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By Richard Schickel Steven Spielberg | Comments: ( 103 ) | Date: ( Oct 23, 2019 )

With a foreword by Spielberg himself From the irresistible fantasy of E.T to the gritty realism of Saving Private Ryan, the films of Steven Spielberg have captured the imagination of the world Renowned critic Richard Schickel now gives us the definitive illustrated monograph on this Oscar winning Hollywood icon, whose long and glittering career few directors have equalWith a foreword by Spielberg himself From the irresistible fantasy of E.T to the gritty realism of Saving Private Ryan, the films of Steven Spielberg have captured the imagination of the world Renowned critic Richard Schickel now gives us the definitive illustrated monograph on this Oscar winning Hollywood icon, whose long and glittering career few directors have equaled Spielberg is one of the most influential and inspirational minds in cinema, and Schickel provides perceptive analysis of nearly 40 years worth of work, with illuminating film by film commentary on such masterpieces as the underwater thriller, Jaws the high speed adventures of Indiana Jones the harrowing Schindler s List sci fi classic Close Encounters of the Third Kind and the recent releases Tintin and War Horse The book culminates with the long awaited Lincoln and features over 250 dynamic images, plus revealing behind the scenes photos from DreamWorks s archives.

  • Title: Steven Spielberg: A Retrospective
  • Author: Richard Schickel Steven Spielberg
  • ISBN: 9781402796500
  • Page: 165
  • Format: Hardcover

About Author:

Richard Schickel Steven Spielberg

Richard Schickel is an important American film historian, journalist, author, filmmaker, screenwriter, documentarian, and film and literary critic Mr.Schickel is featured in For the Love of Movies The Story of American Film Criticism In this 2009 documentary film he discusses early film critics in the 1960s, and how he and other young critics, rejected the moralizing opposition of Bosley Crowther of The New York Times who had railed against violent movies such as Bonnie and Clyde In addition to film, Schickel has also critiqued and documented cartoons, particularly Peanuts.Schickel was a recipient of a Guggenheim Fellowship in 1964 He has also lectured at Yale University and University of Southern California s School of Film and Television.

Comments Steven Spielberg: A Retrospective

  • Jonathan

    An extremely interesting book full of Spielberg's own quotes and thoughts on every movie he has ever directed. However, the book stumbles when Schickel attempts to provide his own evaluations of Spielberg's movies. A book like this is bought by fans who want to learn more about Spielberg and his craft; they already have their opinions, so including subject value-judgments is a superfluous waste of paper(I knocked off a star because he didn't like Hook).

  • Lynne Stringer

    Wonderful book that details (briefly) Spielberg's childhood, before launching into details on his major movies from Duel to War Horse. Has some fantastic images from his films and some great behind-the-scenes details, but mainly focuses on the whys and wherefores of Spielberg as an artist, as seen through his work. Well worth the read.

  • Tressa

    I saw this book on my library shelves last week and grabbed it, thinking I'd flip through the pictures over the weekend. I sometimes just look at the pictures in these huge photo bios because the pictures are quite stunning. But after I flipped through the photos that begin with a young Spielberg and end with a sixty-something Spielberg, I realized that Spielberg's wonderful movies represent the decades of my life, starting in 1975 with my ten-year-old self standing in a line that wrapped around [...]

  • Dave

    Best part (9/10) – Spielberg’s own quotes and observations as he looks back on his career (oh, for a memoir one day!). Second best part (8/10) – the photos, quite a few of which are new stuff that I’ve never seen before. Worst part – Schickel’s commentary (5/10). The retrospective isn’t objective or moderate or tempered enough. He slams Temple of Doom and Hook and raises The Terminal to the top tier of Spielberg’s work. I wanted less opinion and more rounded perspective. Schickel [...]

  • Christopher

    The quotes from Spielberg are great, as are many of the production stills (when they are not mislabeled). But Schickel is a lightweight when it comes to film analysis, and many of his evaluations of scenes in films, and of the films themselves, are extremely shallow. Also, too often the book feels like a hagiography, rather than some kind of objective look at Spielberg's life and work.

  • Benjamin Stahl

    I devoured this book. I now wish I hadn't.For anyone interested in or admiring of the work of Spielberg, this book is a must-have. It contains most (not actually all, though Something Evil may as well be forgotten) of his movies. It provides some valuable insight into what went on behind certain films. The only downside, I think, is that this is essentially a book for the coffee table. Don't go in expecting a detailed autobiography like I did. For the most part, this book simply lists and descri [...]

