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By Mindi Scott | Comments: ( 391 ) | Date: ( Feb 19, 2020 )

When a relationship trespasses the boundaries of trust, the consequences are complex in this nuanced page turner from a formidable talent Booklist.If Coley Sterling s best friend would stop hating her, if her dance team captains would lighten up, if her friends would stop asking her about Reece, the geeky sax player she s crushing on then her life would be perfect RigWhen a relationship trespasses the boundaries of trust, the consequences are complex in this nuanced page turner from a formidable talent Booklist.If Coley Sterling s best friend would stop hating her, if her dance team captains would lighten up, if her friends would stop asking her about Reece, the geeky sax player she s crushing on then her life would be perfect Right After all, Coley s stepdad is a successful attorney who gives Coley and her siblings everything, and her mother will stop at nothing to keep them all happy and safe including having escaped ten years ago from the abuse of Coley s real father But Coley is keeping a lot of secrets She won t admit not even to herself that her almost perfect life is her own carefully crafted fa ade Now, Coley and Reece are getting closer, and a decade s worth of Coley s lies are on the verge of unraveling along with the life she thought she knew.

  • Title: Live Through This
  • Author: Mindi Scott
  • ISBN: 9781442440593
  • Page: 213
  • Format: Hardcover

About Author:

Mindi Scott

Mindi Scott lives near Seattle, Washington, USA with her drummer husband in a house with a non sound proof basement Freefall, her first novel, was published by Simon Pulse in 2010 Her second novel, Live Through This, was published also by Simon Pulse in 2012 She contributed a chapter to Violent Ends, a collaborative novel written by 17 young adult authors out in 2015 , and co wrote, along with Michelle Andreani, the 2016 novel The Way Back to You She is represented by Jim McCarthy of Dystel Goderich.

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Comments Live Through This

  • Jasprit

    Live Through This was a beautiful achy read which cut me deep with the secrets of Coley’s life. Everyone assumes that Coley has the perfect life, great family and a nice bunch of friends. But for years Coley’s just been barely keeping it together, this facade that she portrays of herself as a strong independent girl is all false and is about to come tumbling around her when she starts getting close for the first time to Reece, a boy from her school.Live Through This starts off as a mystery n [...]

  • Sarah

    This review was originally published onClear Eyes, Full Shelves.There’s something thrilling and even a bit nerve-wracking about reading the second novel by an author whose debut landed squarely on my True Book Love shelf.It’s thrilling because of the anticipation of hoping that book magic will happen all over again. Mindi Scott’s 2010 debut, Freefall, is a book I love dearly (Laura’s review pretty much nails it) so I have been eagerly anticipating Live Through This. It received a starr [...]

  • Jessica

    Sexual abuse is a subject that should be handled tactfully and with empathy, and I felt that this story fell short for me. While I can see the vision Mindi Scott had for this novel, a story about sexual abuse coming from someone you love and trust, Coley's view of the world is so incredibly warped and not in a genuine way. There's no healing in this book, which I think is an important part of this kind of YA novel.Coley is a seemingly typical high school sophomore with boy trouble, best friend f [...]

  • Glass

  • Juhina

    Live Through This starts off with a very scary chapter. It is a rape scene, or at least a sexually abusive scene in the middle of the night, happening in the room, in the bed, of the main protagonist, Coley. I was so freaked out. But the next chapter? it is like nothing has happened. I honestly thought it was a dream. Then she was acting weird around her family (her mom, half-sister, step father, and brother). I immediately thought her dad is the predator. I was suspicious and so confused becaus [...]

  • Bayan Basri

    This book is definitely not one of my favorites. It was very rushed, and none of the characters are introduced properly. It's like Coley's getting a ride from Reece. Who is he? How does she know him? Why is he giving her a ride?. No idea. That even happens with the main character Nicole (or Coley), you don't get to know about her life except throughout the book you get little tid bits and stuff that is casually mentioned but never explored. Also I didn't connect with Coley or understood the deci [...]

  • Isamlq

    3.5/5Should I say that she's faking her way through high school? Consider that she's in the running for captain, with a couple of really good girl friends as well as that budding romance with one you’d not expect~ all the makings of a sweet YA contemp. This isn’t. A sweet YA contemporary, I mean. From page one, it’s obvious she’s living with this dark thing in her life, it’s the same thing that has her emotions all mixed up… on one hand feeling thing then on the other feeling somethi [...]

  • Keertana

    Rating: 2.5 StarsI have very mixed feelings when it comes to Live Through This, but my most overwhelming emotion is simply disappointment. There is no denying that Scott's sophomore novel is a struggle to get through, full of emotion and nuanced writing that truly brings to light the psychological horrors of abuse, but at the same time, it could have been so much more. When the novel begins, Coley experiences a shocking moment – one that she wishes she shared with a boyfriend instead of her ab [...]

