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By Thomas S. Kidd | Comments: ( 707 ) | Date: ( Dec 14, 2019 )

Most Americans know Patrick Henry as a fiery speaker whose pronouncement Give me liberty or give me death rallied American defiance to the British Crown But Henry s skills as an orator sharpened in the small towns and courtrooms of colonial Virginia are only one part of his vast, but largely forgotten, legacy As historian Thomas S Kidd shows, Henry cherished a visionMost Americans know Patrick Henry as a fiery speaker whose pronouncement Give me liberty or give me death rallied American defiance to the British Crown But Henry s skills as an orator sharpened in the small towns and courtrooms of colonial Virginia are only one part of his vast, but largely forgotten, legacy As historian Thomas S Kidd shows, Henry cherished a vision of America as a virtuous republic with a clearly circumscribed central government These ideals brought him into bitter conflict with other Founders and were crystallized in his vociferous opposition to the U.S Constitution In Patrick Henry, Kidd pulls back the curtain on one of our most radical, passionate Founders, showing that until we understand Henry himself, we will neglect many of the Revolution s animating values.

  • Title: Patrick Henry: First Among Patriots
  • Author: Thomas S. Kidd
  • ISBN: 9780465009282
  • Page: 436
  • Format: Hardcover

About Author:

Thomas S. Kidd

Thomas S Kidd teaches history at Baylor University, and is Senior Fellow at Baylor s Institute for Studies of Religion Dr Kidd has appeared on the Glenn Beck tv program, the Hugh Hewitt and Dennis Prager radio shows, and written columns for USA Today and the Washington Post He is a columnist for Patheos His latest book is Patrick Henry First Among Patriots Other books include God of Liberty A Religious History of the American Revolution His next book projects are a biography of George Whitefield, and a history of Baptists in America.

Comments Patrick Henry: First Among Patriots

  • Louise

    The famous "Liberty or Death" speech was early in his career and became one of many that brought him fame and supporters. He was different from the other founders. He was a lawyer, but he was self-taught. He was a planter, but he was not a gentleman farmer. When times were rough, he tended bar. While the founders kept their religious beliefs in the background, Henry brought his into the forefront. But, like the Virginia founders, he did own slaves, and like many of them had qualms about it in hi [...]

  • Tim

    An adequate book as an overview, but this account references mostly secondary sources and has the feel of a simple summarizing of other books written about Patrick Henry. There is no material that can’t be found elsewhere, and no unique perspective on Henry’s life or views.

  • Rodney

    I really enjoyed this book. For the most part, I found it to be very balanced and well done. There are some places where I felt like Prof. Kidd fell into some modern, politically-correct type analysis that I don't find all that helpful. For example, Prof. Kidd seems to occaisionally accept the prevailing "wisdom" that the American War for Independence was only about money and taxes. Much could be said on this, but it will suffice here to note that this requires us to ignore the words of the Decl [...]

  • Lauren Albert

    This is more of a biography of “Patrick-Henry-as Patriot” then of Patrick Henry. Not so much attention is paid to his private life despite him having 17 children with his two wives. His own political positions, as Kidd portrays them, do help give a reality to some of the arguments during the time—states’ rights vs. centralized government (and the connected debate over the Constitution) being the largest.

  • Gilberto Torres Jr

    Good read on the interesting life of Patrick Henry. After reading this book I feel more sympathetic towards Henry as a revolutionary patriot that defended natural rights. Henry was definitely a revolutionary and stood his ground when it came to defending his beliefs. His, "Give me liberty or give me death speech," is iconic and captures the climate of that time. Sometimes it's easy to look back at the revolution as some sort of spectacle because of Hollywood and the times. But, it was such a mon [...]

  • Evan Scott

    I learned so very much from this well researched non-hagiographic biography. Henry’s dogged pursuit of liberty and virtues while opposing the Constitution are a fascinating look through the revolutionary time frame of our great republic.

  • George P.

    Thomas S. Kidd, Patrick Henry: First Among Patriots (New York: Basic Books, 2011). $28.00, 320 pages.To be honest, I didn’t know much about Patrick Henry before I read Thomas S. Kidd’s biography of him. I knew—as all schoolboys should know—that he uttered the famous line, “give me liberty, or give me death.” I also knew that his support for a general assessment for religion—taxpayer funded clergy support—in Virginia provoked James Madison’s Memorial and Remonstrance. And finall [...]

