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How can a wedding album start a tug of war between the bride and groom When they aren t really married and an April Fools joke goes awry.In a moment of self pity, April Vaillancourt, a graphic designer and all around dreamer, creates a fake wedding album She accidentally leaves it behind at a restaurant after a girls night out Weeks later, when it turns up on the desk oHow can a wedding album start a tug of war between the bride and groom When they aren t really married and an April Fools joke goes awry.In a moment of self pity, April Vaillancourt, a graphic designer and all around dreamer, creates a fake wedding album She accidentally leaves it behind at a restaurant after a girls night out Weeks later, when it turns up on the desk of the fake groom, he confronts her, and she s faced with telling the truth or living a lie.Michael Goode is a high powered investment advisor on the threshold of becoming CEO His neat and orderly bachelor life is jarred when April s prank appears on his desk Ready to take her to task for the brazen invasion of his privacy, he instead falls captive to her charms Intrigued by her evasive tactics, he pursues her, but when he finds himself wanting to spend every minute with April, he begins to question his bachelor life Could there be something better

  • Title: April's Fool
  • Author: Blanche Marriott
  • ISBN: 9780803476141
  • Page: 411
  • Format: Hardcover

About Author:

Blanche Marriott

Blanche Marriott began writing romance novels in 1991 while balancing her career as a wood products manufacturing manager She often joined the troops in the factory, working on sanders, drills, and saws It gave her time to talk to the characters in her head and figure out what they would do next In 2001 she switched careers and now works for a CPA firm as an accounting assistant, specializing in payroll.She has completed 14 novels while staying active in 2 writing groups, serving on the Boards of Directors several times, and a number of conference committees But the best part was the life long friendships she s formed with so many writers, published and unpublished.Her first published novel, KALEIDOSCOPE, won 2nd place in the 2003 WisRWA Write Touch Readers Award for published authors Her second book, WAY OUT WEST, won the prestigious New Jersey Romance Writers 2003 Golden Leaf Award for Short Contemporary WAY OUT WEST was also a finalist in the 2004 Virginia Romance Writers HOLT Medallion Awards.Her current novels are APRIL S FOOL and HIS BROTHER S BABY She also has a non fiction humor book, BORN TO BITCH, chronicling life s little annoyances.Blanche lives in Rhode Island with her husband She enjoys gardening, reading, and playing with her grandkids You can visit her website, blanchemarriott, or email her at blanche blanchemarriott, or follow her on Facebook Blanche Marriott

Comments April's Fool

  • Rachel Sides

    April's Fool is a fun read. It begins with an outlandish April fools joke that just gets crazier. I'd love to see it make into a romantic comedy. Loved it!

  • Megan

    Cute and sort of funny. Wished the time would have been put in to really set the scene and strengthen the characters. They had qualities that if there was more it woul easily show the bond and likeness between them. It was all very coincidentally. Showing how April saw Michael and how her crush aided in her April fool joke really could have made me fall more. Michael had great swoon qualities but it all happened in words and not feelings.

  • Hamideh Mohammadi

    A funny romantic love story with a comic beginning and a heartwarming end. It turned out to be one of the books that I would have never expected to read or enjoy, it proved me wrong. I hope it becomes a movie.

  • Rachel

    Not really into chick-lit but this was cute. Seen several movies with this type of story line but this was cute all on it's own.

  • Leigh Goldian

    Cuuute!I really liked this story! It was cute and romantic and frustrating, just the way a romance novel should be!My only problem with it was that there were typos that were repeated throughout the entire book, which was distracting. Otherwise, bravo!

  • Kari King

    Great book I found this book when it showed under recommended books. I am so glad that I decided to read it. I knew from the start, it was a book you had to open any spare time you have. I will look for more books from this author.

  • Samantha Donoghue

    Loved it!Seriously loved this book! Read it in one night. Who doesn’t enjoy a good love story. And it was so well written. Can’t wait to read more from this author.

  • Mindy

    If you’re looking for a short, flirty romance, this is the one to read! It had its humorous moments and its “Awww” moments. Fun quick read and a happy ending to boot!

