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By John Gregory Betancourt Roger Zelazny | Comments: ( 912 ) | Date: ( Jul 16, 2020 )

In Roger Zelazny s Amber universe, there is only one true world, of which all others are but Shadows In the ten book saga that he created, it is learned that Amber was not the first true world rather, it was The Courts of Chaos The saga chronicled the adventures of the royal family of Amber, culminating with a worlds shaking battle between champions from Amber and fromIn Roger Zelazny s Amber universe, there is only one true world, of which all others are but Shadows In the ten book saga that he created, it is learned that Amber was not the first true world rather, it was The Courts of Chaos The saga chronicled the adventures of the royal family of Amber, culminating with a worlds shaking battle between champions from Amber and from Chaos Zelazny did not have the chance to create the origin of Amber and its royal family, or reveal other key information that is only alluded to, before he died The Dawn of Amber trilogy will expand the Amber universe and answer the important questions left open, including how Amber was created, by whom, and why The events in the trilogy will precede those in the existing novels, but follow some of the same, immortal characters Finally, fans of the series will discover why it was necessary to create Amber, how Chaos and Amber came to be at war, and the true nature of the universal, sentient forces that Amber and Chaos represent.

  • Title: Roger Zelazny's The Dawn of Amber
  • Author: John Gregory Betancourt Roger Zelazny
  • ISBN: 9780743452403
  • Page: 432
  • Format: Hardcover

About Author:

John Gregory Betancourt Roger Zelazny

John Gregory Betancourt born October 25, 1963 is a writer of science fiction, fantasy and mystery novels as well as short stories He has worked as an assistant editor at Amazing Stories and editor of Horror The Newsmagazine of the Horror Field, the revived Weird Tales magazine, the first issue of H P Lovecraft s Magazine of Horror which he subsequently hired Marvin Kaye to edit , Cat Tales magazine which he subsequently hired George H Scithers to edit , and Adventure Tales magazine He worked as a Senior Editor for Byron Preiss Visual Publications 1989 1996 and iBooks He is the writer of four Star Trek novels and the new Chronicles of Amber prequel series, as well as a dozen original novels His essays, articles, and reviews have appeared in such diverse publications as Writer s Digest, The Washington Post, and Amazing Stories.

Comments Roger Zelazny's The Dawn of Amber

  • Thomas

    I discovered Zelazny's Amber series in my teens and devoured it. The cosmology was interesting, the characters were well-drawn (although sometimes a little lacking in depth), and the plot was engaging. I enjoyed the later Merlin novels, although perhaps not quite as much as the original Corwin series.I was interested in seeing what Betancourt had done with the franchise after Zelazny's death. Overall, I'm pretty disappointed. The characters don't have much depth; where Zelazny may have done that [...]

  • Daryl

    Roger Zelazny's Amber series (all ten books) are some of my favorite books of all time. When Roger died in 1995, I was saddened, but didn't fret that there would be no more Amber novels, as I wasn't expecting any. Zelazny stated that he didn't want anyone else continuing the series, and some of his closer writer friends who would've done an excellent job of continuing the series (I'm thinking of Steve Brust and Neil Gaiman) publicly acknowledged and complied with that. I was pretty annoyed when [...]

  • Lightreads

    Authorized prequel to Roger Zelazny's Amber double-quintet. Like a mediocre fanfiction writer, Betancourt opts for regurgitation and repetition rather than innovation, with painful results. I got through a fourth of this, found its plot precisely matches the trajectory of Zelazny's first Amberbook only with different names, and dropped it in disgust. Note for future reference: imitation is cheap, and good derivative fiction requires some actual derivation.

  • Dev Null

    Didn't make it.The books aren't really bad per se, but they don't capture the fire of the originals. If they weren't trying to be Amber they'd merely be a bit bland; as it is they're a bit of a disappointment. And yes, I am a mad fan of Roger Zelazny, and his Amber books were some of my favorite books ever growing up, but I am not just a starry-eyed zealot with blurry teenaged memories of a greatness that never was. I re-read Zelazny's Amber just before reading these, and the originals are not q [...]

  • Rbaker

    Can't imagine why anyone would try to add to Zelazny's Amber chronicles.Seems disrespectful to me and all the things listed as unanswered were in fact answered as much as i think Zelazny intended.Anything for a buck?

  • Peter Ivey

    Roger Zelazny said to both George Martin and Robert Silverberg, contemporaries of his, that he did not want anyone but himself doing stories about Amber. Period. Unfortunately, Zelazny had left control of his estate to a family member to whom he had grown estranged to. To make a long story short, these novels should not exist, and should be treated as unauthorized fan fiction. They do not have the superior writing and imagination that marked Zelazny as a terrific writer. Read his short stories i [...]

