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By Stefan Zweig Lavinia Mazzucchetti | Comments: ( 411 ) | Date: ( Jan 29, 2020 )

Maria Antonietta fu, in fondo, una donna comune, non troppo intelligente, senza energie speciali per il bene e senza la minima volont al male ma proprio mentre la sua potenza esteriore tramonta comprende che in lei avviene qualcosa di nuovo che senza quelle sciagure non sarebbe stato possibile La coglie il presagio che, in nome di quel dolore, la sua mediocre esistenzaMaria Antonietta fu, in fondo, una donna comune, non troppo intelligente, senza energie speciali per il bene e senza la minima volont al male ma proprio mentre la sua potenza esteriore tramonta comprende che in lei avviene qualcosa di nuovo che senza quelle sciagure non sarebbe stato possibile La coglie il presagio che, in nome di quel dolore, la sua mediocre esistenza vivr come esempio ai posteri, giacch appunto nell ultima ora la sua figura raggiunge finalmente tragiche proporzioni e si fa grande al pari del suo destino.

  • Title: Maria Antonietta
  • Author: Stefan Zweig Lavinia Mazzucchetti
  • ISBN: 9788804426660
  • Page: 454
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Stefan Zweig Lavinia Mazzucchetti

Stefan Zweig was one of the world s most famous writers during the 1920s and 1930s, especially in the U.S South America and Europe He produced novels, plays, biographies and journalist pieces Among his most famous works are Beware of Pity, Letter from an Unknown Woman and Mary, Queen of Scotland and the Isles He and his second wife committed suicide in 1942.Zweig studied in Austria, France, and Germany before settling in Salzburg in 1913 In 1934, driven into exile by the Nazis, he emigrated to England and then, in 1940, to Brazil by way of New York Finding only growing loneliness and disillusionment in their new surroundings, he and his second wife committed suicide.Zweig s interest in psychology and the teachings of Sigmund Freud led to his most characteristic work, the subtle portrayal of character Zweig s essays include studies of Honor de Balzac, Charles Dickens, and Fyodor Dostoyevsky Drei Meister, 1920 Three Masters and of Friedrich Hlderlin, Heinrich von Kleist, and Friedrich Nietzsche Der Kampf mit dem Dmon, 1925 Master Builders He achieved popularity with Sternstunden der Menschheit 1928 The Tide of Fortune , five historical portraits in miniature He wrote full scale, intuitive rather than objective, biographies of the French statesman Joseph Fouch 1929 , Mary Stuart 1935 , and others His stories include those in Verwirrung der Gefhle 1925 Conflicts He also wrote a psychological novel, Ungeduld des Herzens 1938 Beware of Pity , and translated works of Charles Baudelaire, Paul Verlaine, and mile Verhaeren.Most recently, his works provided inspiration for the 2014 film The Grand Budapest Hotel.

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  • Raya راية

    "ما من أحدٍ سوى أولئك الذين لم يتعرّفوا إلى حقائق الحياة، يستطيع الانغماس إلى هذه الدرجة في اللهو واللعب. ولكن الملكة التي تنسى شعبها إنما تخاطر مخاطرة كبرى" ماري أنطوانيت الملكة المُثيرة للجدل، التي صارت سيرتها مجالاً خصباً لكل الأقاويل والتأويلات والتفسيرات. هذه الشخصية ا [...]

  • Chris_P

    Το πέμπτο αστέρι δεν το παίρνει για την σχεδόν εθιστική πρόζα του Τσβάιχ, ούτε για τον κάθε άλλο παρά κουραστικό τρόπο με τον οποίο ξετυλίγεται μία τόσο πολυτάραχη ιστορική προσωπικότητα. Το παίρνει για τα συναισθήματα που με έκανε να νιώσω. Για εκείνο το σφίξιμο στο στομάχ [...]

  • Teresa

    I've now read three different types of books by Zweig: a novella (Chess Story), a memoir (The World of Yesterday) and this biography. Though I'm more likely to read another of his novellas instead of another of his biographies, against expectation, I found this the most entertaining of the three books, but also the most problematic.It's written in a very engaging style (though with too many exclamation points for my taste) and I zipped through it as I neared the end. Unlike with his memoir, in w [...]

