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By Norman G. Finkelstein سامح إدريس أيمن حداد | Comments: ( 261 ) | Date: ( Jan 24, 2020 )


  • Title: صناعة الهولوكوست : تأملات في استغلال المعاناة اليهودية
  • Author: Norman G. Finkelstein سامح إدريس أيمن حداد
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 154
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Norman G. Finkelstein سامح إدريس أيمن حداد

Norman Finkelstein, son of a holocaust survivor, is a fierce and controversial critic of Israeli policy, especially toward Palestinians He has had a tense rivalry with his pro Israel counterpart, Alan Dershowitz In 2007 DePaul University denied his tenure, a decision for which Dershowitz lobbied For his views and suspected connections to anti Zionist groups, Israel has denied Finkelstein entry and banned him from the country for a decade.

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Comments صناعة الهولوكوست : تأملات في استغلال المعاناة اليهودية

  • ميقات الراجحي

    هذا الكتاب صادم بالنسبة وليس بصادم. صادم من ناحية الحقيقة التي حملها موضوعه، وليس بصادم حيث إستمرارية طغيان وجبروت والظلم الأمريكي.The Holocaust Industry: Reflections on the Exploitation of Jewish Sufferingأول مرة عرفت فيها فينكلشتاين عندما قرأت له كتابه رحلة أميركي يهودي بحثًا عن الحقيقة وهالني أن اقرأ لي [...]

  • Sue

    Wow, what a book. I had this book for a few months and, after seeing the author on a documentary about the Holocaust, bumped the book to the top of my To Read pile.This work discusses the Nazi holocaust (the historical event) and how the Holocaust (capital H) was created after Arab-Israeli War in 1967. Finkelstein describes how organizations representing victims of Nazi brutality use tactics similar to those the Nazis used to get money from businesses, countries, and other groups that have any c [...]

  • Clif

    Norman Finkelstein is a phenomenon.He enrages people but he never speaks falsehoods. Backing up his words with copious footnotes referencing the facts upon which he makes his statements, he marches like Sherman through Georgia, laying low everything in his path. All dissemblers must flee before him because there is no rebuttal to the truth.He is the same in his public appearances, citing the works of the person he debates to turn that person's own words back upon him.This logical, relentless, dr [...]

  • Abdulaziz Fagih

    The Holocaust Industry By Dr. Norman G. Finkelstein للنسخة العربية من التقيم أدخل الرابط mt-awf/2011/09/blI'll divide my review into sections so you can skip what you don't want to read in this review: a) About the writer: the first time I heard about Norman was 6 moth ago I was watching a clip where he was arguing a point with TV program host who had the same opinion as me after watching the clip I was amazed and fascinated with the compelling argument of Dr. Fink [...]

  • Mohammad Ali

    * محتوای کتاب و میراثش برای خوانندهبه نظرم کتابی است خواندنی درباره ی استفاده ی اقتصادی از هولوکاست؛ درباره ی اینکه چگونه برخی افراد و سازمان ها برای منفعت فردی و برای پیاده کردن نظرات خود هولوکاست را به ابزاری برای جلب اعانه های مردمی از یک سو و ادعای خسارت های بین المللی از س [...]

  • Kaelan (Κάϊλαν)

    ***** Uncomfortable Reading ***** Has anyone read Binjamin Wilkomirski's Fragments? Or The Painted Bird by Jerzy Kosinski? Did you like those books? Did you find yourself affected by either of them? Perhaps they're on your favourite book shelf right now? If any of the above is true for you, then I would advise you pick this book up. The validity of these authors and their work is the tip of the iceberg in whatThe Holocaust Industry targets within its conseicse 171 pages.I've been listening to Fi [...]

  • Krzysztof

    When you start a book like this, you sort of go, "Jeeze, I almost hope I don't like it," because you know if you do, you're going to have to explain yourself. And, confound it, I liked it.I want to conflate a couple of the points from the letters section of this book with an anecdote of my own:In 2005, while I was living in China, the whole of China became incensed at yet another inaccurate history textbook published in Japan. The text described the Nanjing Massacre (a.k.a. The Rape of Nanking) [...]

  • Charbel

    Norman Finkelstein is the son of two Holocaust survivors. He is vocal against Israel's crimes against Palestinians, and is strongly opposed to using one of the worst tragedies in history to justify genocide. His willingness to speak the truth without mitigation has put him in many difficult situations; even leading him to lose his job as a university professor. The Holocaust Industry, however, deals with a different subject. In it, Finkelstein discusses how the nazi holocaust was used to service [...]

  • Maha

    ما الذي حصل فجأة لكي يفتح موضوع الهولوكوست؟ لماذا لا يخلوا منهج تعليمي في أوروبا من دروس عن الهولوكوست وان فرانك، وأفلام عن الهولوكست.ما السبب وراء الكم الهائل من الأفلام والكتب التي تنتتج كل سنة عن الهولوكست، وكأنه الكارثة الوحيدة التي حل بالعالم.هنا ، نحن لسنا بصدد مناقشة [...]