  • Daniel Stern

    Steven Spielberg is a man that needs no introduction. Arguably the most successful (and versatile) director of all time, Spielberg has shockingly yet to have gotten a definitive biography or critical study that not only respects his work but also sees him as a restless, wide-ranging artist (Joseph McBride tried but came too short while Lester Friedman's excellent "Citizen Spielberg" is hardly available in retail stores). Richard Schickel's "Spielberg: A Retrospective" tries to right all wrongs: [...]

  • orangerful

    3.5 starsI'm a big fan of Spielberg so I had to get my hands on this book. It is a gorgeous collection of photos, a beautiful coffee table book that any hardcore fan should have on their shelf.BUT there really isn't too much new inside the book for those fans. The text is mostly summaries of the films with a few anecdotes thrown in, though many of those you have read elsewhere if you're a big fan. There's not enough meat to the entries for someone studying film or Spielberg. That didn't stop me [...]

  • Caleb Abel

    This is a gigantic coffee table book that dedicates 5-6 pages to every movie Spielberg has ever directed up until War Horse.After college I made a point of watching every single movie of his so this was just like a giant collection of behind the scenes info and pictures that felt like rewatching all the movies again without taking nearly as much time and effort. My only complaint would be that the writer has a tendency to get a little kissass-y at times which can make it feel more like Inside th [...]

  • Casey Winters

    I devour any book about filmmaking, but with Spielberg being my favorite director, I was underwhelmed. Although the book is interesting and the structure is straightforward--divided by films in the order they were made--Schickel can't decide (with overwrought, comma-heavy prose) if this book is a quick overview of Spielberg's feelings on the films, a behind-the-scenes exploration, or Schickel's own cinematic criticism. Any of these as a focus would have made a worthy book, but all three jumbled [...]

  • Adam

    Coffee table style book by former Time magazine film critic Richard Schickel. This is a film by film analysis of all of Spielberg's films from Duel through War Horse with a brief afterword about Lincoln. The two highlights of this book are reading Spielberg's own thoughts on all his films (did you know he was not a fan of Hook but has come around to it in recent years?) and gazing at the beautiful stills from all of the films (the pictures from A.I. are particular well done). This is a must have [...]

  • Eric Skwarczynski

    What appears to be a simple coffee table book actually is quite a delightful peek into the mind of one of history's greatest directors.Several of his most fascinating interviews are compiled into a large collection of intriguing behind the scenes information as well as personal anecdotes and childhood stories.Spielberg's thoughts and words are inspiring and made me want to pick up my camera and start shooting. (After I pop Close Encounters in the DVD player once more, of course.)

  • Amy

    Steven Spielberg is one of my favorite (top three) directors. I found this book at the library and thought it would be fun to look at all the movies he has made and the stories behind them. Very interesting man, a tremendous talent and amazing movies. What a lot of people don't realize is how many movies he has had a part in, as a producer, and not just as a director. His hands have influenced so many of the "greats". Love him!

  • Mysteryfan

    A thorough review of the films up to just before the release of Lincoln. There are some movies I never knew he was involved in. All of them get pictures and a review, with some of Spielberg's thoughts about the films. It's definitely not a biography, though there's some information about his early years. It's a coffee-table book with lots of great photos.

  • Jan Polep

    Okay, read it, I didn't. Look at the over 250+ pictures, I did. This huge coffee table book is a chronological look at Spielberg's film career up to "Lincoln". Need to return to it when I have time to savor the text instead of just salivating over the photos. Quite a guy

  • Tim

    A beautiful picture book - a little big for my usual bed-time reading, but worthy a look-see. You can tell Schickel isn't too hard on ole Stevie boy. If you like most of Spielberg's work, you'll like this book. Read it and then leave it on the coffee table where it belongs!

  • Sandy

    A great book about the movies Steven Spielberg has done. Beautiful pictures and his thoughts about how each of those movies came about. His least favorite to his most personally satisfying. Be warned - it is a coffee table book and it weighs a lot. Don't drop on your toes.

  • Gabriel Tejeda-benitez

    I liked it a lot.

  • Bu

    REVIEW TO COME 5/5 stars :)

  • Jason

    Great recap on each month. Truly a great coffee table book. I love Spielberg and this brought him up even higher in my mind.

  • Jason

    Great book with some good pictures and thoughts on the history of Spielberg's movies. It makes me want to watch through all of movies.

  • Dianeschlake

    Spielberg is amazing, the passion he has for his work is fantastic. Saw it at the library and read the whole book in a few hours. Great memories of wonderful movies too.

  • Lauryn

    Good interviews and photos on each of his movies, good coffee table book

  • Eli Poteet

    The huge photos were delightful but a couple of the photos chosen were poor choice. I didn't learn much from the included text but I would def flip thru this title again.

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  • [PDF] Download ✓ Steven Spielberg: A Retrospective | by ✓ Richard Schickel Steven Spielberg
    165 Richard Schickel Steven Spielberg
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