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Finn watches in horror as his stepmother is gunned down in front of his house His father reacts and kills the gunman When Finn learns that the killer is the same man who admitted to killing his birth mother years before, he is shocked and wants to know if this is than a terrible coincidence At the police station, he meets Lila, daughter of the killer, and they striFinn watches in horror as his stepmother is gunned down in front of his house His father reacts and kills the gunman When Finn learns that the killer is the same man who admitted to killing his birth mother years before, he is shocked and wants to know if this is than a terrible coincidence At the police station, he meets Lila, daughter of the killer, and they strike up a wary friendship Both of them are desperate to find the truth What they discover hints at a much larger conspiracy.

  • Title: Guilty
  • Author: Norah McClintock
  • ISBN: 9781554699896
  • Page: 250
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Norah McClintock

Norah McClintock s fascinating mysteries are hard to put down Her Chloe Levesque series, Mike Riel series, and Robyn Hunter series, all published by Canada, have been popular with readers in many countries Norah has also written several crime novels for reluctant readers in the Orca Soundings series from Orca Book Publishers, Norah is a five time winner of the Crime Writers of Canada s Arthur Ellis Award for Best Juvenile Crime Novel Read Mistaken Identity, The Body in the Basement, Sins of the Father, Scared to Death, and Break and Enter to find out why Norah s books have been translated into than a dozen languages, and she has won numerous awards Awards Arthur Ellis Award Juvenileo 1996 Mistaken Identity Winnero 1998 The Body in the Basement Winnero 1999 Sins of the Father Winnero 2002 Scared to Death Winnero 2003 Break and Enter WinnerRed Maple Award o 2004 Hit and Run Winner

Comments Guilty

  • Danielle Stoll

    Finn discovered his mother's corpse when he was seven years old. Ten years later he looks out of his bedroom window to see his stepmother shot, and he is later told it was by the same man who admitted to killing his biological mother. While coping a second time with something most people are lucky enough not to experience a first time, he also deals with befriending Lila whom he later learns to be the daughter of the killer.This fictional first-person told story alternates between Finn and Lila' [...]

  • Abduljabbar

    The reason why this book got so much attention is because of the title Guilty. The reason why is because it's a weird title. The author of this book is Norah Mcclintock she is from Canada. She was born in 1952 and she died in 2/6/17. She lived in Montreal Canada. “She was a member of the Canadian Society of Children's Authors”. This author has a lot of different books.This book is a fiction book. It does not belong to a series. This book is not that long but you need to focus when you read i [...]

  • Kathy Ross

    I stayed up all night and read this story straight through to the end. I enjoyed the plot and characters and would like to read more by this author.

  • Liviania

    I was drawn to GUILTY by the blurb. Finn witnesses his stepmother's murder by the same man who killed his mother and his father subsequently shooting the man. That, of course, causes him to question things. What could possibly have motivated the killer? What follows is the definition of a quick read. Since I'm timing myself for the 48 Hour Book Challenge, I know that I finished in 53 minutes.The story alternates between Finn's point-of-view and Lila's. Lila, the daughter of the killer, grew up b [...]

  • Annette

    Guilty had enough unexpected twists and interesting main characters to keep me very interested.Finn watches from his upstairs window as a man shoots his stepmother and Finn's father then shoots the murderer. That's the opening scene, and we are off and running.Lila's father is the one who shot the stepmother. It just so happens that he also murdered Finn's real mother, and has just been released from prison for that crime.The story alternates perspective between Lila and Finn. Guilty may be a bi [...]

  • 5Witterstaetter M

    In Guilty, the character Lila is interested about what happened, but is also mortified that she lost her dad who talked about making up to her the years he was in jail for the killing of Finn Newsome's mom. On one side she believes her dad is a good person, but on the other side isn't sure of what to believe anymore. She talks about on page 35 how "it's harder than I could have ever imagined to read the newspaper and listen to the news to hear his name." She is referring to all the publicity her [...]

  • Dayna Z

    I just finished re-reading Guilty by Norah McClintock. I am really fond of McClintock's way of writing, and the structure of her books. This book is not part of a series- as far as i know. This book is a two-main character book. The way this is written is first person point of view, and every other chapter the POV alternates between Finn and Lila, which are the two main characters. Ten years ago Finn's mother was murdered, supposedly by Lila's father who went to jail for ten years. No later then [...]

  • Aiyana

    Finn is used to death, he found his mother murdered on the floor, and he witnessed his stepmother shot and killed. Lila has just heard about her father murdering someone, and being murdered. When these two come together, it's not easy at first, emotions run wild. These two help each other out, and in turn solve the mystery of who actually killed Finn's mother and stepmother, and try to prove Lila's fathers innocence.I picked this book up because it's by Norah McClintock, and I've been reading a [...]

  • Shannon

    Guilty. By: Seglin, Shannon, School Library Journal, 03628930, Jun2012, Vol. 58, Issue 6.Gr 8 Up--Lila Ouimette's father is shot, apparently while committing murder. Finn Newsome witnesses a man (who happens to be Lila's father) kill his stepmother. Then he sees his father kill the man. It happens that the man is the same one who killed Finn's birth mother 10 years earlier. Finn has the feeling that this just can't be a coincidence and struggles to find answers to the two crimes. Lila struggles [...]

