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By Angela Huth | Comments: ( 203 ) | Date: ( Jan 26, 2020 )

Soon after the Battle of Britain, three young women Prue, an apprentice hairdresser, Stella, giddily in love, and Agatha, a Cambridge graduate are catapulted from their contrasting worlds and find themselves sharing a dormitory together in the depths of the West Country as land girls.

  • Title: Land Girls
  • Author: Angela Huth
  • ISBN: 9780349106014
  • Page: 232
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Angela Huth

Daughter of actor Harold Huth, english novelist Angela Huth married journalist and travel writer Quentin Crewe in the 1960s and with him had a daughter She presented programmes on the BBC, including How It Is and Why and Man Alive.She also writes plays for radio, television and stage, and is a well known freelance journalist, critic and broadcaster She is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Literature.She has been married to a don, James Howard Johnston, since 1978 They live in Warwickshire and have one daughter, Eugenie Teasley.

Comments Land Girls

  • ❀⊱Rory⊰❀

    Enjoyable but very much centered on romance rather than the events of the era.

  • Lanette

    Picked this one up at the thrift store, excited because I am obsessed with BBC's "War Time Farm" show. This was a good (if somewhat long) read about the girls in England who went to work the farms while the men were at war. Entirely too much 'shagging' for my tastes, though.

  • Alana/MiaTheReader

    I thought I'd love this book. I hated it. I give it zero stars. The overall tone of the book was totally inaccurate. Huth imposed a college co-ed dormitory lifestyle of today onto characters and situations from the 1940s. The amount of "shagging" going on was ridiculous. And the fact that there was actually a farmer's son around was also ridiculous. Yes, he had asthma, but if he was fit to be in the fields and birthing lambs, he would have been more than fit to serve in the armed forces. Beyond [...]

  • Kyla

    An enjoyable but odd book two of the characters felt like they were sprinkled in at the last minute and the romance aspect often seemed quite forced - I think the story would have flowed more naturally without - but I put down the book feeling like I really got to know the characters and that's always a positive experience.

  • Mmars

    Historically, the story's premise is intriguing. Otherwise, the book was rather average. The personalities of the girls and their actions were not unusual or unpredictable, as was the romance. Fast and easy read. Definitely needed more depth for my tastes.

  • Shirley Revill

    Loved this book. Recommended.

  • Nora

    This was another of the books I read in connection with the 2016 Read Harder Challenge -- in this case, read a book that was turned into a movie, see the movie, and debate which is better. The movie version of Land Girls is a favorite of mine, and after having seen the very different television series with the same name, I was curious about the original story and found the book.It is a good old fashioned kind of read, and I don't mean that in a disparaging way. The book is about a year spent on [...]

  • Bunny

    I didn't realize this was a romance until about midway through the book, when I suddenly thought, "This hero, Joe, is absolutely perfect at all times":) Then I knew I was in the land of the unreal, but I enjoyed it in any case. Sentimental, everyone always doing the right thing . . . still it was an interesting look at life on a farm in wartime England where this odd event of sending untrained girls to fill in for the help were sent, an event I'd never heard of before. I didn't like the ending a [...]


    I totally loved this book. I tend to like historical fiction anyway, but this book had me by the first page. I could hardly put it down and certainly did not want it to end. It may not be everyone's thing, but if you like historical fiction, this is a fabulous book.

  • Emjy

    Un des romans les plus attachants que j'ai lus de ma vie. Il occupera à coup sûr une place toute particulière dans ma bibliothèque :)

  • Joanna

    I'd seen a little bit of the TV series on Netflix so I had an idea of what the Land Girls were. Not my favorite book but informative in some ways.

  • Lori Moon

    I never knew about this program in WW2 England, where they replaced the farm workers who had been called up with girls from the cities. It's very interesting and a great read!

  • Linda Rowland

    Movie was better for me. I do not remember so much romance, but it has been some time since I saw it. That said, I read this in one day and left things undone to finish it.

  • Anyah

    Im Jahre 1941 werden die drei jungen Mädchen Agatha, Prue und Stella von der Women's Land Army auf die Farm des Ehepaares Lawrence geschickt, sie sollen hier den Mangel an jungen Männern wettmachen, die zur Armee einberufen wurden. Während Stella und Agatha die Abwesenheit von ihrem Elternhaus bereits durch einen Internatsbesuch gewohnt sind, ist es für Prue eine große Umstellung und sie wird bereits am ersten Tag vom Heimweh geplagt, zudem ist sie die jüngste der Drei. Durch einen vierwö [...]

  • Beachcomber

    This could have been good - a chance to shine a light on a group of women too long overlooked. But it doesn't. Instead it delivers caricatures of characters - a shrewish wife of the farm manager, conveniently dispatched to an insane asylum just before the end, by which point you'd really had enough of her. Taciturn and hard working farmers. A randy young farmer's son who is rejected from signing up due to asthma, but is apparently fit enough to do hard labour on the farm and shag two of the land [...]

  • vicky ✨

    I was looking forward to a solid ww2 historical fiction novel on female friendship and eager to learn more about the Women's Land Army, a topic I wasn't overly familiar with. After all, if the book got a republication and has inspired a BBC series it must be worth a read. What I got was alright at times (hence the 2 stars), but mostly felt like a mix between below average chicklit, bad fanfiction and Rosamunde Pilcher with little literary value. I would have loved to see more mention of the hist [...]

