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By Susan Isaacs | Comments: ( 994 ) | Date: ( Jul 03, 2020 )

Katie Schottland seems to have the ideal life a great husband, a precocious and winning 10 year old son, and a dream job writer for the long running TV series Spy Guys But all is not as splendid as it should be because writing about the espionage business isn t nearly as satisfying as working in it.Fifteen years earlier, Katie was in the CIA Just as she was sensing shKatie Schottland seems to have the ideal life a great husband, a precocious and winning 10 year old son, and a dream job writer for the long running TV series Spy Guys But all is not as splendid as it should be because writing about the espionage business isn t nearly as satisfying as working in it.Fifteen years earlier, Katie was in the CIA Just as she was sensing she was in line for a promotion, she was fired escorted off the premises by two extremely hulking security types No one would tell her why when you re expelled from the Agency, warm friends immediately become icy ex colleagues who won t risk their security clearances by talking to you.Until that day, Katie was where she wanted to be Coming from a family of Manhattan superachievers, she too had a job she not only adored but a job that made her, in the family tradition, a Someone Fifteen years later, Katie is still stuck on her firing She believes that if she could discover why they threw her out, she might be at peace.On the day she s rushing to get her son off to summer camp, Katie gets a surprise call from former Agency colleague Lisa Golding A matter of national importance, says Lisa, who promises to reveal the truth about the firing if Katie will help her Lisa was never very good at truth telling, though she swears she s changed her ways Katie agrees to speak with her, but before she can, Lisa vanishes.Maturity and common sense should keep Katie in the bright, normal world of her present life, away from the dark intrigues of the past But she needs to know As she takes just a few steps to find out, one ex spy who might have the answers dies under suspicious circumstances Another former agent is murdered Could it be there s a list If so, is Katie now on it And who will be the next to go 2007 Susan Isaacs P 2007 Brilliance Audio, Inc.

  • Title: Past Perfect
  • Author: Susan Isaacs
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 326
  • Format: Audiobook

About Author:

Susan Isaacs

Susan Isaacs is a recipient of the Writers for Writers Award and the John Steinbeck Award She serves as chairman of the board of Poets Writers and is a past president of Mystery Writers of America She is also a member of the National Book Critics Circle, The Creative Coalition, PEN, the American Society of Journalists and Authors, the International Association of Crime Writers, and the Adams Round Table She lives on Long Island with her husband.

Comments Past Perfect

  • Lain

    What a mess. This was a train wreck of a book, all the more disappointing because I adored Susan Isaacs' other books. Katie Schottland, former CIA report writer, is now a somewhat famous writer of a weekly television spy drama, "Spy Guys." But despite her supposedly happy marriage and fulfilling life, she can't get over what happened a decade and a half before, when she was tossed from the CIA's "inner circle" without explanation.When an old colleague gets in touch with her on a matter of "natio [...]

  • Eileen

    Issacs is an engaging writer, however the plot is thin and the mystery is convoluted and worse, non-sensical. There are gapping holes in the logic and in the conclusion. The main character Katie continually makes what are supposed to be logical conclusion with little or no evidence, and the reader is expected to accept that her guess work was all correct at the end, when there was no proof provided that her assumptions were accurate. A very disappointing book.

  • Melissa McShane

    This story of an ex-CIA analyst/report writer turned spy-show-writer is just fun--not groundbreaking, not a gripping spy thriller, just fun. What makes it four stars, for me, is Isaacs' writing, which is clever and fits the story perfectly. Katie, the main character, was fired from the CIA some twenty years before with no reason given, and it's bothered her ever since. Bothered her enough, in fact, that when a former acquaintance turns up asking for help in exchange for telling Katie why she was [...]

  • Suzanne

    I'm a Susan Isaacs fan but haven't read anything of hers lately and was pretty delighted to see this at Costco. As in all of her books, her female protagonist is a strong, smart, but self-depricating hero. Katie can't really get over the fact that she was fired from the CIA for seemingly no reason over a decade earlier (a bit of an obsessive worrier myself, I could totally relate). When a former colleague calls out of the blue and says she can tell Katie why she was fired, Katie is immediately i [...]

  • Janis

    Past Perfect is my first Susan Isaacs book; and unless I am guaranteed by a friend whose opinion I trust, I will not read another. At first I thought I would enjoy the main character Katie Schottland because she is still haunted by being walked off her job at the CIA with no reason given for her dismissal. After all, she her job performance was exemplary. She thought she was being summoned for a promotion not a dismissal. Although she now has a successful tv shot, Spy Guys, a happy marriage and [...]

