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By Kader Abdolah | Comments: ( 772 ) | Date: ( Feb 29, 2020 )

De familie van Aga Djan is al eeuwenlang de belangrijkste familie in de Iraanse stad Senedjan Zij wonen in het huis naast de Djom moskee, de grootste moskee van een stad waar het vrijdaggebed wordt gehouden Van generatie op generatie komt de imam van de moskee uit de familie van Aga Djan als het verhaal opent, is dit zijn neef Alsaberi Als tapijtverkoper staat Aga DjaDe familie van Aga Djan is al eeuwenlang de belangrijkste familie in de Iraanse stad Senedjan Zij wonen in het huis naast de Djom moskee, de grootste moskee van een stad waar het vrijdaggebed wordt gehouden Van generatie op generatie komt de imam van de moskee uit de familie van Aga Djan als het verhaal opent, is dit zijn neef Alsaberi Als tapijtverkoper staat Aga Djan bovendien aan het hoofd van de bazaar en heeft economische macht Kader Abdolah vertelt in deze roman over de geschiedenis van Iran door in te zoomen op de invloed van de gebeurtenissen op deze familie Als de revolutie wordt voorbereid en uitbreekt, komt de samenleving onder druk te staan en verliest de familie langzaamaan al hun invloed en zekerheden.

  • Title: The House of the Mosque
  • Author: Kader Abdolah
  • ISBN: 9781847678126
  • Page: 500
  • Format: Kindle Edition

About Author:

Kader Abdolah

Kader Abdolah is the penname of Hossein Sadjadi Ghaemmaghami Farahani, an Iranian writer who also writes in Dutch Abdolah has lived in the Netherlands since 1988.He studied physics at the Arak College of Science and fled the country as a political refugee in 1988 Today he lives in Delft The Netherlands , writing under a pseudonym made up of the names of two murdered friends Het huis van de moskee The House of the Mosque , catapulted Abdolah into the Dutch bestseller lists.

Comments The House of the Mosque

  • Hend

    Those kinds of novels answers the question that is always asked u are a Muslim and u are afraid of Sharia law?this doesn't make sense,may be ,but the problem is not in Sharia law,it is in those who define it. and how their thinking is Deviated.People’s opinion(especially those Islamic politicians) should never be reflected in the making the lawsey destroy Islam’s image as a religion of peace and justice could Osama bin laden be following the same religion of Rumi?in a a male dominated societ [...]

  • Jacob Overmark

    I liked you a lot, Aqa Jaan.You were there when it all began, and you trusted that everything would turn out well for all your relatives.Little did you know how much your world would change, and most of your countrymen were as clueless as you. From growing political dissatisfaction to political turmoil in only ten years and from one strict ruler to another, only the head dress were different. You remind me of people I met in Iran. Some who thought that after all the change were for the better an [...]

  • Nikos Tsentemeidis

    Άλλο ένα καταπληκτικό βιβλίο, μετά τη Σαμαρκάνδη, έχει να κάνει με τη νεότερη ιστορία του Ιράν, πριν και μετά την πτώση του σάχη.Κατ’ αρχάς πρόκειται για μια πολύ όμορφη ιστορία. Η αφήγηση του συγγραφέα είναι εξαιρετική. Ο Καντέρ Αμπντολάχ, Ιρανός, ζει στην Ολλανδία και με αυ [...]

  • mai ahmd

    كنتُ أتذكر كتاب شيرين عبادي إيران تستيقظ وأنا أقرأ في هذه الرواية وهي تذكر أحداث حياتها ما بين فترة حكم الشاه وما بعد الثورة الإيرانية التي اسهم كل فرد مخلص محب لوطنه للقيام بها غير أن القائمون بالثورة أداروا ظهورهم لها ! ، دار مسجد ترصد التحولات التي مرت بها إيران منذ حكم الش [...]