  • Cwn_annwn_13

    The Holocaust Industry exposes the reparations scam where Billionaire Jews and The World Jewish Congress basicly publicly blackmailed the Swiss and Germans in the name of helping Jews who were allegedly victimized during WW2 and pocketed the Lions share of the shake down for themselves. It also makes the point that what went on in concentration camps during WW2 was never politicized or used as propaganda until the late 60s at the earliest. Simon Weisenthal is also shown to be a fraudster to the [...]

  • Mr.

    Unlike the precision of research that his characteristic of Norman Finkelstein when it comes to the issue of the Israel-Palestine conflict, 'The Holocaust Industry' is a disorganized and ultimately spotty work of political science. Finkelstein's aim is to present an "anatomy and an indictment of the Holocaust industry," meaning the subsequent exploitation of the historical tragedy that was the Holocaust for political and financial ends. The book is composed of three basic sections, 'Capitalizing [...]

  • Jeremy

    I admire Finkelstein's intent in this book. He's trying to show how the various foundations and institutions which now claim to represent the Holocaust and its victims have become self-serving profit centers, using historical guilt as a way of filling their own coffers first and foremost. (That human institutions tend to perpetuate themselves by hook or crook is a conclusion that shouldn't shock most people at this point in history, but maybe I'm just too cynical).That being said, this is kind o [...]

  • Syed Zulfaqar

    Everybody loves conspiracy theory. This book seems like one huh? Yes, this book fell on same heavy criticism (just look at the title) on promoting a conspiracy theory. But if you want to make sense of the theories, with footnotes and citations, proofs and facts, this book surely deserve a treat. For a clarification, in this book the author used two different terms, Nazi holocaust and The Holocaust. Nazi holocaust referring to the historical event and The Holocaust refer to its capitalization lat [...]

  • Dean Dalton

    Finkelstein argues that the Holocaust has been cynically used by Jewish organizations and elites for political and economic benefits, often at the expense of actual Holocaust Survivors. His style is not for everyone but I have to say I found it witty and sometimes quite funny. Finkelstein bravely challenges the status-quo and provides extensive sources for his controversial, but important study.

  • Osman Ali

    نورمان فنكلستين أب وأم يهود ناجين من معسكرات النازي وهم صغار, اسرة الاب والام كلاهما قضى في تلك المعسكرات, المنطق يقول سيخرج هذا الطفل من تلك الاسرة مشوه وكاره للعالم بعدما حكى له والداه ما شاهداه وقاسياه ويقول ان تلك الام ستغذيه على الكراهية ولكن صدق او لا تصدق ما حدث هو العك [...]

  • Anthony

    I love dissidents. I consider it virtuous to state your opinion without regard as to whether it is safe or legal to do so. Technically in the United States and some other countries (not including Australia) your freedom to speak is legally protected. However dissidents can lose their jobs / damage their careers, be threatened, harassed, sued, shunned and subjected to travel bans. I consider none of these to be legitimate tactics for dealing with those one disagrees with, even if they are all leg [...]

  • Alyazi

    نورمان فلنكستين في كتابه يحاول بتحليل سياسي ونقدي مدهش للأحداث بعد الحرب العالمية الثانية وبعد حرب حزيران ، توضيح أو فهم كيف أُسهمت وأُستغلت المحرقة اليهودية النازية “ الهولوكوست ” للمصالح السياسية لبناء إسرائيل و كسب التعاطف العالمي مع اليهود . ينقسم الكتاب في فصولٍ ثلاث [...]

  • Jennifer Abdo

    He asks the questions and theorizes in a way no Gentile is allowed to. When non-Jews question the number killed, talk about non-Jews dying in the Holocaust, compare it to other historical events, question Israel, wonder if the Holocaust has been used for ill gotten gain, etc, they are called Holocaust deniers and anti-Semitic.I'm glad Finkelstein has dared to tackle these tough topics. He's a lightening rod, but at least the ideas are out there for us to discuss, agree and disagree with.

  • Haryo wicaksono

    Seperti halnya kaum Yahudi Israel yg membenci kaum muslim , Saya juga membenci merekaDari cerita sejarah, Holocaust kemudian lahir menjadi ‘indutri politik’ dan menjadi pemeras dolar. Norman G. Finkelstein, membongkar faktanya dengan begitu bagus.Selain Presiden Iran Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, belum pernah ada tokoh di dunia yang berani secara terang-terangan mengatakan keberadaan holocaust hanya sekedar mitos. Sebab, bagi banyak orang, khususnya di Barat dan Eropa, menolak keyakinan keberadaan Ho [...]

  • Ahmed Daabel

    The thrust of Professor Finkelstein's book is that powerful interests (Israel and Jewish organizations in America) have hijacked what has become known as the holocaust. And while Israel has exploited the holocaust as a weapon to deflect criticism, regardless how justified, American Jewish organizations have used the plight of supposedly needy survivors to extort staggering sums of money from the rest of the world. This was done not for the benefit of survivors, but for the financial advantage of [...]

