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By Christie Rich | Comments: ( 712 ) | Date: ( May 31, 2020 )

Rayla Tate s dreams for the future shattered when she discovered she was an Elemental capable of manipulating matter Thrust, once again, into the magical fae realm of Faeresia, she has an important choice to make But now that she has Heath to contend with, deciding between Zach and Luke is the least of her concerns Tall, dark and lethal to her will, her attraction to HeRayla Tate s dreams for the future shattered when she discovered she was an Elemental capable of manipulating matter Thrust, once again, into the magical fae realm of Faeresia, she has an important choice to make But now that she has Heath to contend with, deciding between Zach and Luke is the least of her concerns Tall, dark and lethal to her will, her attraction to Heath eclipses all she has experienced with any other lord, but he is using compulsion to wear her down If only she could trust her feelings In a desperate attempt to escape Heath, she accepts the help of a little troll and finally gets what she wants however, her relief is short lived Things go terribly wrong when a dark force closes in on her, threatening to steal her burgeoning power before she even has a chance to test her abilities Now, with Rayla as their captive, the Order will stop at nothing to create a male Elemental, and willing or not, Rayla is the key Caught up in the age old battle for dominance between human and fae, only one question matters to her now will she be able to save those she loves most without losing herself in the process Or will she be forever haunted by the choices she alone can make

  • Title: Dark Matter
  • Author: Christie Rich
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 147
  • Format: Kindle Edition

About Author:

Christie Rich

I love to be creative It is than a hobby It is a need of mine Whether writing, reading, painting, flower arranging or trying something new, I spend most of my time in the pursuit of freeing the creations inside me.

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  • Karla(Book Addict)

    deleting reviews if you want to take a look at them you can do so on my blog, link on my profile

  • Terri ♥ (aka Mrs. Christian Grey)

    Quick reviewCover: Very pretty RatingR – for mild sexual situations. Thumbs Up4Overall: Very interesting.Characters: Pretty Good.Plot: Certainly went places I didn’t expect.Page Turner: Yes Series Cont.? Yes RecommendYesBook Boyfriend: FinnSUMMARY (50 word or less)This story began where Five left off. Immersed in the Fae world, we quickly learned the perilous place Rayla found herself in. There were twists in the story that I did expect or see coming keeping me on my toes yet off balanced. T [...]

  • Gabriela

    Dark Matter, the second installment to Five was disappointing to me however I have to say I am hooked. The author really came into her own at the end of the first book and I was really looking forward to reading Dark Matter however I really found the character Rayla to be quite annoying. At the end of the book I found myself frustrated and upset. I was going to give the book 3 stars and then it dawned on me that the author spun the tale so artfully that I became "involved" with the book. The aut [...]

  • Penumbra

    The author Christie Rich was offering her book Genesis, book three in the Elemental Enmity series, through the Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy Fanatics R2R group for an honest review. I wanted to read Genesis, but not having read book two, Dark Matter I was hesitant to review. But Christie kindly gave me Dark Matter as well, thank you.The following unbiased review covers the story Dark Matter which is book two in the Elemental Enmity series.(view spoiler)[Summary : This story is told in fir [...]

  • Nawnee

    After reading Five I just had to know more about this story and thank god there is a second book already out. Now my only problem is I read it in a day :( and there is no third book to appease my dying curiosity. The Second book ends on a cliff hanger of mass proportions, having said this that is the only complaint I have about this entire book. Like with most writers Christie seems to hit her stride with her second book. The writing is smoother and paints a more vivid picture. This story so int [...]

  • Michelle's Paranormal Vault of Books

    Wow, what can I say, this 2nd installment in Christie’s Elemental series is absolutely amazing!! Even better than the first, only in part because all the groundwork has been laid already.Man, we got another hot fea lord in this one, Heath is super hot. Whew, sure would hate to be in Rayla’s shoes, or maybe not, well, the danger would suck, but the guys, they would be cool to have around. I would hate to have to choose though.I am sad to say, Luke and Zack are not around as much in this book, [...]

