go off to fight in America s great and noble war Trapped in a what appears to be an endless bloodbath vividly presented with Heffernan s meticulous historical research the boys gradually begin to change until their close knit childhood ties are little than a fractured memory By war s end, one boy is dead, one returns a physically crippled and emotionally compromised man, and the third comes home as an unfeeling psychopath.The novel turns on the subsequent murder of the psychopath, and the offer of redemption for the wounded young man who must investigate the crime When Johnny Came Marching Home is a story about war and how it affects the lives of all who become a part of it, both directly and peripherally Although set during the Civil War, this book casts shadows of what we endure today and the horrors to which young soldiers are subjected.William Heffernan, a three time Pulitzer Prize nominee, is the author of eighteen novels, including such bestsellers as The Corsincan, The Dinosaur Club a New York Times bestseller , The Dead Detective, and Tarnished Blue winner of an Edgar Award Heffernan lives outside of St Petersburg, Florida.

  • Title: When Johnny Came Marching Home
  • Author: William Heffernan
  • ISBN: 9781617751271
  • Page: 435
  • Format: Hardcover

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William Heffernan

William Heffernan Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the When Johnny Came Marching Home book, this is one of the most wanted William Heffernan author readers around the world.

Comments When Johnny Came Marching Home

  • Barb

    A month after reading this book for a book club, I'm surprised to find myself thinking about this story. That's unusual for me, but the main character, Jubal, is such an honorable, moral mand it had an impact on me. I loved how the author structured the story with 3 time frames. It was so well done that there was no trouble shifting between the different stories. Really liked this one.

  • Susan

    A Civil War veteran, deeply scarred by what he and his childhood friends have experienced, returns to his Vermont home, where he must solve the mystery of who killed one of his comrades.The story starts out in post-Civil War Vermont, but flashbacks fill us in on who these boys were and what happened to them in the War. The flashbacks are skillfully woven through present events so they never jar. At first, the bulk of the writing is in the present, but slowly the past begins to dominate the event [...]

  • MysteriousBookshop

    Set during and after the Civil War, Heffernan's novel follows three boys from rural Vermont. They share a close knit friendship which is shattered by the war: one dies, one loses an arm, and one comes home with deep and untreatable psychological scars. When the crippled boy becomes town deputy, though, he finds himself building a murder case against his surviving friend—the only man who understands the horrors which he saw south of the Mason-Dixon line. The story is solid, but the true strengt [...]

  • Tony

    I had never heard of the author, but as a sucker for Civil War-set mysteries (like the Abel Jones series, or Sweetsmoke, to name the first that pop into my head), I picked this up. Cutting back and forth between three time periods, it tells the story of four Vermont playmates as they grow up to become teenagers in the years leading up to the Civil War, their time as Union soldiers, and immediately after. This kind of time-shifting can be cumbersome or confusing in the wrong hands, but Heffernan [...]

  • Jennifer

    A quick read, but barely a mystery. That isn't to say it wasn't interesting, the aspects of how the War changed the characters was interesting, but I don't know if I'd normally consider it a mystery. It was on the most basic level, there was a murder and the book unravels who murdered that person, but I didn't care. As the book goes on that character becomes even more unlikable. There comes a point where you just don't really care who murdered him because he had it coming. The big mystery was wh [...]

  • Shelley Fearn

    I really enjoyed this book. Heffernan combined two of my favorite types of books -- mystery and historical fiction. In a nutshell, three childhood friends sign up with the Vermont volunteers to fight in the Civil War. One dies, one comes back an amputee and one comes back changed and is then murdered. Heffernan's use of flashbacks to the war interspersed with the solving of the crime makes this a good story on many levels. Well worth reading.

  • Brandon

    This book was fantastic. It floats between three periods in the characters' lives: childhood, war time, and post war. The story revolves around a murder investigation, but it is more greatly about war and its impact on soldiers and their families and friends. I whole-heartedly recommend this book.

  • Cindy

    I thought this was a wonderful book. The author switched back and forth from events in the past to events in the present. I finished in 2 days and couldn't put it down. It was part mystery (both present and past events) and historical fiction. I will be looking for other books by this author.

  • Michael

    I picked up this book based on the subject matter at the local library and finished it in 3 days because it was that interesting.

  • Sandra Dickenson

    For me this was a good read. It focused on men, their participation in battle and how they lived with/resolved the consequences of their battle observations and participation. It leaned a bit too goody-goody. Bad guys punished and good guys eventually rewarded but that fit with the story line. Parts were not entirely authentic- to me the Vermont character dialect was more akin to West Virginian mountain more than New England brogue- but that is minor and debatable. The flash back writing style w [...]

  • Johanna

    A raw and emotional story about the consequences of war . . .When Johnny Came Marching Home follows the story of Jubal Foster and his two best friends, Johnny and Abel- country boys raised in the woods of Vermont. Inseparable, they do everything together, from hunting deer to pulling pranks and practical jokes; and when the call comes for them to serve their country, the three friends eagerly decide to enlist together to fight in the Civil War. But they soon discover that war is not as glorious [...]

  • Tony Parsons

    Growing up in Jerusalem Landing, VT 4 young men: Johnny Harris, Jubal Foster (Sergeant), Abel Johnson, & African-American Josiah Flood who were close friends soon join the Union army & they are quickly exposed to the harsh reality of the violence & brutality of the Civil War. The story plot goes back & forth of the men’s past/future. Jesse Brown (62) a local Negro resident was found frozen to death. Abel Johnson was killed during the Civil War, but how? Johnny Harris was captur [...]