  • Mikkel Demon

    Norman, seorang Yahudi yang selamat dari pembantaian Nazi pada zaman PD 2 dulu, mengulas tentang kebobrokan dan ketidakmoralan dari bangsanya sendiri soal holocaust.Ada kelompok-kelompok Yahudi yang bekerja sama dengan pihak Amerika, yang berkepentingan, melakukan pemerasan terhadap negara-negara kaya seperti Swiss, Jerman dll. Mereka mengatasnamakan penderitaan warga Yahudi yang menjadi korban dari Holocaust tersebut. Mereka sangat kotor di dalam memainkan kepentingan trsbt. padahal dikatakan o [...]

  • Mehdi

    I picked up Mr. Finkelstein's book because it is deeply divisive, with some admonishing the author as "paranoid", "fanatical" (Omer Bartov, Israeli military historian) and an "obvious crackpot" (Gabriel Schoenfeld), while others lauded it as "the most intelligent political critic in the US". You will likely find that the former have Alan Dershowitz's "Case for Israel" proudly sitting on their bookhself, while the latter likely oppose Zionism in all its forms. Being neither, I approached this boo [...]

  • Ahmad Hossam

    من أين أبدأ؟ أليس هناك قاع لانحطاط بعض البشر وتجارتهم بالمآسي للتربح من ورائها؟هل وجدت في التاريخ امبراطورية أحقر من الولايات المتحدة؟يعرض نورمان فنكلشتاين، اليهودي لأبوين من الناجين من محارق النازيين، في هذا الكتاب لما يدعى "صناعة الهولوكوست" التي جعلت من مأساة شملت اليه [...]

  • Abby

    Norm Finkelstein thoroughly documented a phenomenon that has been nagging at me for a while now, which is the exploitation of the history of persecution of the Jews. As the oldest grandchild of Holocaust survivors, I have never questioned the horrors that my grandparents experienced. What Professor Finkelstein documents is how this horror has been used as a muzzle and a tool, in ways more extreme than I had even realized. When I began advocating for human rights in Israel and Palestine, I realiz [...]

  • Kraychik

    The only value to the book is its coverage of exploitation by certain individuals and groups of real Holocaust and WWII victims for self-enrichment. Specifically, law firms and lawyers that took arguably excessive portions of damages awarded to victims. There's something quite distasteful about it.The rest of the book, however, is simply an attempt to slander Zionism. Bear in mind that Finkelstein is an open communist, and he has stated that he doesn't "believe in states". His excuse for focusin [...]

  • Simon

    I feel like I went into this book supporting some of the key arguments put forward by Finkelstein. For example, I find it difficult to argue against the idea that the Holocaust or Holocaust 'guilt' is often used as an ideological tool.However, I found his writing oddly unconvincing. While I do not have in depth knowledge of Elie Wiesel, I found it hard to take Finkelstein seriously when large parts of this text seem to read as a personal vendetta against him. Im sure that Wiesel had his faults b [...]

  • راضي النماصي

    هذا كتابٌ صادم، على الأقل بالنسبة لي يحكي كيفية استغلال فاجعة الهولوكوست من قبل المنظمات اليهودية في أمريكا لمصلحتها المالية خاصة بالدرجة الأولى، تتلوها مصلحة إسرائيل كـ"شيء ثانوي" .تعريف بالمؤلف: د. نورمان فنكلستين هو ابن أحد الناجين من الهولوكوست، وممن قتل أقاربه من الطر [...]

  • Ricky

    this was a very interesting read and definitely gave me a new perspective on Jewish "conflict" and the history of the Holocaust. it is amazing how rich (and by rich, I mean billionaires) that many prominent Jews at the top of the WJC have made out like bandits suing everyone under the sun for the tragedies that happened at Auschwitz and other locals. yes, you obviously sympathize with what happened in the past, but when you realize where the money is coming from (taxpayers and peasants from Pola [...]

  • M. Özgür

    Kitap, olayların nedenlerini en başından anlatıyor; İsrail'in kuruluşu, özellikle Amerika'nın İsrail'e karşı olan politikalarını, ADL ve AJC'nin tutumlarını, halkın tepkilerini olduğu gibi veriyor. Ortadoğu politikaları ile ilgilenen herkesin okuması gereken bir inceleme kitabı. Yazar, holokost mağdurları üzerinden kazanılan paraların nerelere harcandığı, mağdurların yine nasıl mağdur bırakıldığını, devletlerin ikiyüzlü politikalarını deşifre ediyor. D [...]

  • Nurshafira Noh

    I find this book to be quite technical with a lot of factual evidences (which are needed) to explained how the Holocaust had been an exploitation. This book actually serves as one of ways for me while I suspend my judgment on Jewish matters. After this, I plan to embark on Schlomo Sand's books on this matter to understand it more. This book does not undermine Holocaust but instead it questioned its too-superiority and 'uniqueness'.

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