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By Nate Cosby Chris Eliopoulos | Comments: ( 154 ) | Date: ( Jul 13, 2020 )

Justice ain t got no ageNate Cosby Pigs, Jim Henson s The Storyteller and Chris Eliopoulos Franklin Richards, Misery Loves Sherman present Cow Boy, the story of a young bounty hunter determined to send his entire outlaw family to jail He travels the Old West on a horse that ain t his, and won t stop til every one a his kin s in the clink Also included are short stJustice ain t got no ageNate Cosby Pigs, Jim Henson s The Storyteller and Chris Eliopoulos Franklin Richards, Misery Loves Sherman present Cow Boy, the story of a young bounty hunter determined to send his entire outlaw family to jail He travels the Old West on a horse that ain t his, and won t stop til every one a his kin s in the clink Also included are short stories by the likes of Roger Langridge The Muppet Show , Brian Clevinger and Scott Wegener Atomic Robo , and Mike Maihack Cleopatra in Space and Colleen Coover Jim Henson s The Storyteller.

  • Title: Cow Boy: A Boy and His Horse
  • Author: Nate Cosby Chris Eliopoulos
  • ISBN: 9781936393671
  • Page: 387
  • Format: Hardcover

About Author:

Nate Cosby Chris Eliopoulos

Nate Cosby Chris Eliopoulos Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Cow Boy: A Boy and His Horse book, this is one of the most wanted Nate Cosby Chris Eliopoulos author readers around the world.

Comments Cow Boy: A Boy and His Horse

  • Sam Quixote

    Justice ain’t got no age…Set in frontier times, Boyd is a ten year old kid who sets out with his horses - his custom popgun with a horse-head handle and his steed, Cee Cee – to take down the thievin’, no-good Linney family and put them behind bars where they belong. Only - the Linney family is his kin! In this first volume, Boyd aims for his paw Dub Linney, his scumbag brother Zeke, and his kindly but greedy grandpa. And they ain’t comin’ quiet!I really liked this one. I can’t impr [...]

  • Rikki

    First of all, this book is gorgeous. Do yourself a favor a get this hardcover as soon as you can. Before I even started reading, I took a few minutes just to look at.This is book isn't the sort of thing you expect it to be. Chris Eliopolis's style is cute and cartoony so you you kind of expect the book to have that sort of tone. It doesn't. Boyd Linney, despite his small size and cuteness, is force to be reckoned with. He is a serious child in a serious world and it's best not to turn your back [...]

  • Brad

    Cow Boy is awesome.I heard about it on Comics Alliance and again during Nate Cosby's interview on War Rocket Ajax. The art is very Calvin & Hobbes-esque, but the story has shades of Watterson too. Remember how Calvin & Hobbes could be oddly serious and deep? The same thing applies here. Yes, this is a cute, fun, all-ages story, but there are moments of genuine sadness. Little Boyd is bringing in his family of outlaws. Worst case scenario is he fails. Best case scenario is his family endi [...]

  • Jon(athan) Nakapalau

    This is one cowboy you don't want to mess with! A cross between Charlie Brown and High Plains Drifter!

  • Maria

    “Justice ain’t got no age” is the perfect tag line for Cow Boy, a new all ages comic about a ten year old boy in the Wild West. As the introductory page explains, “Boyd’s exploits ain’t for those with weak bellies and genteel dispositions” Good thing I don’t know any kids like that! Written by Nate Cosby and illustrated by Chris Eliopoulos, and published by Archaia, Cow Boy will appeal to kids and adults alike.The Cow Boy himself, Boyd, is introduced as he heads off to capture hi [...]

  • Ava Butzu

    Be sure to savor the experience of ambling through this gem. From the tactile experience of the cover to the gorgeous hues and color tints of each section to the terse but emotive language (think "True Grit") to the quirky hand-drawn fonts and onomatopoeic sounds, you will be affected on many levels by reading this book. And don't be fooled by its seeming simplicity. "Cow Boy" starts and ends with Boyd's adage, "Justice ain't got no age," but upon finishing the book, you'll be catapulted back in [...]

  • Robert Kristoffersen

    When someone recommends you check out an “all ages” comic, at least if you’re an adult, some begin to cringe, while others just shove it off entirely. The rest, reminded of their love of Peanuts, and Calvin & Hobbes will embrace it fully unto their own. With similar love, I embraced the pages of Cow Boy: A Boy and His Horse like I would any of the select comics that I do own.I was fortunate enough to learn of this comic’s existence from War Rocket Ajax, episode 107, where the previou [...]

  • Sharon Tyler

    Cow Boy: A Boy and His Horse is a graphic novel by Nate Cosby and Chris Eliopoulos which is both suitable and enjoyable for all ages. The hero of this story is a young cowboy taking on the role of bounty hunter. He travels through the wild west on a well trained horse that is not his, and carrying a sidearm unique to him. An added twist to the story is that his bounties are not just random criminals, they are his own family members which all seem bent on leading lives steeped in criminal activit [...]

