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By Tony Parsons | Comments: ( 556 ) | Date: ( Feb 20, 2020 )

Seven short stories from bestselling author Tony Parsons, based on his week as Writer in Residence at Heathrow airport.Here is Heathrow as it has never been seen before a secret city populated by the 75 million travellers who pass through every year, a place where journeys and dreams end and begin.From the brilliant twenty something kids who control the skies up in AirSeven short stories from bestselling author Tony Parsons, based on his week as Writer in Residence at Heathrow airport.Here is Heathrow as it has never been seen before a secret city populated by the 75 million travellers who pass through every year, a place where journeys and dreams end and begin.From the brilliant twenty something kids who control the skies up in Air Traffic Control to the softly spoken man who cares for the dogs, lions and smuggled rattlesnakes at Heathrow s Animal Reception Centre, from the immigration officers who have heard it all before to the firemen who hone their skills by setting the green plane on fire, from the armed police who watch for terrorist attacks to the pilots who have touched the face of god Heathrow teems with life.In Departures, his first collection of short stories, Tony Parsons takes us deep inside the secret city.

  • Title: Departures: Seven Stories from Heathrow
  • Author: Tony Parsons
  • ISBN: 9780007458653
  • Page: 328
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Tony Parsons

There is than one author in the database with this name.Tony Parsons born 6 November 1953 is a British journalist broadcaster and author He began his career as a music journalist on the NME, writing about punk music Later, he wrote for The Daily Telegraph, before going on to write his current column for the Daily Mirror Parsons was for a time a regular guest on the BBC Two arts review programme The Late Show, and still appears infrequently on the successor Newsnight Review he also briefly hosted a series on Channel 4 called Big Mouth.He is the author of the multi million selling novel, Man and Boy 1999 Parsons had written a number of novels including The Kids 1976 , Platinum Logic 1981 and Limelight Blues 1983 , before he found mainstream success by focussing on the tribulations of thirty something men Parsons has since published a series of best selling novels One For My Baby 2001 , Man and Wife 2003 , The Family Way 2004 , Stories We Could Tell 2006 , My Favourite Wife 2007 , Starting Over 2009 and Men From the Boys 2010 His novels typically deal with relationship problems, emotional dramas and the traumas of men and women in our time He describes his writing as Men Lit , as opposed to the rising popularity of Chick Lit.enpedia wiki Tony_Par

Comments Departures: Seven Stories from Heathrow

  • Goge

    This is a small book with big messages. I am a fan of Parsons' laid-back attitude towards life. He makes no dreamy promises, life can be hard and cruel, but it's also filled with beautiful human stories, the one that will make you smile, or make you think-hey, this is me. Those stories seam simple and short, but they describe life as it is, for better or worse. Definitely, worth giving hour or so of your life to read them all at ones.

  • Alice

    I hate you, Tony Parsons, and your facile, predictable, saccharine stories. If I were to submit one of these stilted tales with their massive infodumps to the People's Friend, it would be rejected with a one-line form letter. Yet other people apparently like this stuff. A much bigger mystery than what goes on behind the scenes at Heathrow's Animal Control unit, in my opinion.

  • Jelena Antic


  • Pete Young

    In August 2011 Tony Parsons became writer-in-residence at Heathrow’s Terminal 5, and these seven interlinked short stories are the result of that fruitful week. Having been connected with Heathrow for most of my professional life I thought this collection might be a bit of an unrewarding ‘busman’s holiday’, but it’s the details of the working lives of other Heathrow mavens that really caught my eye, and for readers unconnected with Heathrow other than when just passing through these st [...]

  • Emma

    I've always had a soft spot for short stories. I enjoyed all the stories in this book but especially the one about the old man who hangs around the airport. The stories offer a look into the behind the scenes activities in an airport which was interesting.

  • Marina

    Visiting the book fair last month, I’ve found this small book. I like Tony Parsons a lot, and I was wondering how I didn’t know about this book. I’ve found out that he spent seven days at Heathrow as official airport writer just to write these seven heart-warming stories of life.Departures is a book made of seven stories. I’ve never been at Heathrow before, but these stories made me feel like I’ve always been there. There is a boy who likes to watch the airplanes leaving and coming. Th [...]

  • Samantha

    Enjoyed some stories more than others, but wasn't a huge fan of the format. Dipping in and out of characters only really works for me if it's consistent, but this book confused things slightly as to whether the stories were all crossed over or separate. Obviously the final story combined storylines, but this wasn't even touched upon in most chapters so I didn't ever really settle in to the narratives.Not for me, but nothing terrible to say.

  • Gabriella Cseh

    Great! Imádtam minden elbeszélés, pedig már rég elszoktam a novellák olvasásától, mert nem tudtam az elmúlt pár évben lekötni.Megható, bájos, emelkedett történetek, amik megmutatják, milyen remek emberek dolgoznak Nagy-Britannia legnagyobb repterén.Nyilván vannak irodalmilag sokkal értékesebb művek is. De nem kell minden regénynek-novellának olyan emelkedettnek vagy éppen mélynek lennie, hogy az ember elfáradjon az olvasásában.Szívből tudom ajánlani Mindenkinek.

