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By Erica O'Rourke | Comments: ( 648 ) | Date: ( Jan 26, 2020 )

Zwei M nner Zwei Welten Eine Entscheidung.Mo Fitzgerald wollte nur ein normales Leben f hren Aber als ihre beste Freundin ermordet und sie selbst von mysteri sen Schatten gejagt wird, ist nichts mehr, wie es war Mo lernt eine Welt kennen, an deren Existenz sie nie glaubte Pl tzlich befindet sich die junge Frau mitten in einem Krieg geheimnisvoller magischer Kr fte JeZwei M nner Zwei Welten Eine Entscheidung.Mo Fitzgerald wollte nur ein normales Leben f hren Aber als ihre beste Freundin ermordet und sie selbst von mysteri sen Schatten gejagt wird, ist nichts mehr, wie es war Mo lernt eine Welt kennen, an deren Existenz sie nie glaubte Pl tzlich befindet sich die junge Frau mitten in einem Krieg geheimnisvoller magischer Kr fte Jetzt muss sie sich entscheiden zwischen zwei Welten, zwei Schicksalen und zwei ebenso faszinierenden wie gef hrlichen M nnern bersinnliche Romantik f r eine neue Generation.

  • Title: Die Erwählte
  • Author: Erica O'Rourke
  • ISBN: 9783442268702
  • Page: 117
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Erica O'Rourke

I write books about girls who make their own fate and fall for boys they shouldn t.I live outside Chicago I like to travel but I ll never really leave this city I prefer cookies to cake even cupcakes , television to movies, and autumn to all the other seasons.I like sushi, naps, coffee, and driving stick shift I hate fish, emoticons, bridges, and talking about myself Click here for about me.

Comments Die Erwählte

  • Jenelle

    I guess I should have looked more closely to see that the 4 star rating only came from 200 and some readers, but c'mon people, where are your standards? A great looking cover (even if the girl does have a slightly droopy eye which is charmingly realistic instead of photo-shopped to the Uncanny Valley), does not mean a great book. Neither does the tension of two out-of-her-league hot guys, competing for the perpetually nerdy/clumsy/under-appreciated/unconsciously attractive shy girl who is determ [...]

  • Jennifer Armentrout

    One of my favorite reads of 2011

  • Angela Fristoe

    Okay, so from the blurb it sounds like the book is going to open with some action, right? Well it doesn't, because guess what? The first half of the blurb happens before the book even starts! Yeah, how exciting. I don't even care that this wonderful friend is dead, because I never even meet her.This though, is the least of the problems I had with Torn. I'd like to start with something positive and I'm finding it hard. That's not to say the book was horrible. It wasn't. It was just okay. I receiv [...]

  • Joy (joyous reads)

    Two guys. Two worlds. Two destinies. One Choice.Yikes. I know right? The love triangle alarm is blaring in my ears. I should've really ran for the hills. Let me be honest and say I didn't see that blurb when I started reading. Otherwise, Torn would've been thrown in a pile of maybe-never. I have an aversion to love triangle but for once, this book actually handled it in a way that didn't incite some self-inflicted eyes gouging. This book was quite a pleasant surprise. In a way, it was reminiscen [...]

  • Amelie

    Ich war sowas von überrascht von diesem Roman! Das ganze klang für mich wie der durchschnittliche 0815 Urban Fantasy Liebesdreieck SCHROTT. Wenn ich das Buch nicht kostenlos und im Rahmen einer Aktion hätte lesen könne, hätte ich es wahrscheinlich nie angefasst. Aber (!) glücklicherweise ist es so gekommen, denn das Buch war so gut, dass ich beschlossen habe, auch den zweiten Band lesen zu wollen.Was das Buch eigentlich hauptsächlich trägt, dass ist der Hauptcharakter Mo. Sie war sehr na [...]

  • Meagan Catherine

    I have heard some people say that the cover didn't really pull them in. For me the cover had absolutely nothing to do with me picking up this book. I have an advanced review copy. It is green and simply says "Torn" on the cover. I grabbed this book simply because the title caught my attention. Simple yet powerful, I was curious to see what this book was really about. From the very first few pages I was hooked! Mo's loss and quest for revenge paired with her growing (and often confusing) feelings [...]

  • Lee Nichols

    Who doesn't love a character torn between two dangerous worlds and two risky guys? The only thing safe about this book is how good it is.I can't decide who I think Mo should end up with. Probably Colin, but Luc may win me over. Two of my favorite romantic love interests this year!

  • All Things Urban Fantasy

    Review courtesy of All Things Urban FantasyMurder, magic, and the Mob. That’s TORN in a nutshell. Well if you add in one of the better love triangle I’ve read this year with two very different, but equally appealing guys, and a hidden magical world that lies at the brink of destruction.I have no comment on the cover, but the title of TORN is perfect. Maura “Mo” Fitzgerald is torn. Torn between her incarcerated father and the uncle who stepped in to take care of her and her mother. Torn b [...]