  • Alexia

    Wow!! I absolutely loved the first book, Five in this series, but Dark Matter just takes it up another notch. Christie Rich has outdone herself. Dark Matter has a great storyline with mouth watering hunks that curl your toes. There is never a dull moment in this book with so many characters to follow. The main character being Rayla - she is one freaking lucky girl having men drool over her left, right and center. She has difficult decisions to make and one of them being, who will she choose as h [...]

  • Danielle Smiley

    So what did I love(some of this is copied from book 1's review)? The plot is complex, mysterious and intriguing. I love Ms. Rich's striking verbiage. She paints the most beautiful scenes, ones of which you can practically feel the texture without being bogged down with useless details. Her stories ooze with creativity and magic!Then, the characters: Rayla is the perfect protagonist. Likable from the start, but with room for character growth, I immediately connected with Rayla. That character gro [...]

  • Valerie Mcqueen

    My review of Dark Matter by Christie RichRATING 5*****This book was provided free from the author in exchange for honest literary review. Ok so Rayla has managed to get herself taken. Instead of one fairy Lord calling for hervand her powers, there are five. Zach and Luke have disappeared on her trying to retrieve her family off of an island in the mortal realm.Her best friend Cassie seems to have taken to life in the fairy realm with a new passion. She has fallen head over heels for the Lord of [...]

  • Nereid

    So many men - so little time, well at least for Rayla there is and that is the problem. Trying to forge a life for herself and make her own choices is proving difficult and being overwhelmed with Fae Lords is stressful enough without having to worry about her best friend Cassie and her safety. Forces are at work and it's not just the men that she has to worry about. Ainessa is out to find her and try and bond with her also in the hope of stealing her power for herself. Rayla thought she only car [...]

  • Beth

    Rayla Tate is now in Faeresia, the fae realm. Luke and Zach have disappeared and it seems every eligible fae male is trying to use compulsion to mate with her. Heath, a specifically strong fae, is at the top of the list. Rayla is confused by her feelings towards all these males, unsure what is real and what is just compulsion. She is also scared for Luke and Zach and enlists Heath to assist her in finding out what has happened to them. It is discovered that there is a secret attempt by the human [...]

  • Karla

    Awesome book, awesome series, read the entire series in a couple of days, I was hooked.

  • E.L.

    I thought I liked the first book, but wow! This one was even more amazing! The plot twists, like in Five, were O-M-G amazing! I loved Rayla in this one even more, she sure is fiesty when she needs to be. I'm still hoping she ends up with Zack but that's just me. I would have a hard time choosing if it were me, which is part of why I loved the book so much! I could actually put myself in the story! I love it! Can not wait for book three! Amazing amazing job Christie! If it gave me the option I wo [...]

  • Sanam

    Team Heath

  • Denna

    Dark Matter is the second in a great new series by author Christie Rich. I have found the story so far to be a fast, fun, and an interesting new take on the world of fae. Definitely high on the sexual tension scale for all you hopeless romantics like me.So recap book one—Rayla finds out she is an Elemental, or one who can influence the elements. But there is a catch. She needs to bond with one of the fae lords before she can gain access to her power. Enter four hot men who are all trying to wi [...]

  • GinnyGallagher

    You can read the full review on Gin's Book Notes (ginsbooknotes) Fae lords abound and emotions run rampant in Dark Matter, book 2 of The Elemental Enmity series by Christie Rich.Rayla is still trying to decide which Fae lord to tie herself to. I usually am not a fan of indecisive man hopping females but in Rayla’s situation it is understandable. After all, she isn’t being indecisive but extremely smart in weighing her options with each lord. FYI…I am team Heath. WinkThe poor girl has a lot [...]

  • ❤Rose (◕‿◕✿)

    I bet he doesn't want to bond with her anymore because after all that stuff with the-name-that-must-not-be-spoken [or could be but I just don't remember how to spell it], he's afraid to lose her. Which makes no sense, but in the name of love, that makes perfect sense. But then again, I'm a hopeless romantic, so you never really know.But think abut it: Heath didn't believe in her power but still wanted her and all hi actions add up to LOVE. SO yeah, there's my theory. He's completely and totally [...]

  • Thomas Winship

    This follow-up to "Five" has more twists and turns than a roller coaster and really delivers the goods! While the first half of the novel still had too many "gorgeous guy" passages for my liking--alas, I'm still not the target audience here (see the confession in my review for the aforementioned "Five")--the midway point saw the book suddenly rocket down a path that was unexpected, thrilling, and altogether enthralling! It was almost as if Rich grew tired of fun and games, ripped the kid gloves [...]