  • Reg

    First off, I think that if you enjoy Betancourt's Amber novels then more power to you. We all like what we like and matters of taste are by definition subjective. So I perfectly respect your right to like these books and think nothing less of anyone for doing so, even though I may vehemently disagree. So please take no offense at what follows (unless you happen to be John Betancourt, in which case you can go right ahead). Secondly, and in the interest of full disclosure, I generally find the pra [...]

  • Mike

    As I read the first pages of this book, I was struck by how much of a copy it was of Zelazny's own work. Yes, that is the point of having another author write "extensions" to a an existing series (or even a single stellar book - see my review of "Spade and Archer"). But in this case it was not a warm feeling about how well the author had immersed themselves into the world of the creator. Instead, I was thinking that is was a poor echo of one of the originals. Specifically where Corwin is an amne [...]

  • Иван Величков

    Книгата ми хареса, въпреки целият негативен багаж, който носи написването ѝ, ако я разглеждах като фенфик даже щях да и дам още една звезда, но не е фенфик. При положение, че Зелазни е поискал никой да не пише във вселената на Амбър и талантливи негови приятели и гениални авто [...]

  • Daniel

    The very first thing that strikes me as I read this is that this is NOT Roger Zelazny writing. In fact, if it were not for the fact that I recognize Betancourt's name, I would wonder if this was even a professional writer -- the opening chapter came across as very amateurish. Lot's of telling, and no "showing" -- no making us feel a part of the action.While that sense of "low" writing never entirely vanished, I did become more engrossed in the story itself. Even there, however, I knew that I was [...]

  • Tim Hicks

    This 2002 1-of-3 is competent, and perhaps almost good. But it left me the strong impression of a book that was supposed to be one volume until the publisher insisted on making it three. It feels stretched, padded, thin. The author captures Zelazny's clear, fast-teasing style quite decently. Obere is delightfully dim for a chap who is clearly competent in things military. And when he is able to focus occasionally, he does show some intelligence. We can believe he could become what he did in the [...]

  • Jim

    I've read that a lot of people don't like this addition to Zelazny's Amber series by Betancourt. I do. I've read just about all of Zelany's stuff & the Amber series a dozen times or more. I think he's done a great job of adding on & I hope he can get the 5th book published to complete the series - I read that the publisher went out of business after book 4, which really, really sucks. Oberon was left in a tight spot!This series is a prelude to the Amber series, about Oberon & the fou [...]

  • Vira Motorko

    Поняття не маю, чому, але ця книженція щось мені сподобалась більше, ніж попередні. Не скажу, що якось різниться манера написання. Не скажу, що сюжет цікавіший абощо. (Навіть навпаки, є моменти, коли я собі думала: "ахаха, щось це мені нагадує!"). Може, далася взнаки перерва на Га [...]

  • April

    My thoughts, such as they were:greenmanreview/book/bo

  • John Norton

    I very much enjoyed the book. The Chronicles of Amber was my favourite fantasy series. When I saw this book, I had to read it. Unlike some people who write derisive reviews when others pickup the mantle and try to carry on a series when the original author no longer can continue it. I applaud the effort. This book wasn't written by Roger Zelazney, so I don't expect it to read as a Roger Zelazney book would read. What I read was a John Gregory Betancourt novel that took me back into the world of [...]

  • Lori Wessel

    Well written and consistent with Zelazny'so writing.

  • Hayden

    A prequel to one of the greatest fantasy series of all time. Betancourt is good, but the bar is set impossibly high, here. His style mimics Zelazny in many ways, and it's not that this is a bad novel. It just doesn't have that grab-you-by-the-throat feel that the rest of the Amber series has. I don't know what I was expecting here, but this wasn't it.

  • Patrick Bran

    It saddens me to have to write this review. Zelazney's Amber is one of the series' that truly cemented my love of the genre. With that said, I have two points to make about this book.1. The editing. There does not appear to have been any. I cannot speak for the print edition, but the ebook is so filled with typographical errors as to be almost laughable. It is not just misspelled words or improper punctuation. There are places where the author clearly changed words without altering the sentence [...]

  • Jodi

    I didn't know this existed or I would have read it a decade ago. It reads in part much like Nine Princes in Amber - Oberon discovers that he is son to Dworkin, one of the many princes of the courts of Chaos, about the same time that he discovers that someone wants him and his brothers dead. Just when he learns that to walk to Logrus, the primal pattern that will allow him to manipulate Shadow, will kill him (not might but will) he discovers that he holds a pattern within him and that pattern mig [...]

