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By Kat Rosenfield | Comments: ( 459 ) | Date: ( Jan 23, 2020 )

An arresting un coming of age story, from a breathtaking talent Becca has always longed to break free from her small, backwater hometown But the discovery of an unidentified dead girl on the side of a dirt road sends the town and Becca into a tailspin Unable to make sense of the violence of the outside world creeping into her backyard, Becca finds herself retreating inAn arresting un coming of age story, from a breathtaking talent Becca has always longed to break free from her small, backwater hometown But the discovery of an unidentified dead girl on the side of a dirt road sends the town and Becca into a tailspin Unable to make sense of the violence of the outside world creeping into her backyard, Becca finds herself retreating inward, paralyzed from moving forward for the first time in her life Short chapters detailing the last days of Amelia Anne Richardson s life are intercut with Becca s own summer as the parallel stories of two young women struggling with self identity and relationships on the edge twist the reader closer and closer to the truth about Amelia s death.

  • Title: Amelia Anne is Dead and Gone
  • Author: Kat Rosenfield
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 216
  • Format: Kindle Edition

About Author:

Kat Rosenfield

Kat Rosenfield was born and raised in Coxsackie, New York, graduated from New Jersey s Drew University, and worked as a production assistant, publicist and copywriter in New York City before finding her niche in writing for teenagers Her first novel, AMELIA ANNE IS DEAD AND GONE, was published by Dutton in July 2012 Her second novel, INLAND, will be published in Spring Summer 2014.When not writing fiction, she can be found contributing entertainment news and commentary to MTV s Hollywood Crush blog and lecturing on proper flirting techniques on Barnes Noble s SparkLife.The name of her hometown is not pronounced the way you think it is.

Comments Amelia Anne is Dead and Gone

  • Wendy Darling

    This has been amazing year for young adult literature for mature audiences. From The Miseducation of Cameron Post to the upcoming Monstrous Beauty, it's been incredibly exciting to find books that aren't afraid to push boundaries, ask questions, and immerse their readers in unusual literary styles. Is this in recognition that more and more adults are reading YA? Perhaps. I just hope the trend continues.One of my favorite books this year is definitely Kat Rosenfeld's Amelia Anne is Dead and Gone. [...]

  • Whitney Atkinson

    DNF at page 84. I'm at the point where I just can't even push my way through YA contemporary. This book is pretty, but boring.

  • Tatiana

    Objectively speaking, Amelia Anne is Dead and Gone is well written. (Hence, no rating from me, even though I didn't finish it.) Kat Rosenfield is (mostly) in control of her very evocative, atmospheric prose:"Murder in a small town is always more than a paragraph in the local paper. In a place so insulated, where lives are so small and gone about so quietly, violent death hangs in the air - tinting everything crimson, weaving itself into a shimmering heat that rises off the winding asphalt roads [...]

  • Emily

    2.5 stars Things I didn't like:- Purple prose.- Lengthy, repetitive descriptions.- Weird tangents that I couldn't connect with the main story. I dunno, what was the main story? Everything was so convoluted and patchy.- Every character except James.- Alll the dramatic fight scenes.- The pointless red herring.- The lack of a substantial plot.- Switching from first to third person - so jarring.- The unbelievable, unsatisfying ending.Things I liked:- James. - The vivid imagery.- The parallel charact [...]

  • Donna

    Amelia Anne Is Dead and Gone Amelia Anne is dead and gone but she apparently left behind her thesaurus because her story was quite adjective-alicious. But, once I waded through the overabundance of metaphors and descriptive prose, it was a fairly ok read.until the last 30 or so pages. That ending was bullshit. I was so angry about the fact that I had been drawn in to the suspense of this murder/mystery only to be rewarded with some half ass muddle-muck of an ending. Not to mention that it just W [...]

  • Maureen

    I liked this book alright. The writing was beautiful but the story just didn't fit together in some parts. The mystery aspect was cool but not enough of a mystery to really be haunting.

  • Kelly

    Lush, lush writing and a twist I did not see coming. I mean, I sort of thought it could go down as it did, but I didn't think it'd ACTUALLY happen. This was a dark, twisted, and complex story. I think the flap copy does it little justice, actually. It's a story about being trapped and becoming free, and it's a metaphor played out via not only murder and destruction, but sex and dreams and reaching for the future while feeling completely stuck in the past.Reminded me so much style-wise of Nova Re [...]