  • James McGregor

    This is a politically focused book narrated in a relaxed, somewhat rambling style. It presents itself as even-handed, well researched and objectively probing the contradictions of a complex subject. More often than not, however, the author's assessments of his principle character rest on assertions rather than analyses. Henry is seldom quoted at length. The formative elements in his self-education are not considered in anything but generic terms. Henry's enemies, most notably Thomas Jefferson, a [...]

  • Allen Roth

    I have long been a student of early American History. But after reading numerous books about the American Revolution, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, John Jay, John Adams, Ratification, etc. I knew very little about the important role Patrick Henry played in the founding of our nation, until I read Thomas Kidd's splendid biography: Patrick Henry: First Among Patriots In addition to learning about Henry, the biography focuses on the formation of our Republic from the perspective of Virginian [...]

  • Mike

    Great book. I represented Henry as a godly man, consistent patriot, and all about freedom and liberty. At the same time he owned slaves and knew it was inconsistent with liberty. He even knew that God was not going to bless the nation as long as slavery existed. He was conflicted between his political leadership, his financial irresponsibility at home, his understanding of scripture and his ownership of people. Patrick Henry did a lot right, and a lot wrong; but he did it with great zeal.The mos [...]

  • Tom

    This is a good book about one of the Founding Fathers. Professor Kidd has given us a good picture of a man whose great themes are "liberty, virtue and patriotism." (p. 246) I was particularly struck by chapter 9, "Defending the Revolution bu Opposing the Constitution." Henry believed the ideals of the American Revolution were betrayed in adopting the Constitution. He saw the issue as too many expansive powers vested in the government and the chief executive, with a resulting loss of rights to pe [...]

  • Matt Pitts

    Those wanting to know more about a largely unknown founding father will find the 'information gap' on Patrick Henry well filled by this book. As far as biographies go, this one does a better job of showing where the man fit in the times than it does making you feel like you really know the man himself. In other words, you may not get to know much about Henry's personality, family life, or the specifics of his oritorical greatness, but you will know what he was doing, what role he played, and wha [...]

  • Sean

    Having recently visited Red Hill, Henry's final home, in central Virginia (near the epicenter of the 2011 Va. earthquake), I figured it was time to read about his life. First thing you notice, after reading the entire bio: the "Don't tread on me" slogan has been twisted out of its original meaning. Overall, an excellent portrayal of a man who truly did live his convictions; and yet, when he saw that his oratory skills and closely held convictions would not win, was able to accept the point-of-vi [...]

  • Guna

    This book covers the fiery Patrick Henry especially through shortly before the American Revolution to the time of the Constitutional ratification debates and his death. So we learn not only about Patrick Henry himself, but about the times and some of the problems he and others of the time faced. The book is very readable, and makes me curious about some of the other characters of the time, such as the misunderstood (?) Thomas Jefferson.

  • Bryn Dunham

    Famous for his oratorical abilities, Patrick Henry became a household name and is known mostly for his "liberty or death" speech. This book is more of a brief political/public service biography of Henry and not an in depth "Ron Chernow or David McCullough-esq" book. It's interesting but dry at times, but a decent book to get a feel for Patrick Henry's career and political positions. I can recommend it to anybody interested in this lesser known patriot and revolutionary figure.

  • Benjamin Glaser

    Really enjoyable read about a founding father that a lot of people know, but know little about. Author does a good job of presenting a "Cromwellian" biography (that is warts and all) of Patrick Henry that leaves almost no stone unturned as well as giving a good view of the events of the Revolution from a Virginian standpoint.

  • Susan Anthony

    Good book! Not the easiest to follow at times but full of information.

  • Gary R.

    I liked this book very much. It's not immensely detailed, but a good read and not boring.

  • Philip

    Interesting book on an underappreciated patriot. Occasionally a little redundant - could have used a good editor!

  • Dan Keller

    So far a well written book. Excellent book on a true patriot.

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  • [PDF] º Free Read ☆ Patrick Henry: First Among Patriots : by Thomas S. Kidd ✓
    436 Thomas S. Kidd
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