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By A.J. Gallant | Comments: ( 734 ) | Date: ( May 25, 2020 )

A tale of magic, romance and fangs.New York City is under attack.Dracula is suicidal in a world where evil vampires are in the early stages of taking over The Master has lived too long and can t find a reason to face another day Nasty vampires are feeding on vulnerable mortals and causing chaos Years ago he trained valiant sheriffs and expects them to defend the humansA tale of magic, romance and fangs.New York City is under attack.Dracula is suicidal in a world where evil vampires are in the early stages of taking over The Master has lived too long and can t find a reason to face another day Nasty vampires are feeding on vulnerable mortals and causing chaos Years ago he trained valiant sheriffs and expects them to defend the humans but they are being overrun Piers Anthony, the author, is now a vampire He spends his days attempting to get the Master to snap out of it and to defend the humans, without losing his head.A 12 year old girl is a rare hybrid, half human and half vampire she was conceived the normal way, with her mother a mortal and her father a vampire Jenny is slowly discovering that she may be a blood wizard She s already an accomplished vampire killer and can cast spells, but an underground figure has noticed the girl Some believe that she might be the one of legend that tips the scale toward good.Sheriff Alexander and his vampire German shepherd stand and fight for justice.Will the red sheriffs be overrun Will Michael finally get the courage to ask out the sheriff

  • Title: Hearts of Stone
  • Author: A.J. Gallant
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 227
  • Format: Kindle Edition

About Author:

A.J. Gallant

I WAS MURDERED LAST NIGHT is now available An excerpt from I WAS MURDERED LAST NIGHT murdered night Anita s death while on vacation in New York City is no accident, but instead of the end, Anita discovers that it s only the beginning Now on the other side, she appears to be connected somehow to Detective Olive Brown, the detective assigned to her murder And to her killer as well Detective Olivia Brown wonders if the ghost is genuine or if she s losing her mind Is Anita actually supposed to help solve her murder or is something else going on Can there be romance after death A murder mystery like no other At three hours after midnight, all was quiet in the hotel room, Olivia was in REM sleep and dreaming Her eyes were darting around under her lids Olivia was making her way through the thick forest, and snow was falling, and it crunched under her feet The woods looked stark, black and white though the precipitation made it pretty enough She wasn t on any path, and it was rough going, the terrain was uneven, and the detective was also on an incline The further she went, the difficult the trek She looked down at her feet the snow was quite a bit deeper now, and she was suddenly wearing old wooden snowshoes Tweet, tweet, tweedily tweet A red cardinal flew past her and landed in a birch tree, a beautiful spot of color with the white environment that surrounded her It jumped several times, knocking snow from the branch to the ground Olivia had a sense that the bird wanted her to pursue it, and so she did though the going was slow as the incline got steeper What s this A splotch of blood in the snow, but no way to tell if it originated from an animal or human Olivia perceived a faint sound and it was necessary to listen intently The Cardinal remained silent as if allowing her to hear whatever it was She bent closer to the base of the tree near the blood where she observed a watch strap and part of the face of the watch, and when Olivia pulled it out, she could see that there was blood on it So it was human blood A thin hand appeared from beneath the snow and grabbed her wrist, shaking free of it and then stood up The bird tweeted again, wanting her to follow it and so she did The slope now almost impossible to climb, but now Olivia could see the top and so kept going As she struggled to move forward, she was able to smell burning wood, the moderate wind blowing it in her direction Please have a look at my site albertttt.wix fantasy books

Comments Hearts of Stone

  • ~ Rose ~ ☯Desert Rose❀

    Wow- this is truly one of the best books I've read in a very, very long time. I absolutely love the way Dracula is depicted in this story- he's comical, and deadly serious at the same time, which is just a perfect mix. The characters he has around him simply add to the humor and depth of his ancient personality.Seeing life from Dracula's point of view is just great- having lived for thousands of years, he is quite a character, and it isn't hard to imagine that life would hold very few flickers o [...]

  • Michelle (In Libris Veritas)

    I received a complimentary copy of this book in order to review it.Well this was certainly one of the most unique novels based around Dracula that I’ve ever read. The premise is pretty interesting and execution is really…for the lack of a better word, weird. It wasn’t what I was expecting at all, and I actually had to take a few days toward the beginning to get into the mood for such a goofy read so that I could fully enjoy it. The writing really threw me for a loop because it was really g [...]

