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By Tony S. Daniel Sandu Florea Ryan Winn Szymon Kudranski | Comments: ( 700 ) | Date: ( May 27, 2020 )

As a part of the acclaimed DC Comics The New 52 event of September 2011, Detective Comics is relaunched for the first time ever with an all new number 1 Bruce Wayne returns as Batman, and sets his sights on new villain the Gotham Ripper, who in turn has his sights on Batman Meanwhile, Bruce Wayne explores a budding romance with television journalist Charlotte Rivers, whAs a part of the acclaimed DC Comics The New 52 event of September 2011, Detective Comics is relaunched for the first time ever with an all new number 1 Bruce Wayne returns as Batman, and sets his sights on new villain the Gotham Ripper, who in turn has his sights on Batman Meanwhile, Bruce Wayne explores a budding romance with television journalist Charlotte Rivers, who s visiting Gotham City to cover the gruesome slayings while also trying to uncover Bruce s own mystery But time is running out as both Commissioner Gordon and Batman work to uncover the true identity of this new serial killer.Collecting DETECTIVE COMICS 1 7

  • Title: Batman: Detective Comics, Volume 1: Faces of Death
  • Author: Tony S. Daniel Sandu Florea Ryan Winn Szymon Kudranski
  • ISBN: 9781401234669
  • Page: 138
  • Format: Hardcover

About Author:

Tony S. Daniel Sandu Florea Ryan Winn Szymon Kudranski

Tony Salvador Daniel is a comic book author and illustrator.For the science fiction writer, see Tony Daniel.

Comments Batman: Detective Comics, Volume 1: Faces of Death

  • Jayson

    (C+) 69% | Almost SatisfactoryNotes: Told in such shallow, bedraggled, ramshackle shorthand that all its shock and bluster brews is apathetic disaffection.

  • Jeff

    The Joker has green hair. Check out the cover. Yeah, I know I’m really stretching the “green” theme, so shaddup!Two and a half stars.Batman has arguably the best rogue’s gallery of villains in comics and the books have been published since 1939 so the Bat creators have had years to come up with a few compelling characters. This makes the task, for current creators, of bringing something new to the table rather daunting. Take The New 52 (please!?!), the Court of Owls storyline in anyone e [...]

  • Anne

    I liked this title much better than Batman, Vol. 1: The Court of Owls, but apparently I am one of the few who felt that way. I'm not sure why, though. The art was great and the story flowed really well. The only thing that was slightly annoying was that this new villain, Dollmaker, seemed a little too much like Professor Pyg (my opinion)ghI'm sure I'm gonna catch hell from all of you who are in love with Snyder's Batman. Sorry. I like Daniel's stuff better.Neener, neener.

  • Sud666

    I never tend to read comics in the order they are published. So sometimes there are entire story arcs that have happened that I am unaware of. At some point Joker decided the cut off his face or someone cut it off of him. Either way it was a big WTF moment. I am happy to say my confusion has passed-I came across the Joker Face volume!Of course that is not what it is called. It's called "Faces of Death" (similar to a dark video of the same name showing various bloody deaths). But for me it was th [...]

  • Lashaan Balasingam (Bookidote)

    You can find my review on our blog by clicking here.The New 52 event hit DC Comics like a whirlwind and brought us brand new series and brand new creative teams working on our favorite superheroes like never before. As some series stand out compared to others, comic fans still find themselves in front of dozens of new worlds to jump into and new ways to entertain themselves with never before seen characters, artwork and stories. If anything, this major comic book event helps new readers plunge i [...]

  • Sam Quixote

    SPOILERSThe book is about as close to cookie-cutter Batman as you can get. It opens with Batman running across the Gotham skyline in pursuit of Joker. Cut to Arkham Asylum and Joker’s in a straitjacket talking menacingly to doctors and then inevitably he escapes. Then Batman is after Penguin who’s opened a new Iceberg Casino floating in Gotham Bay which leads to Penguin’s arrest. The book’s over. Ho hum. Despite the inclusion of these stalwarts of Batman’s rogues gallery, there are som [...]

