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By Beverly Kaye Julie Winkle Giulioni | Comments: ( 670 ) | Date: ( Jan 22, 2020 )

Study after study confirms that career development is the single most powerful tool managers have for driving retention, engagement, productivity, and results Nevertheless, it s frequently back burnered When asked why, managers say the number one reason is that they just don t have time for the meetings, the forms, the administrative hoops.But there s a better way And iStudy after study confirms that career development is the single most powerful tool managers have for driving retention, engagement, productivity, and results Nevertheless, it s frequently back burnered When asked why, managers say the number one reason is that they just don t have time for the meetings, the forms, the administrative hoops.But there s a better way And it s surprisingly simple frequent short conversations with employees about their career goals and options integrated seamlessly into the normal course of business Beverly Kaye, coauthor of the bestselling Love Em or Lose Em, and Julie Winkle Giulioni identify three broad types of conversations that will increase employees awareness of their strengths, weaknesses, and interests point out where their organization and their industry are headed and help them pull all of that together to design their own up to the minute, personalized career plans.Help Them Grow or Watch Them Go is filled with practical tips, guidelines, and templates, as well as nearly a hundred suggested conversation questions.

  • Title: Help Them Grow or Watch Them Go: Career Conversations Employees Want
  • Author: Beverly Kaye Julie Winkle Giulioni
  • ISBN: 9781609946326
  • Page: 232
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Beverly Kaye Julie Winkle Giulioni

Founder and Chairwoman of Career Systems International, Dr Beverly Kaye is an international bestselling author and a leading authority in the world of modern workplace performance She has dedicated her life s work to helping individuals and organizations grow in a workplace that fosters greater commitment, fulfillment, and humanity.Beverly Kaye and the CSI team provide cutting edge and award winning talent development solutions primarily to Fortune 1000 companies Her work and research are distinguished and widely recognized for helping others discover greater meaning in their work and gain greater control over their career destinies.Dr Kaye completed her graduate work at MIT s Sloan School of Management and holds her doctorate from UCLA.

Comments Help Them Grow or Watch Them Go: Career Conversations Employees Want

  • Joi Reece

    Yet another great read. Every HR specialist and supervisor/manager/executive needs to know these simple steps that can be taken to enable their employees to develop a career path and become more fully engaged. This book can also serve as the foundation for understanding the organizational talent pipeline. “Career development is as important as it’s ever been (maybe more). In today’s business environment, talent is the major differentiator. And developing that talent is one of the most sign [...]

  • Sarah

    A short and useful book full of practical questions to pose to your reports (or coworkers, or friends, or yourself) to help them in their career development. I really appreciate the emphasis that career development is the responsibility of the person, and the manager's role is only to guide and support. So the manager definitely does not have to have all the answers, and there is a lot of power in asking the right questions that help the employee figure out what they want and how to get there.I [...]

  • Rick Weidman

    Problem solved! Trouble having "those conversations" with your employees? Weep or sweat no more! Pick up Help Them Grow or Watch Them Go and you will have in your hands, "THE GUIDE" to help you retain and grow your employees to reach their fullest potential. Great read, easy to follow and understand. Pick it up today, you won't be sorry a matter of fact, you just might be on your way to new found success in developing new leaders and enhancing the growth of existing leaders in your organization. [...]

  • Jim

    A well written book that could benefit managers and followers alike. If managers could employ the hindsight/foresight/insight model in their daily workflow it would engage followers on a more direct level making them feel more a part of the team than the normal lip service tht occurs in many organizations today.

  • Troy

    This is an incredible must have resource for all leaders. It is especially helpful for those leaders who struggle with how to develop their staff. This practical little book contains so many helps and tips for having those crucial conversations.

  • Jamie

    My Review of:Help Them Grow or Watch Them Go:Career Conversations Employees Want By Beverly Kaye & Julie Winkle Giulioni I found Help Them Grow or Watch Them Go to be far more than just a helpful book. It is an amazing resource filled with inspiration, encouragement, ideas, conversation starters, and practical application exercises for those in management positions. It provides essential and sometimes overlooked tools for managers, ones necessary to motivate and guide employees on the path o [...]

  • Michelle

    Great leadership book for developing employees

  • Care

    Highly recommended if you are uncomfortable with giving employee reviews.

  • Zach

    A quick, very great read on the mechanics of being an effective leader of people.

  • Kathy Catalano

    I would recommend this book. The book is an insightful way to rethinking employee coaching, frequency and helpful questions to ask. The read is appropriate for new and existing managers.

  • Teena in Toronto

    I received a copy of this book at no charge in exchange for my honest review.As an employee, I found it an interesting read.If managers ignore career development, they have three threats:* Employees leave because they believe their careers aren't getting the attention they deserve.* Others decide the freelance life suits them better and get a variety of projects that becomes a career.* There are employees who stay but withdraw their engagement, motivation and enthusiasm.According to the authors, [...]

  • John E. Smith

    I am staring at this little book with bright green and yellow lettering on a black background and wondering Why was this book so helpful to me?Well, it helped me by reinforcing my beliefs about employee development and gave me some new perspectives. As someone has undoubtedly said, a leader is nothing without followers. In the modern workplace, we are slowly realizing the value of developing our colleagues, rather than treat them as replaceable "plug-in" parts of the organization. The increasing [...]

