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In the dead of winter, raiders cross the frozen waters of the Dunav to pillage towns and villages along the river When darkness falls and the war party retreats before the coming blizzard, they stumble upon one last farmstead There they encounter a mysterious child, and the hunters suddenly become the hunted.This is the story of Magz, his little sister Jackie, and theirIn the dead of winter, raiders cross the frozen waters of the Dunav to pillage towns and villages along the river When darkness falls and the war party retreats before the coming blizzard, they stumble upon one last farmstead There they encounter a mysterious child, and the hunters suddenly become the hunted.This is the story of Magz, his little sister Jackie, and their harrowing struggle to survive.

  • Title: The Ghost Child
  • Author: Simeon Stoychev
  • ISBN: 9781465936950
  • Page: 342
  • Format: Kindle Edition

About Author:

Simeon Stoychev

Simeon Stoychev Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Ghost Child book, this is one of the most wanted Simeon Stoychev author readers around the world.

Comments The Ghost Child

  • Jacob

    A mysterious and powerful man. A scared and dangerous child. Winter, snow, cold, and death. Bring to a simmer, stir, add salt to taste. This is going to be good.Magical orphan heroes are so abundant these days, some worlds have started trading them as currency. ("A whole Luke for that old goat? Cor, that ain't worth half a Kvothe! But tell you what, throw in the cheese wheel, I'd be willing to pay eight Eragons or so. Final offer.") And here we have Magz, the ghost child--a little gem, rough and [...]

  • Becky

    Christmas 2011, I was offered a free copy of The Ghost Child by Simeon I downloaded it, and there it sat on my sadly neglected Kindle app ever since. Too many books, too little time. Cut to today, with my 2012 reading goal sitting at 14 books behind (booo!), and so I go in search of short books that I can read quickly. And I stumble once again on The Ghost Child. And my, I'm glad that I did. I can think of a few words to describe this story: CaptivatingImpressiveEnigmaticToo ShortOK, I know tha [...]

  • Daniel

    People are always looking for things in the fantastic genre, and in my friend Simeon's story, his introductory character is doing the same. I'll admit that this common trope--along with that of inn, ale, horse, forbidden lands, and a mysterious quest--gave me an initial impression of par for the genre. Then Marise, possibly our hero, shows a talent for the unnatural, and reveals more of his abilities as he and an incidental companion proceed into terra infestus. Now I was hooked: give me cool ma [...]

  • Tina

    Recommended to me by the author, I'm happy to have read this novella/unfinished work. While it is in the production stage, the story and characters have great promise and I was intrigued from the second page. I enjoy a fantasy novel that is lax on exposition, mainly because I enjoy finding things out as I go, but also because the "stranger walks into a tavern" beginning is a common trope in fantasy wherein too much description of the buildings, people, and various other items would have been red [...]

  • Apatt

    Impressive little novella from new author and friend Simeon Stoychev. Fans of high fantasy should find this story enjoyable. There are some interesting concepts here though I am not entirely sure how the magic works. An elaborate world building project is in progress here and it is clearly a labour of love. It will be interesting where the author goes from here. This one has legs and could run and run!Get your free copy today!

  • Valerie

    This is the story of Marise, a "Carnage," and his journey in the cold to find the titular Ghost Child, a child named Magz. The author linked me to a free copy of this, and I'm glad I read it! Although short, the setting is beautifully rendered - Simeon did a really good job at describing a cold climate. It was the little details I liked the best, like noting that the locals in the bar were ice fishermen and the potential perils of a horse crossing a frozen river.The story of Magz is heartbreakin [...]

  • Jane

    Recommended to me by the author, and having seen a glimpse of how picky he can be with his reviews, I had high hopes for this short story and it did not fail to impress :)I must admit I thought there were places like the beginning where story order and dialogue could have been improved, but by the time I got into the story of the Ghost Child, I was hooked. By the end, I was sorely disappointed that the story was not any longer and that there was a hell of a teaser that better be wrapped up in a [...]

  • Laura

    Cold, so very cold. I wrapped my blanket around my shoulders a little bit tighter as I read this short story by Simeon Stoychev. This is the first published tale by Mr. Stoychev and it shows much promise for the young writer. He describes very vivid setting as a traveler searches for the rumored Ghost Child who has frightening abilities. The journey takes our traveler to snowy wastes populated by savages. This short story is part of a larger installment that I hope Stoychev completes very soon.

  • Di

    This looks like the beginning of something epic. The protagonist (Marise) is a stranger searching for a child who’s one of the few survivors after a raiding party slaughters everyone in a northern village. No one seems to know what he’s talking about though, and Marise gets a translator and heads into the tribelands to investigate. The perspective of the story is beautifully done and switches halfway through to a boy called Magz and his family. The tense of the story also shifts, and the sec [...]

