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By Linda Howard | Comments: ( 713 ) | Date: ( May 24, 2020 )

Siete spazzatura Due parole crudeli e sprezzanti, due parole che Faith non potr mai dimenticare Come non potr mai dimenticare la terribile notte in cui Gray gliele ha scagliare in faccia nel cacciarla via da Prescott insieme alla sua disgraziata famiglia Gray, il bellissimo idolo della sua infanzia, il sogno d a proibito, il brillante rampollo della famiglia pi Siete spazzatura Due parole crudeli e sprezzanti, due parole che Faith non potr mai dimenticare Come non potr mai dimenticare la terribile notte in cui Gray gliele ha scagliare in faccia nel cacciarla via da Prescott insieme alla sua disgraziata famiglia Gray, il bellissimo idolo della sua infanzia, il sogno d a proibito, il brillante rampollo della famiglia pi ricca e potente del distretto Gray, a cui, nonostante tutto, Faith non riuscita a non pensare nei dodici anni trascorsi da quell episodio che le ha cambiato la vita E ora che tornata a Prescott, ecco che se lo ritrova davanti, ancora pi bello, sexy, affascinante e pronto a usare la sua enorme influenza per allontanarla di nuovo, anche a costo di distruggerla Ma la schiva ragazzina di un tempo sbocciata in una giovane donna forte e coraggiosa, disposta a correre ogni rischio pur di portare a termine il compito che si prefissa tornando al paese d origine Per quanto duro possa farsi il gioco, Faith non si tirer indietro, non permetter mai pi a nessuno di sopraffarla e, soprattutto, non si lascer intimorire da nulla, pur di dimostrare al mondo intero e specialmente all uomo che ama di non essere affatto spazzatura.

  • Title: Dopo quella notte
  • Author: Linda Howard
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 325
  • Format: Hardcover

About Author:

Linda Howard

Librarian Note There is than one author in the GoodReads database with this name.Linda S Howington is an American best selling romance author writing under the pseudonym Linda Howard After 21 years of penning stories for her own enjoyment, she submitted a novel for publication which was very successful Her first work was published by Silhouette in 1982 She is a charter member of Romance Writers of America and in 2005 Howard was awarded their Career Achievement Award.Linda Howard lives in Gadsden, Alabama with her husband, Gary F Howington, and two golden retrievers She has three grown stepchildren and three grandchildren.

Comments Dopo quella notte

  • Blacky *Romance Addict*

    This book has the best asshole/jerk hero EVER!OMG I loved every damn scene when he was horrible to her <3 I wanted him to be worse!!! I couldn't wait for it!He is just that good! Or maybe I am that wrong bwahahhahahahhahahahhBut seriously, he is one of the best jerks I've read <3 I want to read more of those now <3The storyI don’t know why you’re here, and it doesn’t matter. This motel belongs to me. You aren’t welcome. You have half an hour to get packed and get out." He gave h [...]

  • ♥Sharon♥

    I thoroughly enjoyed this book and if you are a Linda Howard fan and have yet to read it you better make sure you do. This one was different than Cry No More (the only other LH book I’ve read) which was great because I am very curious about the different storylines she writes. In After the Night we get two very different main characters whose past and future are intertwined with hatred, lust, sadness and long awaited happiness. Faith Devlin’s didn’t have much in her life. She knew she had [...]

  • Debra

    How I feel about this book:❥The storyline❥The characters ❥The dialogue❥The fights❥The reunionsI loved it ALL.This is an absolute MUST READ. Linda Howard, why did I wait so long to read your books !!?? I have no idea but I do know that from now on I'll be devouring LH's books like crazy, that's a given! ;)PS: I love Gray Rouillard <3

  • Natasha

    I couldn't read this anymore.SPOILERS AND ANGER AND SWEARS AHEAD!!This is me right now:First, this perv at 24 is checking out a 14 year old in her nightie What a fucking perv! "Oh wahhhh my rich daddie left with his mistress and now my family is probably only half as rich and I have lots of paperwork waaaahhh". I get it. He's pissed and it's a shitty situation.He KNOWS that this family of "trash" has a down syndrome 6 year old boy and he'll just judge everyone because he has some serious daddy i [...]

  • Mo

    Re-read in April 2014.FAITH DEVLIN: A poor, outcast child in Prescott, Louisiana, she'd always adored the town's golden boy from afar. But he called her white trash that sultry Southern night when his rich, respected father disappeared, along with her pretty Mom.It was a good day for dreaming. It was late in the afternoon, the sun throwing long shadows when it could manage to break through the thick woods, but for the most part the translucent golden light was tangled in the tops of the trees, l [...]

  • Tammy

    Wow. I couldn't put this book down last night and ended up pulling an all-nighter to finish it. It was THAT good. It goes without saying that Linda Howard is an incredible writer, my personal favorite in the romantic suspense genre. I would read anything written by her. That includes her grocery list. I'm sure it would be interesting.After the Night takes place over a span of several years, thus giving the reader the opportunity to watch Faith and Gray grow up, develop their characters and under [...]