  • Joseph Iliff

    In Help Them Grow or Watch Them Go, Beverly and Julie empower managers to promote the growth of their employees by demystifying the ideas of career development. Rather than leaving career development to just Human Resources and annual reviews, the authors use a conversational method, breaking up career development into lots of small manageable tasks, and broadening the scope from just being promoted up the job ladder. With companies and organizations being flatter than ever, employees and manage [...]

  • Guharaman Janakiraman

    I received a copy of this book as a "follow-up read" to one of the leadership training that I attended. This book does open up some of the traditional career management thinking. I felt that this book truly addresses the needs of current workplace, which is gravitating to be leaner, flatter and fast-paced. Key points that I found to be relevant and valuable: 1. Replacing annual career conversations with multiple, shorter conversations that are in touch with the day-to-day work. 2. Getting comfor [...]

  • Jeff Goldenberg

    I received this book as part of a package of books from a management seminar my employer provided. It is short, but surprisingly useful. Very concise and to the point, which is thoroughly unexpected from any Human Resource-type author.The message of the book is to guide your employees to find ways to make themselves happy with their work. It opines that keeping people happy with their work is truly the only way to retain employees in today's working world. It applies equally well to managers (th [...]

  • Drew Weatherton

    The company I work for sent this to everyone in the firm who is a career manager. It's a quick read (110 pages with lots of diagrams) but it has very little fluff. It drills right down to the what is important in career development and recommends ongoing conversations where the manager is mostly in listen mode. Some of the recent changes in our company were clearly if not inspired by at least are in alignment with this book. I think it's a worthwhile read though I didn't find much here that surp [...]

  • Joyce Yanney

    Book with helpful tips, guidelines, and more to help career building. Studies done that show how to improve and advance a persons career plans. By following a plan of frequent short talks with employees pointing out their strengths, interest, and weakness. Tell them where industry or company is headed. Help them design their own career plans. All will help keep employees happy, wanting to stay with the place of business where they are working, growing and moving up with the career they have chos [...]

  • Liang Gang Yu

    A simple and short book gives me a few perspectives on helping employee career growth. Enjoyed the tips. Important quotes:Reframe career development in such a way that responsibility rests squarely with the employee, and that our role is more about prompting, guiding, reflecting, exploring ideas, activating enthusiasm, and driving action.Tools: Career growth starts with having ongoing conversations between managers/leaders and employees about it. The conversations can be hindsight conversations, [...]

  • C.G.

    Help Them Grow or Watch Them Go has a complete lack of technical jargon, and uses a down-to-earth, practical tone throughout the book. Kaye and Giulioni bring the theory of leadership into the realistic realm of day-to-day work, dealing with the usual time constraints and an understanding that projects still have deadlines, but point out that employees still need to grow. I've read books on leadership before, but this was the first one that I felt was truly geared for the needs of the average Jo [...]

  • Kirsten

    I really liked this It's about having critical career conversations. How to retain people. How to help them grow and develop. If you don't, people WILL. People will most of care about their own growth and development. So get in there and provide feedback, help them discover their strengths, etc etc.

  • Pēteris

    The content of this book has the potential to be good. While it may not seem like it at a first glance, this book sounds like typical HR drone corporate speak: boring and dull (the memes in the book don't make up for it, they're embarrassing). I am keeping this book to remind myself how not to write a book.

  • Brett Noneman

    A pretty decent read Full of good suggestions for getting in touch with your team members' goals, passions, and strengths and finding ways to help them stay engaged and committed to their careers without killing yourself with paperwork to "check the box."

  • Michael Anderson

    Don't be deceived by the simplicity of this book. The practices in this book will make you a better leader, your employees more productive, your business more profitable, and everyone happier. A quick read that will bring solid results.

  • Allison

    This book was a bit deceiving in how simply it all reads, but there's really a lot of meat there. I have a lot of pages dog eared to refer back to over the coming months. Lots of interesting insights - hope it helps!

  • Suzanne Barker

    Easy read, powerful questionsThis book provides a framework for career conversations focused on growth. I've read a lot on reflective conversations but the ides of foresight connections was new for me.

  • Noma Bruton

    After eliminating ratings from my company's performance management process, we used this book during training sessions with managers. It's a great source to help managers start and hold conversations with employees about their development.

  • Becky Robinson

    Once you've read this book, keep it handy. It provides helpful ideas that you can use, in the moment, to have powerful conversations with team members to help them grow in their skills, perspectives, and career.

  • Julio

    Book about Conversations Good ideas to approach employees with conversations that foment them to think about their future. Recommended to business owner as is one of the aspects that is usually forgotten.

  • Kcthinker

    I like the idea of have conversations. I wish the was more information on development strategies for people who are doing service work on how to get a foot into the door, for independent income / American dream type work.

  • Briana Novak

    Quick an easy read about keeping your employees engaged!

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  • [PDF] Download Ý Help Them Grow or Watch Them Go: Career Conversations Employees Want | by ☆ Beverly Kaye Julie Winkle Giulioni
    232 Beverly Kaye Julie Winkle Giulioni
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