  • Svenja

    Ich finde, "Die Erwählte" hätte auch nach diesem Buch enden können. Es ist ein abgeschlossenes Ende und ich weiß auch nicht, was in den nächsten beiden Büchern passieren soll. Aber ich lass mich überraschen.Der Anfang beginnt sehr schleppend, die Geschichte baut sich langsam auf und dann passiert plötzlich so viel auf einmal, dass man gar nicht aufhören kann zu lesen. Die Beschreibungen rund um die Magie usw. fand ich ab und zu ein wenig schwammig. Mo ist eine sympatische Hauptfigur, di [...]

  • Jennifer

    The first start-to-finish fabulous book I have read this year -- every moment rang true. Delicious heros, chilling villains, and a main character who is relatable, loveable, and admirable. This book is beautifully written and action-packed -- executing both those elements flawlessly is an amazing achievement. WOW!!!

  • L.j. Duett

    First, about the Cover. I liked it. The girl's bangs are a bit weird but I feel as if I'm looking at an actual person, someone with character rather than just the same girl thats on every other single YA book out there. This image sticks out. Also, Torn's plot held such promise. Instead of taking the usual YA book formula and creating the main character with all the power/ability/destiny, O'Rourke went and killed that person off. No joke, the one with the destiny was dead from the start of this [...]

  • Dark Faerie Tales

    Review courtesy of Dark Faerie TalesQuick & Dirty: A refreshing perspective from someone who was never supposed to be the one to save the world. A story of love, fate and chance – beware, once you start, you won’t be able to put it down.Opening Sentence: I woke up to the smell of Lysol and the end of the world.The Review:When Mo Fitzgerald wakes up in the hospital, all she wants to know is what happened to her best friend Verity. Mo remembers everything that happened the night her best f [...]

  • Jami

    I loved this book. Seriously. I haven't given many 5 star ratings to new, contemporary books, but this is one that really deserves it.I'm not a huge fan of love triangle stories because it's so hard to show the two choices in a way that makes them both equally appealing. (If one's a clear winner over the other, the one who's debating looks stupid. And even if they're both equally good, the chooser too often comes off as flighty.)HOWEVER, the author did a great job here. She portrayed both men we [...]

  • Cathy

    In most fantasy books, there's a hero (or heroine). Someone with a hidden destiny, great powers, etc. Well, that girl gets killed off before the book begins. I honestly love that idea, but I did't love this book.We start in a Chicago hospital emergency room. The savior's best friend Mo (who survived the bad-guy attack), is coming to terms with the idea that Verity (did her name annoy anyone else? Truth. Okay, we get it.) is dead. Mo is an ordinary, shy girl with no powers. We know she is ordinar [...]

  • Wart Hill

    Actual rating: 2.5Overall, it wasn't anything to write home about, but it wasn't terrible either. I liked the plot, Mo has to take the place of her best friend in saving the world, despite not having any magic. It was interesting to look at Mo trying to figure out what to do and what had happened while learning that she didn't know as much about Verity as she always thought.I liked the magic. I felt like it could have been better developed - especially the different factions. But as we were in M [...]

  • Nerissa

    Maura “Mo” Fitzgerald has just gone through what could be considered the worse day of her life, she just witnessed her best friend, Verity’s murder and finds herself laying in a hospital bed. Her life will never be the same again. Mo has been surrounding by secrets her entire life; she just didn’t realize it until now. Her world begins to fall apart as the one constant she knows has been violently ripped away from her. Mo struggles with dealing with her best friend’s death, wanting to [...]

  • Stacey Pagan

    I am under the impression that this novel will be a trilogy and I might be a “Thirty Something” but there is nothing like a great YA novel! A YA novel that has this thirty-something year old wanting MORE! I had never heard of Erica O’Rourke, but she is now on the top of my “to watch out for” list for certain!Mo has been dealt a hand of cards that your average teenage girl would not normally be able to handle. Her daddy is in prison, her mother is a workaholic to keep a roof over Mo’s [...]

  • Chrystal Grcevich

    This book was great! Sure, the plot is predictable in places, it's a light read, the scenario is unlikely (nerdy girl gets two hot guys??), but I find it so refreshing to have these things once in awhile. The purpose of a fantasy book is to be fun and extreme. I like the concept! Why not make it grandiose? Kudos to the author for taking the road less followed. I love to read about the not-so-likely heroes and heroines because it brings the impossible down a notch or two. Maura is a good girl who [...]

  • Heather *Awkward Queen and Unicorn Twin*

    Well . . . I can't say I liked this book, but I never got so mad I had to force myself to keep reading. So that's something. But there were a few things that did annoy me. One: Why are girls in YA novels always flat-chested? And what is with the focus on cleavage? I assure you, girls, boys are going to be looking if your shirt is low-cut enough. Or even if it's not. Two: The focus on Verity was a little weird, bordering on worship. She was beautiful, charming, popular, yet nice. Why does the bes [...]

