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One little boy living on a farm in rural Texas gets a big surprise when he discovers tiny flying elephants under his bed But his mom doesn t like critters in the house, so he tries to keep them a secret Until one day they escape from his bedroom and cause havoc in the house But when locusts invade the farm and start to destroy crops, the elephants come to the rescue BesOne little boy living on a farm in rural Texas gets a big surprise when he discovers tiny flying elephants under his bed But his mom doesn t like critters in the house, so he tries to keep them a secret Until one day they escape from his bedroom and cause havoc in the house But when locusts invade the farm and start to destroy crops, the elephants come to the rescue Bestselling author illustrator Graeme Base has created a unique story with his signature illustrations, which are sure to appeal to young readers.Praise for Little Elephants The minimal text wisely recedes for Base s gorgeous paintings, and the story s very implausibility is a large part of the delight An offbeat and winning mix of earthiness and enchantment Kirkus Reviews This is a strange, magical book Base s lush paintings ground the fanciful story in its realistic rural setting At the same time, the landscapes are suffused with a golden glow that casts a soporific charm over the whole book Interesting visual details abound, from the mouse s thimble helmet to the prophetic circus posters on the walls A great book to enjoy one on one School Library Journal Graeme Base has done it again His beautifully detailed paintings are such an important part of this story Library Media Connection

  • Title: Little Elephants
  • Author: Graeme Base
  • ISBN: 9781419704635
  • Page: 419
  • Format: Hardcover

About Author:

Graeme Base

Graeme Rowland Base is a successful Australian author and artist of picture books that have been sold internationally He is perhaps best known for his second book, Animalia published in 1986, and third book The Eleventh Hour which was released in 1989.He was born in England but moved to Australia with his family at the age of eight and has lived there ever since He attended Box Hill High School and Melbourne High School in Melbourne, and then studied a Diploma of Art Graphic Design for three years at Swinburne University of Technology at Prahran.He worked in advertising for two years and then began illustrating children s books, gradually moving to authoring them as well.Graeme resides in Melbourne with his wife Robyn and has three children.Winner of the Dromkeen Medal 1998.

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Comments Little Elephants

  • Magila

    I love this author's stuff. I'd happily put every single one in my library. However, this book was subpar compared to his others. I love love loved the story. In particular for rural folks, (as it's set in a farm), there is a significant appeal.So what's the problem? The printing.The art is similar to The Polar Express, it's expressive, vivid, and realistic. Although a departure from his earlier books, it works. So what is the problem? I'm not sure how these were rendered, and then transferred d [...]

  • Hannah Mousha-book

    It’s a troubling time for Jim’s family farm. With the threat of plague looming Jim’s Mother tells him his pet mouse “will have to go.” When the harvester breaks and things are looking bleak Jim sees a funny looking man in the field. Strange things start to happen when news of a locust swarm comes. How will the farm survive? This book is beautiful and inspirational. Graeme Base’s distinct style resonates through this captivating tale. – Hannah

  • Andréa

    I generally love Graeme Base's work, but I am not a fan of this one. It's a bit too strange for my taste, and the artwork isn't nearly as gorgeous as that in Animalia.Update: 3/21/2016 Read this one again today, and my review remains the same.

  • Marianne

    What a surprising salvation, for this little boy to save his home, his farm, and his mother! It is Base' perspective and the stories told within the illustrations that make this delightful.

  • pati

    The art is dark, what I could see looked really, really cool. The story was a flat liner to say the least!

  • Sue Winson

    Graeme Base's illustrations are (as usual) insanely detailed, gorgeous, dark, and very vivid. This book is a fantasy full of fantastic imaginations and miracles: strange old man, a huge red magical horn, tiny elephants with wings, a war between flying elephants and swarm of locusts. The story revolves around the theme of kindness and compassion: Little Jim's generosity towards a strange old man, the friendship with a mouse, the love between mother and son. A series of magical events occurred: ha [...]

  • Joseph

    Ok, this book is just plain bizarre, and that is a good thing. It is so ridiculous, it is a riot to read. Beautifully illustrated, too.