  • David Duncan

    When Johnny came marching home. This is my thirth book I have received and read from . This story takes place prior to civil war, during the civil war, and after. It is about three young men that are best of friends growing up together in rural Vermont. The three did everything together, they deer hunted, played games, built a wilderness fort, and stayed at one another's house. They were like brothers. One was a preacher's son Johnny, one was a store owners son Abel, and one was the constables s [...]

  • Naomi

    Disclaimer: I received my copy of this book free through the First Reads program. Also this is my first review on this site (though my shelves contain many, many books) and I intend to spend approximately five minutes on it. This is a very good book. The first historical fiction I've read on the Civil War, and the first that has really highlighted all the really bad stuff that happened in that war. It did that well.I'm not much of a mystery reader (except for that Nancy Drew kick when I was eigh [...]

  • Colleen Estep

    "When Johnny Came Marching Home" was such a good read. William Heffernan has written a book that was so real it was like you were there. I was hooked from the very first page. In a small Vermont community three friends grow up together doing the things boys do and leave together to fight in the Civil War. War was not what they thought it would be and they hope to just stay alive and return home. It follows them through the war and back to Vermont, for the ones who survive.Jubal returns with a mi [...]

  • Carrie Kilgore

    A fascinating peek into the life of a civil war soldier (although admittedly some will find it disturbing), both during the fighting and in trying to adjust back to civilian life--as the central character tries to solve the murder of a man who was once his boyhood friend. The book is obviously well-researched (with an author's note concerning bending of a few historical facts). Engaging reading. The dialect is perhaps a bit overdone--while the flavor is nice, it shouldn't be enough to trip or ev [...]

  • Debbie Tanner

    This was an interesting story set during the post Civil War time in Vermont. The main character, Jubal, lost his arm at the Battle of the Wilderness and you are lead to believe that it wasn't just war related. The story bounces between the present time (post Civil war), where Jubal is trying to solve the mystery of a boyhood friend who he had gone to war with's murder, to pre-Civil War to tell the story of the boys' childhood, to during the Civil War and how the war changed each of the boys. The [...]

  • Shane

    Meh. I will finish it, because I hate not finishing books. But it's not great. It's written in a mixture of flashbacks and present, all from Jubal's perspective, but I feel it doesn't really describe the events all that well. It's kind of like Jubal is trying to actually tell the story, as opposed to it being told from Jubal's point of view; but he isn't a very good story teller, and so it comes across as a not very good first draft. It's more like a recitation of facts than a story. So while I [...]

  • Tammy Raue

    I won this book as part of the First Reads giveaways. Although the book jumps back and forth from times before, during and after the Civil War, I had no trouble keeping up with it. William Heffernan has created a very gripping story of war and how it affects everyone, whether they are fighting it or waiting for their loved ones to come home. I had trouble putting it down once I got started reading it. It was an excellent book.

  • Margaret Sankey

    Three teenaged friends from small town Vermont went off to the Civil War--Johnny came home a monster via Andersonville, Jubal came home missing an arm and Abel didn't come home at all. When Johnny ends up dead on the floor of his father's barn, Jubal the town constable has to sort out how a war crime committed at Spotsylvania has come back to haunt Johnny, with the underlying message that war affects not just the men who come home, but the entire community.

  • Cynthia Sillitoe

    I had really high expectations for this book, but didn't like it as much as I'd hoped. I'm not even sure why. I'll have to reread it sometime and see if I feel differently. I don't regret reading it or buying it, but I just wasn't riveted. I'd actually give it 3.5 stars. I think the author does a great job of blending the switch in time and setting, but the characters who intrigued me most were on the periphery of the story. And the main female character was pretty idyllic, which annoyed me.

  • Shelly - The Illustrated Librarian -

    This is more of a who-done-it taking place in during the Civil War, rather than a Civil War book which includes a mystery. That's not a problem however, as the character studies are excellent, and spends much time analyzing what war does to a soldierd what happens when that soldier comes home. Things may be done in war, with the excuse that it's a WARis book shows how that line is sometimes crossed. An enjoyable book for mystery fans and/or Civil War buffs.

  • Melissa

    This book was won from the giveaway contest. I really kind of liked it, not a bad book. If you are into Civil War historical fiction or even non-fiction, this book might be for you. It was a little bit unusual in that it was combined with a mystery. Well written, and I wouldn't hesitate to read something by William Heffernan again.

  • Kate

    Very very good. History, suspense, mystery, romance - all bundled into this tale of three childhood friends from the Northeast Kingdom in Vermont - who go off to fight in the Civil War. One comes home without an arm, one comes home a psychopath, and one does not come home at all.

  • Ruth

    I'm not generally a fan of stories told out of sequence, but for this book I make an exception. Here it just seems to work, heightening the suspense regarding not only the murder but also the mystery surrounding what Johnny had done in the war and who exactly he had become along the way.

  • Jerome

    A well woven tale of justice long delayed, comeuppance, and closure. The back-and-forth of flashbacks and present-day moves inexorably to both the source of the story and its closing.

  • Jeri Gray

    Good read. Predictable plot twist at the end.

  • L

    Easy reading good historical fiction with an enjoyable story

  • Paulette Heppner

    Historical fiction murder mystery. A nice change from the usual whodunit.

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