  • Melissa Namba

    I generously gave it two stars because it started out being fun and I feel like I should give it credit for that. This book will resonate with people who are or who know people who are so high strung, obsessive, and self absorbed that all rational thinking eludes them. This was really a crappy mystery novel written in a lower level of diction, like maybe it was intended for a tween who had to grow up a little bit too soon. I'm sure other people enjoyed this book, but I found the character and pl [...]

  • Ellenjsmellen

    I just finished this today and enjoyed it. It's a very past paced book about a former CIA employee who got fired for unknown reasons many years ago. Now living as a writer, a wife & a mom, she's been contacted by someone in her past who needs help and is willing to tell her why she was fired from the CIA.

  • Marleene

    So not worth the effort. Couldn't get into it until the last 30 pages and even that was disappointing.

  • Janet

    I was terribly disappointed in Past Perfect. I am an admirer of Susan Isaacs. I have enjoyed most of her books. This one, not so much. Here is the major spoiler: nothing happens. The heroine is Katie, a former CIA gal who is now writing her own spy cable show. She was mysteriously fired from the CIA 15 years ago. She is called by an annoying friend, Lisa, who, if Katie will help her get in touch with a news agency will spill why Katie got canned. She will call Katie back the next day. She never [...]

  • Ellie Carlisle

    I liked this book. I see many others did not but I didn't care that it wasn't the most intriguing book I've ever read. It kept me interested enough that I wanted to be reading it whenever I could. My caveat is that Katie did way too much speculating on what happened. Some paragraphs were just too full of speculation on her part. I only wished I could have actually witnessed the downfall of Ben.

  • Rena DeBerry

    Premise was why I picked up the book but there was too much chatter. You are suppose to follow our heroine's inner dialogue but it was so back and forth I had a hard time getting into the book. I did finish but the ending was anti-climatic.

  • Micki

    Reread but still enjoyable. All along, I thought the husband did it but I'm sure I thought that the first time around as wellill was entertaining and the ending, while a bit far-fetched, was engaging and suspenseful even the second time around.

  • Elizabeth

    So disappointed.This was so far from perfect.I usually like her books but this was so implausible and had poor character development. Did not engage me at all.

  • Rebecca Shields

    Amusing narrative by Isaacs, but not the most engaging plot. A fun summer beach read.

  • David Weinfeld

    pretty good story. it's slow moving and circular but eventually gets to the point it was enjoyable enough not highly recommended.

  • Patriciavalenciame.com

    Ugghhhhh this was such a horrible book with a really unlikable character! I like Susan Issacs but this book sucks!!

  • Kris - My Novelesque Life

    1.5 STARS"In Past Perfect, Susan Isaacs gives us one of her most glorious characters ever: bright, buoyant, and borderline luscious Katie Schottland. Katie seems to have the ideal life: a great husband, a precocious and winning ten-year-old son, and a dream job -- writer for the long-running TV series Spy Guys. But all is not as splendid as it should be because writing about the espionage business isn't nearly as satisfying as working in it.Fifteen years earlier, Katie was in the CIA. She loved [...]

  • JBradford

    This isn't a novel about one of the lady lawyers working at Bennie Rosato's all-female law firm; instead, it features one "bright, buoyant, and borderline luscious Katie Schottland," who 15 years earlier had a good job as an analyst at the CIA but was abruptly fired for reasons that were never made known to her, even though she was having an affair with her boss at the time recovering from her post-firing depression, Katie went on to write a novel about CIA agents that got turned into a TV show, [...]

  • Gloria Mccracken

    Katie used to work for the CIA as an analyst, writing superlative economic reports. Then she was summarily fired and labeled a security risk, and she doesn't know why, not even 20 years later when this novel takes place. She couldn't get another job, based on her firing, so in desperation she writes a light-hearted novel called "Spy Guys", which is turned into a tv program on a small cable channel. She is married to a sterling fellow and has a charming young son, but she can't seem to shake her [...]

  • David

    Katie used to work for the CIA. One day, fifteen years ago, she got fired-- NO explanation! Since then she has written a spy novel, which was adapted as a fairly successful television show. You would think she would be happy, but somehow there is something missing. Then an acquaintance from her days at the CIA calls to talk to her about a matter of national importance-- and then promptly disappears. Soon, Katie is racking her brain and trying to figure out what secret she might know from her ana [...]

