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By Cara Elliott | Comments: ( 530 ) | Date: ( Feb 20, 2020 )

In the Wolf s Lair .Determined to stop her wayward brother from squandering their dwindling fortune, Lady Eliza Brentford decides to follow him to his favorite den of depravity There, among the candlelight and raucous revelry, she encounters her brother s role model in debauchery, the notorious Marquess of Haddan, Gryffin Dwight Staring into his smoldering green eyesIn the Wolf s Lair .Determined to stop her wayward brother from squandering their dwindling fortune, Lady Eliza Brentford decides to follow him to his favorite den of depravity There, among the candlelight and raucous revelry, she encounters her brother s role model in debauchery, the notorious Marquess of Haddan, Gryffin Dwight Staring into his smoldering green eyes, Eliza can t help but find the rakehell nobleman seductively charming and sinfully attractive.In a Lover s Paradise .When Gryffin appears on Eliza s estate as a guest of her brother, a stolen kiss among the garden s blooms leads to a night of unbridled passion Suddenly the lovely widow feels herself opening up, like the petals of a rose Could this master of seduction possibly feel true emotion for Eliza Or is he leading her down the garden path to an Eden of delights no woman can resist and a fall no woman can escape

  • Title: Too Tempting to Resist
  • Author: Cara Elliott
  • ISBN: 9780446584562
  • Page: 170
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Cara Elliott

Cara Elliott started creating books at the age of five, or so her mother tells her And Mom has the proof preserved in a family scrapbook a neatly penciled story, the pages lavishly illustrated with full color crayon drawings of horses Cara has since moved on from Westerns to writing about Regency England, a time and place that has captured her imagination ever since she opened the covers of Jane Austen s Pride and Prejudice A graduate of Yale University, Cara has garnered numerous accolades for her writing, including two Daphne Du Maurier Awards for Historical Mystery Suspense and two RITAs nominations for Regency Romance She also writes a historical mystery series under the nom de plume Andrea Penrose Cara loves to travel to interesting destinations around the world however, her favorite spot is London, where the funky antique markets, used book stores and specialty museums offer a wealth of inspiration for her stories.Cara also writes under the pen names Andrea Pickens Traditional Regencies and swashbuckling Spy Regencies and Andrea Penrose A Regency set mystery series

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  • Karla

    Too Tempting To Resist is the story of Eliza Leete, a widowed Lady who finds herself shackled to a feckless brother whose gambling debts is forcing him closer to the outskirts of the law. Her previous lot in life - robbed of love and affection from father, husband, and brother - has her wanting to live for herself for just once. So she plans to put her artistic talents to use illustrating books, save up some money, and high-tail it to the Lake District.But her plan is trashed when she meets the [...]

  • Kat ~ Forever Book Lover ♥

    You can find this entire review at Forever Book Lover.For those of you new to the series, this is the second book in the Lords of Midnight series. It is a stand alone book, though there are some reoccuring characters from the first book, you won't feel lost not having read the first book.Here is a quick summary of the "Hellhounds" known for their fiery tempers, biting cynicism and taste for prowling the darker side of London, the trio of Connor Linsley, Gryffin Dwight and Cameron Daggett have be [...]

  • Geo Marcovici

    O carte frumoasa, cu personaje puternice, acțiune si conversații spumoase! Recenzia mea completa aici: delicateseliterare/tent

  • Christine Seybolt

    Review: If you love Regency romance than Cara Elliot should be a must your book shelf. Elliott sets Regency romance rocking.Whatever you are reading at this very moment put it down and pick up a copy of Historical romance authors TOO TEMPTING TO RESIST. This is Elliott’s second installment in her fantastically fascinating exotic Lords of Midnight domain. This group of Hellhound rogues will win your heart from the moment they enter your quixotic atmosphereO TEMPTING TO RESIST is the story of th [...]

  • Rebecca (everyday reader)

    Gryff is restless with his life as a drinker/gambler/rogue, and he is ready to settle down. Eliza is a widow who has never really had a home, love, or males around her that didn't run, blackmail, and try to ruin her life. He has an interest and talent in writing essays of nature and gardens, and she has an interest and talent for painting floral illustrations for various writings, and both do it under pen names. Identities are found out, secrets are told, misunderstandings abound, evil men are h [...]

  • Tin

    I discovered Cara Elliott through her Circle of Sin series and was fascinated by her very unconventional group of women. I loved the idea of the "sinners" -- of women with such unique talents and knowledge that society has seen this as a sort of transgression. The heroine of the second book in her Lords of Midnight series, Too Tempting to Resist reminds me of the ladies of the Circle. Lady Elisa Brentford is a very talented botanical painter who secretly accepts commissions to illustrate books. [...]

  • Shauni

    Have you ever read a book that just made you cry? Made you jump up and shout YES!!!! accompanied by a fist pump? After first sinking to the depths of despair. Just worrying about your friend? If you haven't you must read this book. It is a delight to the senses and brought joy to my heart. Cara Elliott is rather new to me and I am not quite sure why I waited so long to fall in love with her. This is the second book in her Lords of Midnight Series and I must admit I am reading it backwards. I rea [...]

