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By Sherwood Smith | Comments: ( 989 ) | Date: ( Jan 28, 2020 )

Together for the first time, two stories about Meliara and Vidanric s oldest children Beauty in which Princess Elestra the plain one goes to look at a tree, and discovers a handsome villain, and Court Ship in which Prince Alaraec and his friend Nadav, heir to Savona, go to court a princess, but find themselves distracted The princess does not intend to let them remTogether for the first time, two stories about Meliara and Vidanric s oldest children Beauty in which Princess Elestra the plain one goes to look at a tree, and discovers a handsome villain, and Court Ship in which Prince Alaraec and his friend Nadav, heir to Savona, go to court a princess, but find themselves distracted The princess does not intend to let them remain distracted for long.

  • Title: Remalna's Children
  • Author: Sherwood Smith
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 117
  • Format: Kindle Edition

About Author:

Sherwood Smith

I am a writer, but I m here on to talk about books, as I ve been a passionate reader as long as I ve been a writer since early childhood.I m not going to rate books there are too many variables I d rather talk about the reading experience My reviews of my books are confined to the writing process.

Comments Remalna's Children

  • Steph Su

    "Beauty" - Oh, funnn! Crown Duel fans will certainly appreciate the fact that Elestra's voice is reminiscent of her mother's--slightly sullen and tired of being different from the other court children. The (view spoiler)[reappearance of Flauvic (hide spoiler)] was a bit odd, and how that developed requires a bit of suspension of disbelief or ignoring your feelings from Crown Duel in order to invest in it. However, this is certainly a novelette that would have the potential to be turned into a fu [...]

  • Clare Cannon

    Loved it, loved it, loved it!!! (As may anyone who loved Crown Duel, as it is the story of some things that happened afterwards.)The only downer is that there are but three short stories, which leave us wanting to know what happens next!?!?! Please, please, please may we have some more?!

  • Lekhana Gogineni

    I really liked the first story, I hope Sherwood Smith writes more on it in the future. The second story was ok.

  • Tina

    I want more Crown Duel.With the high fantasy surge in young adult right now, I think that that would actually be pretty well received.But even if there weren't a surge, I would still want more Crown Duel.

  • Shanelle

    Gaaah, why so short?! Just when I become invested in your characters, the novellete ends abruptly. I demand closure, Sherwood Smith.

  • Kes

    I felt like diving back into the world of Sartorias-deles, so I went with Remalna's Children. This is a sequel to Crown Duel.For Beauty:I liked the hints of what happened to our characters - Russav and Tamara did get married in the end (though Tamara's temper still sounds awful). Elestra sounds a lot like her mother - kind of straightforward, but a little petulant.There are some details that sound like they're from Inda - at one point, Tara suggests that they do a play known as "Jaja the Pirate [...]

  • Regina Krus

    I LOVED Crown Duel and Court Duel they were unbelievably delicious reads. The kind of books you want to start over just after finishing them. Definitely in my top ten reads I think. Remalna's Children continues on with the story of that kingdom but it just feels incomplete. Like they are short stories that go along with another novel, yet to be written. My friend who gave me my first Sherwood Smith novel mentioned their may be another sequel? No news yet on if that is true or not but these two s [...]

  • Nika

    Not particularly compelling I must admit. I love this world, but this was rough. Oh, I did a blog post about this when I read itnk.

  • Lydia

    Contains the short stories Beauty and Court Ship which center around the next generation after Court Duel and Crown Duel, in particular, Princess Elestra (focus of "Beauty") and Crown Prince Alaraec (character in "Court Ship", though an outside character is the focus). Princess Elestra is annoyed. Her brother and younger sister are both "beautiful" showing one or other of their parent's good looks, but she has neither. Though told she favors her grandmother, Elestra still is not happy with her l [...]

  • heidi

    These stories are like delicious bonus tracks in the Crown Duel album. Each of them stands alone pretty well, but they also enhance the texture and awesomeness of the main story.Beauty is about growing up and not being what you are expected to be, which is a message I can always get behind.Court Ship is awesome. I thought it was adroitly handled as a story of lost-and-found love. The foreign princess does not come off well, but not as badly as she might have. I loved that Granny Risa is so smart [...]