  • Dr Osama

    "بيت المسجد" الرواية الثانية التي أقرأها للمؤلف الإيراني المقيم في هولندا ذو الاسم المستعار قادر عبدالله والاسم الحقيقي له حسين سجادي فرحاني. روايته السابقة كانت بعنوان "الملك" وفيها يتحدث المؤلف بأسلوبه القصصي الشيق عن نهاية الفترة الملكية في ايران موظفا شخصيات آخر ملوك ال [...]

  • Joe Strong

    I have used the word unique a few times to describe a novel, perhaps I did not know the true meaning of the word. Or perhaps, it was that I had not read The House of the Mosque, nor will I ever read a book of the same calibre, style, or story, I can't imagine.At first I was sceptical, as any boy would be after being recommended a book by his father, who, frankly, has bad taste. But then I had nothing to read, and this had a vibrant coverImmediately I was absolutely absorbed. I was almost surpris [...]

  • Laura لاورا

    C'era una volta una casa, una casa antica, che si chiamava "la casa della moschea".Bellissimo ed emozionante! Un romanzo indimenticabile che resterà nel mio cuore!Scritto dall’iraniano Kader Abdolah, esule in Olanda, “La casa della moschea” racconta un pezzo di storia recente della Persia attraverso le vicende, ora liete liete ora drammatiche, di una grande e rispettata famiglia, custode da generazioni di un’antica moschea in una cittadina della regione centrale del paese. Dalla fine de [...]

  • Mikroanalogo

    Απλά καταπληκτικό. Από τα ωραιότερα βιβλία που έχω διαβάσει.

  • Fiona

    This book is written with so much affection for the people and the land. In the early chapters, it's often very funny so that when the characters' lives begin to be affected by political and then revolutionary events, it's much more shocking. Much of it is beautifully written. I picked it off the shelf in the bookshop because I liked the title and the cover. There are better ways of choosing books but I couldn't be more delighted that I chose this one. One thing I have to mention though. The dus [...]

  • هالةْ أمين

    امر بفترة إعجاب بالدراما الإيرانية ورواياتها كذلكرغم الكثير من المعتقادات التي يكنها شعب هذه الدولة إلا أنهم يحملون بين طرقاتهم تاريخ لاينسى أزعجبتني الرواية بداية بسبب وصوف الكاتب عن علاقة زينات خانم بواحد من أئمة المسجدلكن الحمدلله لقد تجاوز هذه النقطة ليسرد لنا تاريخ إ [...]

  • Henk-Jan van der Klis

    De historische roman rondom de familie van Aga Djan, beheerder van een moskee en tapijthandelaar in de lokale bazaar speelt zich af in de roerige jaren '70 en '80 van de vorige eeuw. De eerste maandlanding die eigenlijk niet op televisie bekeken mag worden, de vrijheid tot aan 1979 onder de sjah, het regime van ayatollah Khomeini en de Iraans-Iraakse oorlog die daarop losbarstte. Abdolah schreef het boek voor Europeanen om hen een blik achter de schermen te gunnen van de milde vorm van de Islam. [...]

  • Marc

    This book begins calmly as a story about a family in a religious city in Iran. Abdolah zooms in on the figure of Aga Djan, who thoughtfully manages both his (larger) family, the mosque and the bazar of his town and is respected by every one. This specific, rather exotic world is outlined in a very sympathetic, sometimes touching way with great attention for humanly details. But gradually things change: modernity penetrates, as a conscious result of the policies of the Shah and his American allie [...]

  • Cristina

    Bello. Più riuscito, forse, di Scrittura cuneiforme, per trama e personaggi, tuttavia meno intenso e sentito, quasi che con l'aumentare della padronanza della lingua del paese ospite l'autore perdesse un poco della propria identità. Del resto si invecchia e si cambia, forse anche il dolore dell'esilio dopo un po'si acquieta, e diventa se non tollerabile almeno gestibile.Libro pieno di belle figure, permeato della magia di una Persia immaginifica che non riesco a definire Iran, anche se ne cond [...]