  • The Styling Librarian

    Cow Boy A Boy and His Horse A Western Graphic Novel by Nate Cosby and Chris Eliopoulos - tonight I eagerly sat down with my son to read this book. We had previously enjoyed a few other cowboy books and I personally was excited to have something to link with Rapunzel's Revenge and Calamity Jack (even though it was written for a different age range.) So we read our way through the book. We loved the man missing his underwear and the twists with the little 10 year old bounty hunter. Pretty fun read [...]

  • Melissa Mcavoy

    This is an odd one. Great illustrations and some deadpan humor that is hilarious. Boyd Linney is a ten year-old bounty hunter, with a rotten family and a score to settle. The dialogue is crisp and the comic timing excellent. This, while visually very appealing to kids is not really for them. I have to agree with another reviewer that commented that the two-page stand-alone comics that appear between chapters don't add, and actually detract from Cow Boy. The first one knocked it off my must-buy l [...]

  • Kate Sherry

    From the cover to the book to the very last page, I couldn't stop smiling. The voice of little, rough and tough cowboy Boyd was just so fun to read! His first line even just captures his "ferocious" voice saying, "Bounty huntin’s simple. A man done wrong. You get that man.” He just seemed like a little boy who likes to put on his dad's work shoes and pretend that he is forty, working at a desk. It was soendearingr the most part :)While the book, for me, had an overall just fun and playful fe [...]

  • Blair

    Initially, the word that sprung to mind as I began to read was "adorable." Please don't interpret this in its patronizing connotation. I mean that in a joy-giving, irrepressible wide grin kind of way. A ten year old bounty hunter on a horse he can't mount without assistance is adorable. But as I read on, Boyd's backstory and his encounters with his family and with other travelers revealed a child resolved to do the right thing, sticking to his own rigid code of morals while ridding society of hi [...]

  • Bonnie

    This graphic novel had an interesting story line that I think could be fitted into many of today’s family problems. Here was a boy left to his own care that was tossed out into the pen with the pigs by his brother who didn’t want to listen to his cry. This act of disregard was then compounded by the rest of his family and it seemed that eventually at a very young age, he was left to care for himself and straighten out his family problems. The only person that at first seemed to give him joy [...]

  • Nick

    This is a great graphic novel, slightly flawed by the varying age range of the short stories included.The basic premise is that a little boy named Boyd has turned to bounty hunting, with his primary targets the various members of his own family, a criminal bunch. One digression involves finding an escaped slave in a livery stable. That and other parts of this odd story are about the main character's quest, and about growing up in spite of your family.Thanks to the artwork of Chris Eliopoulos, th [...]

  • Lisa

    What fun! This graphic novel is masterfully designed in every aspect from the clever title page, through the Cow Boy's main comic, to the short short-story, "Boyd's Wagon," which appears on the very last page. Boyd Linney's tale is told in a serial fashion, reminiscent of the old radio days. He's both precious and precocious. In a lot of ways he reminded me of Calvin from Bill Waterson's brilliant comics - he's wiser than his years, has a strong moral code, and takes himself very seriously. And, [...]

  • Doreen

    The run-of-the-mill concept of the bounty hunter in Westerns is given a unique spin in Cow Boy, where our bounty hunter is a ten year-old boy whose targets are the other members of his ne'er-do-well family. The story is sweet but compelling, kind but morally complex. Our hero is tough beyond his years yet also the epitome of a ten year-old not yet exposed to all that the world has to offer in its glories and iniquities alike.It's hard to describe the art without using the word "cute" or synonyms [...]

  • Jennifer Hendzlik

    “Bounty huntin’s simpleAin’t hard math. Good thing. Nobody’s taught me math yet.” I kinda adore this story. Boyd Linney is a 10-year-old kid on a mission to rescue his good for nothing dad with his trusty steed and a custom made gun that is too cute for words. It's hard being a cowboy when you're just a kid. It is easy to get lost in the cute. The art is gorgeous. The humor is everywhere and I've now incorporated words like tarnation into my everyday vocabulary. But, underneath this ki [...]

  • Sarah Huff

    I actually really enjoyed this book. The book is about a young boy who is a cowboy and a bounty hunter. It is hilarious to me that this young boy is taken seriously by the criminals and sheriffs in this book. I feel that children will love this book because most kids pretend play about being cowboys and bandits. This book catches kids' interests and they will be able to live their "dreams" through this book. The kids will be able to enjoy reading and loose themselves in this book. Also the book [...]

  • Tracey Hanna

    Boyd is a ten year old bounty hunter out to get vengeance. He travels across the West scooping up criminals and serving justice.Boyd is an interesting character, and I love how the pictures create great visualization and movement without having to use words. Boyd, being 10 years old, should not be a bounty hunter. He should not use his “horse” (a peashooter) to create justice. But, unfortunately in his life, justice is what he needs – even against his own family. I think this is provocativ [...]