  • Judi

    Just like the first book, I finished this one in a day and loved every minute of it! The author continues to build on the characters as well as the relationship between the fae realm and the mortal world.At first I was uncertain about the introduction of yet another Fae Lord (Heath) but as the story progressed he really fit in and I am sure we will find out more about him as the story progresses (especially since there really seems to be tension between him and Zach).Knowing that there are more [...]

  • Jessirie

    Dammit! I was getting tired of all the deception, compulsion and and all the men/fae/humans ordering Rayla around. Is it so freaking hard to believe that women can only be shielded for so long? What's with those fae acting like they know everything? Yep they might, but it doesn't mean that women are not capablehBUT, I think I'm going to like Rayla more now. She's fighting back and taking some sort of control back. I just hoped that they could stop with the mind reading, though. The council is al [...]

  • Jeni Christen

    I loved this book even more than Five, which is saying alot. At first the sheer size of the book scared me, I thought that it would take forever for me to finish reading it. But instead, I couldn't put the book down and when I wasn't reading the book I was thinking about the characters. I loved Rayla even more in this book, simply because she grew up and was taking chances at every turn. I truly hope that she gets together with Heath. For some reason, I just feel that as of right now he's the on [...]

  • Christina Manning

    I really enjoyed the second book to this series. I could hardly put It down. The 4/5 stars is primarily for the continuation of not so great writing and some of the character descriptions are lacking, or just strange when they are there. I'm sure most girls would agree that a man with long hair in a braid is not so attractive as of1850. Just saying. Also it is a little.ying? that Rayla has so many men and cannot choose one. more just keep getting added to the story. Regardless of this, I swiftly [...]

  • Sue

    I did not like this book. I like the first book in this series but the second one was bad. Through out the book the main character whined and complained way too much about everything.I know it is a YA novel and that is what teenagers do but I do not want to read it. It may be a good read for someone else but for me I did not like the book at all. It was a struggle to finish the book. I will not be reading the rest of the series.

  • Sheridan

    I finished it well I was reading it on my laptop where the space bar turned the pages and every now and then i would press the space bar a few extra times and skip a heap of pages. This book did not engage me, I mean I wanted to know what happened in the end but the writing was not good enough to keep me reading page after page. Then when I got to the end I was disappointed so I won't be continuing with this series!

  • Dianne

    I really enjoyed book 1, what with FIVE hot Fae guys after 1 'normal' girl, but in this book, we had less guy stuff and more 'girl growing up' stuff. The characters were very well written and the plot was intense at times. Rayla, the main character really, REALLY grew up, took life by the horns. The cliff hanger ending has me wanting the next book-now. (Tossing in more hot Fae guys wasn't too bad, either!) Great entertainment!

  • Jennifer DeCuir

    I love Rayla and all the Lords that we were introduced to in the first book of the Enmity series. But Ainessa's agenda is becoming a little confusing to follow now. I'm trying, still sticking with it. Just not as smooth/fast reading as the first book was.Did love that Roger became one of those characters that you don't know whether to like or hate. Love that duality.

  • Nancy

    LOVED IT!! An original, interesting, page-turning series that I highly recommend!!! I was lucky enough to be a BETA reader for the next book in the series, Genesis. I was absolutely captivated by the series. The characters are well developed, the plot is intriguing and things will happen you will NEVER see coming!Highly recommend to any YA Fantasy / YA Romance readers!

  • Shelly

    Great addition to the series. Rich kept the story going without the drag that you sometimes see in Book 2. I am looking forward to the next book! I have already purchased my copy and will be starting it soon.

  • Diana Reeve

    Dark matterAgain I was sucked into book 2. Rayla is captured by the order and again is introduced to another suitorHeath. It is getting quite annoying that Rayla can't choosewill there be more suitors?

  • Leanna

    I like this book even better than the first; it was more developed in both plot and characters. The intrigue and pace was definitely better than and once again, left me wanting to read the next in the series.

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  • Unlimited [Children's Book] î Dark Matter - by Christie Rich ó
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