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By Robin D. Owens | Comments: ( 159 ) | Date: ( Feb 22, 2020 )

The curses you break, the sooner you ll die.Magic has a price and for Amber Sarga it s days and years off her life Each curse she breaks ages her and the bigger the curse the bigger the cost, and not only to her That s why she hides away and has vowed not to get involved again That s why she hates looking in a mirrorAnd then an ill fated stranger arrivesThe curses you break, the sooner you ll die.Magic has a price and for Amber Sarga it s days and years off her life Each curse she breaks ages her and the bigger the curse the bigger the cost, and not only to her That s why she hides away and has vowed not to get involved again That s why she hates looking in a mirrorAnd then an ill fated stranger arrives Rafe Davail doesn t believe in curses not even knowing that in his family every first son dies young Amber offers guidance but she won t break the curse Still, as she grows closer to Rafe and discovers the secrets of their pasts, she wonders if for this time, this man, she should risk it all.

  • Title: Enchanted Again
  • Author: Robin D. Owens
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 179
  • Format: Kindle Edition

About Author:

Robin D. Owens

Robin D. Owens Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Enchanted Again book, this is one of the most wanted Robin D. Owens author readers around the world.

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  • Alex

    The Deal: Amber Sagra is trying to keep a low profile, even though she has the power to break curses, each curse she breaks comes with a high price: time off her life. Because of the curses she has broken, her body is well into it's 30's even though, if she had aged normally, she would be 26. So she has sworn not to get involved anymore. But then, two people show up at her door, looking for her help to break their curses. Out of the two, Rafe doesn't believe in curses, even though he knows that [...]

  • Rhonda

    5 STARSThis is my first book that I have read of Robin's but won't be the last. I enjoyed learning about her world. Seeing Amber all she risks to help others and lessons she learns.I would love to meet the residents of Mistic circle, besides Amber and the brownies. I fit in that world love chocolate too. Amber sure has to buy a lot of it because she uses it to bribe or pay for favors.Amber is a curse breaker but she pays a big price for it. Each time she breaks a curse she pays with years of her [...]

  • Vicky

    I am in love with Robin Owens’ books and this one let me know once again why. Her characters and world building are wonderful, as is the writing.In this book, the main character, Amber, is a curse breaker. But there’s a problem with her magic – in that it is self-destructive. She’s a curse breaker who can’t break her own curse. As with most books from Luna, there is a love interest – Rafe. He’s a bit unlikeable at first since he’s all about himself, but he eventually becomes the [...]

  • Allison

    As a paranormal romance goes, Enchanted Again was more interesting than most, although still very formulaic. But in comparison to the first book in the series, the scope is really limited. It takes place mostly in the magically balanced cul-de-sac in Denver, Mystic Circle, and focuses mainly on two people, a curse-breaker and a death-cursed man and their very personal troubles. There are appearances by minor Lightfolk, mainly brownies, who eat lots of chocolate. There's little sense of the outer [...]

  • Melissa

    Enchanted Again: Mystic Circle #2Robin D. OwensThis story was great! Amber Sarga is a genealogist, but her magic gift from her maternal side is to break curses placed on people. She learned the hard way that the cost for breaking curses is that she ages physically, the worse the curse the more years it takes off of her life. She is about five foot six, with honey colored skin and dark eyes. She appears physically about thirty-three, but she is chronologically only twenty-six. She has learned her [...]

  • Estara

    I really enjoyed seeing more of the world-building of this urban fantasy/paranormal romance series (Mystic Circle). The deeper exploration into the way that the various elemental magics work, how you can perceive them and what tools you can use were fun to explore. Then there were the attitudes of the various high and low elemental powers - and a visit from two characters first met in the first book (not heroine and hero, which was good). Because this story was mostly set in Mystic Circle cul-de [...]

  • Scooper Speaks

    Favorite Lines: "A shiver passed through her as she felt a circuit of energy between them open and cycle. Strong and steady andlovely."I care for you," he said in an absolute tone."I care for you, too," she responded.He squeezed her fingers. "We'll get through this together." Then he closed his eyes and kissed her and she let her mouth cling to his and didn't call him on his lie." (p. 263, egalley)Robin D. Owens is back with book two in her Mystic Circle series. The story, Enchanted Again, is ab [...]