  • ◆ Anna's ƦªϻƁℓℹռg$ ◆

    Review to come.

  • ♥Rachel♥

    After the Night was my first Linda Howard book, and I absolutely LOVED it! It’s a riveting read, with a stormy and sizzling romance! Faith Devlin has come back to Prescott, Louisiana after twelve years away. She was cruelly thrown out of her home at the young age of fourteen. Though it was no fault of hers, Faith suffered the disgrace her mother, Renee, had brought down on them. Being regarded as white trash and suffering the stain her mother’s reputation made Faith determined to never be li [...]

  • Didi

    ~~~~ 5++++++ FANTASTIC STARS ~~~~I've never read Linda Howard till nowd I'm rectifying that poor judgement on my part. Aside from the fact that I had never heard of her until recently, well, I've rectified that too. This book was GOLD.I loved this and every second spent reading it. This book has been around for a while and so many people have read it, so I'll skip any type of synopsis. The plot was great, the suspense built up beautifully. I did suspect the culprit early on, but the reasons for [...]

  • Ingela

    Written December 12, 20144.7 Stars - Stunning great - a heartwrencherAt last I started Linda Howard's good "oldie". I'd both the 12 hrs audiobook (narrated by Natalie Ross) in my ears and sometimes also the ebook in my other hand. OMG, this will be IS so very good! I was in a kind of dreamy 'book-love' in this romance already after a feew chapter or minutes really. Completely enchanted and my tears was flowing. A keeper, an unforgettable epic romance story to remember. Simply GRAND!! *********** [...]

  • Anna (Bobs Her Hair)

    I love Linda Howard! So when I kept hearing about After the Night I couldn't wait to get my hands on it. Well, I did. It was horrible!!! The hero is abusive and the heroine is a doormat who makes excuses for his ill treatment of her. It's not fair to blame someone, treat them poorly, and encourage the whole town to treat them poorly because of the sins of the parent. This is one very unhealthy "romance." An After the Night reviewer stated that if this was your best friend you would encourage her [...]

  • Amy (Foxy)

    The name Devlin is synonymous with being a drunk and/or a whore!Faith Devlin grew up as white trash. Her mom was the town whore and her dad was the town drunk. Her siblings were no better, except for her mentally handicapped brother, Scotty. She made sure to not be like her family. As a young girl her mother was the mistress to Guy Rouillard (a powerful and rich man). Gary Rouillard is Guy’s son and like his dad he is a lady’s man. He's also a town powerhouse and when he talks people listen. [...]

  • Shawna

    4 ½ stars – Contemporary Romance/Romantic SuspenseGray is a really hot alpha hero, but his treatment of the heroine throughout most of the book pissed me off. Although, his whole macho, lion hear me roar thing was admittedly pretty sexy and hard to resist at times. And OMG, the notorious porch scene is scorch your fingertips, drink some ice water, YOWZA, smokin' hot and makes this a definite keeper!! It's another great LH read, but I wish Gray had done a little bit more groveling to Faith and [...]

  • Dorsey aka ❤️ Wrath Lover Reviews❤️

    Audio book review January 20155 Fantastic Stars!!!!Let me start by saying, this is absolutely one of my all time FAVORITE Linda Howard books. I don’t know how many times I have read it both in print and audio format. The audio version is narrated by the very talented Natalie Ross who does a fantastic job!! She’s definitely one of my favorite narrators.Faith Devlin was born into a poor (white trash) family. Her mother is the town whore, her sister is on her way to following in their mothers f [...]

  • Nenia ✨ Queen of Literary Trash, Protector of Out-of-Print Gems, Khaleesi of Bodice Rippers, Mother of Smut, the Unrepentant, Breaker of Convention ✨ Campbell

    Instagram || Twitter || Facebook || || Pinterest💙 I read this for the Unapologetic Romance Readers' New Years 2018 Reading Challenge, for the category of: Enemies to Lovers. For more info on this challenge, click here. 💙I haven't posted a #StealthRead review in forever, and I'm absolutely thrilled that the honor goes to AFTER THE NIGHT - a book I've been wanting to read for years and lived up to all of my trashy expectations. One of my friends' one-star reviews for this book was actually [...]

  • Sophie ♥

    Rate: 10 stars :OAll the hype about this book is WELL deserved. I love love loved it!!!I loved the way Linda Howard crafted the plot. It was utterly supurb. Only a truly talented writer can give a book just the right amount of everything. There was the poignant childhood crush"The best smell in the world, Faith thought as she meandered through the woods, staring up at the captured sunlight and holding her secret happiness cradled deep in her chest, was Gray Rouillard."There was forbidden love"Th [...]

  • Kathleen

    I love Linda Howard, BUT! Ugh. The hero of this book is appalling. Gray is a complete and utter bastid, even to a sick young boy ((view spoiler)[who died in part because of Gray kicking them all out in the cold night, yet Faith forgave him easily(hide spoiler)]). He was SUCH a jerk, back when Faith was an adolescent. His sexual interest in her that night — that terrible night — grossed me out, given her youth.And in present time, he behaved like a spoiled bully. So she bought a house. Deal w [...]