  • Donna Mork

    Very different book. A boy saves a mouse and befriends a stranger, and in thanks, tiny elephants appear under his bed, which later safe the wheat crop from the locusts. Very odd but very sweet story.

  • Nancy

    Children’s books have come a long way since I was growing up. The illustrations are an absolute work of art and I am getting to the point that I spend more time looking at the drawing than focusing on the words that accompany them.Poor Jim, he loves his pet mouse Pipsqueak, but when there is plague to worry about and his mother is convinced that where there is one mouse to be found, others will be attracted, the mouse has to go. Times are tough and if they lose this year’s wheat harvest the [...]

  • Ciara Plackett

    Personal Reaction:I liked this book, it had an interesting story line, but it was a very simple book. I feel like this book could have easily been a lot more exciting. I liked the message in this story, that kindness will bring good things into your life. Something else I really liked was that the illustrations contained a lot of emotions, so that really added to the story.Purpose:I would read this to children ages K-2 for enrichment/enjoyment.I could talk about fantasy vs. reality. I'd talk abo [...]

  • Emily Duncan

    The 2012 picture book Little Elephants is a heart warming story of how kindness leads to good things. On a wheat farm, Jim and his mother face a long string of bad luck. Between loosing a harvest machine and a giant swarm of locust coming problems continue to mount. A visit from a stranger requires Jim to show kindness and in returns gets a few helpful trunks to help on the farm. This story would be great for children in elementary grades so teach acts of kindness and how they can benefit you in [...]

  • Tobin

    Hmmm, well I am a huge fan, but unfortunately didn't quite 'get' this bookIn comparison to other GB books I have and love I feel this one is missing some central theme and plot/mystery adventure which is (I feel) his signature styleThe artwork is amazing, but following the plot (if you could call it that) is difficult and random, missing the clues, drama and characterization which is so present in works like Unos Garden, Enigma or The Eleventh HourOh well, don't want to put anyone off this book, [...]

  • Kendra

    Young Jim and his single mom struggle to make a living alone on their rural Texas farm. When they hear that a storm of locusts is coming their way, they're sure their wheat crop is doomed. But a mysterious stranger promises Jim that good fortune will come to him on the wind, and a herd of tiny elephants appears beneath his bed.Anything Graeme Base touches is stunningly gorgeous, and the mix of stained light rural settings and the glorious, whimsical tiny elephants made me audibly gasp. It has al [...]

  • Matthew Hodge

    I don't normally review pictures books (would take forever and I feel like I'm cheating, given that I'm participating in the "read a book a week" challenge on ). HOWEVER, when one comes along as beautiful as this one, I do have to make an exception. Graeme Base has always been an amazing illustrator (Animalia, anyone?) but this one was mind-blowingly good. Quirky story, optimum mix of words and pictures, and stunning use of colours and imagery.I really, really liked it.But if you're like my wife [...]

  • Leslie

    Large colorful pictures, but the story didn't do anything for me. I'm willing to suspend disbelief for many, many, many things. But either the tiny elephants that suddenly appear in your room (they followed your previously abandoned pet mouse home at the behest of a creepy man who you allow to steal some of your family's wheat) sprout wings and battle a plague of locusts that threatens the aforementioned wheat OR the tiny elephants are able to harvest said wheat thus saving the farm since the wh [...]

  • Carol Royce Owen

    This intriguing story is about a boy who lives on a struggling farm. He is made to get rid of his pet mouse so as not to attract more rodents which could ruin their crop, but what is he to do when he looks under his bed and finds an incredible herd of little, flying elephants? Will his mother send them away, too? The artwork in this book is truly beautiful. Sometimes I wondered if I was looking at a photograph it was so sharp. I've been a Graeme Base fan since The Watering Hole so I was definite [...]

  • Becky B

    A little boy gives up his beloved pet mouse for the good of his family's struggling farm. But even his sacrifice may not be enough to save the farm. Or is it? Because the mouse comes back bringing a bunch of tiny elephants who prove to be very special.This is an unusual book for Base. It appears to be historical fiction (based on some pictures in the family room, maybe WWII or just after) and the art style is just a bit different from his norm. It is darker in hue and looks more like sepia photo [...]