  • K.

    This is definitely a book for fans of Zelazny's original Amber chronicles. It's not terrible. It's just not up to Zelazny's standards. The plot, I suspect, is interesting primarily because it provides a different view of two familiar characters. Just as Betancourt's prose might pass for Zelazny's if one or two of the best sentences were examined in isolation, the skeleton of his plot could be the skeleton of one created by Zelazny, but there is not enough flesh, muscle, or blood to make the skel [...]

  • bkwurm

    A little disappointing. The plot is far too identical to that in Nine Princes in Amber. It starts off with the protagonist being ignorant of his heritage, finding himself caught up in weird situations that are clearly part of some larger unknown conflict, getting taken through the shadows, being introduced to his extended family and getting an infodump on the ongoing intrigue and machinations amongst them, etc, etc, Horribly predictable, right down to the clumsy attempts at misdirect the reader [...]

  • Nick Turner

    This is the first work in a series which is a prequel to Zelazny Roger's Amber novels. Author John Gregory Betancourt's derivative work will please eager fans of Zelazny's original works with a similar heroic protagonist, Oberon (the father in the Zelazny novels, now a young man in this prequel), and neatly symmetrical plot. The writing is less compact than Zelazny, but dialogue fits Zelazny's styles - I recommend reading the Zelazny books first.Some familiar characters from the original Amber n [...]

  • Paolo

    This is a re-read. The first time I read this I was not aware of the controversy surrounding the creation of this novel. As somebody who worships Zelazny blindly (to the point of overlooking all of his serious flaws as a writer) it delivered all that I could have wanted of a prequel to the ten Amber novels. The writing is probably more consistent than Zelazny's but not as experimentally poetic or whatever. The imagery is not as vivid, but I don't see how anyone could say the author doesn't deliv [...]

  • Russell

    The book explores the use of one's inner knowledge to gain access to the timespace continuum. The characters are frought with adventure, deception, and familial discord, caused by invasion from the Central Controlling entity of the book (the Courts of Chaos), another more powerful family, although somehow related to the primary characters of this book. An epic battle is waged in a distant "shadow," waged by "hell-creatures". The primary reason I could not give a higher rating to this book is due [...]

  • John

    Betancourt is pretty good. But he's no Zelazney. I'm sure he's not pretending to be, either. But I found that some of the characters seemed too much like the characters I grew to love in the original series. And the storyline was just a bit too close to the first Zelazney novel - 9 Princes in Amber. All that aside, the book was entertaining. Never boring. But I didn't quite get on board with it. I'm currently reading book two, which is a bit better so far. I'm hoping he'll get more comfortable w [...]

  • Joel

    I REALLY didn't want to like this, since Zelazny is one of my favorite writers & since I return to his Amber books every few years & re-read them. But I really, really enjoyed this. It is much better than I feared & easily the best in the series (so far). Oberon is more likeable than Corwin or Martin, & it is interesting to see Amber being built & learning more about the Pattern & the Logrus, etc.

  • Mike

    I had heard bad things about this series, and picked them up with low expectations. I thought they would be, basically, bad fan-fiction by a hack who didn't have the imagination to create his own universe, so he wrote in other people's.In fact, what they are is not-bad fan fiction from a competent writer. Of course he's no Zelazny, but who is? They're average where the original series was great. But I enjoyed them.

  • Dan Ferguson

    This book is pretty much boiler plate amber novel and I enjoyed it as such. If you liked the Amber novels (and who didn't) you will enjoy it. He is not Zelazny but a pretty good facsimile, and since Roger is gone, hey we take what we can get. My library did not have the 2nd book so I skipped right to book 3. I would read more of these if he writes them simply cause I love the setting and he writes it fairly well. I am inspired to go read the original series again.Dan

  • Terry Irving

    The Amber Series - being re-re-re-released - is wonderful. Sadly, it is far more wonderful in the beginning that in the middle but it does improve at the very end. What I'm saying is read the first book - absolutely. You MUST. But, unless you are simply hookd (as I was but I'm bloody easy) only read the rest if you still feel the urge.

  • Eric

    I loved this sequel to Zelazny's world. Betancourt really brings to life Zelazny's creations as if channeling the master himself. Writing with the same style and grace,Betancourt provides the reader with answers to questions left unanswered in the original series without adding or subtracting from Zelazny's world.

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  • [PDF] ↠ Free Read ↠ Roger Zelazny's The Dawn of Amber : by John Gregory Betancourt Roger Zelazny ✓
    432 John Gregory Betancourt Roger Zelazny
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