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By Christopher Andersen | Comments: ( 618 ) | Date: ( Feb 28, 2020 )

1 bestselling biographer Christopher Andersen provides this no holds barred biography as shocking and uncompromising as Mick Jagger himself, timed to coincide with the 50th anniversary of the Rolling Stones and their world tour He s a smart little mother ,I ll give him that KEITH RICHARDS on MICK JAGGER IS he Jumpin Jack Flash A Street Fighting Man A Man of W 1 bestselling biographer Christopher Andersen provides this no holds barred biography as shocking and uncompromising as Mick Jagger himself, timed to coincide with the 50th anniversary of the Rolling Stones and their world tour He s a smart little mother ,I ll give him that KEITH RICHARDS on MICK JAGGER IS he Jumpin Jack Flash A Street Fighting Man A Man of Wealth and Taste All this, it turns out, and far By any definition, Mick Jagger is a force of nature, a complete original and undeniably one of the dominant cultural figures of our time Swaggering, strutting, sometimes elusive, always spellbinding, he grabbed us by our collective throat a half century ago and unlike so many of his gifted peers never let go For decades, Mick has jealously guarded his many shocking secrets until now As the Rolling Stones mark their 50th anniversary, journalist and 1 New York Times bestselling author Christopher Andersen tears the mask from rock s most complex and enigmatic icon in a no holds barred biography as impossible to ignore as Jagger himself Based on interviews with friends, family members, fellow music legends, and industry insiders as well as wives and legions of lovers MICK sheds new light on a man whose very name defines an era and candidly reveals New details about Jagger s jaw dropping sexual exploits with than four thousand women including Madonna, Angelina Jolie, Carly Simon, Linda Ronstadt, Uma Thurman, and France s First Lady Carla Bruni as well as his encounters with several of rock s biggest male stars Also, the day Mick s wife Jerry Hall and Keith Richards pleaded with Jagger to seek treatment for sex addiction The backstage drama surrounding Mick s knighthood, and Jagger s little known ties to Britain s Royal Family, including Prince William and Kate Middleton What he really thinks of today s superstars including Lady Gaga, Britney Spears, Beyonc , Justin Timberlake, Kanye West, and Justin Bieber Never before revealed, behind the scenes accounts of his often turbulent relationships from his band mates, ravenous groupies, and rabid fans to such intimates as Andy Warhol, John Lennon, Jackie Onassis, Bill Clinton, and others Cocaine, LSD, hashish, and speed the flabbergasting truth about the extent of Jagger s substance abuse, and how long it really went on A rare glimpse into Mick s business dealings and the killer instinct that has enabled him to amass a personal fortune well in excess of 400 million The stormy marriage between Mick and Keith that nearly ran aground over Keith s searing comments and all the scandal, mayhem, excess, madness, and genius that went into making the Rolling Stones the world s greatest rock and roll band Like its subject, this book is explosive and riveting the definitive biography of a living legend who has kept us thrilled, confounded, and astounded THIS IS MICK.

  • Title: Mick: The Wild Life and Mad Genius of Jagger
  • Author: Christopher Andersen
  • ISBN: 9781451661446
  • Page: 340
  • Format: Hardcover

About Author:

Christopher Andersen

Librarian s note There is than one author in the database with this name.Christopher Peter Andersen is an American journalist and the author of 32 books, including many bestsellers A graduate of the University of California at Berkeley, Andersen joined the staff of Time Magazine as a contributing editor in 1969 From 1974 to 1986 Andersen was senior editor of Time Incorporated s People Magazine He has also written for a wide range of publications, including The New York Times, The New York Daily News, Life, and Vanity Fair.While his early nonfiction books veered from psychology The Name Game to true crime The Serpent s Tooth to art collecting The Best of Everything , with former Sotheby s chairman John Marion , he is best known for his controversial biographies Between 1991 and 2011, he published 14 New York Times bestselling biographies Andersen wrote Mick The Wild Life and Mad Genius of Jagger to mark the 50th anniversary of the Rolling Stones in July 2012 The book quickly became Andersen s 15th New York Times bestseller.

Comments Mick: The Wild Life and Mad Genius of Jagger

  • Carol Storm

    Wannabe takedown by a wannabe Albert Goldman. All the old rumors, all the old cheap shots, all the old lies. Mick's a phony. Mick's a narcissist. Mick hates women. Mick likes men. True. True. Maybe. So what?Not one word about WHY this stuck up guy was able to conquer the rock world AND rule it without challenge for fifty years. That would have been nice!

  • Mark Hahn

    Perhaps a little too much focus on Mick's attempt to bed every living human being regardless of gender. I wish it would have spent a little more time on the music and his collaboration with Keith Richards. As earlier mentioned, a little tabloid-esque. Richard's "Life" is a much better read.

  • Carolyn

    4.5 stars. This resembles a tabloid story, which makes it an easy read and entertaining, if shocking. Anderson seems to have done his homework with much research and interviews.: Oh Mick, You have been a very naughty boy! It chronicles a life of sex, drugs and (not so much) rock and roll.It spans from childhood to the formation of the Rolling Stones to the present 50th anniversary of the founding of the band. We have heard of some of the 4000+ women and a few of the men Mick has been involved wi [...]