  • Brittany Goodman

    AhhhhSo cute and a very satisfying ending. I'd have loved to see further into their future but nonetheless, it was satisfying. Such a cute, sweet, clean story

  • Pam

    April’s Fool is a humorous novel by Blanche Marriott. It is a quick read and is just a fun book. I really enjoyed this book. April Vaillancourt was the only unattached member of her girls’ group. She just returned from vacation and had an album to show them. She had taken some wedding photos she had found on Tim Houghton’s (her boss) computer and photo shopped her face into the bride’s and a gorgeous man who had attended the wedding was the face of her groom. This was done as a joke and [...]

  • Steph Desire

    I'm not sure why that book has so many stars. I said it before and I will say it again: Fiction is a pile of acceptable nonsense. Meaning that it's a believable fake story well told- well-written.Reason #1: A workaholic with so much time in her hands. I could understand that April could have Photoshop herself as a bride in ONE photo. But she went ahead and did an entire ALBUM! Maybe she's a professional but I know how long it takes to Photoshop one picture and let alone an entire freaking album! [...]

  • Alysia

    I picked up this book from the library solely based on two things. One the cover is cute and it was small. LOL! I really wanted to read something short.The plot is very familiar and I think there are several movies with the same premise. Woman pretends to be married to a man to fool her (married) friends. The man finds out and uses her and the fake marriage to impress his boss. But they seem to like each other and wham they are really hitting it off.This book is very predictable. The storyline h [...]

  • Chancy

    An easy free read from while I was sick. No deep plot, no character development. I read it in a span of 24hrs and I easily slept 15 of those hours.

  • Paula Bothwell

    PG - no sex, some kisses, but not descriptive. I don't remember any swearing.This is the first book I've read by Blanche Marriott, and I really loved it! April is a nerdy (doesn't know she's a hottie) computer geek, so she's super smart and not easily manipulated. Michael, our H, is an investment guy who works in the building and for a company that hired April's company.I thought the story-line was clever, and I loved the candor that April had in her interactions with others. She was exactly who [...]

  • Liz

    I quite enjoyed this fun frothy book. Traditional romcom material with great characters and a predictable storyline but that did not detract from my enjoyment of the story.An April fool's joke goes wrong and the two main characters pretend to be in a relationship in order to help a career. Full of mishaps and romance along the way, this book is well worth a read.

  • Sandy

    This was a cute story but very predictable from the start. A very easy read!

  • Carla Cabrera

    This was a cute love story that I loved reading. It follows the typical fake fiance/wife plot. It is even a little funny. I thought April and Michael were very likable characters. I could feel the chemistry between then. I've read the book twice and can easily see me reading it again and again.

  • Elizabeth

    Very cuteA short, simple sweet story with two funny bumbling main characters. Michael was the right amount of playful and April the right amount of sarcastic. Quite adorable, entertaining and funny.

  • Deb Mj

    Total fluff. Think G-rated Jennifer Crusie. But it was sweet, it was a quick read, and every so often, I just need something mindless and cute to take my mind off of some of the dark stuff I tend to read. This fit the bill.

  • Judy Stark

    It was a cute story, although very predictable how it would end, I still enjoyed reading it. Kept me interested and wanting to read more. I think this story would make a good Lifetime or Hallmark movie.

  • Anastasia

    Cute storyThis was a cute story meant for quick, light-hearted reading. I rate three stars because it was an entertaining enough read but it lacked substance. Everything in the story went picture-perfect, fairy tale. If you're not into insta-love with no conflict, skip this book.

  • Rachael

    2.5 This book ended exactly how I thought it would, and April was incredibly frustrating throughout the whole thing, however, there was something about it that made me have to finish it no mater how obvious it was.

  • Christine

    Predictable but charmingA quick read with likeable characters and a tension that fleshed out the storyline. I recommend it for a rainy summer day or a day at the beach. It's entering enough but hardly a surprise.

  • Megan Montes

    I really enjoyed this book. It was a very easy read but very entertaining if you are looking for a fun, spunky romance novel. Good author!

  • Stacey Neve

    Predictable but fun, basically a goofy romantic comedy in a book.

  • Tiffany

    Cute book. No language, no sex, which I appreciate.

  • Bernie

    April's Fool reviewApril's Fool is a sweet PG romance written by author Blanche Marriott. What started as a joke became much more.

  • Emily

    Cute, quick, rom-com read.

  • tonya

    Good readcute story line with some quirky twists along the way. I would read more from this author. The ending was a little predictable but still cute.

  • Sandy Williamson

    Cute romantic story. Easy and lighthearted. Mood lifting.

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