  • Sue

    The writings of Stefan Zweig, who died over 70 years ago, are now enjoying a sort of resurgence as they are being published again and are being introduced to new generations of readers. Personally, I have now read four of his works this year including this biography, his autobiography, The World of Yesterday, and two works of fiction, Chess Story and Fantastic Night & Other Stories. In all these works, Zweig proves himself to be an excellent storyteller. He can write well and he has made the [...]

  • Roberto

    La storia raccontata da Zweig in questa biografia è quella arcinota di Maria Antonietta d'Asburgo-Lorena, ultima regina di Francia, moglie di Luigi XVI.Arcinota, dicevo. Certo. Ma perché è arcinota? Lo è perché Zweig si prese la briga, nel 1932, di scrivere questo bellissimo libro che rivede e rivaluta la figura di questa donna così discussa. Il modo di raccontare, la cura dei dettagli, la descrizione del quadro storico e l’indagine psicologica rendono questo libro coinvolgente, avvincen [...]

  • Bushra

    لم أقرأ لستيفان زيفايغ سابقاً أعرف فقط أنه روائي وعندما وجدت أنه مؤلف سيرة ذاتية لماري انطوانيت توقعت أنه سيتجاوز الصورة السياسية المسطحة وسيضيف لها أبعاداً انسانية ونفسية واجتماعية وكان ما توقعت أسلوب روائي مشوق ساحر وساخر وفيه كثير تفاصيل شخصية لكن أبداً لا يختلق أحداثا [...]

  • Laura

    This book is the most complete biography of Marie Antoinette I have ever read.First at all, the author made a huge research work in order to bring the historical facts which surrounded the Marie Antoinette's life.In the first part of the book, Antoinette is described as a young monarch which her main concern, once she married Louis XVI, is to enjoy life as much as possible. In the meantime, the Habsburgsare trying to guide her destiny specially when she became Queen of France. Due to Louis' impo [...]

  • The Books Blender

    Questa recensione è presente anche sul blog: thebooksblendertervistaQuando ero piccola, lo ricordo ancora con un poco di nostalgia, all'esame di quinta elementare portai la Rivoluzione francese, questo grande caos travolgente che ingarbuglia un regno per creare la base dei moderni sistemi giuridici. Okay, all"epoca ero più affascinata dal popolo che si ribella, che - con fermezza e dopo anni e anni di oppressioni - grida per farsi ascoltare dai potenti chiusi nei loro castelli dorati, ma ancor [...]

  • Stela

    Je ne savais pas grand-chose sur Marie-Antoinette avant de lire l’extraordinaire biographie que lui a faite Stefan Zweig. Un petit peu du côte historique – dernière reine de la France avant la Révolution française, décapitée (je pensais) en même temps que son mari, le Roi Louis XVI, un petit peu du côté culturel – une des dernières représentantes du rococo, et un petit peu du côté anecdotique (j’ai n’ai jamais traité de vraie cette histoire) – son supposé conseil au pe [...]

  • zahraa

    ماري انطوانيت لستيفان زفايغ . سيرة ذاتية تاريخية لأكثر شخصية دارت حولها الكثير من الأقاويل وهي ماري انطوانيت .دارت أحداث هذه الرواية حول الأوضاع السياسية في فرنسا ، وتناولت الأبعاد النفسية و الاجتماعية و الاقتصادية السائدة هناك.الجميل في هذا الكتاب أني قرأت تاريخ الثورة ال [...]

  • لطيفة

    أفضل دائمًا كتب السيرة الذاتيه، لوصفها أحداث ربما تكون لأول مرة نقلت عن صاحبها، أول قراءة لـ ستيفان محلل سياسي دقيق الوصف.

  • Michael Finocchiaro

    I think that this was my favorite Stefan Zweig biography. He really felt bad for Marie-Antoinette and particularly mourns the mystery of the disappearance of her son from the Bastille before her execution. For me, it is the most poignant biography of this figure which we associate with the revolution and the frivolity that led to it but yet had a rich interior life and deserved a different fate than that which life handed her.

  • Jill

    What is the sum of a life? The manner in which an individual toiled away the majority of her living hours, the way history chooses to remember her, or how she approaches her final days, trying to live while knowing all that awaits her is death? In evaluating the sum of Marie-Antoinette’s life, the answer to this question is critical. Her rich story has been combed over by many a magnifying glass both during and after her reign as Queen of France, and it’s so full of anomalies that more than [...]