  • Stuart

    A somewhat tabloid-esque bio of Mick Jagger. Written as if it were destined for the News of the World. At every turn, the bleakness of bad things is exaggerated, the number and variety of partners is emphasized, Jagger's reported sycophancy for the upper classes is dragged out . The continual translation of British terms to American is intrusive. The music is de-emphasized. Sex and drugs and rock and roll, without the latter. Definitely not in the same league as the Keith Richards autobiography [...]

  • Paulisded

    When I picked up this title, I knew it would be a gossip-y read that was light on the music and heavy on the scandal. However, I wasn't prepared for the tabloid-quality level of "facts" peppered throughout the text. Author Christopher Anderson may be the ONLY person left in the world who believes the infamous "Mars Bar" story regarding Marianne Faithfull when the Stones were busted in 1967, and this book is full of this type of speculation and quarter-truths.

  • Kathryn

    When I picked up my copy of Mick: The Wild Life and Mad Genius of Mick Jagger, I hadn't realized that I had read a previous work by the author. Christopher Andersen appears to have made quite a living with biographies of political figures and select celebrities. This, in fact, is not his first book about Jagger, and since I have not read Jagger Unauthorized I cannot reveal whether or not Mick is a dressed-up revision of the former. I'm willing to bet not - though as I read the summary of the pr [...]

  • Ken

    This is actually a followup to Andersen's 1993 biography of Mick Jagger called, JAGGER UNAUTHORIZED. After reading Keith Richard's delightful autobiography, LIFE, this new book about 'the other Glimmer Twin' is a real letdown. It is as if he cobbled together a bunch of tabloid articles about Mick Jagger, stitched them together, and failed to add any insight whatsoever. And, most of the 'facts' aren't really corroborated, so they are merely opinions of what other people (and many with numerous ax [...]

  • Marti

    This book promised to be "jam packed with juiciness" and it certainly was that. I know a lot more than the average person about the Stones and their early career so there was not much here that I didn't already know. However, there was one particularly vivid description of the violence at Altamont owing to the fact that the author was there covering the event for Time Magazine.What I was less familiar with were the post 1982 years where Mick, trying to initiate a solo career, morphed into a habi [...]

  • Yvonne

    Mick Jagger is surely the King of Rock There can be some debate about that, but he certainly is royalty. And apparently has always aspired to get up close and personal with royalty. I think we all know by now that Mick is quite a status snob.I love the Stones as a band. Individually not so much. Perhaps Charlie Watts is a guy I would like to have a conversation with, but Mick or Keith, not really. However, their music is so much a part of the musical theme of my life, it's danceable, memorable a [...]

  • Cindy Knoke

    Here is how I would summarize this book:Mick’s reported narcissism can be hard to take if you are around him much i.e if you are one of his many intimate partners, family, friend, band member, or if you read a long book about him.You won’t learn anything new about Mick in this book. Especially since all the juicy excerpts were published extensively in the media as teasers. It is a fun, inconsequential book, none the less. It is very similar to all of Andersen’s books in terms of scope and [...]

  • Staszek

    So you can actually be more vainglorious. InterestingThis is my second biography, first on a musician, and I now wonder what good a third read would be on someone not that famous. I admit, the large portion of excitement was caused by the back-cover annotation about his ca. 4k mistresses, but the story is actually very boring and more of a deterrent. To myself, I guess. Not that I was a star or anything Not recommending this one. It feels that if you are a Rolling Stones fan, you may lose the sp [...]

  • Maggie

    If you go into this book expecting it to focus on the music or creative process of the Rolling Stones, you'll be disappointed. While those elements are part of the narrative, the focus is much more Mick Jagger's life, especially his love life and sexual escapades with over 4000 women and men over the years (no, that number isn't a typo). This book is sex, drugs, and rock and roll at its best--in that order. Rumors of the Stones' debauchery weren't exaggerations! The pacing drags in places in the [...]

  • Bessie James

    As my DH likes to say, "oof". This is a fair-to-midling trash read. The author specializes in quick biographies. Nothing is substantianted by Mick Jagger. There is the random quote but nothing directly by the author from Jagger. The title suggests that you're going to find out about the mad genius of Jagger but there is precious little about what makes him great. I'm a big Mick fan and I'm willing to give him a fair amount of latitude on some of his strange behavior, but this guy really wants to [...]

  • Carole Yeaman

    Knew next to nothing about this "icon". The fact that he went to the London School of Economics I thought might bring up SOMETHING interesting about him. Alas, no. He doesn't seem to even have funnelled a bit of his billions into charitable projects. Ugh - what a superjerk! Detailed account of Altamonte - Wow!I do realize that this was simply a cut & paste from tabloids so-called "book" - but nevertheless.This summer's heat is obviously baking my brain to spend time finishing this book.

