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As Kriffle the Flidderbug investigates why his fellow bugs find it impossible to agree on the pressing issue of how many points there are on the leaves of the tree on which they live, he finds that the truth is complicated, and ultimately terrifying, than he ever could have imagined Flidderbugs is a political satire, a modern fable, or maybe just a funny littleAs Kriffle the Flidderbug investigates why his fellow bugs find it impossible to agree on the pressing issue of how many points there are on the leaves of the tree on which they live, he finds that the truth is complicated, and ultimately terrifying, than he ever could have imagined Flidderbugs is a political satire, a modern fable, or maybe just a funny little story about a bunch of insects with some very peculiar obsessions.

  • Title: Flidderbugs
  • Author: JonathanGould
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  • Page: 425
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About Author:


Jonathan Gould has lived in Melbourne, Australia all his life, except when he hasn t He has written comedy sketches for both the theatre and radio, as well as several published children s books for the educational market.He likes to refer to his stories as dag lit because they don t easily fit into recognisable genres dag is Australian slang for a person who is unfashionable and doesn t follow the crowd but in an amusing and fun way You might think of them as comic fantasies, or modern fairytales for the young and the young at heart.Over the years, his writing has been compared to Douglas Adams, Monty Python, A.A Milne, Lewis Carroll, the Goons and even Enid Blyton in a good way.

Comments Flidderbugs

  • Donna Brown

    I live in a back to back terraced house. I know that my roof is well, I'm not actually sure what colour it is and it's raining so I'm not going out to check. But say it was blue. That should mean that my neighbour's roof is also blue, right? But what if they KNOW they their roof is pink?When I opened Flidderbugs and read the first couple of lines, Orwell's 1984 immediately came to mind, more specifically Minitrue (aka The Ministry of Truth). In truth, my associations weren't too farfetched: ther [...]

  • J.A. Beard

    Original review at bit/nlQ4oI.Jonathan Gould’s novella Flidderbugs presents us with two tribes of insets who co-exist on the same tree, but on different portions. Unlike the barbarian bugs or the brutal colony/hive-insect monarchies of our world, these flidderbugs are enlightened. Even if they have some disparities between the two groups, they have a council and democratically elected leaders. They have important traditions. I mean, what more do you need to have a perfect society, right?My sar [...]

  • Rebecca

    After reading Jonathan Gould’s other book, Doodling, I was excited to be given the chance to read Flidderbugs. I really like that Jonathan’s books are simplistic in their storylines but have this deeper meaning wrapped up in them.I found Flidderbugs to be a really enjoyable read. It was light and really entertaining. I read it on one of the days where I was on holiday so I could just sit in the sun and read it. I found this to be quite a good book to read like that.While I found the book to [...]

  • Cassie McCown

    Flidderbugs is a sort of coming of age story about young Kriffle who is preparing to take over his father’s role as leader of the Triplifer tribe. In a series of debates, each tribe, the Triplifer and Quadrigon, try to convince the other of the correct number of points on the Krephiloff Tree’s leaves. The Triplifers naturally argue that the leaves have three points, while the Quadrigons insist they have four points. When Kriffle sees a mysterious ‘bug lurking around the council and sneakin [...]

  • David King

    “Flidderbugs” by Jonathan Gould is an enjoyable novella that on the surface appears to be a fun little children’s story. However, underneath this there is a satirical element that should appeal to most adults as it pokes holes in both the democratic process and the rather arrogant ivory tower of academia. Without doubt, this really is a book that can be read to your children and enjoyed by them and yourself.The story itself follows Kriffle, an insect who is heir to his father as potential [...]

  • Tahlia Newland

    Flidderbugs is like Dr Seuss without the pictures, and I loved it. This delightful novella has Jonathan Gould’s trademark whimsical touch, and in the tradition of Dr Seuss’s ‘Stars on Thars’, is a tongue in cheek analogy for aspects of human behaviour. In this case, the Flidderbugs that live on different sides of the Krephiloff Tree, represent different social and political groups with rigid ideas and prejudices, and the story shows what can happen when such groups either simply do not l [...]