  • Steve

    3.5 stars, rounded down. So many storylines left unresolved. Drives me crazy. How about finishing the joker story before starting the penguin story? The artwork is the best part of this volume,and is the reason it wasn't rated two stars.

  • Kuroi

    Ahem. There are two kinds of people in the world: the ones who believe Batman is the real personality and the ones that believe Batman is the persona.Ok, the latter camp is something I made up, but it was a cool way to open the review.Anyway, I belong to the third faction (population: 1) that believes that neither Batman nor Bruce Wayne is the real person, but something in between, a mixed personality that we never get to see.For the purposes of this review, let's refer to the middle ground betw [...]

  • Keely

    I thought about giving a three out of five stars rating for Tony S. Daniel's first volume that is comprised of issues #1-7 for New 52's Detective Comics but quickly changed my mind when I took into account how much emotional abuse I endured while I was reading and reviewing each issue. It would have been a solid three but given how much this ruined an entire week for me, I felt obligated to shoot another star down and just give this a measly two for effort and visuals. I have stated time and tim [...]

  • Travis Duke

    I came for the Joker story because I was told this was the issue the doll maker takes his face, while this is true its very unfulfilling. You get some visuals of the removal but still no reasoning. The rest of the book is standard batman, the stories are fine but nothing amazing. The art is pretty good, its detailed and dark. I suppose if you want more batman, take a look but it wont be a keeper for me really.

  • Gavin

    This is the most disappointing new Volume of the Batman titles from DC's New 52. I say that because Detective Comics is a flagship title, not just an afterthought Batman title to make more $$, but it sure seems like it here. The writer, Daniel, is also the artist, and he's talented enough drawing Batman/Joker and Gotham. However, he's no Scott Snyder. Some of the dialogue seems to have been written by a teenager on steroidsLOTS OF YELLING!!! Also, there's some stupid stuff where characters outli [...]

  • Jonathan Terrington

    I'll admit that you have to stuff up pretty badly to get less than a 4 star rating for me when it comes to Batman. I just love the character and most of the artists and writers know and understand him as he deserves. What makes Batman a great character is not just Batman or Bruce Wayne. Where Superman is made great by being Superman and balancing between saving everyone and also being Clark Kent Batman is great because of his famous rogues gallery and because of Gotham City. You don't get quite [...]

  • Chris Lemmerman

    Solid, if unspectacular, Detective Comics here is much better than when Tony Daniel was writing/drawing Batman pre-Flashpoint.The opening storyline with the Dollmaker is a bold start with some good ideas, but ultimately doesn't go anywhere special and both Joker and the Dollmaker get away far too easily. The second story featuring the Penguin is your run of the mill Penguin story. It's safe, it's easy, and it doesn't really try to be anything it's not. One day, someone will tell a truly great Pe [...]

  • Chelsea

    The first comic was my favourite! The last three were a bit inconsistent, I didn't see the connection between the different characters until the end. And I don't understand Strange's storyline in this, it didn't belong here at all. Still, I liked the first four comics. They were Batman-centered, too bad they didn't finish that storyline better.

  • Brad

    Batman Detective Comics #1Oooooooo! The Joker being all crazy. Again. Who fucking cares anymore? How about a decade without Joker to make his pasty face relevant again. At least Tony S. Daniel added some freak called the Dollmaker to shake things up, and speaking of Daniel, he is the best Bat-artist (at least in my estimation) working on a Bat-book today.Batman Detective Comics #2Not much detecting happening in this "Detective" comic, and it is the detecting that I have always loved about Detect [...]

  • Evan Leach

    The collection contains the first seven issues of DC’s rebooted Detective Comics series. After 74 years and over 880 issues, Detective Comics finally launched its second series as part of DC’s New 52 campaign. Since 1939-1940 this series has been essentially a Batman title, and that hasn’t changed in its new iteration. Whether this was a conscious decision or not, the New 52 version seemed to me like a darker, grittier series than the relaunched Batman: this collection features a truly cre [...]

  • Jesse A

    I enjoyed it but I don't know if it has the re-readability of the other New 52 Batman titles.

  • Nerdish Mum

    Review to follow.

