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By Iris Murdoch Jean A. Schalekamp | Comments: ( 185 ) | Date: ( May 29, 2020 )

Wanneer Edmund terugkeert naar het huis van zijn familie in het noorden van Engeland, om de begrafenis van zijn moeder bij te wonen, is hij van plan weer met de volgende trein te vertrekken Maar hij ontdekt dat hij gevangen is in een situatie waarbij zijn broer Otto, zijn schoonzuster Isabel en hun dochtger Flora allen betrokken zijn een situatie die gedeeltelijk is gesWanneer Edmund terugkeert naar het huis van zijn familie in het noorden van Engeland, om de begrafenis van zijn moeder bij te wonen, is hij van plan weer met de volgende trein te vertrekken Maar hij ontdekt dat hij gevangen is in een situatie waarbij zijn broer Otto, zijn schoonzuster Isabel en hun dochtger Flora allen betrokken zijn een situatie die gedeeltelijk is geschapen door Otto s nieuwe leerling David en door Davids wilde zuster Geen van hen is wat hij of zij op het eerste gezicht lijkt en in de loop van verschillende dramatische onthullingen ontdekt de levensschuwe Edmund de verrassendste waarheden niet alleen over zijn verwanten, maar ook over zichzelf, terwijl Maggie, het Italiaanse kindermeisje, een onopvallende maar belangrijke rol spelt.Opnieuw toont Iris Murdoch haar buitengewone talent om de lezer in spanning te laten blijven onder dezer reeks van gebeurtenissen, waarvan alle misleidende lagen worden afgeschild totdat de kern van de zaak blootligt.

  • Title: Het Italiaanse meisje
  • Author: Iris Murdoch Jean A. Schalekamp
  • ISBN: 9789021494029
  • Page: 332
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback

About Author:

Iris Murdoch Jean A. Schalekamp

Dame Jean Iris MurdochIrish born British writer, university lecturer and prolific and highly professional novelist, Iris Murdoch dealt with everyday ethical or moral issues, sometimes in the light of myths As a writer, she was a perfectionist who did not allow editors to change her text Murdoch produced 26 novels in 40 years, the last written while she was suffering from Alzheimer disease She wanted, through her novels, to reach all possible readers, in different ways and by different means by the excitement of her story, its pace and its comedy, through its ideas and its philosophical implications, through the numinous atmosphere of her own original and created world the world she must have glimpsed as she considered and planned her first steps in the art of fiction John Bayley in Elegy for Iris, 1998 enpedia wiki Iris_Mur

Comments Het Italiaanse meisje

  • Diane S ☔

    I read this a few weeks back and it still lingers in my mind. I very seldom come back and change a rating but did for this one, upped it a star because there is so much going on, so much meaning that reveals itself the more one thinks about this novella. Edmund reruns home after the death of his manipulative and controlling mother. A mother he had escaped many years ago. He find things much changed, his niece Flora no longer a small child but now seventeen and his brother Otto and his wife, now [...]

  • Fabian

    What is the term equivalent to "white trash" for the Brits? Well, I don't know, but here is a menagerie rife with those interesting, yet devastatingly bleak individuals--they are all mad--they've all taken X. "Beauty is such self-forgetting" (47) indeed--and this is a brilliant and breathtaking family portrait, so very post-Victorian Jerry Springer filthiness! First off, the strongly redolent, very judgmental narrator (and weakling) Edmund becomes immediately attractive to any reader who often v [...]

  • david

    Notes to self1. Read a book a couple of weeks ago. Turned out it was about Alzheimer’s.2. Cannot remember the title or story of note #1.3. Read another book last week. Turned out it had a character who suffered dementia.4. Cannot remember that title or story either, of note #35. Current author developed Alzheimer’s.ReviewA short and absorbing tale that takes place in Northern England. Murdoch was an established and honored and prolific author. She wrote beautifully. And is now dead.This stor [...]

  • Judy

    This is Iris Murdoch's eighth novel. I have been reading her novels in order of publication and become quite a fan. She brings a philosophical bent to her fiction. Though the next book for me would have been The Unicorn, one of my reading groups picked this one so I set aside my OCD tendency and went with it. Some critics have considered it one of her weakest novels. I liked it just fine.The younger son, Edmund, has come home due to the death of his mother and tells the story with wistful viewpo [...]