  • Sarah Literary Meanderings

    ♥ Find my reviews on Blogger ~ Reviews by Bookish Sarah - - -*I don't recommend reading this unless you've read Enchanted No More first.*Amber Sarga is a curse breaker. The problem? Magic has a price. Each time Amber breaks a curse she ages. Sometimes it's merely weeks, other times it's years. Amber has a good life going for herself. The perfect home in Mystic Circle, her precious puppies to keep her company, garden to keep her busy, and her own genealogy business. Then the handsome and cursed [...]

  • Michelle (Much Loved Books)

    I got my copy of Enchanted Again from netgalley.  Although I have not read the previous book Enchanted No More I hoped it would not affect me reading this book.  From the moment I started Enchanted Again I found myself really enjoying it and you don't miss out on not having read the previous story, which was great for me.Amber is a genealogist, but also a curse breaker, and she is approached by Conrad and  Rafe  to help break Conrad's curse.  Agreeing to help, and and after Rafe has some l [...]

  • Mariachiara

    Trama: La magia ha un prezzo specialmente per Amber Sarga, che invecchia ogni volta che usa il suo dono: il potere di togliere le maledizioni. Poteri che gli derivano dal sangue faerie che scorre nella sua famiglia. Amber ha presto imparato a non uasre più il suo dono, ma poi alla sua porta bussano due uomini entrambi colpiti da terribili maledioni. Uno è destinato a perdere suo figlio e arivederlo solo in punto di morte e l'altro a morire al compimento del suo trentesimo anno di vita.La mia o [...]

  • SweetSue

    Eh, not impressed. The premise is great - a woman who can break curses, but loses some of her own life every time, and a man who has a death-curse. Execution, not so much. Amber is at first a woman who is has come to an understanding of her magic and is trying to protect herself while also developing her other magical skills. Rafe does not believe in magic and only meets her because his friend (who is also cursed) goes to her for help. The friend leaves to follow his estranged wife (obviously bo [...]

  • Brittany

    I devoured this book! I loved Robin Owens' Summoning Series, so when I got a chance to read this new series from her I jumped on it! This book did not disappoint me at all! There are a mated royal couple of each element left on earth with two guardians when all the rest of the magical being's left due to Earths diminishing magic. Magical being's mixed with humans and Amber is a result of that. She can travel back in time to learn about families, so she calls herself a geneologist and she does fa [...]

  • Aislynn

    When two strangers stop by Amber's home, she is instantly taken aback by the curses attached to the two men. A skilled genealogist, she digs into the past to find where the curse originates and helps to break it without using her magic - which ages her.Rafe and Gabe are both in trouble. Gabe has just lost his family to a long standing curse, and he's bound and bent to break it and regain his son and his wife. Rafe's curse is deadly - and it's slowly closing in around him. His deadline is his bir [...]

  • Latersbabyi'vegoneshadowhuntingathogwartstohuntstrogi

    This was the type of book that had be feeling all sorts of ways. At the begining of the book I thought Culmustere (the elf that cursed Amber"s line) was a dick and way out of line because they were just trying to save people. I plan on being a nurse. I am going to make a living in saving people and I don't understand how anyone could just let someone die. But then towards the of the book I realized that he had their best interest in mind. He wanted them to realize that they were important too an [...]

  • ExLibris_Kate

    2.5 StarsThe story behind this book really intrigued me. I loved the gift of curse breaking and the fact that saving someone else took its toll on the person who broke the curse. Along with the magical gifts that Amber has, there are also Brownies that live at her house and assist her, as well as giving her advice about the curses she breaks. The romance between Amber and Rafe is sweet, but not too graphic, so those who like just a little romance will be pleased.Unfortunately, I think the story [...]

  • Kale

    Amber's in a bit of a bind. When it comes to breaking curses she just can't seem to help herself. Unfortunately Amber has no one to help guide her, teach her about this gift and she's learned the hard way that every time she does break a curse it has consequences. When a handsome young man comes knocking on her door bound with a death curse, Amber will use all her skills to help him find the counter to his curse but even that may not be enough. As his importance to her becomes more apparent he m [...]

  • Jaclyn

    This book seemed to develop a little slowly in the beginning, with much attention paid to introducing characters and world elements that I hope will continue to show up in future books in this series. Robin D. Owens always provides an amazing new world to delve into, but because this series is tied so much closer to contemporary vision of Earth (rather than a completely new world as in The Summing and Celta series), I had a more difficult time wading through the intricacies of world-development [...]