  • Dani

    Even though there was no romance with the two, Finn and Lila were two cool characters. I had my suspicions when Louis was accused of both crimes. At first I thought he didn't kill Mrs. Newsome, but did kill Tracie. Then my mind was whizzed around with all the new clues coming in. I was shocked when Finn actually slapped her and didn't feel any remorseen again he was through some major trama. Still-not cool. I was like-WHOA-when Finn shot his dad. I was actually glad that he did, and I liked his [...]

  • Dexter

    I was expecting to like this, because Nora McClintock usually writes pretty good mysteries, but then the first couple chapters me doubtful.But then, halfway through, I found myself really enjoying it and I didn't like having to put it down.But then the ending was very abrupt, and I saw it coming.I don't usually like mysteries and I don't usually like books in which not much happens, and Guilty is a mystery where nothing much happens. Despite this, I did kind of like it. I liked Lila and Finn and [...]

  • Kim McGee

    I received this as an advance read.We know someone is guilty of the murder of Finn's mom and stepmother but the question is who. Finn is unlucky enough to be the first to find his mother dead and then watch as he sees his stepmother gunned down years later. Lila is also unlucky since it is her dad that is accused of the murder of Finn's mom then dies after being shot by Finn's dad and taking the rap for his stepmom's murder as well. Both kids meet rather innocently and it is then it is Lila's re [...]

  • Joyce

    Pretty good 'who-dunnit' by Canadian author of lots of this type of story--she knows what she's doing! It's well written, easy-to-read and fast-paced, with likable protagonists. Good message, too, about how being even functionally literate is so needed to succeed in our society. I found myself able to guess the mystery pretty early on in the book though, but I still wanted to keep reading to find out if I was right. And there were a lot of details that came up that weren't expected. Maybe a CHSB [...]

  • sm786

    Stars: 2.5/5I couldn't put it down. Sure, there is some heavy foreshadowing and I had a pretty good guess of what the ending was going to be less than half way through the book. However, I continued reading. I feel like the novel could have used a bit more editing. There were a couple of scenes that seemed out of place. For example, there was a point where one of the protagonists had founds letters in a locker and I thought these letters would play a significant part towards the plot, but they d [...]

  • Emily♥

    It took me less than 24 hours to read this book! It’s a page turner, for sure. This is the first book by Norah McClintock that I have read, and if I would have known how awesome and suspenseful her books are, it certainly would not have been the first!Finn and Lila are such real characters, that I wanted everything to work out for them. The mystery surrounding these two is straight out of Criminal Minds or CSI, but Guilty is even better! Once you get started there’s no stopping.

  • Michael

    Two teens, their lives devastated by the adults in their lives. Her father killed his mother… twice. His father sent her father to prison, and when he got out took him away again by killing him. In the shattering aftermath, there are few parents left, and precious little comfort, but enough guilt for everyone.

  • Emily Smith

    I really enjoyed McClintock's alternating points of view for Guilty. Having a girl's and a boy's perspective about the happenings in the book was great! I liked the climax of the story, but I felt like after the climax the book just ended. I wanted a little more explanation in order to clean the plot up some. This was a quick read, and I look forward to offering it in my classroom. :O)

  • Adanis

    At first I thought that Lila, the girl who was the killer of Finns step mom and possibly mom was Finn, but then I realized that on the bottom of the chapter number the character name is under there. I like this because instead of the reader focusing on one character, they can have a feel of what its like to be the other character.

  • Jolie

    BL: 3.8Pts: 7Finn Newsome's mother and then stepmother killed by same guy: Louis Ouimette. Stepmother killed 3 days after Louis spent 10 yrs. in prison for Finn's mother's death.Lila Ouimette (Louis's daughter)

  • Chassidy Overstreet

    I really enjoyed this book. This is probably the first book I've picked up to read and enjoyed reading in over 2 years. The first paragraph automatically pulls me in. I read the whole book in four hours and couldn't sit it down. Will definitely re-read this one!

  • Lavabearian (Jessica)

    Because I watch so much Dateline I had it figured out pretty early on. The one last detail that validated my suspicion was when I found out the dead mother was wealthy. The greedy spouse is always to blame.I was hooked from the beginning so I give this a yes vote for the list.

  • Joyce

    A mystery novel that suprise me. I did not expect it. I loved that there was a little hint of romance between both of the main characters, but the end kind of disappointed me.

  • Peggy

    This was a fast paced read, I read it in one sitting. It was a good, solid story that held my interest - not amazing, but definitely compelling and worth the time!

  • Lil Jen

    Good story that starts with a bang and keeps you guessing till the end.

  • Chrissy

    really surprising!! i wasn't a fan of the ending though :P

  • Jaime

    Guilty was an ok read. After reading a chapter or 2, I realized who the murder was. I wish it left the reader in suspense until closer to the end of the book.

  • Alexis

    Suspected it was the father pretty early on but enjoyed Lila & Finn. They were enough to keep me reading & I still couldn't put it down!

  • Taite

    I hate her books. She's a terrible author and I barely managed to get through this. I ended up just skimming through most of it because I just couldn't read it it was so bad.

  • Iria L.

    Guilty is really intriguing. It captures the mystery and the challenges of life.

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