  • Kati

    **original review by Jamie posted at Romancing Rakes For The Love of Romance**Confession: The main reason I read this was because I was at Lady Jane’s Salon in NYC and heard Cara Elliot read a passage from it. This excerpt had the heroine accidently manacling herself to the hero’s bed because she was curious about the cuffs dangling from the ceiling. Of course the hero finds her. Needless to say I heard it and had to read it.Lady Eliza Brentford is determined to try and get her brother on th [...]

  • Lucy Dosch

    Loved it!Gryffin Owain Dwight, the Marquees of Haddan, also known through certain circles as one of the notorious Hellhounds. Gryff has worked hard over the years to earn his reputation of gambling and debauchery. He would rather not let those of his acquaintance know that he is publishing a book on the language of flowers. He has kept his interest in botany and landscaping private. All he needs now is to find a talented illustrator of his book so that they can begin printing his novel.Lady Eliz [...]

  • Melanie

    This author manages to entertain me regardless of the name she writes under, Andrea Pickens or Cara Elliott . Her characters are fun, entertaining and can always manage to get themselves into all sorts of mischief. I love watching them squirm while figuring out how to extract themselves out of the troubles they mostly create themselves.I read this series awhile ago, but apparently failed to review it, so this week I’ll be bringing you the lords of midnight.I had so much fun reading this series [...]

  • Daisy

    I really enjoyed the previous book in this series Too Wicked to Wed and was really excited about reading Too Tempting To resist. And while it didn't fully live up to my expectations, I still really enjoyed it!I really liked Eliza, I liked that she got into very awkward situations because of her curiosity and spirit and I liked her creativity. I remember kinda liking Gryffin in Too Wicked to Wed and I'm glad we got to see more of his character in this one. And you guys, he has a dragon tattoo on [...]

  • Fiona Druce

    I've loved Gryff from the first book in this series. He's very human and definitely not a perfect male. He makes silly mistakes and stumbles through life just like the rest of us. What makes him stand out is his wonderful honesty. Normally, I would say "the road to hell is paved in good intentions" and, oftentimes, that's the case for the Marquess of Haddan. In this book, he gets a second chance to correct himself before he misses the chance of a lifetime.Eliza is believably strong: determined w [...]

  • Aislynn

    Lady Eliza is in financial trouble. Her brother has no concept of how an estate is run and what the money is needed for. His only concern is the cut of his coat and what delicacies are on the table when he and his friends descend on his estate.When Eliza ventures to town, she decides to take matters into her own hands and tracks down her brother at one of the town’s most notorious gaming hells. Not only does she find her brother, but she meets a rogue – Gryffin, Marquess of Hadden.From the m [...]

  • Karen

    Continuing to enjoy the heck out of this series (which I'm still thinking of as "The Hellhounds," since "Lords of Midnight" is just doofy as a series title). If I had any complaint about this book, it's that the relationship is so very similar to the previous title, although Gryff isn't quite as smoldery as the Wolfhound was. (That said, he cuts a fine smolder, I may say.)Honestly, I wasn't expecting that much from this title, because Gryff was the somewhat hangdog hound who spent much of the la [...]

  • Kimberly

    Review written for books-n-kissesWhat a delightful book. I could not put it down. The synopsis on the back of this book does not even come close to explaining everything that happens. Yes there is the love story between Hadden and Eliza but there is also the brother, the brothers despicable friends, her painting (incognito), Hadden writing (incognito) and flowers. I had no idea flowers had so many meanings and you will hear them all in this book. This is the second in the series even though is d [...]

  • Jessi

    Lady Eliza Brentford has a problem. It's her brother, he's inherited the family title but he doesn't have the maturity level to know how to deal with hit. Instead, he's running around with some questionable London characters, getting drunk, gambling away the family funds, and whoring his way through life. In fact, it sounds a lot like the life of Gryffin Dwight, the Marquess of Hadden. Except that Gryff hasn't lived that life for awhile. As with many heroes, that life has started to pall and onl [...]

  • Nita

    I'm liking these Lords of Midnight very much. Though Gryff isn't nearly as bad as rumor has him, he's delightfully fun and a great match for Eliza.All Eliza really wants in life is to live comfortably in a cottage on her own (most definitely away from her brother) where she can finally relax and draw scenes of nature. Her goals are hampered by her gambling, insensitive brother. She just needs one more large illustrating commission (the publisher she works for thinks she is a man, of course) and [...]

  • Jess the Romanceaholic

    This is a Quickie Review. For the full review, please visit The Romanceaholic.Expected Release Date: May 1, 2012Publisher: Grand Central PublishingImprint: ForeverAuthor’s Website: caraelliottMy Source for This Book: NetgalleyPart of a Series: Yes, Book 2, Lords of MidnightSeries Best Read In Order: Works well as a standaloneSteam Level: SteamyI was a big fan of the first book in this series, Too Wicked To Wed, and while I admit that I didn’t quite care for Gryff nearly as much as I adored C [...]