  • lanius_minor

    To je TAK KRÁSNĚ napsaná kniha! laniusminor/single-post

  • Michaela

    Kniha z knihobežníka. Neviem, či to cítite aj vy, ale ja mám vždy pri čítaní kníh z takéhoto prostredia pocit, že cítim vône ich kuchyne, vnímam počasie, teplé slnko a ťažký dym. Je to úplne iný svet, založený na tradíciách, kde novinky prenikajú len veľmi ťažko a potajomkyDom pri mešite je príbehom domu a rodiny, ktorá v ňom žije. Zároveň je to aj obydlie pre imáma, no keď ten zomrie, na jeho miesto nastúpi mladý zať s radikálnymi názormi. Práve pre [...]

  • James Souttar

    I ran out of reading material while we were in Italy, and found this in a bookshop that had a collection of English books. I wasn't sure what to make of it to start with: it was written in a very simple language (which may or may not reflect the Dutch original - I don't know) which reminded me of Paulo Coelho's early work (e.g. The Alchemist). But as the story gathered pace, I found myself drawn further and further into it. The book revolves around the household of Aqa Jan, respected leader of a [...]

  • سمارا البياتي

    ليست قراءتي الاولى في الادب الايراني فقد قرأت عدة كتب ولكن بالانكليزية وهذه الاولى التي أقرأها بترجمة عربية.يزداد أعجابي بذلك العالم الغامض المليء بالتراث والقصص والعادات المثيرة والغير مؤلوفة.تدخلك الرواية الى دار المسجد بشكل يفوق التجسيد ثم تنقلك الى أحداث ايران التاري [...]

  • فاتن

    بلاد فارسبلاد الزعفرانالكاتب يأخذ بيدك من زمن الشاه الأب مرورا بالابن وانتهاء بالثورة هذه الثورة التي أكلت ابناءها من جميع التياراتسواء كان من آيات الله وهو التيار الحاكم أو التيارات الأخرى من مجاهدي خلق والتيار الشيوعيدار المسجد يقطنها ثلاثة التاجر صاحب البازار وصناعة ا [...]

  • Sve

    В тази книга има много повече смърт, разрушение, изоставяне и болка, отколкото има радост и любов. И въпреки всичко вярата и силата на духа успяват да сглобят крехко щастие, разбито от войната и насилието. Силна книга, която изпълнява мисията си да ни приближи до един свят,ко [...]

  • Claudia Sesto

    "Voi resterete fino a quando tutti saranno partiti e tutti saranno arrivati."I libri spesso vengono letti perché subiscono un grande lancio da parte delle case editrici o per il cosiddetto passaparola e spesso restiamo delusi, questo racconto di Kader Abdolah per niente popolare, è una perla rara, la storia è una di quelle che ti restano in mente per un bel po', ci racconta usi e costumi di un popolo molto lontano dal nostro, ci avvicina ad una terra, quella iraniana, troppo spesso teatro di [...]

  • Karen Triggs

    It's Iran in the `60s and `70s. Under the Shah, progressive Tehran ladies have abandoned the chador for loose headscarves which show their hair. But in a small provincial town near Qom, Iran's centre of Shi'a scholarship, where several generations of carpet merchant Aqa Jaan's family live together in `the house of the mosque' of the book's title, the march of progress is less advanced. When rakish Uncle Nosrat, a photographer and film-maker, visits Aqa Jaan and the others, bringing with him a tr [...]

  • Ali

    Recieved this from librarything early reviewers last week - and had to read it straight away.This is a beautifully written novel, about some of the most turbulent years in Iranian history. The book opens in 1969 at the time of the moon landings ( the back cover says 1950 - I assume that is an error). Immediately we become introduced to the family and servants of Aqa Jaan who have lived in the house of the mosque, and been custodians of the mosque itself for 8 centuries. We follow the fortunes of [...]

