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By David A. Wells | Comments: ( 662 ) | Date: ( Jan 18, 2020 )

After gaining entrance to Blackstone Keep and recovering the legendary Thinblade, Alexander must seek out the Sovereign Stone, and quickly.Contained within the ancient teardrop ruby is the secret of Wizard s Dust, the source of magic and the one thing that will ultimately decide the final battle of the Reishi War Prince Phane will stop at nothing to lay claim to the StoneAfter gaining entrance to Blackstone Keep and recovering the legendary Thinblade, Alexander must seek out the Sovereign Stone, and quickly.Contained within the ancient teardrop ruby is the secret of Wizard s Dust, the source of magic and the one thing that will ultimately decide the final battle of the Reishi War Prince Phane will stop at nothing to lay claim to the Stone and with it the world.Sovereign Stone is the story of Alexander s struggle to retrieve the Stone from the aether where it s been lost since the Reishi Empire fell two thousand years ago and prevent Phane from learning the most dangerous secret in the Seven Isles.

  • Title: Sovereign Stone
  • Author: David A. Wells
  • ISBN: 9781466398344
  • Page: 377
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

David A. Wells

Since my childhood, I ve been passionate about fantasy After reading many stories of epic struggle set in worlds of magic, I ve decided to create a world of my own The Seven Isles is the result.

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Comments Sovereign Stone

  • Kathleen

    2.75 stars. Decent plot, weak writing style. Supposedly a fairly grim fantasy (evil mages, demons, etc.), in many scenes the happy emotions are jarring to me, because the characters are tangling with evil forces from the netherworld and human assassins are very close, as in this example: "There was a cheer from the Rangers. Lucky smiled with unabashed joy. Anatoly gave Alexander the lopsided grin that meant he was proud of him. Jack smiled with boyish joy even as the lines to a song began formin [...]

  • Christopher

    Review to come! :D

  • Howard Brazee

    I was interested in finding more about the character, but got more and more upset by the basic concept in this world that the good guys are all industrious and good (their auras proclaimed their goodness), while the enemies are all craven cowardly selfish evil people. The good guys inherit powers from an ancient good wizard, to fight the very evil ancient bad wizard. (Good guys can't take anything from anybody - I don't know how they will pay for the war). Those good people serving the enemy can [...]

  • Foxfish

    I found this second book even better than the first!Still not quite up to the standard of some similar themed books but a really good read all the same.There are just a few repetitive words & phrases that niggled me a bit & perhaps the 3" fairy is a little to much.However I dont meant to be to critical as I really did enjoy the story, it kept me up late for a few nights!!Already started book 3

  • Christina (A Reader of Fictions)

    Amount read: 2.5 chaptersNo improvement on the first. It's not a good sign if I can pick up book two of an epic fantasy series, not having finished book one and not be the least confused. All the same characters are still alive and in the same condition, except that the hero's attained a million more skills, because everything comes very easily to Alexander. No thank you.

  • Honey

    AUGH. The series had promise and I read until the second book, but I really can't pursue this series. The story is marred by bad writing. Too many times the writer states the obvious. The plot is predictable. Too many unnecessary descriptions.

  • Nigel

    MINOR SPOILERS - The second book in the Sovereign of the Severn Isles series was another excellent fantasy story. The story starts with Alexander trying to consolidate his position in Black Stone Keep whilst firming up plans to counter the moves that Phane is making. The key element in the book his quest for the Sovereign Stone one of the symbols of power of the Reishi kings of old which holds the secret of making wizards dust. The stone is currently residing in the aether (where mortals cannot [...]

  • Becky

    Okay, so a bit of a belated review since I finished the book like a week ago, but I get around to writing it at the time. A little warning: I will refer to things that happened in the first book, including plot points, because if you're wondering if you should read this book you should definately read 'Thinblade' first and not gripe at me about plot points from that. I will hide plot points from this book behind spoiler text though so don't worry.Okay, so 'Sovereign Stone' is the second in Wells [...]

  • Sean Helms

    This one was 3 1/2 stars.I continue to like the story and the world the author has created (which would fit well into a dungeons and dragons game setting for gamers out there).The problem he continues to have is his characters. They all remain too black and white (the good are handsome/beautiful, gracious, and perfect without the least flaw; the bad are ugly, fat, greasy-haired scumballs without any redeeming qualities whatsoever). Alex reads the auras of people and knows absolutely everything a [...]

  • Jeanne Johnston

    The writing is a bit better than the first book, and still moving at a good pace. Clearly, none of these is going to stand alone, so it looks like a big commitment. I just hope it continues apace. Concerned it's overly ambitious and the endless villains to overcome will wear thin. For now, the twist at the end (I expected it from the first mention last book of wondering if he was serving the right master) has me ready to leap to the next book. Really, this ends so abruptly that I would've been p [...]

  • Zachary King

    It was more of the same, there is no middle ground. It is all black and white. The other reason for the 3 star rating was a new character that was introduced, is really annoying. Like every time something happens it like the first time for them and react the same if it is the first time or the 100th time. No depth. The reason I still gave it 3 stars is it had a good twist at the end and you do start to care what happens. Also the foreshadowing at the end was great. I will probably not continue t [...]

  • Michael Newville

    If I could rate it a 3.5, I would. Amazing book in its power to suck you into the story and mind of the main character.But at too many points in this book I was wondering what and why the hell I was reading it. Aka it got friggin weirdBUT it makes up for it with intense excitement and character development, not as good as the first book, but nonetheless excited to read the next one.