  • Ian

    Another collection of stories cobbled together from various sources and timed for the 50th anniversary. There is nothing much new for a Rolling Stones fan in this book. It all seems a bit exaggerated and speculative, with the negatives to the forefront and the music basically forgotten about. There are better books on the subject out there, written by people who actually have a personal connection to the Rolling Stones.

  • Bob Schnell

    As enjoyable as this book was to read, it really is more of a tell-all, gossipy expose than a serious music biography. Granted, many people are interested in such a book, especially after what Keith Richards wrote in his autobiography, but that doesn't mean it belongs on the same shelf as "Life". In many ways it parallels Arianna Huffington's biography of Pablo Picasso, only Mick's cast-off women don't seem to hate him as much. And only Keith gets to call Mick an a**hole.

  • Elinor Hurst

    Readable and entertaining, although I'm not a Stones fan. Mick Jagger does not come out of this version of his life very well - vain, mean, ruthless, money hungry, bisexual, a voracious user of drugs and relentlessly promiscuous. But he is evidently a fascinating character and a charismatic performer.

  • Alex Robinson

    Seemed way more interested in his sexual escapades--or "sexcapades" as I call them--than anything to do with the actual music he created. For instance, the book devotes maybe half a page to the recording of EXILE ON MAIN STREET but goes into great detail about various celebrities he partied with and/or screwed and the soap opera-esque spouse-swapping.

  • Charles

    Not much -- an interesting, superficial overview, well researched apparently, of Mick's philandering, and breeding practices -- but having read Keith Richard's A Life, I found this one to be very superficial as far as ANY references to the creative process goes. One major eye-opener: the total sluttiness of Carla Bruni! No wonder Sarkozy was so jealous!

  • Liza Greenwood

    Keith Richards and his authorized story, Life, are much more riveting. Don't be put off by the size of that book--it's WAY better. It has more detail, it has more voice, and it seems more real.

  • Gord

    Just another account of the misbehaving,arrogant ,famous control freak.He has slept with over 4000 women - I can understand a fling with Bowie l . . But Eric Clapton??? C'mon give me a break . . . Always wondered how he earned the nickname "slow hand" . . . Now I think I know

  • Mk100

    Warmed over trash. You'd do as well to read a collection of People magazine articles over the years as spend your money on this book. Yet, it is true, I read the entire book, because depravity, character defects and raw genius are a heady mix.

  • Marybeth

    what a busy guy he is. The tales are redundant. Interesting take on Altamont, but other than that nothing new.

  • Judith Flanagan

    This book should have been called "Mick's Sex Life". It goes from one liaison to another, to another; women to men and back again. Those of us who are true Stones fans know all about it. Most of what is in the book has been reported time and again. The book does not explore o his creative genius, nor his supreme contribution to music. Nothing is told of positive relationships in this life. His concerts are magnificent. The book does not mention that. I wish I could return this Kindle book as a p [...]

  • Tsvetelina Stambolova-Vasileva

    Като цяло предпочитам автобиографиите пред биографиите. Винаги е по-добре да чуеш версията от първо лице, а дори ако авторът не е докрай искрен, можеш лесно да прочетеш що за човек е между редовете. Но това беше лесна за четене и забавна книга, може би малко жълтовата за моя в [...]

  • Peter Burton

    Too much emphasis on his life and loves.Interesting on Brian Jones and his death and his early life.

  • Rita Chaney

    Salacious. Scandalous. Juicy. Everything you may have ever thought about Mick Jagger is true or so it seems upon finishing Christopher Andersen's biography, Mick: The Wild Life and Mad Genius of Mick Jagger. Sexy, talented, finance-oriented, and narcissistic are descriptive of Mick and you'll discover other facts about him, the man and the musician. The book definitely reveals some things Mick has done that I'm not a fan of and he's has clearly struggled with a personal "issue" or two. That said [...]

  • Milena

    Секс, наркотици и рокендрол, или да надникнеш в биографията на Мик ДжагърДа, знам, заглавието е клише, но „какво е клишето, ако не една по-скучна версия на истината“, както казва писателят Етгар Керет. :) Пък и това за истината си важи с пълна сила в случая с Jagger swagger (Наперения [...]

  • Luvelle Raevan

    Almost one year after I bought this book from Chapters/Indigo websiteI'm done. Finished the book and done with Christopher Andersen also. This is the first book by Christopher Andersen which I've read d the last. People, don't waste even a dollar at a used bookstore, or even if the book is free - don't bother to pick it up. I found it so difficult to get through this horrendous, mean spirited, ugly book. In the meantime, I've read a few other books on various subjects by other authors.You know, [...]

  • Sheila

    Warning to all Jagger groupies: you're just another Lady Jane to him. And if you don't know what that means, you'll just have to read this book. As one model-girlfriend is quoted as saying "Mick is incapable of being faithful." I could say REALLY? But that would beg the question of his entire life. Christopher Andersen's credentials of contributing editor of Time, senior editor of People, and writer for The New York Times, Life, and Vanity Fair is gives him the ability to pull all the loose end [...]

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    340 Christopher Andersen
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