  • Inday-Elie

    I can almost feel my nose freezing! :)The plot and the characters are both promising, but I was expecting more on the "description" department because I was a bit left off on some point in the story making me rely on my "Graphics card" to make up for it lol. But nonetheless, I was really intrigued by what the so called "Ghost Child" is, is he a (here it goes) Vampire? or something entirely different? oh man i cant wait for the next installment! good job! :)

  • Snoozie Suzie

    This well written 'beginning' was sent to me by the author. I really felt I was in the story with the descriptions, which did not go so far as to remove you from the story. It is a short book/beginning I read it quickly because I was enjoying it so. I would like to read more, and as it is 'to be continued' I hope I can. The story has a lot of promise and if it continues in the same way will be a very good read.

  • Shannon

    I really enjoyed this short glimpse of what is sure to be an epic novel! I'm very curious to see how the story progresses. Good writing and a superb imagination have left me hungry for more! UPDATEJust finished rereading this one and the second time was even better than the first! Pure epic awesomeness!! :)

  • Ангѣлъ

    The author has given us the chance to read his book for free here smashwords/books/view/ :) And I kindly recommend buying the book if you have liked it.

  • Nicholas Karpuk

    I want to like epic, sword-n-horses fantasy. Really, I do. The main reason I ever started reading fiction was escapism, so it always seemed like a good fit, but something started turning me off about the entire genre once I’d read enough book and grown sufficiently old enough to have an opinion about the relative quality of one versus the other: The prose, especially the dialogue, is kind of embarrassing. If Simeon Stoychev’s short book succeeds in nothing else, it’s in presenting the st [...]

  • L

    This was a nice little story by a friend. It may be a little rough in certain areas, and could use some fleshing out in others, but the ideas are great and it's a fun read. The characters are interesting and the story is pretty neat so far. I'd like to see it polished up and expanded, particularly some back story on Marise and some more in-depth explanations of the magic going on in this world. I'd like to know more about the ghost child and his powers - where they came from, how he learned to [...]

  • Fathermocker

    I have mixed thoughts about it. On the one hand, I found it hard to get started reading it. The author's choice of words seems to be unnecessarily complicated, and that certainly gets in the way of the narrative. Some sentence structure did strike me as odd too. But I'm not a native English speaker, so I might be mistaken; it might just be his stylistic choice. On the other hand, I thought the story was fascinating. At first, as I said, it took me a while to just "go with the flow", but as I kep [...]

  • AsatorPrime

    This novella was pretty interesting and beautifully written, I absolutely loved the descriptions of the cold bleak landscapes (it actually made me forget that it was 44 degrees Celsius when I read it) and I fell in love with the characters almost instantly (especially Jackie). The tone of this novella reminded me of an Indy game I played called Winter Voices and has given me the urge to replay it right now.If this is a preview for a Novel I cannot wait to read it.

  • Magareshko

    I stumbled upon this book rather by accident and didn't know what to expect. I was pleasantly surprised to find a beautifully written story, rather short (sadly!) but full of life. The author has not gone into too much details about the back-story, giving just hints of the forces driving the quest. This leaves him plenty of space to focus on the present - the descriptions of nature, feelings and actions are very rich, almost poetic.

  • Cillian

    Son of a bitch! This was too, too, too short.You wrote this book when Godzilla was still in diapers, and Dickens was barely learning how to hold a quill, Simeon. It's time to give us the rest.Get to work.

  • Tinaallmon

    A pretty light read, finished in less than an hour. Really enjoyed the story line. The writing was a bit hectic in times, but I feel like that was on purpose. I greatly enjoyed it. Looking forward to reading more.

  • Nikki

    I found the story overall interesting but the writing could have been stronger. I largely enjoyed Marise's POV, though most things were left unexplained. Worldbuilding left me intrigued but wanting so very much more. Then with Magz's POV I found myself bored but also frustrated by the writing more in this section. I did not feel as though the action scenes were well-done either and then were all in Magz's section. Overall the novella did nothing to engender contentment in this reader when it end [...]

  • Edoardo

    This book was recommended by the author and friend. The novella is pretty interesting. It has a captivating prose. An intriguing magic system and a promising story. I especially liked the prose, it doesn't go on tangets nor does it 'vomit' the story. It delivers the story at a perfect pace. It definitely made me want to read the rest of the story.

  • Kaitlyn

    A compelling start marred by typos. I was a little confused on the timeline, as well, and I have a pet peeve about "modern" names co-existing with the fantastic. This definitely isn't perfect, but it's certainly interesting, and I'd pick up a novel-length expansion, certainly.

  • Bill Tillman

    A truly haunting tale of the great north and dealing with Eskimo natives. Following a trail made more by ghosts and superstition. A page turner from beginning to end.

  • Adreanna

    I really enjoyed this short story. the last page says 'to be continued' and I can't wait to read more

  • Cathy

    Good story, with more to come, about this child who is magical.

  • JK


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