  • Christina (A Reader of Fictions)

    Oh, that awkward moment where you read a book that's come highly recommended to you from just about everyone you know and then you don't like the book. There seem to be a lot of times where I'm that guy: the one who goes against the grain of popular opinion. I could list a number of books my friends all loved that I didn't like much at all, as well as ones pretty much no one else cared for that I thought were fabulous. Honestly, it's frustrating this divide that leaves me agreeing with others no [...]

  • Katy Upperman

    Amelia Anne had me at hello. The beautiful cover, mesmerizing synopsis, and steady stream of rave reviews were initially intriguing. But then there was the first line:The night before Amelia Anne Richardson bled her life away on a parched dirt road outside of town, I bled out my dignity in the back of a pickup truck under a star-pricked sky.Amazing, right? I’m happy to report that each line that follows the first is equally stunning. So are the characters, the setting, and the desperate, raw t [...]

  • Steph Su

    AMELIA ANNE IS DEAD AND GONE is not really a book that wants you to like it. From the uncomfortable opening sex scene to the way Becca’s plotline ends up intersecting with that of Amelia Anne’s death, it’s like you’re forcibly pressed close to the story and its ugliness, so that every blemish is magnified. If you’re the kind of reader who likes this no-gloss dissection of flawed characters and setting, then great! It wasn’t my type of read, but I can see why other will find this winn [...]

  • Liz Janet

    "The men looked at her as she looked away from them. Seeing Amelia, who saw nothing at all."The writing of this book was beautiful, and the story intriguing although predictable. It also has sort of an open ending, but I did not feel like it detracted from the story at all. Worthy of a re-read.

  • Rachel Elizabeth

    As evidenced by the fact that I read the first eight (EIGHT, HOW EMBARRASSING) installments in the Pretty Little Liars series, I eat teen mysteries up like they are the most delicious candy. That combination of high school level prose and sneeringly evil kids usually does it for me. When I saw that this book was being loved up all over , it was a natural pick.I'm not even (that) ashamed to admit that I liked the snarky, silly Pretty Little Liars way more than the very earnest effort of Kat Rosen [...]

  • Isamlq

    3.5/5Amelia Anne is Dead and Gone is my kind of book, even if it really isn’t ever fast paced. It’s writing you either get or don’t; I certainly did since atmospheric and moody are but two of the things that come to mind. Their two narratives were cleverly wove together. At first glance the leads feel different, with one whose a future that follows a certain path, a path she’s become familiar with AND another who leaves her own for something different. Yet, think on it more, and there's [...]

  • tonya.

    I was three pages into Amelia Anne is Dead and Gone when I looked up from the page and said to myself--out loud, mind you, because that's the kind of person I am (crazy)--"holy moly, I'm going to love this book."And I was right.Amelia Anne is Dead and Gone starts off with a sex scene--you know, like you do in YA. Except, rather than being written in the hushed and titillating tones of most stories, when sex is the climax rather than the opener, it is written in a way that is raw and gritty and a [...]

  • G

    I didn't even finish reading this book. I think I'm somewhere around chapter 10. I'm going to have to literally force myself to finish it if I can weed through all the unnecessary prose. JUST TELL THE DAMN STORY. I don't care about how the rose bushes or whatever the fuck smells during the summer. What does that have to do with advancing the plot? Not a mother fucking thing. The main character is upset that she's going off to college and has to leave her boyfriend home. -_- This boyfriend recent [...]

  • Monique

    DNF at page 40

  • Bonnie

    My rating: 4.5 of 5 stars“That girl, dead and gone, her spirit trapped forever just inside town limits—she’d come from someplace, was going somewhere. Until destiny had stepped into the road in front of her, stopped her forward motion, drawn a killing claw against the white, fluttering swell of her future. Whispering, ‘Oh no, you don’t.’When you made plans, the saboteurs came out to play.”The night of Becca’s high school graduation brings her one step closer to leaving small-town [...]

  • Rebecca

    I've read books I've enjoyed and books I've hated. I've read books that made me happy and books that made me sad. Very occasionally, I've read a book that leaves me enraged."Amelia Anne is Dead and Gone" is such a book. Two hundred plus pages of an eighteen year old girl whining finally cummulating in the most ridiculous ending of all time. This is not a mystery, Rosenfield gives you very few clues to work with. This is not a coming of age story. The main character, Rebecca, is a recent high sch [...]

  • sana°¤°

    I don't want to read about someone describing their recent sex and I found out this is a contemporary as well.Plus this has way too many negative reviews. I think I'm going to pass on this.

  • Sara Grochowski

    I really haven't a clue where to begin with this review I suppose I could start by saying that I love this book with surprising depth. For years I've named Melina Marchetta's Jellicoe Road as my favorite novel because no other book has ever garnered near the emotional connection or caused me to sob near as hard until Amelia Anne is Dead and Gone. The novel is told in alternating points-of-view between Becca, a small town girl who's about to leave home for university, and Amelia Anne, the girl fo [...]