  • Tiffany

    I liked Enchanted Again and certainly didn't have trouble getting through it, but I just don't find this series as compelling as her others, particularly the Celta series (which I LOVE). Perhaps this is because I don't care for fantasy-in-the-real-world settings as much as completely new worlds, or maybe it's because the characters felt less developed and not as well fleshed out as I'm used to with her books. The writing is good and flows well, but I just haven't gotten as attached or emotionall [...]

  • Angela

    I like this series but I had to give this book only 3 stars. I didn't like how Rafe wanted to protect Amber but didn't seem to consider her feelings or her role a lot of the time. I understand he had a death curse on him, but Amber was helping him & he seemed more concerned with his own "fun" activities. I couldn't blame Amber for feeling jealous and annoyed at times since I'd have felt a bit "used" if I'd have been in her shoes. He never even asked about her day, just came home & talked [...]

  • Beth Mills

    In the mundane world Amber Sarga is a genealogist, but with part magical heritage she is also a curse breaker, able to sense and remove curses from those bound by them. The only drawback: each broken curse takes years off her life. When two men show up on her doorstep needing her services, she agrees to offer guidance but tries to stay otherwise aloof. Of course this doesn't work--she is drawn to Rafe and he to her and soon cannot resist getting involved. Owens' urban fantasy, set in Denver, mak [...]

  • Lady Lioness

    It is well known by those who follow me on my personal twitter that I have a deep love for Robin D. Owens's books. If I had to rank my top three favorite authors, it'd probably be Nalini Singh, Robin D. Owens and then Shelly Laurenston. So believe me when I say that I am incapable of giving this book anything below four stars. I am biased. You have been forewarned. A longer reaction to be pub'd at my blog on 11/20/11, but I don't recommend reading this if you haven't already read Enchanted No Mo [...]

  • J.M.

    I got about two-thirds of the way through this book and stoppede my dog decided it looked tasty. BUT what I read of this book was fantastic, and I really wanted to finish it. I definitely need to buy it again so I can finish it. I enjoyed the first part of this book so much that I'm rushing into reading the next one in the series, Enchanted Ever After. So far, so good!!I love this author, and I recommend her to anyone who enjoys a good fantasy. Her Heartmate series also has a good mix of sci-fi [...]

  • Shanna Hurd

    This was a sweet fantasy story with a little romance. Amber is a curse breaker, but every time she breaks a curse, it ages her prematurely. Rafe is a man under a curse that will kill him by his fast approaching 33rd birthday. After Amber falls in love with Rafe, the problem is, if she does nothing, he will die and she will be heart broken, but if she breaks the curse, she will age so much she will either die right off, or at least cut decades off of her life. The ending of the story was perhaps [...]

  • Brian Palmer

    Not as compelling as the first book in the series, Enchanted No More, this was a look at a background setting and the characters that inhabit it. That was all to the good, but unfortunately the romance that was set up played a much bigger role (in part because this was spent completely in Denver, so couldn't spin up the world building). The romance was a combination of predictable and yet awkward.

  • Tracy Harris

    I have been reading Robin D. Owens since the begining and I love her books. What I can say is that she keeps getting beter and better. The second characters are wonderful just like the main characters. I read it in one sitting and could not put it down. The book makes you believe in magic. The same magic you believed in as a child.Enchanted Again

  • Nina

    Yup, I won't be able to finish this book. I really like the way curses and magic work in Enchanted Again, I just can't connect to the characters at all, and the writing is not good enough for me to wanna finish this. I mean, any time I stop reading to check my Twitter every five minutes, it's a good sign I'm not into the book Too bad, since the idea of this story is really good.

  • Mti Librarian

    The rating on this book is actually like a 2.7 for me, but I rounded up because I think part of that is that I haven't read the other books in this series. I really liked the magic parts of the book and thought that the romance was pretty flat.

  • Cynthia Joyce

    “The shield was awesome and the knife was simply incredible." This sentence is pretty typical of the writing quality of this book. I stopped reading at this point. I just do not care for writing is writtne on this level.

  • Rosalind M

    Started out strongly, but the pace dragged for a story involving two time-sensitive curses. The romance sparked out of nowhere for me, and the major conflicts were resolved much more easily than I expected, considering how dangerous they were said to be.

  • Bungluna

    The world is not as complete as in her other series, but I enjoyed the story and want to find out what comes next.

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    179 Robin D. Owens
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