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Kaffe Fassett has led an extraordinary life and is a captivating storyteller with a vivid memory Born in 1937, he spent much of his youth in Big Sur, California, where his parents bought a cabin from Orson Welles and transformed it into the world famous Nepenthe restaurant, a gathering place for artists and bohemians After attending a boarding school run by the disciplesKaffe Fassett has led an extraordinary life and is a captivating storyteller with a vivid memory Born in 1937, he spent much of his youth in Big Sur, California, where his parents bought a cabin from Orson Welles and transformed it into the world famous Nepenthe restaurant, a gathering place for artists and bohemians After attending a boarding school run by the disciples of Krishnamurti, an Indian guru, he studied painting at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, then traveled to England, where he made his home After an inspiring trip to Inverness, Scotland, Fassett began designing knitwear for Bill Gibb, and then the Missonis, Vogue magazine, and private clients like Lauren Bacall and Barbra Streisand, and, in the process, revolutionized the handknitting world with his explosive use of color Further explorations led him to needlepoint, mosaics, rugmaking, tapestries, yarn and fabric design, costume and set design, and quilting Now in his seventies, Fassett continues to produce new work and to travel worldwide to teach and lecture In this intimate autobiography, Fassett shares rich, detailed stories about his lifelong creative journey as well as hundreds of glorious photos taken along the way Praise for Kaffe Fassett Dreaming in Color Kaffe Fassett is to color what Julia Child was to French cooking Knitters Review Lavishly illustrated with photographs from his life and work and dishing on everyone from Dustin Hoffman to Princess Margaret, Dreaming in Color describes a charmed life filled with creativity, big personalities, travels and not a little serendipity Vogue Knitting Shapes and patterns are everywhere they lie waiting for the person who wants to see them It s the bricolage aspect behind his work and, arguably, Fassett himself arranging disparate things to create something dynamic and new Vogue Knitting This book would be a beautiful gift to receive or give It is like finding the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow Examiner A glance through his new autobiography shows that this is a man who, in design terms, hit the ground running and has never stopped Selvedge magazine Dreaming in Color, lavishly illustrated with 500 color pictures, is a feast for the eyes Shelf Awareness Reading this book is like peeling an orange on a gray winter s day every single one of your senses is sparked as you get sprayed with infectious creativity Knitty Kaffe Fassett is a luminary in the world of textiles and knitting, spreading the gospel of color in his books and travels The Houston Chronicle It is a beautiful book, no question Beautifully designed, thoughtfully composed, well written, Kaffe takes you on his creative journey We all quilters, knitters, needlepointers, and just plain art lovers are indeed very fortunate that he would share all of this with the world Getting Stitched on the Farm Fassett is a kind of Harrison Ford of the knitting world The Washington Post Kaffe Fassett is a luminary in the world of textiles and knitting, spreading the gospel of color in his books and travels The Houston Chronicle This book is a gorgeous coffee table treasure but it so much than the vibrant photos, it is a moving and interesting autobiography and I am so glad it has been published What a treat to read, hold, soak in and enjoy Susan B Anderson Brimming over with beautiful eye candy and intimate details, this colorful book is sure to charm and inspire Love of Knitting magazine One of the book s many virtues is how effectively Fassett conveys his enthusiasm about his work to the reader I m st

  • Title: Dreaming in Color: An Autobiography
  • Author: Kaffe Fassett
  • ISBN: 9781584799962
  • Page: 442
  • Format: Hardcover

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Kaffe Fassett

Kaffe Fassett Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Dreaming in Color: An Autobiography book, this is one of the most wanted Kaffe Fassett author readers around the world.

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  • Leslie Jenison

    I opened this up yesterday and couldn't wait to begin reading it. While on a road trip through Big Sur last summer, stopped at a favorite spot (Nepenthe), I was astonished to learn that the restaurant was owned by Kaffe Fassett's family. This little bit of surprising news made me even more anxious to read his autobiography. I cracked it open last night, and finally had to put it down to go to sleep. It was immediately engaging, with wonderful photos embedded throughout. I love the conversational [...]

  • Carmine

    Great photos. Beautiful colors (but what do you expect from Kaffe Fassett). He has lived a very charmed life and seems to be well aware of it. Classic example: He saw some yarn in colors he liked so he bought it, learned to knit on a train, Vogue Knitting published two patterns and Missoni calls to see if he will design for them. Another example: 'Oh, you are headed to London? Take the keys to my flat.' Not to say there weren't lean times, but he has managed to flit from one medium and location [...]