  • Cathy Speight

    Jonathan is one of the most creative writers I have come across. This is my third (after Doodling and Magnus Opum) encounter with this talented author and he never ceases to amaze me.Flidderbugs is about two groups of ‘bugs, the Triplifers and the Quadrigons, who live – divided – in the Krephiloff Tree. If you thought that politics and devious ‘business’ practices were exclusive to humans, be assured that they find their way into the Flidderbugs’ world too. A very important and divis [...]

  • Jeremy Rodden

    Jonathan Gould's brilliant satire strikes again.As a big fan of Gould's work in his first satire, Doodling, I went into Flidderbugs with very high expectations. Once again, Gould subtly takes jabs at facets of society that are just so ridiculous that we need to see it through the eyes of this small colony of bugs to realize how inane humans can be.Gould's description of the political process of the Flidderbugs society is hilarious. However, when you compare it to the democratic processes in 'civ [...]

  • Emily

    Flidderbugs is the story of Kriffle, a bug politician and rising heir to his father's position in public affairs in the great tree where all the Flidderbugs live. The issue on the table, of course, is whether the leaves on their tree have three points, or four. It's the fundamental question that governs their lives, governs who's in power, governs everything. Kriffle knows that the leaves have three points, and anyone who thinks otherwise has to just be lying to the populace for nefarious purpos [...]

  • Amanda

    That has to be the most concise and accurate blurb I have ever seen for a book. On one level, Flidderbugs is a cute story that kids will enjoy. The Quadrigons and Triplifers are two tribes of bugs sharing one tree. While they spend all their time arguing over how many points the leaves on the tree have, it’s really quite funny to read about the absurd lengths some bugs will go to in order to not learn the truth. Until disaster threatens and the bugs have to learn to work together. Adults can, [...]

  • Vered

    The Krephiloff Tree is in trouble, but none of the Flidderbugs seem to realise just how much. Kriffle, a young Flidderbug, is convinced that all the trouble stems from the tribe of bugs, the Quadrigons, living on the other side of the tree, and all the members of his Triplifer tribe agree. After all, everyone knows that the tree’s leaves all have three points! The trouble is that the other tribe knows that the leaves have four points, and are equally convinced that the Triplifers are misleadin [...]

  • Katy

    Jonathan Gould has written another masterpiece of social commentary in his latest story, “Flidderbugs.” On the Krephiloff Tree, far above the ground, live the Flidderbugs – they go about their business, doing what Flidderbugs do. Kriffle and Fargeeta are the children of the leaders of the two opposing tribes, and they are being groomed to take over the leading roles since their respective fathers are aging. Today they will meet in debate for the first time in public, debating the most impo [...]

  • Melissa

    Life hasn’t always been easy for Kriffle the Flidderbug. For as long as Kriffle can remember, the Quadrigon tribe has always had control of Krephiloff Tree’s Shears, which means that the Triplifers, Kriffle’s own tribe, has had to deal with an overgrowth of leaves on his side of the tree. Once Kriffle has been nominated to become the Triplifers’ new leader and take over from his father, he realizes the ’bugs have even bigger problems. For starters, they can’t even agree on whether a [...]

  • Meg - A Bookish Affair

    I really enjoyed this book. On the surface it's almost a children's story about warring bugs sharing one big tree and it certainly could be read like that. It's really a political satire and it's very reflective of what's currently going on in the political atmosphere right now. Disagreement, stagnation, and at times, chaos. This book was especially poignant considering the things going on in my country (the United States) like the party divide in Congress, which makes it impossible to get a lot [...]