  • Jean St.Amand

    Loved this story of three young women in the land army during WW2a very believable portrayal of their lives during a year of working on a farm. Prue was quite the little hooch, sleeping with just about every man that crossed her path, but it was still believable. I think we like to imagine that 40 or 50 or 60 years ago people had better morals than now LOL but I think ''the more things change, the more they stay the same''me women are like that whether it is 1940 or 2040e epilogue gives some inf [...]

  • Jocelyn Newmarch

    A fun, light read for when you're in the mood for WW2 atmosphere and chin-up-Britain-jolly-hockey-sticks (it's very late and I'm tired so that might not make sense to anyone but me). Unfortunately, the characterisation is pretty thin, but I enjoyed the story anyway.

  • Holly

    This is my go to book, when I need something light and engaging. I love it.

  • Autti Thompson

    The book was okay. Not exactly my cup of tea, it moved a bit to slow for my liking but I can see where others might enjoy it.

  • Gail Amendt

    I'm always intrigued by books that explore the various roles that women played during WWII. This one deals with a little known and somewhat less glamorous form of women's service, the Women's Land Army that trained women to work as farm laborers while the men were away fighting. It follows three young women from very different backgrounds who are sent to work on the Lawrence family farm. The characters are wonderfully complex and flawed, and I enjoyed the way they grew and changed as the story p [...]

  • Sarah

    A tale of unwavering friendship:‘The Land Girls’ is a heart-warming story that shows how friendship can endure over time and destruction. Following the lives of three land girls in the second World War, Angela Huth looks at what it must have been like for them in terms of love, life, work and friendship.The three land girls have such contrasting personalities that readers will find one who they can relate to and I think the author has deliberately done this to allow readers to immerse themse [...]

  • nettebuecherkiste

    Deutscher Titel: BrombeertageWährend des Zweiten Weltkrieges wurden viele junge Frauen für den Landeinsatz auf Bauernhöfen rekrutiert. So auch Ag, Stella und Prue auf einer Farm in Südwestengland. Während Friseurlehrling Prue gleich nach geeignetem männlichen Material zwecks amouröser Abenteuer umsieht, haben Ag und Stella ihr Herz schon verloren. Eigentlich. Klar, dass Farmerssohn Joe sich den drei jungen Damen nicht wirlich entziehen kann.Irgendwie hab ich es gerade mit Geschichten aus [...]

  • Amy

    This book takes place in one of my most favorite time/place combinations - England in WWII. I don't know why I love that time and place so much, I really do. I guess because it was, in some ways, a simpler time; but also, women were starting to be able to become so much more than "just" a wife or mother. I also love the self-sufficiency and make-do attitude that everyone (at least in books) seems to have had.In Land Girls, three girls are sent to a farm in the country to work. It was a plan the [...]

  • Lyn

    "Thank Goodness for an Epilogue"Would you try another book from Angela Huth and/or Caroline Lennon?No.Would you ever listen to anything by Angela Huth again?I was not impressed with her writing style.Did Caroline Lennon do a good job differentiating all the characters? How?I was not impressed with the narration and do not think Lennon did a good job in differentiating the characters. Huth on the other hand did an okay job in using character voice in writing to let the reader distinguish the Land [...]

  • Victoria Hill

    This book is a captivating tale of life as a land girl during the second world war. Prue, Ag and Stella have very different personalities, opinions and interests, but as they work together on Hallows Farm they become close friends. The characters are well-rounded and clearly delineated. Each has their positive points and their flaws and it is a strength of the writing that one character (particularly among the three land girls) is not given greater prominence than the other two. The story, while [...]

  • penelopewanders

    I took this along on a school trip to Dachau, wanting to read something related to WWII. A year ago, on a similar trip I read A Woman in Berlin. This was far more light-hearted, about the Land Girl Army in the UK. Up until the very end I found it an entertaining read, although the war plays a relatively small role in the story, beyond the initial premise of causing three very different young women to come work on a farm. I was a bit surprised by the women's casual approach to sex, given the lack [...]

  • Liz

    This book was an enjoyable read. Three land girls are assigned to a farm in Dorset where they help the family with the work. The viewpoint moves betweeen the rural farmers, who are well-rounded characters and far from stereotypes, and the three girls. The description of their tasks and routines engaged me to such an extent that I began to share their exhaustion at one point.The one criticism is that the book begins with a flash forward to when the girls are in their seventies and having one of t [...]

  • Beth

    I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I had not known about the Women's Land Army until I read this book. I Britain in WWII, the WLA was an organization that trained women to take agricultural jobs while the men were at war. In this book, three very different women (one upper-class, one working-class, and one intellectual) all find themselves working on the same farm. It was quite a shock to all of them. I really sympathized with Stella over her choice of men, and whether to stand by her fiance when h [...]

  • Sara

    Huth follows three girls who are sent to a farm as part of the war effort in Great Britain. Prue is flighty and promiscuous (in a casual and thoughtless way that seems to me to be unrealistic for the time period in question), Ag is studious and serious, and Stella is searching for what it means to be in love. Through their interactions with one another, the farmer and his wife, and the farmer's son, Joe, who has been given a medical deferment because of his asthma, the girls develop from soft an [...]

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