  • Heydi Smith

    This was a good story, but there was a lot of negativity by the main little boy, including multiple acts of vandalism, physical violence against adults, gun violence, and name calling, all in the name of justice. These aspects of the story really turned me off. I wish I could give it a better review, it really was a good story and I loved the illustrations.I would NOT recommend this to a conservative or Christian family. It teaches children that you get your way by using violence and shooting at [...]

  • Magila

    3.5A neat, somewhat gritty (but not bloody) and mostly funny book about a small boy being a cowboy in the Wild West. I have to admit that I was not a fan of many of the random bits in between the main story "chapters." The story itself was compelling.The little Cow Boy character turned out to be tremendously complex. I must admit that I didn't see that coming. I expected this to be strait comic relief. This is the rare comic that you can recommend to just about anyone because it provides the bas [...]

  • Shazzer

    Cow Boy is fierce, dedicated, and just a little ornery. He's a pint-sized bounty hunter, bound and determined to bring his lawless family members to justice. In Nate Cosby and Chris Eliopoulos' Cow Boy: A Boy and His Horse, Cow Boy Boyd is out for blood with his trusty steed and steel, and his adventure is full of humor, grit and fun. The language is spot on old west and half the fun itself. Interstitial comics that punctuate the breaks in Boyd's story are very rewarding in their brevity. All to [...]

  • Jake

    "Justice ain't got no age"'Cow Boy' by Nate Cosby & Chris Eliopoulos is a wonderful and original story that is great for all-ages, but more importantly kids. Fantastic, albeit simple, illustrations help tell the tale of a 10-year old bounty hunter & cowboy in the Old West. In addition to the main story, the back up stories spread throughout, are entertaining anecdotes themselves. Cow Boy is accessible, engaging, solid story telling, and kid-friendly. The comic & children's literature [...]

  • Francis S. Poesy

    I really enjoyed this book about a young cowboy bounty-hunter who is on the trail of criminals who mean more to him than just a pay day. This is a great example of putting a whole lot of feeling and drama into a fun graphic novel anyone can enjoy. A true "western" story. The book also had a number of short western cartoons in-between chapters which were quite funny and sometimes a little more disturbing than I expected (poor piggy). But all-in-all I give this one five little doggies, or five six [...]

  • Steph Myers

    Starts off a funny/ironic (Use of irony would be a good discussion), but gradually gets a little darker with flashbacks to how he was treated by brother and mother as an infant. Get the impression that Mom is the real baddie. Doesn’t take granddad in to the marshall, which shows some confusion – trouble with shades of gray when black and white thinking are so much easier. Not sure why the other comics are interjected like intermission at a movie-show. Have seen reviews that target grades 3 - [...]

  • Ramiro Astrain

    This was a good book because of its use of playfully skimming serious topics but still get the massege across. This is shown in the part where Boyd Linny encounters a group of boys beating up a black man. The man Then procedes tells Boyd that him and is sons were kidnapped and sold into slavery. This shows some of the more serious tones that the play full looking novel brings into context. Moreover the way that the gutters are displayed rigedly and the dominance of dark colors bring out a darker [...]

  • Skye Kilaen

    Boyd Linney is a bounty hunter. A ten year old bounty hunter. He comes from a family of criminals, and he aims to put them away. At first it seems like a funny comic, and it is, but there are layers of emotion here. Especially in brief flashbacks to Boyd’s younger childhood, where it’s clear he was abused and neglected. It’s not a pain and angst book or presented in an upsetting way, but his history informs his mission.I don’t care much for Western settings, either in books or movies. Bu [...]

  • Aleap

    At once both charming and surprisingly deep, Cow Boy is the story of a young man who is treated poorly by his family but learns right from wrong despite this disadvantage. Thus begins his mission to personally put his family, thieves and law-breakers, behind bars. This is a great reminder that children are wiser than we give the credit for.There are short comics in between the "chapters" of this story but they seem a bit mature, even though they show no severe violence or sexuality.Would recomme [...]

  • Mia Balsamo

    This book was absolutely adorable. The illustrations were fantastic and helped make for a very comical story. Although he is small, he should is a fighter. My favorite part of this book is his gun which is a horse. Nate Cosby did a great job with the "western" theme. I would recommend this book to any child who does not like chapter books, or cannot read chapter books and for anyone who wants a laugh!

  • Jeff

    I thought this was an interesting book. It was fun to read, it made me laugh a few times. It is about a 10 year old bounty hunter who is tougher than his age and size. There is a surprise twist in the story of his hunt. I think this is categorized as a children's book, but I think, due to the behavior of the child and a hidden reference to a house of prostitution, it should be for high schoolers and above. In light of all that, I thought it was a good story and I hope there is a sequel.

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