  • Ginny

    Reading a book about such a brilliant, creative person is an inspiring (and humbling) experience! This is without a doubt the most beautifully illustrated autobiography ever -- loads of gorgeous photos accompany a text divided into the decades of Kaffe's life and artistic accomplishments. I've always admired his quilt fabrics without knowing quite what to do with them, but now I can't wait to use some in my very next project. I've also always loved Nepenthe in Big Sur, without knowing of his fam [...]

  • Sharon Sorken

    Photos are fabulous. He is a fascinating person and so very talented, however, he cannot write. His biography was full of name dropping and meaningless stories. But if you love color, as I do, read the book anyway. You will be very stimulated.

  • Elizabeth Brown

    Enjoyed this a lot - discovered BBC 4 radio as a result.

  • Lyman

    Fascinating book. I enjoyed every page. I had never heard of him. I was directed to for something else and this picture caught my eye so I checked it out. He is a few years older than I, so I felt right at home when he talks about everyone he's met through the years. He has definitely been in the right place at the right time. I so wish I had know about his knits in the beginning. I crochet, but I would have learned to knit to make myself one of his sweaters. I am a male who has never been shy [...]

  • Lorry Chwazik

    Visually lush with portraits, illustrations, and pictorial examples of the author's work, this autobiography is a feast for the soul of any creative art and crafts aficionado. Fassett, who perhaps most famously applied his rich and exotic color sense to the textile industry, recounts his bohemian-infused lifestyle with good grace, humor, and gratitude. By tripping lightly through the decades with a multitude of guest appearances by society pals, relatives, friends, and influencers, the author in [...]

  • Barb

    Interesting to know the context of this very creative man's history. And the book is rich with color photos of his work and family and friends. Written is simple prose, it is not a stunning read. But if you are interested in fiberarts or painting it is worth looking at.

  • Sally

    I love Kaffe Fassett - I love his fabrics and his use of colour and his versatility. (And I met him once and he was charming and generous with his time and expertise. And he said my bag was 'fabulous') So I saw his autobiography in the library and had to pick it up.And it's interesting. The writing style is a bit ponderous (and ungrammatical in a way you don't mind in speech but which jars to me in written prose), and yes, the continuous name-dropping is a bit clanging at times, but he knew thes [...]

  • Connie

    Like others here, I adore Kaffe Fassett materials and needlepoint designs. He is a contented person doing what he loves. When I saw him having a rest at a book signing, he didn't pull out a smart phone, he pulled out a little piece of knitting. I bought this book because I wanted to understand how someone could live a life immersed in colour and be so happy through and through. I agree that he seemed to lead a charmed life, but that didn't seem entirely by accident. Artists are often drawn to bo [...]

  • Elizabeth

    This is an inspiring book for me in so many ways. I was first introduced to Kaffe Fassett's work as a Rowan devotee in the early nineties, when I first learned to knit. Fassett's designs in Rowan's glossy pattern books were always eye-catching, unique and beautiful. While his designs were not something that I would normally make for myself, they are true works of art, with bold and joyful use of color. They are truly inspiring. Most recently, I have become acquainted with Fassett's line of fabri [...]

  • Kris

    I have been a Kaffe Fassett fan for 30 years. He is probably the biggest reason why I knit -- I was drawn in by the sheer number of colors and shadings of his work, and because of this I have studied his type of knitting for years and years, never feeling bored.I was quite surprised by how much I enjoyed this book. Kaffe Fassett began as an artist from California, moving to London as a young man and learning about life and art through the years he has lived there. He stumbled upon knitting, and [...]

  • Elsabe

    I borrowed the book from the library, but I need to own this. Inspiration and confirmation causing endless joy. This biography read like the best hippie novel ever. I hope Kaffe is very conscious of the incredible joy he spreads. How we revel in those exquisite fabrics. How it makes my soul soar and my need to create an exhilarating pleasure. I am an emigrant from colourful, vibrant and inventive South Africa to Canada. Canadian culture naturally adheres to a much more neutral palette evident ev [...]