  • Angie

    Jim loves his pet mouse but has to send him out in the world because his mom is worried he will attract other mice. She is also worried about their wheat harvest. The harvester is broken and a swarm of locusts is on its way. One night Jim discovers his mouse is back and he has brought friends, a whole herd of little elephants. The elephants scare off the locusts and help with the harvest.I really enjoy Graeme Base's books. I think they are lovely stories and truly amazingly illustrated. This one [...]

  • Lydia

    Jim and his mother have a problem. The wheat needs to come in, but the harvester is broken. Added to that, Jim must get rid of his pet mouse so that it doesn't attract other mice. Then Jim performs an act of kindness, with interesting results! As always for Graeme Base books, the drawings are fantastic! This one is a bit more dialogue heavy than a lot of his books usually are, but will be a fun read-aloud book for very young ages and a good vocabulary workout for more experienced readers. No con [...]

  • Elaine

    I can't quite make up my mind about this book. I love this author/illustrator, however these illustrations are not my favorite of his. The story is fantasy set amongst wheat fields threatened by locusts. A mysterious stranger comes by and leaves behind a horn which a young boy blows. This sets off the fantasy of lots of little elephants that come to the rescue this mother and his son. It is a good story, but leaves me a little blah.

  • Beverly

    A different and and wonderful fantasy, with Graeme Base's gorgeous, realistic paintings. The story seems to be set in the pre-television 20th century, on a wheat farm. Where this wheat farm is located is not specified in the book. Base lives in Australia, but the map on the wall of the boy's bedroom is of Texas. Both locations grow wheat, so it could be set either place. Anyway, the family's wheat farm is saved by a cadre of miniature elephants.

  • Peacegal

    Beautiful, surreal illustrations manage to carry a completely nonsensical story. I would be happy just looking at the artwork without the text.Veg*n parents note: While the "little elephants" are fantastical and anthropomorphic in nature, the young boy in the story does have circus posters of performing elephants hanging in his room, and the mysterious old man who brings the elephants is obviously based upon a circus ringmaster, although he is not identified as such.

  • R. C.

    Another appealing Graeme Base art book. I wish it had been wordless. Totally could've been. But the story is a pretty fresh and fun variation on the old moral tale about being kind to strangers because they may be angels in disguise. I would include this in a unit on folk tale tropes for older kids or contemporary "folk" tales for younger kids.

  • Marcie

    Perhaps this will do better as a read aloud with kids who live in the country. As always the illustrations are beautiful, but the story seemed awfully fantastic. Perhaps in Australia there is more basis for it in folk literature. I guess I liked the two ears at a time pun, but not enough to find a good use for it.

  • Melody

    I liked the story very much. Magical little elephants on a farm- what's not to like about that? But the printing was lousy. I'm not sure what went wrong, but some of the illustrations were actually out of focus. The production values are sadly lacking, and it's a real shame because Base does beautiful work.

  • Samantha Grimaldi

    This is a wonderful book about imagination and the importance of being kind. It tells the story of a little boy and is mother who live on a farm. They may lose the farm and the crop due to locusts. The boy's kindness to a stranger helps provide a way for their to be some hope.

  • Michael Fitzgerald

    A dopey story that is entirely deus ex machina. Oh, to solve your problem - magically here are some tiny elephants. Oh, and of course they can grow wings and fly. Oh, and yes, they'll harvest your wheat. Give me a break. What is the point? Nice pictures.

  • Viv

    As always, impressive illustrations with a good story. Definitely adding to my collection. Its story is simple: kindness goes a long way; you will be surprised how you could be rewarded for being kind to people, even a stranger.

  • Garren

    How to tell how good a Graeme Base book will be:Are there humans? -> Not so good.Are the animals dressed up like humans or do they talk like humans? -> Pretty darn good.Are the animals naked and only make animal noises? -> Okay.

  • Rochelle Sondae

    Beautifully illustrated story of Little Elephants helping to bring in the wheat harvest "two ears at a time". If you are familiar with his other books you can find a few hidden treasures in the background.

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