  • Anel Musanović

    Iako možda izgleda kao kratka knjiga, kao knjiga koja vam ne može puno reći - varate se. Pisac na jako jednostavn način prikazuje ono što vidimo svaki dan, ono pored čega hodimo svaki dan. Ljude i njihove živote, tužne i sretne priče. Ono najljepše. Topla preporuka za ovu jako neobičnu knjigu.

  • Victoria Louise


  • Danielle

    British writer Tony Parsons spent a week inside of London's Heathrow Airport as a writer in residence, during which time he wrote this short collection containing seven stories about various professionals working there, from animal caretakers and customs agents, to pilots and runway maintenance workers. There are also two stories that mainly focus on travelers, those being the first story "The Green Plane" and the story "The Final Call."My first impression of this collection was lukewarm. The ch [...]

  • India

    Pretty junky tbh

  • Susan Barnes

    This is a pleasant collection of sevens stories related to the staff and travellers who frequent Heathrow Airport in London. The stories are all stand alone however there is some overlap where characters reappear in later stories.All the stories are interesting snippets of life in a busy airport. People using the airport vary from the rich and famous to drug mules, to hopeful romantics and to average families. Each one has a story to tell.The staff also cover a cross section of society with thos [...]

  • Anna

    Még nem volt szerencsém az íróhoz, úgyhogy nem tudtam, mit várhatok tőle. De kifejezetten tetszettek a történetek. Az elsőnél átéreztem a nő félelmét, én még életemben nem repültem, és tuti be lennék tojva az első utam előtt. Neki ugyan nem az első volt, de hát na, vannak dolgok amiktől az ember fél. A második történetnél kicsit irigyeltem Tim-et, bár nem lehet egyszerű munka, biztos, hogy rengeteg gyönyörű (és veszélyes) állattal találkozhat.Jazz munkáj [...]

  • Jonesy_laaa

    I'm a very big fan of Tony Parsons and I was left wanting more from this collection of short stories. I was truly excited to see what Parsons had written after spending a week at Heathrow Airport as a writer in residence. Parsons for me failed to deliver. With the seven stories, I felt that Parsons had created characters with no depth, no passion, no motivation and was lukewarm at best. I just felt that he was disconnected from his characters which is very unusual for Parsons as that is his bigg [...]

  • Melissa

    I got this book out as I wanted to read something quick and easy in a few days. This book was really interesting as it was 7 semi-true stories about the different aspects of Heathrow airport. As someone who loves travelling and finds airports fascinating it was a fun light read. I would definitely recommend it as a quick beach, flight or journey read. Just what I needed to get me back into the swing of reading. I feel like I have been so busy atm that I haven't had much time to read, so it was n [...]

  • Christina Rochester

    Oh I'm so sad that this already over. I loved most of these short stories and the way that they all intertwined gave me a little thrill. I think my favourite had to be the one following UKBA, and afterwards I was disappointed to find that my own medical conditions would prevent me from joining their ranks. But at least thanks to Tony Parsons I had the opportunity to follow them for a day.These really are some lovely little stories although you may want a tissue handy for Fur Actually.

  • Ilona

    Charming collection of feel-good short stories about a large airport. (Heath Row, but I'm sure it could be any large airport.) Though I thoroughly enjoyed the stories myself, it occurred to me this would be a great book for an adult to read to an older child. (Eight or nine and up.) I read to my kids well past the age that they could read by themselves. It's a lovely shared family activity.

  • Лазар Јовановић

    I read this collection of the stories really slowly, because I really wanted to enjoy every single one the most I possibly can. And it was worth it. Tony Parsons really did not waste his time at the airport. Well written stories with strong messages. Easy five-stars for this one. I expected nothing less from him.

  • Miroslav Rakovic

    Mislio je na roštilje vikendom, na decu na travnjaku i na roditeljske sastanke. Mislio je na starost uz nekoga. Mislio je na dom u kom živiš sa ženom koju si odabrao među svim ženama sveta, i koja je tebe odabrala među svim muškarcima sveta.I prvi put u životu Spajk je u svemu tome video nekakav smisao.

  • Cristina

    I enjoyed learning certain original facts about heathrow such as the animal centre or the tower but was not particularly impressed with the style nor the sequence of chapters. Could have been much more interesting and original. Read June 2013

  • Julian

    Good collection of short stories, giving an insight into various aspects of Heathrow life. As usual with Parsons accurate in detail but also big in the human side of everyday life. Last story nicely wraps together several of the threads from previous stories. A very nice read.

  • Sapphira Toh

    Charming short stories with heart. :)

  • Rebecca Chan

    Simple but heart warming stories, a quick but enjoyable read.

  • Juwita

    Actual rating: 3.5 stars

  • Ipswichblade

    Very average book of short stories

  • John

    Slight and iry. OK for a quick read. The most interesting aspect is the way the stories arose out of being a Writer in Residence at Heathrow.

  • Joy

    7 short stories about the different people who use the airport. from different perspectives. a good read

  • Sonja

    Savrsena ♥

  • Heather Clitheroe

    Quite a lovely book. The stories are charming; I wanted them to just keep going. Recommended.

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