  • Donna

    Fascinating book, mostly due to finding out his parents started the legendary Big Sur restaurant, Nepenthe, (and reading lots of details of how that came about) and that he grew up in the hippie days of Big Sur. Henry Miller lived down the road and often ate supper with them, countless creative folks lived in Big Sur then and were a regular part of his family's life. The freedom his parents gave their children and the exposure to all the arts made him the man he is today. I loved his surety abou [...]

  • Lucy

    I've liked Kaffe Fassett's sense of color since I first saw the book Glorious Knits, and then Glorious Needlepoint. This book gives an idea how he started out in California and then through various world travels and living in England developed his extraordinary sensitivity and boldness with color. He has also delved into mosaic, patchwork & decorating, in books and also in TV productions, which I didn't know about. We get to see and hear about his many influences and the people he has met th [...]

  • Jennifer Daly

    So exciting. The photos are glorious (of course) but also especially well arranged - grouped to tell a story - not merely chronological. Fassett shows fabric, people, places and art together and his inspirations are clear. Not only is his work beautiful, but he has a lead an exciting, colorful life. His writing is conversational and I often read curled up on the couch with a cup of coffee, feeling like I was visiting with an old (albeit exotic and glamorous) friend. Somehow he also makes you fee [...]

  • Kate

    Wonderful. Full of color. Behind the scenes anecdotes. Inspiration in words and pictures. I only wish he had revealed a bit about his romantic relationships. I feel a bit rude saying that, but I felt that he could have mentioned it to complete the picture of his life. I assume that his studio partner is also his life partner, and I'm interested in how their relationship inspires his work. I know my husband has an influence on my work and we are not in the same field.

  • Jennifer

    I have always loved his incredible sense of color and was wondering how and where his life has taken him. What a marvelous read! Mr. Fassett comes across as a very likable creative genius, who has such a passion for whatever he creates. Such an engaging read. I have been reading it nonstop for the day, today. I had a feeling that once I started to read it, I would not want to put it down.

  • Michelle

    Wow, an amazing and inspiring man, and an amazing and inspiring book!!Kaffe tells many wonderful stories about his life, his creativity and his inspirations - it's written like he's right next to you, having a chat. I enjoyed every moment, and the photos are sumptuous!Right, off to do some creating!!

  • Bibliothekerin

    If you're a fan of Kaffe Fassett and have always wanted to know more about him as a person, this is your book! Fascinating. It should come as no surprise that he comes from a Bohemian family with artist antecendents. He has "bared all" so to speak by including childhood photos, including the dreaded school photos. Brave!

  • Rose

    Entertaining memoir. Kaffe Fassett sprinkles his autobiography with famous names from the worlds of art, fashion, film, literature and more. His own career path is interesting as well, taking him from fine art to knitting, needlepoint, interior design, mosaics and quilting. Many wonderful photographs. Lots of "eye candy".

  • Melissa Wadsworth

    For anyone who is enamored with the California central coast area of Big Sur, and who loves creativity, this is a must read. The beautiful color photographs, the fascinating family history, and the story of one man's creativity is inspirational.

  • Caro

    Four stars for the glorious photographs, three for the constant name-dropping (okay, he did really meet all these people, but still) and the somewhat dogged prose. I particularly enjoyed reading about Nepenthe and the crazy gang of artists who hung out there in the 50s and 60s.

  • Sharron Shimbel

    A surprisingly well written autobiography on a very personal level. I found the name dropping a bit tedious and some probably mundane occurances were glamourised, but Kaffe's growth as an artist and his undeniable talent with colour and design cannot be denied.

  • Megan

    Waited about 2 years to read this. I just didn't love it. He is an extremely talented knitter, his needlepoints are amazing. I couldn't believe he remembered every little detail and either kept diary a or made it up. Glazed over some things and droned on about others.

  • Catherine Sanborn

    Loved it! Kaffe is my favorite fiber designer, so it was interesting to follow his journey.

  • Jessica Nickelsen

    Fascinating read of a fascinating person! Reading this has made me want more colour in my life - suddenly I'm taking out all of those hoarded fabrics and yarns and making life more colourful :)

  • Stephanie

    Enjoyed this thoroughly. A very colourful character.

  • Anne

    A life full of energy, enthusiasm, experience - and art. The writing is in a lightweight 'journal' format which at times is surprisingly elementary/naive.

  • Holly

    WHERE does he get his energy?! I was "exhausted" after reading his book!

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