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By Jamie Ponti | Comments: ( 881 ) | Date: ( Jul 09, 2020 )

The Season of No Love Jane s life is one giant Conspiracy, with the whole world plotting to keep any chance of romance far, far away Her social history 17 years, 0 boyfriends is proof positive of that But this summer, she s determined to crank it up.Jane s snagged a gig at the local theme park as part of the star attraction the Mermaid Show But then the ConspiraThe Season of No Love Jane s life is one giant Conspiracy, with the whole world plotting to keep any chance of romance far, far away Her social history 17 years, 0 boyfriends is proof positive of that But this summer, she s determined to crank it up.Jane s snagged a gig at the local theme park as part of the star attraction the Mermaid Show But then the Conspiracy strikes, and she ends up starstruck in a furry beaver costume all day long Hard to breathe, let alone flirt.Can Jane figure a way out of the beaver suit and into the arms of her summer love

  • Title: Animal Attraction
  • Author: Jamie Ponti
  • ISBN: 9781442460591
  • Page: 352
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Jamie Ponti

Jamie Ponti Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Animal Attraction book, this is one of the most wanted Jamie Ponti author readers around the world.

Comments Animal Attraction

  • Chelsea

    My roommate has this boyfriend who is incredibly annoying mainly because he cracks stupid jokes. He thinks they are funny but they aren't. He calls himself the next Jerry Seinfeld. I'm not joking when I say that. So I come home from a long 7 hour shift from my job and if none of you have been in retail, let me tell you something. It's brutal. All I want to do is eat a Big Mac and sleep. Unfortunately McDonald's is out of my budget this week. So I settle for the next best thing, reading. I walk i [...]

  • Alyssa Nelson

    Animal Attraction is a cute romantic comedy taking place in the mid 2000’s — one that I liked a lot more than I was expecting to. Jane has a lot of big plans for the summer — one is to work a couple jobs to pay her share for the car her parents just bought her. However, when it looks as though she’s about to be scouted by a great university to be on their swim team, she has to drop out of the Mermaid Show at her local theme park, because swimming in it would make her a professional swimm [...]

  • Laurann

    I don't remember much of this book (I read it 12 years ago.) I had a girlfriend who always recommended fluffy reads, so I read it because of her. They were fun some of the time, but never really my cup of tea.

  • Danielle

    This book was so cute. I really liked the story.

  • Lindsay

    This is a really good book if you're looking for a super fast, fun read. It's cute, cheesy, goofy and amusing at the same time. It's definitely geared towards younger readers, but it works.

  • Sarah Sammis

    Cute so far.Animal Attraction by Jamie Ponti is a young adult romance set in the fictional town of Ruby Beach Florida. Jane is trying to have one last summer of fun before her senior year of high school. The only problem: she has to work two jobs to repay her parents for her "new to her" car.Jane is a swimmer so her summer job choices are simple: swim coach to beginning swimmers at the local club and Mermaid at the water park. Unfortunately if she's to get a sports scholarship to USC, she can't [...]

  • Amanda Yeargin

    I choose to read Animal Attraction becase it was a comedy. This book is about a girl named Jane who gets a job as a mermaid in the most boring amusement park ever but then that had to be canceled becuase she has to teach private swimming lessons. But she also gets a different job at the park as a beaver. So when she goes to the house of a rich boy who cant swim she falls in love. So if you want to hear more you better read the book. I have a text-to-text connection. This relates to another book [...]

  • Ash R.

    This book is about a girl looking for some money and got a job, and meets 2 guys 1 of them is rich and thinks differently about her, because that's not the real Jane but Bikini Jane. Then she is the real Jane at her job she is totally herself and is Plain Jane. She has to hide secrets, duck low and stay quite, and her friends help her to transform. I can make a text to self connection because, whenever it comes to a point where I have to keep something a secrets, we have to dig down low. Its lik [...]

  • °☆.。.:*・Arianna°☆.。.:*・

    This book starts off really slow, but it picks up later on when she meets Alex, the boy that she is supposed to give swimming lessons to. I found this book to be quite lacking because it just showed the problem of her lack of love life and trying to solve that problem. The only reason I read to the end was because of the person against the main character. This character provided the drama needed for a person to at least be slightly interested in this book. I also thought that the possibility of [...]

  • Nidah (SleepDreamWrite)

    Jane needs to pay off the car her parents gave her. So she gets two jobs, one is teaching swimming and the other as a mermaid at the theme park Magic Waters. That is till, she can't be a mermaid and instead dons the beaver costume.She even helps 17 year old Alex how to swim and the two become a couple. But then why does Jane get jealous when she sees her best friend and Grayson, a co-worker at Magic Waters dancing? HmmThis is a funny read. Also, that's nice of her parents to cheer Jane up, espec [...]

  • Katrina Knittle

    A very cute, fast, and short young adult read. Throughout this short book I found myself laughing and smiling. Which is always a good thing when I read a book. Jane is our main character and to me she was just adorable. I loved her parents in this book.

  • Tiffany

    This was a cute, fun read. Jane is an excellent swimmer who has won state. When she is assigned to give private swimming lessons she isn't very excited. But when she meets Alex she has to become "bikini Jane" in the mean time "regular Jane" has become good friends with Grayson.

  • Amber JoLynn

    Some people would do anything to get a guy. And sometimes it just works out. This book was a screwball comedy and really just a lot of fun. Totally re-readable.

  • Katie-Lee

    Romance. It was pretty good.

  • Rubina Aggarwal

    It was cute

  • Sara ♥

    3.5 stars.Cute! Super-duper cheesy, definitely a simple, YA beach read, but cute! :)

  • Eyari

    The beginning of this book was really cute, but the conclusion was really disappointing. Maybe it's because I'm somehow too old for this, but I just end up not really liking this story.

  • Savannah

    Really liked this one :) summer 2010

  • Aly (My Heart Hearts Books)

    Short and cute. A light summer read. It's very surface level but it's exactly what I wanted.

  • Charla

    Very cute romantic comedy that's perfect for high school students who like romance with a little laugh now and then.

  • ✿。.:*:.。✿*゚Khlooᗪ゚*✿。.:*:.。

    This book was good but theres better.

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  • [PDF] Download ï Animal Attraction | by ï Jamie Ponti
    352 Jamie Ponti
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