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By Catherine Asaro | Comments: ( 995 ) | Date: ( Jan 18, 2020 )

Catherine Asaro s first collection contains five short stories, including the Nebula Award winning Spacetime Pool and an essay on Asaro s use of mathematics in writing her fiction.

  • Title: Aurora in Four Voices
  • Author: Catherine Asaro
  • ISBN: 9780975915691
  • Page: 397
  • Format: Hardcover

About Author:

Catherine Asaro

Blog at facebook Catherine.AsThe author of than twenty five books, Catherine Asaro is acclaimed for her Ruby Dynasty series, which combines adventure, science, romance and fast paced action Her novel The Quantum Rose won the Nebula Award, as did her novella The Spacetime Pool Among her many other distinctions, she is a multiple winner of the AnLab from Analog magazine and a three time recipient of the RT BOOKClub Award for Best Science Fiction Novel Her most recent novel, Carnelians, came out in October, 2011 An anthology of her short fiction titled Aurora in Four Voices is available from ISFiC Press in hardcover, and her multiple award winning novella The City of Cries is also available as an eBook for Kindle and Nook.Catherine has two music CD s out and she is currently working on her third The first, Diamond Star, is the soundtrack for her novel of the same name, performed with the rock band, Point Valid She appears as a vocalist at cons, clubs, and other venues in the US and abroad, including recently as the Guest of Honor at the Denmark and New Zealand National Science Fiction Conventions She performs selections from her work in a multimedia project that mixes literature, dance, and music with Greg Adams as her accompanist She is also a theoretical physicist with a PhD in Chemical Physics from Harvard, and a jazz and ballet dancer Visit her at facebook Catherine.Asaro

Comments Aurora in Four Voices

  • Christopher Gerrib

    I am a regular attendee at Windycon, my local science fiction convention. Since I’ve been attending, Isfic Press, which is owned by the same organization as the con, has been putting out a book. This year’s edition was Aurora in Four Voices, a collection of five novellas by the convention Guest of Honor, Catherine Asaro. Isfic Press has a tradition of putting out fine quality books, and this year they kept up the tradition.Catherine Asaro is a true Renaissance woman – her day job is as a P [...]

  • Susan

    Asaro throws in bits of math and physics through out her tales. But if you don’t get it, it isn’t a big deal. The Story still goes forward. If you do get the math and physics references, then you can feel like a Smarty Pants. Which always boosts my ego just above level for a little while. (And no, I didn’t get all the math and physics, but I had a darn good time trying.)This collection of stories featured strong realistic female characters on a wide variety of worlds. I am a dork for havin [...]

  • Susan

    stories!!!"Aurora in Four Voices" 5/31/2014 re-read 3/24/2015"Ave de Paso" from Redshift 6/1/2014 re-read 3/24/2015"Light and Shadow" 6/2/2014"City of Cries" from Down These Dark Spaceways read 6/3/2014 reread 3/24/2015"The Spacetime Pool" 6/4/2014

  • Dena

    While driving to and from work, I was engrossed in Catherine Asaro's short story collection and reminded of why I love her writing. The math, science, and most of all the characters. Even traffic can't frustrate me when I'm listening to one of her stories.

  • Tsana Dolichva

    Aurora in Four Voices by Catherine Asaro is a collection of short stories that I listened to in audiobook form after the author ran a Kickstarter campaign to record it. I have previously reviewed Asaro's novel, The Radiant Seas, which is set in the same universe as the stories in Aurora in Four Voices.I didn't love all of the stories in this collection, although I didn't hate any of them either. My least favourite was definitely "Ave de Paso", in which the main characters didn't particularly gra [...]

  • Angie Boyter

    I am deliberately leaving this book unrated, because so much will depend on your reaction to the narrator.This is classic Catherine Asaro---smart romantic SF and fantasy with a nice mix of physics and math added to give the intellect a bit of challenge. On that basis, it's a lovely read.The narrator will be a matter of taste. She uses accents liberally, e.g one story is told completely in an accent, and I almost quit that one. For some this adds to the atmosphere and increases their enjoyment. F [...]

  • Mckinley

    Book includes 5 pieces: - "Aurora in Four Voices" (Analog, 1998) relates the consequences of a meeting between Soz and a man framed for murder. Skolian Imperialate story- "Ave de Paso" (Redshift, 2001) mourning ritual of two cousins; one is heroine of a Skolian Imperialate story.- "The Spacetime Pool" (Analog, 2008) meeting of a mathematician and the heir to an empire - "Light and Shadows" (Analog, 1994) Kelric Skolian Imperialate story- "City of Cries" a case of a missing Majda House prince; Sk [...]

  • J.L.

    Favorite story: City of Cries (awesome to see the Skolian Empire from the perspective of someone other than one of the Ruby Heirs)Story I want to see as a novel: The Spacetime Pool (hard to get into, and once I started getting really interested in the world, it ended!)

  • Elar

    Adventurous stories with a nice insight to Asaro's works. I would suggest this as a introductory book to her books to see if the writing style and ideas are your taste or not.

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  • ✓ Aurora in Four Voices || è PDF Read by ☆ Catherine Asaro
    397 Catherine Asaro
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