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By Julie Anne Peters | Comments: ( 730 ) | Date: ( Jan 26, 2020 )

Daelyn 15 erster Selbstmordversuch vor f nf Jahren, da sie von ihren Mitsch lern wegen ihres bergewichts drangsaliert wird Letzter Selbstmordversuch vor einem Jahr tr gt seitdem eine Nackenschiene und ist vor bergehend stumm N chster Selbstmordversuch fr hestens in 23 Tagen dieses Mal soll es der Letzte sein Aus diesem Grund meldet sich Daelyn bei dem InterneDaelyn 15 erster Selbstmordversuch vor f nf Jahren, da sie von ihren Mitsch lern wegen ihres bergewichts drangsaliert wird Letzter Selbstmordversuch vor einem Jahr tr gt seitdem eine Nackenschiene und ist vor bergehend stumm N chster Selbstmordversuch fr hestens in 23 Tagen dieses Mal soll es der Letzte sein Aus diesem Grund meldet sich Daelyn bei dem Internetforum Durch das Licht an, das Tipps f r einen gelungen Suizid, aber auch die M glichkeit ihre ngste und Sorgen zu teilen, bietet Doch dann lernt sie den witzigen Santana kennen, der fasziniert von ihr ist Gelingt es ihm, Daelyn ins Leben zur ck zu holen

  • Title: By the Time You Read This, I'll Be Dead
  • Author: Julie Anne Peters
  • ISBN: 9783440128176
  • Page: 364
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Julie Anne Peters

Julie Anne Peters was born in Jamestown, New York When she was five, her family moved to the Denver suburbs in Colorado Her parents divorced when she was in high school She has three siblings a brother, John, and two younger sisters, Jeanne and Susan.Her books for young adults include Define Normal 2000 , Keeping You a Secret 2003 , Luna 2004 , Far from Xanadu 2005 , Between Mom and Jo 2006 , grl2grl 2007 , Rage A Love Story 2009 , By the Time You Read This, I ll Be Dead 2010 , She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not 2011 , It s Our Prom So Deal with It 2012 , and Lies My Girlfriend Told Me 2014 Her young adult fiction often feature lesbian characters and address LGBT issues She has announced that she has retired from writing, and Lies My Girlfriend Told Me will be her last novel She now works full time for the Colorado Reading Corps.

Comments By the Time You Read This, I'll Be Dead

  • karen

    STOP!!!this is the second part of a conversation about this book!! i got caris' sloppy seconds! to read the first part, please click here!Caris: Maybe it was just your personality. Perhaps you're just not the type of dude who gets bullied. You know, badassery and whatnot. I certainly cave on this point. The book was unbelievable. Both the website and Santana were only there to keep the girl from killing herself. Of course, all books do this. It seems that the bar is just set lower for teen ficti [...]

  • Steph Su

    BY THE TIME YOU READ THIS, I’LL BE DEAD tore my insides raw. As I read, I screamed. I cried. I threw the book across the room. I apologized and cradled it delicately in my hands. I also chuckled and fell in love with the characters, flawed as they all are. Julie Anne Peters is nearly unmatched when it comes to writing about difficult, taboo, controversial, and absolutely necessary subjects, and her latest book is a terrifying masterpiece that deserves to find its way into everyone’s hands.Da [...]

  • Liberty Abbott-Sylvester

    Teen suicide. Not an easy subject to think or talk about. This book tells the story of Daelyn. She's 15 and determined to die this time. Yes, you read correctlye's tried to kill herself before and failed. This time she knows it will work. A victim of bullies, she can't face life anymore. She thinks everyone will be happier without her. One day after school she meets Santana and things start to look a little different, but is it too late?As a mother of a child who was bullied and talked about sui [...]

  • Samantha Elizabeth

    I think that some of the reviews on here are a little biased, seeing as some of you reading this book don't understand that type of pain Daelyn was in before she offed herself. I read this book a while ago when I was still in high school, and it was so beautifully painful for me. I was the new girl who underwent bullying along with personal tragedies my sophomore year. I ended up in an institution for having suicidal tendencies and characteristics. And yes, at one point, I planned out my death. [...]

  • Connie

    This book ticked me off more than any I've read since My Sister's Keeper. Just like Picoult's book, this novel slapped me in the face at the end and negated whatever positive experience I might have gained from it.By the Time You Read This could have been a good book. It was fast-moving and compulsively readable. Then I got to the end and literally said out loud, "What the hell?" Without giving too much away, I'll say this: Cliffhangers can be effective literary devices when done well. Mentally [...]

  • Heather

    Daelyn has been demeaned, bullied, tortured and almost raped through her years in school. For some reason, the teachers and principals always believe the other students, making her feel further bullied. Daelyn was overweight most of her life and that was the main fodder for the bullies, but not all. She tried to make her parents listen, but they just passed it off as kids being kids. Her mom went on diets with her saying it would be "fun" and her father would sneak food to her at night. She was [...]