  • Laura

    This is one of those book that is gathering a lot of love and I felt rather "meh" about. Why? In part it's the slightly florrid writing ("Stan's gesturing hand passed over the woman - the life wrung out in bruises beneath her eyes, soaking and blooming and drying the dirt, as he waved his palm over her breasts and the curve of her hip and her delicate, motionless face."). Whew! It felt like very other sentence was like that, which is a little tiring.The other problem I had was with Becca. She's [...]

  • Mindy Hardwick

    I wanted to like this one more. The writing is breathtakingly beautiful and had me wanting to linger over each word and sentence.But I had a few issues with the story which caused my low review. First off, the sex is more graphic than needs to be. If it's classified as New Adult, that's fine. But I wouldn't purchase this one or recommend it to teens in a school setting without worry about getting more than a few parents upset. Second, the murder is predictable. It didn't have to be. If we had no [...]

  • ALPHAreader

    At the same time that Amelia Anne Richardson was dying on a lonely dirt road, Becca was having her heart broken in the back of her boyfriend’s truck. While Becca gets ready to blow out of her small Southern town and mend the heart that James broke, news of the dead girl travels fast and persistently. And in the wake of her murder, when suspicions turn inwards, James looks to reconnect with Becca over the summer before she leaves for college . . . but with her father as the local judge, Becca f [...]

  • Kyle

    For this review and more, check out my blog,Living Is Reading! [image error]This is a really frustrating book to rate (although it’s very easy to review since I have many things to say about it).A large part of me wants to just give this 4.5 stars, and maybe even a 5 star rating if I’m feeling particularly generous, despite the glaring flaws in this (there’s only two, but they’re biggies in my opinion), so a 4 isn’t the most exact rating. Maybe a 4.25? However since I personally don’ [...]

  • Merin

    2.5/5 stars.Amelia Anne is Dead and Gone was a book that I was very much looking forward to reading. In fact, my anticipation was so great that I actually requested that my library purchase the book, instead of waiting for them to come across the title themselves, which can sometimes take ages. When the book was first released, I heard nothing but praise for it. The reviews promised atmospheric prose, gorgeous descriptions, and a slower-paced but still gripping plot. So it was with glee that I d [...]

  • Katriina ❆

    Nah. Just, nah. This book really wasn't for me, and I don't really understand how it could be for anyone. Amelia Anne is dead and gone had one main message that made me sick. You know, I have a "always aim for the highest, don't content yourself with something lower than your standards" mentality. This book would deserve zero stars alone for it's foul message.Amelia Anne is dead and gone had a message of "Don't you ever make plans to escape from your run-of-the-mill-life because all of these pla [...]

  • Brittany

    On a night where everything started to change for Becca, a dead body changed her town. The unknown corpse of a girl on the side of the road, left her small town fumbling. The cops weren't sure what to do with a murder case, and no one knew how this could have happened in this town. Everyone knew one thing though: the person who did this couldn't have been from around here. Becca wants to escape this town at the end of the summer, but the murder has left her rattled. Her plans seem less sure and [...]

  • Sara (sarabara081)

    You can see more of my reviews at Forever 17 Books!Intense and captivating, Kat Rosenfield’s Amelia Anne is Dead and Gone left me breathless. This tells the story of a girl named Rebecca who just graduated from High School and has plans to high-tail it out of her small town and move forward with her life without looking back. On the night of graduation, her boyfriend suddenly dumps her in a cruel manner and the body of a dead girl is found on the road in her town. No one knows who this girl is [...]

  • Pixie/PageTurners(Amber) C.

    Amelia Anne is Dead and Gone has a raw, unrelenting prose that I found refreshing; it truly captures the teen voice and makes Becca & Amelia very relatable characters.Becca's life is pretty much perfect - she just graduated high school, has a great boyfriend and is about to leave her small town life style behind and head off to college. On the night of her graduation everything changes; two things happen that night that makes Becca question herself and everyone around her - Becca's boyfriend [...]

  • Mari

    Amelia Anne is Dead and Gone is well written. The two interwoven stories of Amelia Anne and Becca come together so nicely to paint a portrait of what it means to leave certain things behind. Kat Rosenfield uses these two ladies to expertly comment on heartbreak, second chances, new beginnings, small towns, loss and love. There were so many times when I was simply swept away in her prose. It's a book propelled not by plot or characters, but simply by introspection. Therein also lies the fault of [...]

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