  • Barbara

    Amazing story! I was drawn to this book by her eyes on the cover. The main character, Mo, is a "normal" girl living in Chicago and attending Catholic school. Her family is involved in the mob, although that does not have too much effect on her life (in the beginning of the story). I like that she is not a total outcast/ underdog like the protagonist in many paranormal series I also like that she is self-reliant and resourceful on her own (no magic, no guy).It is the typical pattern of magical bo [...]

  • Agnes

    Not reading Torn by Erica O'Rourke is the biggest mistake of your life and it was almost mine.During my senior year of high school i found the Torn giveaway on . Can you believe i almost didn't enter the contest.I didn't like the main character name but for some reason or another i submitted my information anyway.Looking back i'm glad that i did and i'm kinda embarrassed because i love Mo.She is my favorite character and she will be your too.She tops Bella and dare i say any other female charact [...]

  • Reading Vacation

    Mo and Verity had been best friends for years. They shared everything, or so Mo believed. After Verity is murdered, her secrets come out and there is magic involved. Evil magic. It doesn’t stop there. When Mo seeks revenge for Verity’s murder, Verity’s secret becomes her own. If you are thinking wow, you are right, WOW!Torn’s take on magic is that it is centered on the four elements – fire, water, earth, and air. I love how the magic is tied to nature. This magic is powerful and very u [...]

  • Nancy

    I'd not read or heard of Erica O'Rourke before reading this book but she is an excellent writer. The book begins with Maura, or Mo in the hospital after an attack she can't describe. She was with her best friend, Verity, when they were attacked and Verity was killed. Turns out, Verity had some magical secrets and a fateful place in the world of magic.Maura's family has deep roots in the mob. Because of this attack, it appears that someone is trying to reach Uncle Billy via Mo. He stations a body [...]

  • Jessica Saylor

    Torn felt like a really long read for me. It is really strange though, because it isn't in a bad way. It feels like every once in a while I would tune into someone else's life, and the whole story took place over several days. Confusing? Probably.The characters, while fun, felt a little generic to me. I really like a lot of brooding and depth to my male characters, especially in a triangle, and I didn't get that. And truthfully, I didn't see what was so special about Mo that made these two guys [...]

  • Katelyn Strickland

    'Two guys. Two worlds. Two destinies One choice.'-- let's be real, it had me at 'Two guys.' In the very first page of this book, we find Mo in the hospital, having barely survived an attack that took the life of her best friend in the entire world, Verity. Remembering only pieces of the evening, she sets out to avenge Verity's death, and finds herself thrown into a world she never knew existed. One that even her best friend was keeping secret from her. I felt bad for Mo in the beginning - being [...]

  • Dorian

    The first 100 pages or so into this book, I genuinely liked it. I found it getting a bit crazier nearing the end of the book though. Like many others, I found the world very confusing and hard to relate to. Mo was a pretty enjoyable character, but she did seem very pathetic at times. She would rant on and on about how she was nothing compared to Verity. I didn't really understand how she basically become the replacement vessel either. The love triangle seemed very forced. I definetly could see t [...]

  • Kathriona

    Als "Weg in die Dunkelheit" erwies sich für mich leider die Lektüre dieses Buchs: extrem naiver Hauptcharakter, unglaubwürdige Liebesgeschichte(n), zu viele Fantasy-Klischees, öfters unpassende Wortwahl und mein Liebling, der mehr als perfekte Luc ;-) Aber dadurch, dass Bou das Buch zum Kommentieren hat herumgehen lassen hatte ich trotzdem ganz viel Spaß beim Lesen (und war ehrlich gesagt auch vielleicht etwas kritischer als sonst) :-) Eine richtige Rezension folgt hoffentlich noch in den n [...]

  • Cecilyn

    This was a good read. The main character was kind of quiet ("mousy"), but equally determined and loyal. The story-line had good interaction between a few of the characters (Luc, Mo, and Colin mostly) and it added a lot to my enjoyment of the book. There was also a little bit of heat between Mo and the two guys, which is always appreciated. Seeing Mo's decisions and settling into the type of person she wanted to be was also enjoyable. I'm looking forward to reading the next one!

  • Huriye C

    Es war eine sehr schöne Geschichte, vor allem, weil ich lange Zeit nicht aus der Genre Fantasy gelesen hatte. Das ganze Buch über habe ich mir gewünscht, sie beginnt etwas mit Colin, was jedoch eine offene Frage bleibt. Auf den zweiten Band der Triologie bin ich schon sehr gespannt und hoffe es bald verschlingen zu können.

  • Brigid

    Fantastic book. Not your typical love triangle at all, the guys were insanely hot, and even at the end of the book, I still can't decide who Mo should end up with. Great read. I flew through the whole thing in 24 hours, and with a full time job and a preschooler, that's saying something.Definitely pick this one up.

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  • ✓ Die Erwählte || ↠ PDF Read by ✓ Erica O'Rourke
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