  • Cecily

    At 171 pages, this practically a novella, but it packs a lot of emotion into those pages, and although it's an early work, it is very clearly an Iris Murdoch, albeit less subtle than later works.Edmund returns to his childhood home after the death of his manipulative and estranged mother. His brother Otto, an alcoholic, lives there with his wife, daughter and the eponymous Italian girl (an au pair who stayed on), none of whom he has seen for years. His brother is a "half-stranger" and he can't r [...]

  • Ivonne Rovira

    Iris Murdoch’s The Italian Girl reads like a cross between a Victoria Holt Gothic romance and a glimpse of a Holden Caulfield, still clueless, self-centered, and easily offended at forty-something. The protagonist and narrator, Edmund Narraway, returns home for the funeral of his domineering and destructive mother, Lydia, after years away. Still living at the dark, gloomy family mansion are Edmund’s alcoholic, philandering brother Otto, Otto’s neurotic wife Isabel, their beautiful but reck [...]

  • Pauline Ross

    What this book needs is more orcs. Or any orcs at all, really, but preferably a great horde of slavering, rampaging, hell-bent-on-destruction orcs. Failing that, zombies would do the trick. Or perhaps we could push swords into the characters’ hands and toss them into the gladiator arena. Frankly, they need something of the sort. A post-apocalypse world to shake them out of their fairyland and give them something serious to worry about. Because I’ve never come across such a snivelling bunch o [...]

  • Jasper

    My first Iris Murdoch book and boy can she write beautifully. I was transported into the book and lost myself in it. For some reason, I have always been put off her writing because I thought it would be too cerebral and I would become bored but if this is anything to go by, I will be reading more of her stuff.At 160 pages this can easily be read in one day.

  • Blake

    Former glimpses of Murdoch's prose hinted at a grace and flow, but I was sorry to find that most of the language here is clunky and scans poorly. Visual details are scant and while some of the images show a whimsical use of the imagination, most are colourless and uninteresting.I tried to care about the characters, but their problems seemed to alternate unevenly between the exotic and the mundane without any unique observations or enticing portrayals. The whole book read like a first-draft.This [...]

  • Elaine

    "The extreme beauty of the scene put me into an instant trance. It was always a trick of my nature to be subject to these sudden enchantments of the visible world, when a particular scene would become so radiant with form and reality as to snatch me out of myself and make me oblivious to all my purposes. Beauty is such self-forgetting".Enchantment too for me in prose such as this. How good to discover Iris Murdoch again.

  • Anne

    Even though I'm only giving it three stars, I still loved it. Raced through it in a couple of days. Trashier, a bit, then the average Murdoch read.

  • Surreysmum

    [These notes were made in 1987:]. This is an early Murdoch, and less complex than some I have read, but it still has those curiously labyrinthine patterns of human relationships. In this case, a first-person narrator, Edmund, arrives back to be part of a family he has left behind. The occasion is the death of the dominating mother, Lydia, and she continues to be a presence throughout. Edmund, a precise and (he thinks) rather sexless man, has a gross brother Otto, an intense and frustrated sister [...]

  • Jo

    I love Iris Murdoch, but this one has all her most striking faults, and none of the usual redeeming features. For example:Characters who are so casually rich that they just happen to have a huge garden, a river, and even a waterfall in their back garden.Loads of melodrama.Really grimy and unappealing men living in domestic squalor - see for example Otto at the end, who is found casually eating a raw onion with his extraordinarily hairy hands. Of course he is.Predictability - can you guess what w [...]

  • Pat

    My first Iris Murdoch novel, and it will be my last unless someone can recommend a really good one! This was a special $1.99 book on BookBub that I wish I had resisted! Every character is horrid, hurtful and self centered and the plot was just a series of pathetic encounters with each other. I found no literary value whatsoever, but I am open to comments about how wrong I am! Oh, yes, one good thing - it was only 171 pages!

  • Ben Loory

    someday i'll know what to say about iris murdoch. in the meantime, 30 books to go

  • Janet

    So gothic and dreary and I couldn't put it down. I guess that makes it a classic.