  • Libro Joven

    This book was hard, but at the same time it was so enthralling. Reading so openly about bullying and a parasuicidal kid made my stomach into a knot, but I couldn't keep my eyes off the book until I was finished with it. It is short, but at the same time, it feels so long. Not because it's boring, but because the topics it talked about felt so important, maybe? I'm not sure what's the right word for it. I'm not sure there's a right word for it.If you enjoyed "Willow", by Julia Hoban, this is defi [...]

  • Charley Cook

    Check out my video review here:youtu/WneiVSOvPSs

  • Ciara

    *************2/5**************[bought at the book fair (mibf2015)] ----------------------------------------(view spoiler)[Okay. Maybe I am rating this one so low but I guess It just didn't hit me that hard.I've read loads of stuff like this, tackling bullying and suicidal tendencies of youngsters, and there are a few which really stood out unfortunately, this one didn't.I just found it cliched, for one, because the narration of Daelyn's story and experiences sounded as if she's looking at the si [...]

  • Taylor

    I thought that it was a good book to show how drasticly people react to things like being called names and being made fun of. I feel like the people in this book actually exist. Although I really liked this book, there was a reason for me giving it four stars. She gave up. She was a hard character to get at the beginning because I haven't had to deal with characters before, but by the end of the book I viewed her as a heroine and she died. She. Just. Gave. Up. I really liked her character and wi [...]

  • Ayşenur Mutluel

    15 yaşında ki Daelyn etrafında ki insanlardan sürekli olarak zorbalık gören genç bir kız. Daha fazla dayanamayarak bir kaç kez intihar girişiminde bulunur fakat sonuç hep başarısız olur. Ama bu sefer bunu başarmak için kararlıdır. Daelyn internette "Işığın-İçinden" adlı bir site bulur. Bu siteye kaydolan kişilere belirli süreler verilir böylece süreleri dolduğunda intihar edebilecekler. Bir nevi ölümünüze geri sayım. Daelyn'nin süresi 23 gün. Şimdi aşırı [...]

  • Kate

    My friend Tammy dropped this off at the library for me to read, and one day as I was waiting for the virus scan to run on my work computer, I started reading. I only got 12 pages in and I told myself I would continue the next day at lunch. By the next day, Lexi (the intern who shares my desk) had also started reading it while virus scans were running. She took it home and finished it that night. I had other things to read, but the whole time I was wondering and worrying about the girl in the sto [...]

  • Sulis Peri Hutan

    Cara Bunuh Diri Yang Dipilih Daelyn RiceKeefektifan: Beberapa cara pernah dipilih, seperti mengiris nadi, menelan cairan amonia dan pemutih namun Daelyn tetap selamat. Sambil menunggu waktu dan membaca pengalaman orang-orang melakukan bunuh diri, dia akan memikirkannya nanti, cara lainnya yang akan dipakai untuk mengakhiri hidupnya dengan cepat.Waktu: 23 hari.Ketersediaan: Tergantung apakah ada faktor penghambat, seperti orangtuanya yang selalu mengawasi dirinya dan tidak pernah membiarkan dirin [...]

  • Sab H.(YA Bliss)

    Whoa!! I was not expecting this, specially in such a short read. This is probably the most torn I've been since I finished Ballads of Suburbia. This book is so harsh. And raw. And wrong. And cruel. And depressing. And sick. Oh, and I loved, loved, loved it. Even though my stomach sometimes didn't. I had physical ache while reading, that's how amazing it was. Seriously, I believe every person alive should read it. If you dare to read something so heart-wrenching that will most likely stick with y [...]

  • Ömer

    4.1/5 "HİÇ KİMSENİN, tekrar ediyorum HİÇ KİMSENİN BİR İNSANI BU KADAR ÜZMEYE HAKKI YOKTUR." Yorumu için: kronikokur/201

  • Thea Villa

    The only thing that's keeping me from giving this a 5 was the ending.I don't hate it. It's just that, it's making me so confused that I can't make up my mind on what kind of ending Daelyn will have.I like how Julie Anne Peters write this book. I like the start. I like how Daelyn portrays her thoughts and I haven't been in the situation as her and luckily for me, I was not bullied but those thoughts about suicide, I can somehow relate to. Her indifference to her parents and the thought were what [...]

  • lucie

    This book is highly disturbing! It's basically a suicide guide!!!I thought that this will be an YA romance with a happy ending bud god, I was wrong! If I would know that this is a guide to an effective suicide, I wouldn't borrow it.I DO NOT RECOMMEND IT!

  • Damy

    Kitap içimi dağlayarak bitirdi. O kadar acı verdi ki bana anlatamam size. Geçen 23 gün boyunca ben ağladım, ben üzüldüm, ben dağlandım İçim yandı, içim kanadı Yazar yaşamlarımımızın bir zaman diliminde karşımıza çıkabilecek bir durumu o kadar duygulu ve içten bir şekilde yazmış ki artık kitabın sonlarına doğru gözyaşlarım sel olup aktı. Özellikle 15 yaşındaki bir genç kızın yaşadığı bu durum/lar o kadar acı ki son 5 günü okurken kaç kez kitab [...]