  • د. حمدان

    ماري أنطوانيت ستيفان زفايغإن هذه الرواية أحد الأمثلة القوية عندما يقوم الروائي بدور المؤرخ ويقدّم حدثاً تاريخياً بأمانة وتمحيص بأقصى ما يمكن له مؤرخ "محايد". ولا يمكنني هنا من أن أخفي أنه ذكرني عندما كان تولستوي يعرض كلام المؤرخين المختلفين عن الحملة الفرنسية على روسيا في ر [...]

  • Elis

    Ritratto attento ed accurato di una figura storica che nonostante i numerosi sbagli, ha saputo catturare l'immaginario collettivo attraverso i secoli, figurandosi come una delle personalità più controverse del suo periodo storico. Stefan Zweig riesce a figurare durante agli occhi del lettore non solo Maria Antonietta ma tutte le figure che ruotarono intorno a lei, sullo sfondo di una vicenda storica che cambiò le sorti di un intero popolo, la Rivoluzione Francese. Rivoluzione che farà crolla [...]

  • AGamarra

    "A su lado exclusivamente jóvenes; una alegre compañía que no eche a perder con una abobada gravedad el juego y las bromas de la vida. Si estos compañeros de diversión son o no de alta categoría, de una de las primeras familias, y si poseen un carácter honorable e irreprochable, se toma poco en consideración; tampoco necesitan ser excesivamente cultos, educados - la gente culta es pedante, y maliciosa la educada - ; le basta que posean un espíritu agudo, que sepan referir anécdotas pic [...]

  • Yann

    Marie-Antoinette est une biographie écrite par Stefan Zweig, un écrivain autrichien de l’entre-deux-guerre, qui relate la vie de celle qui fut la reine de France lors de la Révolution Française. Il pose un regard très bienveillant sur sa compatriote, pour ne pas dire un peu complaisant. Comme ses autres biographies, Zweig fait montre de qualités pédagogiques, alliant à la fois la clarté de l’exposition avec le piquant du récit psychologique. Tout conspire à captiver le lecteur, et [...]

  • Esra M.

    Tarihsel bir karakterin biyografisini yazarken tamamen objektif olmak zor olsa da kitabın ilk sayfalarında yazarın bakış açısı çokça hissediliyor. Hikayeleştirilmiş bir biyografiyi okur gibi oluyor insan. İlerleyen sayfalarda Zweig’in yazım gücünün etkisiyle okuyucu olayların içine çekiliyor,kitap kolaylıkla ve zevk vererek akıp gidiyor. Bunda tarihsel olayların salt olay olarak anlatılmayıp ustaca yapılmış karakter analizlerinin etkisinin de olduğunu söylemeliyim [...]

  • Moloch

    Più un bel racconto che un saggio storico. In vari punti suona assai datato (ad es. nella definizione del Settecento come secolo "frivolo"). Tuttavia, bella scrittura e una lettura gradevole. Mezzo punto in meno perché (spoiler?) l'insistenza sulla (view spoiler)[storia tra Fersen e la regina (hide spoiler)] alla lunga stufa.

  • charta

    Il taglio è fortemente narrativo. Più che una biografia sembra di leggere il diario della regina delle brioches (per me, sin da quando mi sono imbattuta in lei per la prima volta, altro non è stata). Al meno sino ad ora si percepisce una sottile vena agiografica; attitudine coraggiosa essendo questa sovrana una delle figure storicamente più sgradite.Molto significativi gli spaccati sull'alta politica del periodo, più "ad personam" di quanto un moderno non addetto ai lavori possa immaginare. [...]

  • Ciruela

    --Yo solía gobernar el mundolos mares se alzaban cuando yo lo ordenaba.Ahora, cuando llega la mañana, yo duermo solo,barro las calles que antes solía poseer.Yo solía tirar los dados,sentía el miedo en los ojos de mi enemigo.Escuchaba cómo la gente cantaba:"ahora que el viejo rey ha muerto, ¡larga vida al rey!"Por un minuto yo tenía la llave,al siguiente las paredes estaban cerradas ante mí.Y descubrí que mis castillos estaban construidossobre pilares de sal y pilares de arena.Por algun [...]