  • Sonja

    I love, love, love Crown Duel. So, I had very high hopes for Remalna's Children. "Beauty" was an excellent story. I picked up the story quickly and I love Elestra. "CourtShip" was a more difficult story to get into. I felt like I was dropping into a storyline too late. The plot was perfectly acceptable, but I felt like I should have known more about who Young Risa and Granny Risa were. This isn't the author's fault necessarily. It just makes me want to read more of Smith's work. Hopefully, there [...]

  • Shannon

    Read this really fast. I have no idea how long it actually is. Paid $1.99 for it on Kindle. It was fun to hear that "endings" - and the 'to be continued' kind of ending it through in there. I didn't know what to expect, whether another 500+ page book or just something super short. It was the latter. But, it was fine for what it was. Kind of left even more loose ends hanging than it closedbut maybe that was the author's point :)

  • Anoush Emrazian

    Two short stories about the next generation: one featuring Mel and Vidanric's daughter and another featuring their son, along with Tamara and Savona's son.My only complaint is the fact that these were novellas. They gave you enough story to feel concluded, but were not at all the conclusion you wanted, more the end of a chapter. So what's next? I can only imagine.

  • Whitney

    Delightful as usual. I only wish these stories, especially "Beauty" had been a full-length novel. I loved it and then felt dissatisfied that it was already over (like craving a whole banana split but only getting to smell one up close instead; pleasant, but eating one would have been much more gratifying).:0)

  • Nicole

    Rather disappointing as I was expecting more closure on some of the events. Instead these are more like short stories that are somewhat like the first parts of their own books. Oh wellFirst short story was amusing though even if it wasn't the best.

  • Martha

    I found the two stories in this anthology frustrating. Not because they were bad, but because they were intriguing enough that I want to find out what happened after the end of the story. They were like tastes of a larger story, and I want to read the larger story.

  • Shilo Quetchenbach

    I wish the stories had been longer. They really left me wanting more - I felt like when I really became invested in the characters and their stories, they ended way too abruptly. :-( I want another novel continuing each story. ;-)

  • Sara

    I was hoping for a full length book about the children from the people in Crown Duel. It ended up being two short stories They started out and never really finished which was disappointing to me- maybe she will write a book about them later, idk.

  • Kirstie

    Good but not as great as the Crown Duel book. I enjoyed reading about other characters from this world, but the short stories were too short and not very fulfilling. I almost didn't realize the book was done and suddenly I was on the next one.

  • Li

    A bit short for the price (I bought on sale, IIRC), but ended up being exactly what a YA fantasy romance should be. There's subtle romance, strong heroines, a worthy male interest, and the door left open at the end for something possibly more

  • Rachel

    Why so short??

  • Mailee Pyper

    I really liked both of these novelettes; however, they opened up more questions than they answered, especially the first one. I really want to know what happens.

  • Nancy

    I really enjoyed these two stories making up this short novella. I feel like the book, Crown Duel should be read first for them to make more sense.

  • D.F. Haley

    I had a price/value problem with this "book" really 2 short stories which were sweet, but all too fleeting for the price.

  • Amy S

    The worst thing about this is not ever knowing what comes next. I wish it could be finished!

  • A

    I really love these two stories of Vidanric and Mel's children. I just wish there was more than the brief novellas that are provided here. Follow-up and expansion on these stories would be wonderful!

  • Katherine

    A fun couple short stories if you want stay within the Mel/Vidanric world. I would totally read the continuation of these as full on novels.

  • Geneil

    If you love the Crown Duel characters, this is a fun short read about the generation later.

  • lielabell

    This was a delightful little glimpse at the next generations. I could have happily read about ten thousand words more.

  • Estrella

    They are short stories and even though you know how they are going to turn out I would have still liked to find some closure. A full length novel in the future maybe???

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  • Best Read [Sherwood Smith] ✓ Remalna's Children || [Suspense Book] PDF ☆
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