  • Peter Derk

    What's the deal with Bruce Wayne and girlfriends? I mean, I get it. Who isn't into hot babes? But my question is, Why do people who write Batman comics include a girlfriend angle? I have to say, Bruce Wayne's girlfriends must be the least interesting aspect of most Batman stories. Think about it. This is a guy who flies around in jets and speedboats, is a martial arts expert, has all kinds of crazy gadgets, and I'm being told about a date he went on to some stupid ball? Hell, I get bored when my [...]

  • Robert

    I really respect the "do it all approach" when an artist writes and pencils a title, something many people in the comics biz who were inspired by Jim Steranko have attempted, with decidely mixed results.So I'm willing to give Tony Daniel a lot of credit here for taking near-total charge of a major character's title (though, truth be told, with umpteen-million other Batman titles on sale the risk to DC was mitigated) and by and large pulling it off with a story that was both compelling both plot- [...]

  • Justyn Rampa

    Tony S. Daniel deserves props for both writing and illustrating this title on his own. Well done, sir!Unfortunately, I can't really say much about the story itself that is positive. I found the plot to jump around quite a bit and it was hard to tell what was going to happen next.He starts with the Joker prominently featured on the cover with quite a shock at the end of Issue 1 and we don't revisit that plot again at all in this volume. Then we switch to another (somewhat connected) villain named [...]

  • William Thomas

    I'll always remember Tony Daniel for being the guy who made X-Force one of my favorite books of the 90's. His art wasn't as tight oor sleek and slick as other artists like Jim Lee. It was more chaotic, rough and stylistically set apart from the rest of the X books and Marvel in general. After he left to work on Spawn, I didn't really care for any of his work. It all looked like Mcfarlane copycat stuff. Even his work for DC before the reboot still had traces of Mcfarlane in it. But now, Tony Dani [...]

  • Emmett Spain

    A pitch-dark restart of Detective Comics showcases fantastic art but writing that let's the whole thing down--a beautiful to look at mess that pales next to Scott Snyder's focused storytelling. Ultimately the problem here is that the stories are of no consequence--it doesn't matter what happens as, outside of a huge revelation in issue one, the rest of the stories might as well not have happened. An empty, if very pretty, collection. Hopefully with Tony S. Daniel focusing on Detective Comics aft [...]

  • Ryan Mishap

    This re-boot starts out brutal--body parts style brutal--but segues to a slightly confusing plot line. I'm not sure if being a little clueless about what's going on is intended, I missed something, or the writer failing. For those who like harsh stories.

  • Šárka S.

    Kresba krásná, ale příběh sám o sobě nic moc.

  • Summer Tee

    That dollmaker/joker part really scare shit outa me. Been wanting to know how Joker got his face sliced off. It's fucking disgusting and creepy but I like how dark DC comics can get. The penguin's story was pretty good too.

  • Sarah

    Dark and gory, which is awesome, but just not substantial.

  • Andy 117

    Dull storytelling and a lack of genuine wit don't deter this Batman book from being a lot of gory, entertaining - if unremarkable - fun.The Joker is free, and has murdered - if Batman is to believed - hundreds of people. Batman hunts him down, fights him a bit, and, once he's locked in Arkham Asylum, he has his face cut off by Dollmaker, and escapes without a trace. Dollmaker continues his reign of terror with Joker gone, and Batman must fight his way through his butchered, psychopathic family i [...]

  • Michelle

    Review originally posted here.Why I Read It: I love love love Batman, and this is a part of my challenge to read as much of the New 52 as possible. I did go in with some trepidation though -- one of my really good friends who is a fellow comic book geek warned me that the new line of Detective Comics isn't up to snuff I wanted to try it anyway for curiosity's sake.Well, my friend was right. This volume of Detective Comics was a mess I tell you. MESS! It's sad because the first issue looked promi [...]

  • Chris

    I have been a Batman fan since before I could read. Changes in my life had caused me to pull away from my comic addiction a few years ago so I have been a bit out of touch with the DC Universe lately. When I saw my library had this graphic novel I was as excited as a kid at Christmas time. I couldn't wait to step back into Gotham city and visit my ultimate hero. I knew going into this that things have changed in the DCU and the New 52 is basically a reboot of all the big series characters. This [...]

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