  • Val ⚓️ ShamelessBitchySKANKY ⚓️ Steamy Reads

    I first read this book in 1995when I was 12. And I still re-read it at least once a year. Once of my all time favorites.

  • KatLynne

    A super sexy, totally engaging story! I really have been missing out on some great Linda Howard reads! There are so many fantastic reviews that I'll just add a few thoughts.It took awhile for me to like the hero, Gray Rouillard. He’s a sexy, hot, alpha from the elite side of town. His treatment of Faith took a huge dose of redemption, but it does happen and by the end I was a happy reader. The past hasn’t been good to Faith and I loved how she took charge and came out shining. She’s a stro [...]

  • Geri Reads

    This is definitely one of Linda Howard's best. The story is sultry, peppered with intrigue and it makes for a thoroughly engaging read. I would highly recommend this book.

  • Glass

    This is perfect book for anyone who likes idea behind Kristen Ashley novels but hates all melodrama, unnecessary descriptions and over the top alpha males. Now, excuse me, I have to go and find more Linda Howard books.My rating: 4.5 stars

  • Mirjana **DTR - Down to Read**

    ***3.5 stars***My first Linda Howard book and I'm in the middle of the roadI liked it but didn't love it. With the exception of the first 20%, which was AMAZING, this book for me was a combination of and Alright, let's start at the beginning shall we. The first 20% of this book describing and setting up the history between the Devlins and Rouillards was fantastic! I could feel EVERY emotion, injustice and unfairness that Faith had to endure. Her infatuation, worship and love for Gray poured off [...]

  • Antonio Scotto di Carlo

    I just finished this book. This is my opinion as a reader.I found this book grotesque.The main characters are completely unreal. The alpha male must be tough, jealous, insensitive and in love, so he is, who cares about the context. She must love him, whatever he does. She must be a good girl, proud, strong, independent, but her qualities suddenly disappear when she sees him.You may say “Women may be not logical”. I say “The writer desperately counts on this concept.”The most ridiculous t [...]

  • Anna

    Lost my Linda Howard cherry !!! What a great book ! I devoured it ❤️❤️

  • Piper

    This is, quite simply, a story of a young woman, Faith Devlin, who realizes her dreams against all odds. She refuses to be beaten down regardless of the cruelty she is forced to endure by family and townsfolk. Gray Rouillard, one of her biggest adversaries, cannot see his way clear of his harsh and judgmental ideas of her and does his best to make her life in small town Prescott, Louisiana impossible. He has his reasons, or so he thinks. Throw in some angst, misunderstanding, jealousy, unfounded [...]

  • Lisa Kay

    ★★★★★ Man-oh-man! Started to flip through this todayd re-read the whole thing! Just love this book. Gray & Faith still sizzle for me, after all these years, and the mystery is one of Howard's best. So.ht the Kindle and the audio for my permanent library. (My paperback is getting pretty tattered.) I'll keep you post on how I like the audio.

  • Jo

    There was only one man whom she could love completely, heart and soul and body, nothing held back, and that was Gray Rouillard. And he was the one man to whom she didn’t dare give herself, because he would destroy her.Reread because I ADORE Linda Howard and this book was where my love of OTT alphas started. Faith Devlin knows that everyone considers her family white trash. Her mother is the town whore, her dad and older brothers are drunks, and her older sister is trying to follow in her mothe [...]

  • Danielle

    I liked the entire atmosphere of this story - the small southern town, and the dynamic between Gray - born into a well-known, wealthy family; and Faith - born into a poor, "white trash" family. I've always loved these rich and poor dynamics. Their lives and interactions are so different, it's such a ride seeing them interact, putting aside what society expects of them, or what it doesn't. Faith's mother is a beautiful whore; she'll sleep with anyone with money. Faith's father is an abusive alcoh [...]

  • Jane Stewart

    Wonderful story. A good mystery. A killer. Great romantic tension.Faith is a young girl, whose father and older brothers are drunks and trouble makers. Her mother has a loose reputation and is mistress to a wealthy man. Faith’s family is run out of town. Faith is humiliated, ends up in a foster home, studies hard, makes something of herself, and returns to Prescott. Gray is the rich man's son who is drawn to Faith yet hates her because of her mother's affair with his father. When Faith returns [...]

  • Karen

    5 STARSA small town in Louisiana, A wealthy family scandal. A girl who overcame the sins of her family, to prove to the love of her life and her biggest enemy, that she wasn't dirt under his feet. This one sucked me in from the beginning, and I couldn't seem to put it down. It was a slow build but most definitely worth the wait! LOVED the characters in this one. I predicted the outcome fairly early, but it didn't even matter. I was still glued to the pages. I'm thinking I need to read more LH! L [...]

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    325 Linda Howard
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