  • Georgeanna

    This has to be the first of a series. There are lots and lots of bad guys and not nearly so many good guys. None of the bad guys are likeable and the good guys are really, really good. I liked this book, but, at times, became impatient with the sub-plots of all the stupid bad guys all wanting to 'rule the world'. It did get a little confusing with 'The 12', 'The 10', the 3 or 4, and the really fat one all plotting - and eating humans willy-nilly. I loved the tiny bit of romance tucked in here, t [...]

  • Angie

    There is so many different points of view in this book that it would be extremely hard to write a synopsis without giving a lot away. But basically there are a bunch of evil vampires running around causing trouble. Everything pretty much branches off of that fact.I was really amused by this book. I wasn't expecting much, I had a a bad run of books, but got more then I bargained for. The beginning dragged a little, but once it picked up it keep with a nice pace.Dracula was by far my favorite, I w [...]

  • Timothy Haas

    Dracula: Hearts of Stone This book was sent to me by Bookrooster for a review. I am not really a fan of vampire books but this one was very well written. In the book you meet:Dracula is a bit of a good guy and a dry sense of humor. Piers Anthony is now a vampire, never expect that at all, Dracula allowed because he enjoyed his writing style. Then we come to Jenny she is a 12-year-old hybrid with extraordinary talent, whom a bit more should have been written about.Lauren is an exceptional sheriff [...]

  • Pat

    I liked some things about this book. The idea of Dracula as a hero intrigued me, as did the concept of red sheriffs. Some of the characters had potential, particularly Jenny. Yet the book as a whole did not impress me. There were too many plots so that the story was very episodic, with no focus. The plethora of characters makes for confusion, and only a couple of them had any depth (I really don't need to know the names of all the bit characters, either). Sometimes A.J. Gallant got so caught up [...]

  • Fiona Tate

    The story has many characters, and I must confess that I found it a little difficult to keep track of who was who. Dracula is very entertaining and his relationship with Piers Anthony (yes that Piers Anthony) was definitely a highlight of the story which centers around Dracula wanting to kill himself, a young girl with mysterious powers and a bunch of Vampire thugs that want to kill Dracula. Oh yes and there's a Vampire dog!I enjoyed this book and I'm sure I will enjoy the next one as well. I wa [...]

  • Michele Avery

    The writing style is completely different than I'm used to, but somehow it works. It's kind of like reading a soap opera in that each chapter bounces to another character and it might take several chapters to get back to the character you were on. At first it was very distracting, but I kept reading just to get back to Dracula and what he was up to. Before long I was hooked. There's lots of humor in the book that had me laughing out loud. I read the last half while getting my hair done (it takes [...]

  • Sue Lyssa Stone Shaffer

    meh. So far a noncompelling read. It has taken months to get around to opening it & so far it is to depressing for words.I give major points for vampiric k9 hunting dogs & a thumbs up for the Red Sherrif. However after a couple of hours of trying this one is getting put back on the shelf for another attempt on a different day.If that attempt fails as well digital recycling here it comes

  • Tricia Rush

    Awful! Story was pretty good, but it was an free download and, man, I had no idea how badly written those books could be! A first grade child could write better than that! Sure hope all of my free downloads aren't as badly written!

  • Roze Wallin

    Check out my review here!

  • Winter Sophia Rose

    Intense, Unique, Funny Read. I Loved It!

  • Linda

    Think you have things rough@ Try going through life that never ends as a depressed Vampire. A fun read with humor a surprises.Battles to be fought and just coping with how to stay alive.

  • Darlene

    Don't know what I was thinking when I ordered this one.

  • Jenn

    Threw me for a loopI totally enjoyed this book. Dracula cracked me up and the ending so not what I expected. This Dracula definitely my favorite vampire

  • heather

    loved it a must read now!

  • Doreen Johnson

    I am so happy I found this series I had quietva few lol moments I look forward to reading the rest of the books

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  • Best Download [A.J. Gallant] ↠ Hearts of Stone || [Humor and Comedy Book] PDF ✓
    227 A.J. Gallant
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