  • Jaime Arkin

    this book instantly intrigued me when i saw the title and description. it a tough read heavy and sometimes hard to stomach but completely worth it. daelyn is hard to grasp as a character i felt sorry for her but i was also mad. she was giving up and i wanted her to fight for her life and happiness. her relationship with her parents made me want to pull my hair out but i had hope towards the end but then . no resolution. i imagine im supposed to determine in my own mind what really happened ther [...]

  • Circe

    By the Time You Read This, I'll Be Dead.Bueno ¿Qué carajos fue ese final? ¿En serio un final abierto? ¿Que le pesaba a Julie escribir unas líneas más para terminar todo estas dudas?Esta historia transcurre con Daelyn, que conoce a un chico, Santana, que se siente en la banca junto a ella cuando Daelyn espera a que su madre o padre la vaya a buscar, ha intentado suicidar varias veces, lo que ella dice esto que son intentos fallidos.Todo este libro transcurre en cómo es el pasado de Daelyn [...]

  • Oyku

    Su gibi akıp giden mükemmel bir kitaptı.

  • Shawnie

    I read this because it fit for a challenge as I normally wouldn't choose to read about bullying and suicide. I got hit over the head when we find out Santana (view spoiler)[ has Hodgkin's lymphoma. I am currently in treatment for Hodgkin's. Needless to say, I was really rooting for him and his mom to have happy endings.(hide spoiler)]. There are a lot of negative reviews regarding the ending. I found it fitting. It wasn't all wrapped up with a nice bow, but I read it as a new start for all the c [...]

  • Hannah Ashworth

    Julie Anne Peters's By the Time You Read This, I'll Be Dead is a truly interesting read. Through the book we learn more about Daelyn, a depressed high school girl, and why she wants so badly to commit suicide after several failed attempts. However things may not particularly go the way she planned them, and maybe that's even for the better.I have so many things to talk about, and about none of them are bad, so you might as well call my review a "praise" instead.What I really liked about this boo [...]

  • nesha ~♡

    “Lo único seguro es que la vida es un eterno infierno”.

  • Maviucurum

    Artık beni yalnız bırakamamasının sebebi altımı ıslatmam değil. Yirmi dört saatlik intihar gözetimindeyim.Konuşabilsem ona, "Birkaç dakikada olan bir şey, seni sonsuza kadar değiştirebilir," derdim. Sonu daha tatmin edici olabilirdi.

  • Anastasia Cynthia

    “Aku hanya tahu, aku bangun tiap pagi dan berharap aku mati.” –By the Time You Read This, I’ll Be Dead, hlm. 78Daelyn tidak gemuk, tapi ia selalu berpikir sebaliknya. Menjadi gumpalan lemak menjijikkan. Menjadi bahan tertawaan teman-teman di sekolah. Memang untuk hal-hal itulah dirinya diciptakan.Orangtuanya bisa saja pindah dari sebuah kondominium, membeli rumah di sebuah lingkungan baru enam bulan lalu untuk sebuah awal baru. Tapi, bagi Daelyn. Semuanya tetap sama. Ia tidak perlu teman [...]

  • Hanna

    While the book is quite disturbing, it’s an eye-opener at the same time. It gyrates on the woeful life of Daelyn Rice who at a very young age got bullied inexorably. Due to a failed suicide attempt, she became incapacitated to speak. The stigmas poisoned her: the way she reasons out seems irrational sometimes. The way she treats people seems like a simulacrum that she’s a bully herself. At least, that’s what I think.While reading the book, I felt like I bought myself a manual in committing [...]

  • Yelania Nightwalker

    No puedo decir con exactitud todo lo que este libro me ha hecho sentir. Desde la primera página me conecté con Daelyn, podía sentir su dolor, su desesperación, su tristeza.Debido a su sobrepeso, ella tiene una muy baja autoestima y ha sufrido de intimidación toda su vida, hasta que simplemente no puede soportarlo más y decide suicidarse. Lo ha intentado en múltiples ocasiones, ha intentado de todo, pero no ha conseguido su propósito. Sus padres apenas y confían ya en ella por esta causa [...]

  • Daniel

    Saya beruntung tidak pernah dirundung seumur hidup saya. Teman-teman saya orang yang ramah dan baik, dan saya berusaha untuk menghormati mereka sebisa mungkin. Saya tahu perundungan (bullying) merupakan masalah yang sangat serius, dan Ms. Peters mengangkat tema bullying dengan mentah dan sangat autentik, menghasilkan buku By the Time You Read This, I'll Be Dead, sebuah memoar seorang gadis remaja yang dirundung yang benar-benar mencerahkan. Daelyn, seorang remaja berusia lima belas tahun, selalu [...]

  • Trisha

    I just finished and closed this book.Typically I would wait to do my review on a book like this. I would sit with it for a few days, but I read this book for a challenge so I'm going to go ahead and write it up. I may change it again later.I struggle with books like these. I'm glad that they are out there - books that deal with REAL issues that kids are having. Not bad hair days, but bad YEARS. days and days and days where they drag on andwhen a person reaches a point where they don't feel they [...]

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