  • Ginger at

    Originally posted at GReads: greadsbooks/2012/09/liThis book deals with a very tough subject: sexual abuse. But it's not the type of abuse you see flashed across the headlines or even think of when someone mentions those two gut-wrenching words. This form of sexual abuse is the kind that begins in a place of trust, love and loyalty. It evolves in to a form of confusion, betrayal and utter disbelief. I have never read a story that's been told this way. The idea that this actually exists; that som [...]

  • Justin Ordoñez

    Managed to get my hands on Live Through This a little bit early. I read it over a weekend and really got caught up in it. I think I just like the stories Mindi writes. They're straight-forward human dramas where the plot deals with the inter-connectivity of the characters and not space aliens or super powers or the like. Those are the kind of books I just find myself gravitating to time and time again, and if those are the type of books you like to read, I think you're gonna have yourself a more [...]

  • Hannah (The Irish Banana Review)

    Can I first offer a huge standing ovation to Mindi Scott for tackling such a sensitive issue? A lot of authors would avoid subjects like incest, domestic abuse and domestic rape, but Scott took a huge risk here and wrote about it in Live Through This.That being said, I felt this book simply wasn’t long enough for everything going on inside. There was the sexual abuse, a burgeoning love story, a feud with a former-best friend, and a whole mess of family dynamics. There were a lot of sub-plots a [...]

  • tarawrawr

    Review originally posted on my blog hobbitsies/2012/09/live-thLive Through This by Mindi Scott is an unbelievably stunning, heartbreaking story. I am amazed by Mindi Scott’s storytelling capabilities – I can’t even imagine writing a story like this and still being able to include the beautiful, fun, light moments in such a perfect way.Because Live Through This is an important and upsetting book. Sexual abuse is something that happens entirely too often, and the way Mindi Scott tells Coley [...]

  • Cassie

    To be honest, I'm feeling pretty weird right now because of this book. I had some assumptions at first, about the person, but I was so, so wrong. And what I thought I thought the book was about? DEAD WRONG. Is it weird to rate a book 4 stars but feel weird about it? Well I guess not, because I just did it. But just wow.

  • Cassaundra C.

    Live Through This follows the life of Coley Sterling. Coley is the girl we all wish we could’ve been. She is attractive, her family is financially secure, she is a member of the school’s dance team, and she is in the midst of a budding romance. However, this book embodies the quote, “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover.”Someone who is closely integrated into Coley’s life is sexual assaulting her. We find this out within the first chapter of the book in a very graphic scene. This may b [...]

  • Kelly

    3.5.Scott's sophomore novel starts with the worst possible scenario: someone is on top of Coley, taking advantage of her. We aren't sure who it is, but we know it's not the imaginary boyfriend Coley wished it were. From there, we're tossed into the everyday world of Coley as she navigates balancing dance team responsibilities with friendship obligations. There's also Reece, the boy who she's close with and with whom she'd like to be officially dating. It's when her family takes a winter vacation [...]

  • Courtney

    Okay, this book left me frustrated to no end. At the beginning I was sooooo confused. I understood the events, but I felt as if nothing major was happening. I felt this way for the majority of this book. I don't know if that makes sense, but I don't know how else to explain it. I also thought that the ENTIRE book was crazy rushed. All of the "major events" occured about 50% in the book, and because of this they happened at a very very fast pace. I didn't like that too much. And another thing, wh [...]

  • Sabrine

    I hated this book so much! I hated every single character, mostly Reece and Coley. My gosh I hated them all!!!!!!!!!!! I only liked Noah and Emma and Jacob and Zach, the others were just plain dumb. The relationship between Reece and Coley was too rushed. Coley also was so stupid and insecure with her decisions, like seriously if your brother is doing that to you do something! Don't just cry in a corner, HONESTLY! This book lacked suspense, romance, and mystery. Heck, this book lacked EVERYTHING [...]

  • Holly *Confessions of a Lit Chick*

    From the very first chapter it opens with the main character being sexually abused.Sexual abuse is a very touchy yet important subject. Through out this book I felt sickened by what the character goes through, uncomfortable, and at times sweaty palmed. Mindi Scott was very good at projecting her main characters thoughts and emotions upon her readers. This is in no way a pleasant read. Unfortunately, I felt Scott's relationships between her characters were rushed and certain things were thrown in [...]

  • Eilonwy

    15-year-old Coley Sterling has a "perfect" life: Since her mother escaped an abusive marriage 10 years earlier, Coley lives in a secure family with her older brother and younger triplet half-siblings; she's likely to be voted captain of her high school's dance team both her junior and senior years (although that would be more likely without the recent rift between her and her former best friend); and she's started dating her first boyfriend. But Coley has a history which threatens to bring her w [...]

