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By Linda Howard | Comments: ( 979 ) | Date: ( May 24, 2020 )

Il corteggiamento di Robert implacabile ma Evangeline ha paura Ha solo trent anni eppure l a l ha fatta gi soffrire E quegli occhi verdi, seducenti e sensuali, sembrano nascondere un segreto Robert un magnate di successo e non si fa troppi scrupoli, se necessario, a manipolare le persone, come un burattinaio Sta indagando su un caso di spionaggio industriale eIl corteggiamento di Robert implacabile ma Evangeline ha paura Ha solo trent anni eppure l a l ha fatta gi soffrire E quegli occhi verdi, seducenti e sensuali, sembrano nascondere un segreto Robert un magnate di successo e non si fa troppi scrupoli, se necessario, a manipolare le persone, come un burattinaio Sta indagando su un caso di spionaggio industriale e ritiene che lei possa essere coinvolta Pi passano i giorni, per , pi Robert ed Evie fanno scintille Nel calore abbacinante del piccolo porticciolo dell Alabama, le sicurezze di lui vacillano, le paure di lei iniziano a dissolversi, come la bruma sotto i raggi del sole Cos , quando Evie scopre che Robert la sospetta, tutto pare crollare intorno a lei Ma questa volta non ha intenzione di crogiolarsi nel dolore, aggrappata ai ricordi, e aspettare che la vita le scivoli di dosso, giorno dopo giorno ora di prendere in mano le redini della situazione

  • Title: Vento sul lago
  • Author: Linda Howard
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 418
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Linda Howard

Librarian Note There is than one author in the GoodReads database with this name.Linda S Howington is an American best selling romance author writing under the pseudonym Linda Howard After 21 years of penning stories for her own enjoyment, she submitted a novel for publication which was very successful Her first work was published by Silhouette in 1982 She is a charter member of Romance Writers of America and in 2005 Howard was awarded their Career Achievement Award.Linda Howard lives in Gadsden, Alabama with her husband, Gary F Howington, and two golden retrievers She has three grown stepchildren and three grandchildren.

Comments Vento sul lago

  • *TANYA*

    I needed something sappy and lite, this hit the mark and surpassed my expectations. 'Twas lovely, this was written back in 1994, I got a kick out of the "fax machine, dial up tone" and "having to pull over to use a pay phone" or "mailing out a check for payment". Ahh, memories. Lol.

  • Lisa Kay

    ★★★★½ I really wondered how Ms. Howard was going to pull this one off; I thought for sure she had painted herself into a corner with our hero, Robert Canners, step-brother to Madelyn Patterson of Duncan's Bride fame. Robert is nothing if he’s not arrogant, especially with his self-confidence in his ability to seduce women.Indeed, he’s not above sleeping with the enemy, even if they are suspected of treason. Rich, powerful, coolly decisive, and presuming too much, he has our Southern [...]

  • KatieV

    I love the old school Linda Howard books. Another where the hero suspects the innocent heroine of evil doing, but also wants to have sex with her, and this hero is a real doozy. Wow, the things he does to ruin her life while sleeping with her! You'll want to gleefully smash his face :) The sex scenes were also pretty hot/intense in that caveman way LH heroes have.If you're familiar with her work, you'll know that LH heroes almost never grovel enough. In fact they very rarely grovel at all. They [...]

  • boogenhagen

    Sadly, the H is a complete and utter jerk. The h has a marina and one of the H's employees is using her boats to sell top secret info. The H is trying to catch the guy and manipulates the h into near foreclosure, thinking she is helping him. He also starts an affair with her and she winds up selling her beloved house to save her business. Then she finds out the H set all this up but it was catching a traitor so it is all okay. I was like WTF? The H did serious damage and was arrogant about it to [...]

  • Naksed

    Oh good grief. For supposedly being an ultra-intelligent business man/former covert operative, Robert Cannon is one big, fat, DUMBASS. Bitch, get a C-L-U-E, will ya? Despite all the blinking, neon, gigantic signs pointing to the fact that the woman he is setting up is NOT A GODDAMN SPY, our hapless hero continues to display the kind of tunnel vision/group think that would make JFK's advisers on the Bay of Pigs fiasco look like reasonable, objective people.Heroine was stellar, which is a rare fea [...]

  • Jenny

    Wow! I have no words! I am speechless! To quote another reader "the passion of the hero was so intense and literally palpable. This was ultimately the greatest passion I have witnessed by far in any romance books and the hero simply bitten all the heroes I have read to this moment." The man was sex on legs and the love scenes so sensual so steamy, erotic and passionate I was actually blushing! Robert Cannon is the ultimate dominant alpha male. Confident, possessive, arrogant. Christian Grey who? [...]