  • Lila

    The House of the Mosque was both deeply moving and informative. The many Iranians I have known have all been very secular. It was very interesting reading about the changes in Iran from the perspective of a conservative family, where the woman all wore chadors, thad no television in the house and believed going to the cinema was sinful. Although they were so different from my own experiences and beliefs, I ended up both really liking and sympathizing with Aga Jahn and his family. The pacing was [...]

  • Baljit

    This is an amazing book. The writer weaves the tale of an extended family in a remote town with the political and social events in the world beyond and how each of them is affected. The revolution ursurps into the household and changes peoples minds and their thoughts, breaks up relationships between parents and children, brings out the worst within the community, challenges ancient traditions and changes the perspective of religion. The meek and subservient are empowered by religious leaders, t [...]

  • Abdulslam

    رصد التأثيرات على والتحولات من حكم الشاة إلى آيات الله بشكل مثير للإهتمام ، تأثيرا على الفرد بشكل مباشر وعن تصرفات الأفراد في وقت وفي آخر ، تأثير السلطة وسحرها سواء كان الشخص - دينيا - أو العكس بالنهاية السلطة هي السلطة وتأثيرها واحد ، ماعابني هو جهل المؤلف في نقطتين ولا أعلم [...]

  • Henriette

    Tegen een historische achtergrond vertelt de auteur het verhaal van een familie in Iran gedurende de laatste twintig jaar van de vorige eeuw. Doordat een echte protagonist ontbrak en ik weinig houvast had aan de ‘vreemde’ namen, was het soms lastig te volgen over wie het nu ging, maar dat deed niets af aan de prachtige en inzichtgevende vertelling die je aan het denken zet. Integendeel, ik moest hierdoor sommige passages herlezen en dat was bepaald geen straf. In de sfeer van en vergelijkbaa [...]

  • Kelly Eeckhaut

    Ge kunt dat zo hebben hé, dat ge een boek start met hoge verwachtingen, waarvan je niet eens meer weet vanwaar ze komen, maar dat dat boek dan totaal blijkt tegen te vallen. Wel, dit is er zo eentje. Ik begrijp het écht niet, vanwaar dat 4-sterren-gemiddelde komt. Ik vond dit boek zo teleurstellend, zowel qua verhaal als qua schrijfstijl. Het klikte op geen enkel vlak en ik deed er dan ook 5 lange weken over om het uit te lezen, hopend dat ik het liever zou lezen naarmate het verhaal vorderde. [...]

  • Elsje

    Wat een prachtboek is Het huis van de moskee van Kader Abdolah. Bij deze beveel ik het een ieder aan!Het boek beschrijft een 'familie' die in het huis bij een moskee woont, ergens in Iran. Het boek start in de tijd van de Shah en eindigt in het 'nu'. In een stijl die typisch is voor Abdolah, sprookjesachtig alsof het gaat om de onschuldige vertelsels van Sherazade, schetst hij het leven en de veranderingen daarin in de Iraanse maatschappij van de afgelopen 40 jaar.De kraai die de trouwe vriend i [...]

  • وردٌ

    رواية قوية ومؤلمة وساحرة وخيالية.كل ما فيها قوي، تحس أنك تجلس مع أشخاصها وترى تفاصيل حياتهم، تسمع المؤذن، وتنصت للخطيب يوم الجمعة، ترى تعابير جمهوره، يلفحك الهواء البارد وأنت تصعد مع أغاجان إلى سطح الدار، تسمع رقرقة المياه في البركة صباحاً والإمام يتوضأ لصلاة الفجر، ترى ال [...]

  • И~N

    Романът ме остави със смесени чувства. От една страна беше интересен, понеже въвежда в историята на Иран и по-точно революцията, която превръща страната в затворената система, която познаваме днес. Атмосферата на обществото, отношенията между хората и начинът им възприема [...]

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