  • lucinda dee

    Can't put the book down!!! ;)I'm really enjoying this series. The character development of each person is described so well I have an image of each one. The story line is so well written I feel like I'm watching a movie.

  • Leserling /Belana

    This is a great sequel to Thinblade. I very much enjoyed the world, and I'd love to spend time to explore Blackstone Keep, which sounds like a fascinating place. I hope we'll get to know a bit more about it in the sequels. We have new dangers and adventures here, and we find out a bit about the Reishi Gates.Isabel and Abigail are left in quite the predicament, and the book ends fairly abruptly, so make sure you have the sequel at the ready. I subtracted one star because of it, because I really l [...]

  • Suki

    Book 2Another well written book with a few errors but overall well done. This book is still fast paced in parts and yet keeps the reader interested with twists and characters building and changing.

  • John Tomkins

    needs a reread mostly i have read and enjoyed the series also shave not red the whole series so when that is available i will reread from 1 to finish

  • Linda

    Alexander and his friends are now in search of the Sovereign Stone which must not fall into the hands of Phane at any cost! The Sovereign Stone will give the possessor power over many things including the gates that allow freedom of travel. However, before he can reach the stone he must visit the land of the fairies and ask for help. This is something they do not do easily.Sovereign Stone was just as exciting as the first book with a few real surprises. I am looking forward to continuing this se [...]

  • Bill Ramsell

    Lives up to the promise of volume I and surpasses it! Having fun with this series.

  • Justine

    Unseen twists, new allies and more dangerous enemies keep you on your toes as you race to the last page.

  • Denae Christine

    There's not much to remind you about the first book, and so you'd better have a good memory. It felt like a mix of info-dump-y paragraphs (which didn't help me) and full conversations between people I couldn't remember. Maybe the characters weren't different enough. I still can't remember the difference between the male companions (Lucky and Anatoly and someone). They seem too much like the same person. Oh, and there were a couple times I thought the same person was referred to by different name [...]

  • Matt Bailey

    Even better than the first! This story is great and makes me eager to continue reading. I missed several hours of sleep not wanting to put his one down.

  • Christine

    Formulaic. This is a very good book for people who enjoy novelizations of video games. I was given the first three in this series for a birthday gift, so I'm still reading them despite disliking them. Same issues as my review for the first - all bad guys are terrible and evil, and all the good guys are noble and heroic. Every problem is solved with some form of deus ex machina, or the application of a novel concept no one had ever considered before, but is right in front of everyone's face, ther [...]

  • Brandon Zarzyczny

    There's not too much to say about this book that I didn't already say about the first book. The only difference here, is that we learn a little more about the magic the hero has and more about the world and there's a different quest item being searched for. The enemies are still wounded so they can harass the heroes later (though their injuries are more severe this time around), the heroes are still constantly injured but saved with magical potions (I never worried about their safety, they have [...]

  • Scott Marshall

    So far, this is a bit more enjoyable that the first in the series. Perhaps I've grown accustomed to the writing style, and the heavy-handed morality of the "good" guys. While it still feels like one fantasy role-playing scenario after another, it keeps my interest.***I finished this in flight, and couldn't download the next in the series, so I started in on a book by Robin Hobb - one of my absolute favorite authors - and yet, I found myself missing the characters and esp. the stories from the Th [...]

  • Amanda Young

    A formidable second novel to the series, I loved this addition. Not only was I surprised by the twists in the plot (fairies, magic stones, changes in alliances), but there was an intense progression within all of the characters. With such a large cast, it is a tall order to create each with its own unique personality. However, Wells does a great job of fleshing out two-dimensional characters into ones more realistic people, especially Alexander. I have come to love his very human doubts and fear [...]

  • Bradley

    This book series has a lot of absolutely great moments. I definitely think the author could have cut some things and merged a few of the books but then it wouldn't have been 7 books for 7 isles. So it might be preferable to listen to this series on audible instead of reading it or you will end up skimming through some chapters. Which may ruin some of the big moments because you will loose the build up. All in all it is a great series worthy of your time.

  • Abel

    I loved it and I immediately started reading the next book in the series. I downloaded all that was available from for kindle. They weren't available from Barnes and nobles to download to my nook. Hope I got the full series, as I hate to get to the last book out and find out that the next book is not due out for a year or two. I read multiple books at the same time but this series is taking most of my time.

  • Bill Tillman

    Sovereign StoneThe Seven Isles tale just gets better as the story unfolds. I think that Wells will include all of the fantasy creatures, as well as his own invented legions. Great stuff I 'm off to start on book three, these are truly mind bogging books!Another year has passed and now I am listening to this wonderful book. I know how good it is because I remember solo much of the story.

  • Stephen

    This series is amazing, Great storyline, outstanding characters and amazing plots and twists, will keep you locked on every page. You will find it hard to put down. When you think everything is calming down for Alexander, all hell breaks lose. This book really has a twist that even I didn't see coming. You really need to read this series, its is so well written and the discriptions are vivid. Great Reading Everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Scott

    Getting better than the first. Interesting world. But kind of the same old story line continues. Rancher boy becomes lead character due to death of brother. Gets magical powers and tries to save the world. I'll keep reading it through because it is entertaining. But so far, nothing really different from here in this genre.

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  • [PDF] Download ✓ Sovereign Stone | by Ë David A. Wells
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