  • Kim

    "The Italian Girl" is a novel by Iris Murdoch first published in 1964. I liked this book, but I was also disappointed in it. The reason I was disappointed really had nothing to do with the writing (well not much anyway) but because of the back cover. On the back I am told that this is "A gothic tale told with intelligence and wit. A shockingly original novel of terror betrayal, and love extraordinary amount of violence.e many readers who expect incredible situations, terror and characters in an [...]

  • Chelsea

    I want to preface this by saying I'm torn about my rating. It wasn't a true 4 star rating for me, however it wasn't a 3 star rating either. I'd say more like 3.5 stars. let us give half stars, sometimes a girl just needs a half . ( If you know where that reference comes from, yes you are one of my people ) maybe even 3.75.Back to the book, this is my first Iris Murdoch. And WOW to the writing, if I see anything else by Murdoch it'll be an automatic buy for me because there were sentences that j [...]

  • Persephone Abbott

    What is remarkable are the typical Murdoch (unwed pregnant girl, Christ figure, loner narrator, a person with questionable morals being called "master" etc.) themes set in a gothic horror setting. Halfway through I began to suspect this was a great big joke on her own writing, with chapter titles such as "The Magical Brothel" or "Edmund is Tempted." Reading this novel it dawned on me that my love and use of the blank-o narrator, for me an unattached third person observing and for Murdoch the fir [...]

  • Douglas Cosby

    I probably shouldn't have read this right after "Severed Head", maybe a little too much Iris, because it seemed a little simple, and a little boring. For all I know it could be considered her Gatsby (I thought Gatsby was simple and boring too), but it never grabbed me. A wood carving semi-hermit goes back home for his controlling mother's funeral and gets tangled up in his brother's adultery, unhappy marriage, unwanted teenage pregnancy, along with a missing and ultimately confusing final will a [...]

  • Devlin Scott

    What a wonderful novel! Such complicated characters living in such a twisted reality yet, amidst all the chaos and damage, one funeral, one accidental death, a myriad of countless betrayals and misunderstands, and you still manage to come away with an incredible calm and peaceful contentment upon finishing. A happiness well worth living.This is a must read and a must 'live' story. Take up my challenge and give it a goyou might be surprised at the internal outcome budding within you when you fini [...]

  • jeniwren

    This is a dark tale about a family falling apart after the controlling mother passes away. Edmund is the main character who returns to his childhood home for the funeral. He returns to find his brother and other members of this family living a complicated existence. As secrets are revealed to Edmund , he tries to help whilst wishing he could leave and not wanting to become involved to find the problems just become more complicated which makes for some comic scenes and revelations. This was a qui [...]

  • Rick

    A rather gruesome tale of a dysfunctional family reaching the point of melt-down triggered by the death of the overbearing Mother. The main character comes across as stupidly naïve at points, but the characters are generally finely drawn. It is a bleak, rather depressing story, albeit with some light at the end. Interesting use of the Italian girl as a source of stability even if this is artificially constructed by the other characters

  • Deborah Jelinek-Lloyd

    This was my first Iris Murdoch book and for some reason I couldn't get enthusiastic about it. I can tell that it is technically well written but the story just didn't draw me in. Dysfunctional relationships and melancholy were in abundance and I found it hard to keep reading to the end. A part of me says that I should give this classic writer another chance and try a second of her novels But another says, please wait a whille We shall see

  • Mona

    This book has all the characteristics of a typical Murdoch novel, but somehow it is less complex and more subtle than her later works. Murdoch never fails to excite and entice the reader despite her recurrent theme of death, adultery and the darker side of human relations.Enjoyed reading it, like many of her other 'better' works !

  • Pearl Alexandra Lee

    She puts in words what we human beings feel but cannot say. Though I recognise the honesty of her observations and writing, I found the plot too complicated, very unpleasant and distasteful. This is one of my least liked of her books.

  • Ladiibbug

    A man who is estranged from his mother and his brother and family reluctantly returns for the funeral of his mother.He is immediately drawn back into a web of dysfunctional inter-relationships despite his efforts to escape.Iris Murdoch does the "relationship web" thing so well.

  • Alison

    A dysfunctional family drama built of steadily intensifying yet restrained suspense, full of sensory descriptions that blew me away.

  • David

    Otto was not scary. David was not sexy. My imagined garden kept proving to be insufficient. Not very satisfying.

  • Estelle

    One of my all time favouriets

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