  • Jane Stewart

    4 ½ stars. Good story. Intense emotions. "He done her wrong" and she found out.I enjoyed reading about the characters and their conflicts. Robert's passion at the end was mesmerizing. I loved it.But it dragged in the middle. When I read the paperback several years ago I didn’t notice the slow middle, but I felt it recently when listening to the audiobookORY BRIEF:Robert suspected Evangeline was selling classified information to enemies of the U.S. So he spied on her and caused financial diffi [...]

  • Jacqueline

    I love this book. It's a favorite reread. The heroine is very strong and resourceful and has the extremely alpha hero tied up in knots. This book has a lot of high powered emotion throughout the entire thing. The writing is strong and fast moving. So much so that even on a reread, I can't bear to put it down but devour it as quickly as possible.

  • Mara

    With a different ending, I might have liked it more. But I needed some heavy groveling to forgive and forget. The i love u was meaningless for me. Not fake, simply if you destroy someone's life so callously, there no coming back. And here she forgot everything, the betrayal, the lies, the loss of her life. The simple declaration was enough. Sorry, I understand national security, I don't condone everything in the name of it.

  • Roksana

    heroine was to die for! One of a kindMy immediate pull factor to this story was the passion of the hero! It was literally palpable and expressed in a way you could touch it!!! This was ultimately the greatest passion I have witnessed by far in any romance books and the hero simply bitten all the heroes I have read to this moment.With all respect I disagree with other reviewers regarding heroin as weak and lacking backbone by allowing the hero abusing her. She was kind, considerate of others, wit [...]

  • Leona

    mehI wanted to take the hero out back and shoot him.

  • Preeti ♥︎ (Romance She Reads)

    This is one of those books where you absolutely adore one mc and dislike (if not hate) the other. The h was amazing-strong, quiet, loyal, loving, proud and wary of emotional attachments and hurt.The H was a certifiable assh*le, no doubt. Cold, manipulative, detached, callous, supercilious and what have you.(view spoiler)[The H, working with the FBI to root out an espionage module at his Alabama company, is investigating the h and another suspect. She is a small time marina owner whose boats have [...]

  • Vintage

    More of a companion piece than a sequel to Duncan's Bride, Loving Evangeline has another great heroine. I mean awesome, sweet, loving and yet a spine of steel. No compromising her principles for any hero. She can admit she loves a rat without sacrificing her pride to be with one. Evangeline and Madelyn, in addition to having great names, could give life lessons in how to be strong women without announcing the fact every five minutes. Seriously, I want to have cocktails with these women.Anyhoo, R [...]

  • Chantal ❤️

    SPOILERS AHEAD AND MODERN WOMEN MAY WANT TO READ This book for me did not stand the test of time. He was an asshole who took and took and just made all the decision in their relationship. I don't like or admire a man that is sleeping with someone he thinks is evil just cause hey she's hot and I want to tap that! What kind of asshole does that? On top of that she was a virgin! I am so over these older books now! I can't stand the whole attitude he had about women either. Like controlling your emo [...]

  • Rhapsody

    This was somehow an unsatisfying read. Robert, a filthy rich businessman who was once involved in the intelligence service and keeps himself emotionally removed from everything, goes to Alabama to investigate a case of espionage going on in his company. One of the people under suspicion is the owner of a marina, Evangeline, a very attractive thirty year-old widow whom Robert can't resist. He sets out to seduce her even as he suspects that she's involved in treason.I should have loved it, but Rob [...]

  • Robin

    Robert Cannon is the CEO of a software company that has a contract with the government. When he finds out that someone is selling his software to a foreign government, he vows to get to the bottom of it. Robert's security team leads him to Evie Shaw, a young widow who lives in Alabama and owns a marina. What drove this woman to commit treason? Robert decides to "vacation" in Alabama and get to know Evie. I read this book a few years ago. Though I liked Evie and thought she was a strong heroine, [...]

  • Skaistė

    Matyt jau tikrai atsikandau tokių knygų arba tiesiog šiuo metu man jos nebeaktualios. Lyg ir nieko, visai įdomu, bet nieko tokio "vau", ar išliekančio ilgiau, nei baigi skaityti. Nors baigus norėjosi dar paskaityti ką nors panašaus. Taigi, iš esmės, dvilypis jausmas. Bet daugiau trijų žvaigždučių netraukia.

  • Cheesecake

    Evangeline and the Douchebag aka Robert.I love Linda Howard but this one was almost as disappointing as An Independent Wife. Robert was a selfish bully who thought his sh*t didn't stink. Robert runs a software company that sells programs to the government. He also has some clandestine training and so when it turns out there is a traitor working for him, he is determined to catch the culprit himself. Evangeline runs the marina where the traitor rents boats to do his illegal rendezvous. Through pu [...]