  • Farrah

    Too Tempting to Resist is a sensual read with only one issue but it irritated enough to knock off a star.The story itself is interesting and engaging. The ending was sweet and standard of a historical romance. Eliza was a lovely character. She may be a country widow, but underestimating her would be a bad idea. This is a woman who will brave a brothel to rein in her little brother, so anything else would be a breeze. It's wonderful how she is able to use her talents to support herself, even if s [...]

  • Michelle

    I really enjoyed discovering Cara Elliott. From just reading the back page blurb I wasn’t too sure about this title and wasn’t sure if I would enjoy it but I was pulled in so quickly to the story. Lady Eliza is a widow who was previously sacrificed in married for her family and is not willing to come close to marriage again. She’s ready to spend her days at a quiet cottage in the country illustrating books but her brother is driving himself to ruin and she can’t financially support herse [...]

  • paperysoul

    4 starsI liked previous book more than I liked this one. I found it funny as now both heroines in this series so far found their halves at brothel's with same reason: to find their brothers. It's a relief after I read the excerpt of the third book in this series - it's different. I'm glad.The story a bit dragged and repetitive at some point but came to halt really fast at the end. Anyway, it was still good. Talked about flowers a lot. Language of flowers to be precise and I liked flowers. I wond [...]

  • Maria

    My first Cara Elliott book and her style is quite unique in a good way. I wasn't so sure at first because I felt the hero & heroine fell into bed a little too quickly but, as I got more into the story, it became more plausible. Both characters were ready to make huge changes in their respective lives and their attraction was part of that change. The characters and dialogue were charming and fresh, from Sara at the gaming hell to Eliza's feisty old governess/best friend, the evil that was Bri [...]

  • Ada

    Quite the enjoyable read. My first book from Cara Elliott so I didn't know what to expect, although I've seen many a good word about her work.Glad to say I wasn't at all disappointed. The pace of the book was quick, the characters were enjoyable from all sides of the spectrum and nothing seemed highly improbable in the situations. Despite that this is book 2 of the Lords of Midnights series (thought for sure the series should have been something about the Hellhounds!?!) it doesn't really affect [...]

  • Lord Rose

    It was okay, but I can't say I felt all that connected to the characters.Over the course of the book, the hero and heroine almost discovered each other's secret identities so many times that after a while, it just became somewhat frustrating when they missed it again.The heroine's persistence in thinking herself sinful and wanton got kind of annoying, too. The hero told her she was fine multiple times, and even her former governess told her desire was completely natural, yet she seemed to ignore [...]

  • Kate McMurray

    Funny story: I saw Cara Elliot read a few weeks ago without having any familiarity with her books. I liked her reading so much that I decided to buy this one. The book is definitely entertaining. There are some great scenes in which the banter between Eliza and Gryff is witty and very well done. It's got one of my favorite historical romance pairings: the bluestocking (sort of, in this case) and the rake, although Gryff's reputation doesn't seem to match up with the man so much. Overall, I enjoy [...]

  • Melinda

    Cara Elliott has done it again in the Wolfhounds series. I loved Gryff in this book and liked that Cara included some of the other characters from the previous books like Cameron and Sara. This one though just shows that even a man as macho and strong like Gryff can show a sensitive side. Eliza now is a woman that has more secrets about her than the legendary Mr. Haddan aka Gryff. These two together show that they each have their own unique talents but crave love. Definitely a book worth reading [...]

  • Marlene

    This was similar to "Too wicked to wed"; but the hero Gryff was nicer.I never did understand why Eliza had to hide her ability to illustrate; or why Gryff had to hide his writing abilities. Everytime they got together they had sex. The sexual contraption was not explained well; I still don't know how it worked with exeption of manicles. As others have pointed out, a lot of "growling" and silliness. Same formula I expect the 3rd book with Cameron to be similar. Rake, problem, sex, probelem, sex, [...]

  • Karen Wilson

    The story started off well enough; a closet author and a closet illustrator. Their common likes and personalities complement them. My problem is that there wasn't much more to it. In fact, it probably could have worked as a novella; with the amount of content it has. A villainous obstacle needed to be taken care off and HEA. If you want to turn The Language of Flowers into a romance book, this may work. I would also have liked to see more background story about Gryff.

  • Mary

    Wonderful book. Beautifully written. Loved both Eliza and Gryff. Loved watching their relationship develop mostly because Gryff really WAS too tempting to resist. The story was fast moving and yet there were wonderful scenes where the couple admires the landscape as they "picnic" out doors. (I may never look at custard tarts the same again!)Can't wait for next in the series.

  • Barbara

    This was a pleasurable surprise! I enjoyed meeting Eliza and foiund that her outlook on life was much more mature than many of the heroines in most books. Gryff was also very intersting-a man who is intelligent and uses that to write about something he loves. The wry humor and quick back-and-forth between the two made this one of the more enjoyable books this spring.

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