  • Marta

    Sin palabrasLa manera de escribir de este hombre es una maravilla y su forma asombrosa de plasmar la evolución de María Antonieta. Describe tan bien y detalladamente los sentimientos de la protagonista, que parece que estás allí con ella. Sin palabras.

  • Didem Gürpınar

    Zweig, yine efsane bir yazar olduğunu bir kere daha kanıtlamış bu kitabıyla. Marie Antoinette'nin hayat hikayesini okurken bir yandan da kanlı Fransız İhtilali tüm çıplaklığı ile gözler önüne serilmiştir. Zweig tarafından vasat bir karakter olarak tanımlanan kraliçenin idama gidiş anı çok etkileyici bir şekilde anlatılmıştır. Kitabın son sözünde de yer alan kaynakça ve Zweig'ın kaynakçaya dair yorumları da anlatılanların güvenilirliği açısından çok ön [...]

  • Diana

    I've always steered clear of biographies on the premise that 400+ pages about any one person must be overkill. My dad strongly recommended this one, though, and I thought I'd give it a try. Much to my (pleasant) surprise, this book kept me interested on every page and through every chapter. Marie Antoinette's life history and the context both of her marriage to Louis XVI and the French Revolution are fascinating. It's not light reading, but it's certainly worth the effort. I really enjoyed it.

  • Ahmad Sharabiani

    Marie Antoinette, Stefan Zweigعنوان: ماری آنتوانت؛ نویسنده: اشتفان تسوایک؛ مترجم: رضا مشایخی؛ مقدمه: علی دشتی؛ تهران، کمانگیر، 1363، در 388 ص؛ موضوع: زندگی ماری آنتوانت همسر لوئی شانزدهم پادشاه فرانسه قرن 20 م

  • Anna

    Не так давно дочитала довольно внушительный том художественной биографии знаменитой французской королевы Марии-Антуанетты, написанный моим любимым Стефаном Цвейгом. Сказать, что мне понравилось, значит не сказать ничего. Я осталась в полном восторге! Никогда не подумала [...]

  • Ella

    Il est difficile de choisir une biographie sur Marie-Antoinette. Dire qu'elle a été trop étudiée pour son importance historique n'est pas faux. Le nombre de biographies sur elle comparativement au nombre de son mari sont sans équivoque. Elle est plus adorée, plus connue que le roi et cela pour la première fois de l'histoire. Jamais reine de France n'a surpassé son mari au panthéon de la gloire, si ce n'est Marie-Antoinette.Pourquoi sommes-nous autant fascinés par cette reine martyre, p [...]

  • Oscar Gonzalez

    María Antonieta es de esos personajes que todos creemos conocer, a través de una sola frase que en realidad no dijo. Como Sherlock Holmes, exactamente. En este libro no se la reivindica, pero tampoco la denuesta. Se la presenta simplemente como un ser humano, un ser humano que no estaba la altura de unas circunstancias extraordinarias mientras estuvo en cúspide, pero que una vez perdido ese mundo que tenía a su disposición reveló lo que pudo haber sido.De una sobriedad y una mesura exquisi [...]

  • Liliana Pinto

    Nos últimos anos têm existido uma proliferação de biografias sobre Maria Antonieta. Mas, na minha opinião, nenhuma delas é tão exata quanto a escrita por Stefan Zweig.Quando peguei neste livro fiquei um pouco assustada com a forma como está escrito e os seus capítulos um pouco longos. Ao inicio foi um pouco complicado avançar no livro, porque a existência de diálogos é quase nula e a forma como está escrito requer uma atenção especial. Mas a partir da página 100 consegui apanhar [...]

  • Hend mostafa

    بالرغم من حياة مارى انطونيت المستهترة فى بداية حياتها , فلم املك الا التعاطف معها خطبت وهى طفلة وتزوجت مراهقة بصفقة سياسية , ابرم الصفقة والدتها امبراطورة النمسا العظيمة مارى تريز ولويس الخامس عشر ملك فرنسا مارى انطونيت من الاشخاص لا تشعر بعظمة قواها الا عندما واجهت الخطر فع [...]

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