  • Hasnamezied

    So I read this amazing novel and I was definitely in love with it .Evie is a powerful character and I loved how she was so independent on her self all the time. There are alot of moments when I cried for certain events in it .Robert is that kind of a man you will wish for a lover but not an enemy . Totally enjoyable

  • Erinaceina

    I was deeply disappointed by this book. Given the setup, I thought I would be bound to love it, but Robert Cannon, the hero, acted appallingly. I'm a fan of both Big Misunderstanding setups and ultra-alpha heroes, but his behaviour jarred too much. Perhaps if I'd been able to feel more of his inner angst and turmoil, I'd have reacted differently to his actions, but as it was they just left me cold. As for Evie, I found her behaviour TSTL, and the descriptions of her relationship with her dead hu [...]

  • D.G.

    This is one of those old-fashioned Linda Howard books that you end up enjoying even if the hero act in despicable ways. I really don't know how she does it.Robert believes Evie is in cahoots with one of employees in selling secrets to a foreign power. Even though this is a serious business, the FBI lets him investigate on his own instead of doing their job. As soon as he meets Evie, he's attracted to her immediately and decides to do his investigating from her bed.Evie's husband died 12 years ag [...]

  • LaFleurBleue

    Although the hero is extremely alpha and dominant and really behaves like an ass for the major part of the book to the heroine, whom he believes to be entangled in a treason with one of his employees, I liked it, because his behaviour to the heroine when face-to-face is really sweet.I also liked the heroine who was very independent, had been badly hurt by the death of her husband former childhood sweetheart and overall behaved as I would have expected. I had not read yet the previous book in thi [...]

  • Delta

    3.5 StarsThe hero is such a selfish, manipulative, rat-bastard, that I kept hoping Evie would tell him to take a long walk off of a short pier at her marina!! Maybe it should even be a 3 instead of 3.5, but I had to love Evie and her generous, sensitive, and independent (except for falling for the H) spirit.If you love a sweet heroine at the mercy of an alpha male (anti-)hero, you may enjoy Loving Evangeline.

  • Angela James

    Really classic Howard. I'm surprised I hadn't read this one before, but I did like it and had an enjoyable few hours with the story. If you're looking for something in the "possessive hero" category, this one fits.

  • Elizabeth Lawless

    This was an outstanding and emotional book one of my all time favorite reads ever.

  • Joan

    Wow, “Loving Evangeline” was an exquisite follow up to “Duncan’s Bride.” I was initially skeptical of the virgin widow plotline and thought that it would be another tropy explanation (gay, impotent, elderly ex-husband). But I was so very wrong. Yes, Evangeline was portrayed as a sweet and kind heroine but also one with integrity, resilience, and a spine of steel…a true heroine in every sense of the word. Usually, I detest most heroines in contemporary romances because too often write [...]

  • Anita

    For me the best romance novels have an element of suspense and/or mystery along with a very hot romance. For a short novel, Linda Howard has a marvelous way with character and plot development that is unmatched. This work is 20 years old and except for some tech areas, it is just as good today.Loving Evangeline is a wonderful story about Robert, a very complex, controlled man who has made sure that no one knows who he really is. Evie is the owner of a small marina on the Tennessee River in Alaba [...]

  • Amanda Sheila

    I loved it! I can actually tell the ending, but I don't care. In fact, I'm looking forward to it because, gah! The drama! Linda Howard could write mean drama that made you emotional. And that's what I get from this book. At first, the plot went pretty slow and it is kind of bored me. Linda tend to add plenty of small detail and she did. But in the end, I get what I want and I'm so happy! I just can't wait to read more books from Linda Howard! Look forward to it!

  • Megha

    After reading Reese & Madelyn I was expecting fireworks for Robert & Evangeline too. but somehow it didnt do for me what Reese and Madelyn did. There are some portions in the book which are kick ass - literally - when Madelyn kicks Robert's ass :)Then there are some really soft and sweet moments. The chemistry is all there but Robert's character like it was built - the traces of it in Duncan's bride - promised him to be as rugged & raw as Reese. He is somewhere there. He is. Just tha [...]

  • Cecilia

    Classic alphole hero who puts the heroine through the wringer in case she's involved in selling software that endangers national security. This does not stop him from wanting to get into her pants, naturally. So the heroine has no idea that she's being investigated and financially threatened by the same guy who's keeping her up all night. And he can't figure out that a woman subsisting on a couple sandwiches a day is probably not raking in the cash from selling secrets. (view spoiler)[But the he [...]

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  • Free Read [Psychology Book] ✓ Vento sul lago - by Linda Howard ✓
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