  • Elaine Vargas

    Two what-the-fuck starsWhat the fuck?This was the question I literally couldn't stop repeating through the entire book.So, Nicole, A.K.A. Coley, has a pretty "normal" life. Or so everyone thinks.She has a secret, which only one of her friends know. Sorta.She doesn't know what to do.Confusion, shame, sadness, anger.Those are the feelings that, somehow, rule her life.What will she do about that? Keep her facade or speak?Okay so what I thought of this book was that, okay I know that there are books [...]

  • Estelle

    [ Review originally posted on Rather Be Reading Blog ]Whoa, whoa, whoa.Here, folks, is the kind of writing I yearn for. Mindi Scott injects a very serious situation into the life of a typical teenager. Family and friends exist. School and boys and ex-best friends. There are parties and alcohol, and family vacations. All of this makes up so much of the novel — all the normal stuff — that as a reader, it’s like the serious situation is not happening. It’s mere fantasy. It is buried beneath [...]

  • Shannon

    Wow. Mindi Scott floors me with her talent. Her novels are so layered and complex - just so real. Her first book FREEFALL is one of my very favorite reads, not just in YA, but in the universe of fiction. I was afraid she wouldn't be able to live up to such a fantastic first novel, but LIVE THROUGH THIS was incredible in its own right. There's a period in the beginning where the reader is in the dark, having an idea but not really knowing for sure so you may think the plot isn't moving fast enoug [...]

  • Tiffany (About to Read)

    Live Through This is one of those stories that will stay with me forever. I was expecting a psychological thriller about a girl who weaved a web of lies, and well, it was psychological—but not in a way that I ever would have imagined.While the jacket description is true to the story, it really doesn’t prepare you for what’s inside. The author’s note at the beginning of the ARC did prepare me, however, and I’m glad it did. Knowing that this story involves an abusive relationship didn’ [...]

  • Liz

    As we all know, when April from Good Books and Good Wine recommends a book, I will purchase it almost immediately afterwards. I had been hesitant to try Mindi Scott’s books because they just didn’t look like something that would satisfy me in terms of literary quality, but I bumped this one to the top of my TBR pile. Live Through This tackles a difficult subject reasonably successfully, but overall I just thought it needed more.To me, Coley read like a girl who could exist in any suburban, u [...]

  • Chrissie

    Live Through This is a YA issue book that brings light to something that isn't discussed often. Fifteen year old Coley has been hiding her brother's sexual abuse of her since the age of seven. She' racked with guilt and self disgust over not being able to tell anyone about the abuse and her body's response to the behavior. Her relationship with her new boyfriend suffers over the experience and she falls into panic as the abuse and gets worse and her little sister's safety is called into question [...]

  • Jessi

    This book takes a sensitive subject and deals with it in an incredibly intelligent, sensitive, and realistic way. Coley keeps the secret of the inappropriate relationship she has against her will while on the side maintaining what appears to be a perfectly normal and perfectly good life, with the people closest to her having no idea as to what is going on. Coley is in denial, forcing herself to believe that nothing really horrible or bad is happening to her.Yet on a family ski trip when her crus [...]

  • Liza Wiemer

    Live Through This was recommended to me by Melissa Montovani of YA Bookshelf. She warned me that it would be a tough book, but well worth it. And she was right. I knew to expect something serious, but I had no idea it was going to be quite like this. Mindi Scott did a good job keeping the reader guessing and building up the intensity of the situation. SPOILER ALERT: DON'T READ FURTHER UNLESS YOU WANT TO: This novel deals with sexual abuse and incest. It's tough, it's important, it's graphic. But [...]

  • Jim

    What a beautiful novel. It seems so often when books and TV and movies deal with abuse, they focus on the message. There's absolutely nothing wrong with that--there is an important message to get out there--but that approach so often simplifies the emotions, the reality. What I thought was so amazing about Mindi's novel is how real it felt. Mindi just had this perfect pitch handling of Coley's emotions. I loved Mindi's first novel, _Freefall_ but now reading this one it's like I had seen a magic [...]

  • Jen

    5 INTENSE, AMAZING stars! **Please note- I have chosen to keep this review vague as to not give anything away :) **From the first Chapter I thought I had the book figured oute exact intention Mindi Scott had when she wrote the book. I read this in one sitting and become so absorbed I couldn't put it down. Once you hit a certain point, and you will know when you read this book, something snaps into place and you get so drawn in you can't help but devour the rest.I look forward to reading anything [...]

  • Jess at Such a Novel Idea

    I have mixed emotions about Live Through This. Overall, I really liked the book. There were some things that felt rushed and confusing, but I think the subject was tackled well. There were lots of layers to the book and it was worth it to keep peeling those things back. I would have liked to see how things turned out after the truth came out. Overall, this dark subject was handled tactfully, but I feel the author could have drawn the plot out more to put it over a 3 star book.

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