  • Amy

    CD/abridged/Mystery?: Big disappointment. I got this for two bucks at the library sale because I had listened to another Issac's book. This book is not a thriller, as there is no real suspense and not a mystery, or maybe I stopped caring. It's the story of a former CIA agent, Katie, living her life as happy as possible. She was fired from the CIA without cause from her low level position. Without good references for a regular 9 to 5 job, she is now writing books and screenplays for her creation, [...]

  • Elizabeth Quinn

    I've been a big fan of Susan Isaacs for years, but this novel simply doesn't measure up to her earlier work. The elements of character and plot in this story seem lifted from a list of best bets for bestsellerdom: CIA backstory, check; TV production frontstory, check; unsatisfied have-it-all heroine, check; mystery that draws her back into clandestine work, check. The elements are there, but I felt my buttons being pushed every step of the way. And those add up to something unbelievable with sec [...]

  • Linda

    When I was a kid at the movies I would occasionally find myself practically diving under the seat or hightailing it to the back of the theatre and hiding behind the heavy red velvet curtain, eyes scrunched shut and ears plugged tight until I was pretty sure the scary part had passed by. Fifty years later: Something there is about a mystery or spy book or movie that makes you want to scream out to the heroine, “No! No! Don’t go there!” You know that it’s going to be an all’s well that e [...]

  • Annika Peterson

    I really liked this book--a former FBI agent leads a realistic yet spunky life, and shows what a true mystery is supposed to be now- no gunfights or violence (okay, a little) but mystique. Katie used to be an FBI agent, but was suddenly kicked out, with no contact from them or anyone from there ever again. She never knew what she did, because right before hand everyone had been very pleased with her work. Every time she applied for a job, everything went great until they checked out her previous [...]

  • Karen

    I have really enjoyed the couple other Susan Isaacs books I have read, but this one was harder for me to stay with. I enjoyed the main character, Katie Schottland's hilarious asides, but kept waiting for more to "happen." The end of the book had my attention again, but dragged in the middle. Katie, her Zoo veterinarian husband Adam, & son Nicky (who goes off to camp for the summer)live in NYC where she writes for the TV show Spy Guys. She worked for the CIA 15 years ago as a report analyst b [...]

  • Judi

    As my stars indicate, it was okay. I found the book in the laundry room of my building where some neighbors tend to leave things for people to take (they need to learn about bookcrossing). I picked it up because the title references a verb tense and I teach ESL and nevermind my brain works in mysterious ways.Anyway, the book is a quick read and mildly entertaining. I appreciated all the NYC references and thought the characters were interesting and amusing. I just didn't feel compelled by the [...]

  • Michelle Matthews-Calloway

    Since I don't normally write reviews unless I have something specific to say and have the time to write it), here's the break down of how I rate my books1 star This book was bad, so bad I may have given up and skipped to the end. I will avoid this author like the plague in the future.2 stars This book was not very good, and I won't be reading any more from the author.3 stars This book was ok, but I won't go out of my way to read more, But if I find another book by the author for under a dollar I [...]

  • Ann Massey

    Disgraced ex- CIA writer Katie receives a call for help from Amy, a former colleague and dangles the hook that in return she'll reveal the reason why Katie was dismissed fifteen years ago, an injustice that still gives Katie sleepless nights. When Amy doesn't call back and no one has any idea of her whereabout Katie, a screen writer for 'Spy Guys' is soon caught up in a plot more devlish and dastardly than even her creative mind could conceive. The novel is a page turner but for me Susan Isaac's [...]

  • Alice

    I'm a really big Susan Isaacs fan, but she hasn't knocked one out of the park for several years, and this isn't it either (her best book is Shining Through, but any of her first five or six books I think are terrific). I liked the main character, the New York setting, and her writing style, which is confident and relaxed and non-pretentious. But as usual, the mystery was kind of ridiculous and the idea that a successful adult woman would still be pining over a job she lost decades ago (that's no [...]

  • Jessica

    Susan Isaacs may not be Jane Austen, but she's a terrifically entertaining writer who has mastered multiple genres and brings a sense of humor, tight writing, and clever plots and characters to plucky amateur detective fiction, family sagas, and other forms that aren't often given such classy treatment. In this book, a NYC mom/TV writer/ex-CIA analyst gets a mysterious call from a former colleague, which sends her on a mission to discover exactly why she was fired from the agency years before. I [...]

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  • Unlimited [Ebooks Book] ✓ Past Perfect - by Susan Isaacs ·
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