  • Tricia Kristufek

    Because everybody knows that the leaves on the Krephiloff Tree had three points. But they also had four points too.Kriffle of the Triplifer tribe is preparing to take over his father's position as leader of their tribe. He struggles to get to the Fleedenhall due to all the leaves clogging up his home. Leaves in his broth, leaves burying him at night while he sleeps, leaves everywhere! Kriffle knows he must win this debate and get elected so that his side of the Tree can use the Shears.Kriffle kn [...]

  • Vickie

    This well-written, enjoyable book could either be read on the surface as a cute children’s story or a cheeky satire for adults. Either a tale of two tribes of beetles who just can't agree or a reflection of modern-day politics and power struggles, complete with some wheeling and dealing. Our hero, Kriffle, lives in the Krephiloff Tree and his father, Proggle, is the leader of the Triplifers. He has high hopes for his son in political debate in the aptly named Fleedenhall. The Triplifers live o [...]

  • Lynn Hallbrooks

    Introduction: I was first introduced to Flidderbugs on Independent Authors and Writers where I thought the post about it was impressive enough to make it "book of the day": independentauthors/201 Jonathon Gould was kind enough to give me a discount to the Smashwords version of Flidderbugs. We came to an understanding that was not why I gave the blog post high praise and that I appreciate the opportunity to read the book with an open mind and an honest review.Story line as I see it: Two clans of [...]

  • Jim

    Doodling and Flidderbugs are both charming novellas without a doubt. Jonathan says they’re not exclusively aimed at children but they are definitely books that could be read to children. The kids will enjoy the stories as simply funny stories; the adults will appreciate the subtext. I don’t particularly like the title Doodling. The reason Jonathan kept it was because he “liked the idea that the story evolved from [his] literary doodling” but it doesn’t really work for me. Other than th [...]

  • Colleen

    A short, quick read that is technically about the difficulties that face a group of bugs living in a tree, but is really a thinly veiled satire of our current political system. The story follows a young bug who has been prepped all his life to be a politician. As his father nears retirement, he has to learn what it REALLY means to be a politician and how to cope with some interesting revelations about the political process and the rival political party. The allegories are not complex or difficul [...]

  • Alejandro Canton-Dutari

    Flidderbugs by Jonathan GouldReviewed by Alex Canton-DutariThe Krephiloff Tree -- Tree of Life, New York City, London or even Panama. Half the world doesn't know how the counterpart lives, and not always by lack of travel but by direct, manipulated distortion of reality.I found this to be a book about politics, distorted science and sociology, better transmitted to us human readers by animal characters, with which we tend to identify since childhood. This is, definitely, my kind of book: apparen [...]

  • Kim (Wistfulskimmies Book Reviews)

    'For the Flidderbugs of the Krephiloff Tree all they had to worry about was how many points were on the leaves and who held the Shears. Now something is threatening the Tree and to get to the bottom of it they must put aside beliefs held since time immemorial.I loved this little tale. It was short and sweet and I think it would appeal to all ages. I loved the characters, I could see the bugs in my head and I personified them!All in all a great little story that I heartily recommend.'

  • A.F.

    A captivating short book, with a witty satirical edge that was a delight to read. It’s a charming tale and a quick page-turner that leaves the reader both smiling and pondering the underlying themes. The author has a fabulous knack of combining acerbic lampooning with an entertaining yarn.

  • Rick

    Heavy-handed satire with a too-convenient ending. However, it could be a somewhat engaging children's story if the cloying satire doesn't gag a sophisticated palate on the way down.

  • Heidi

    Nope. Just not my thing. It makes a good point, but the style of writing isn't my favorite. I'm not saying it's bad, it's just not what I enjoy.

  • Colleen Lahey

    A delightful short story.

  • Angelito Jr.

    Fun-filled children-adult daglit! Nice.

  • Chris

    The moral of the story is cooperate.

  • Ruth

    Very good parable.

  • Lori Keen

    OK, it was cute and I get that it was political satire. the book certainly pointed out the silliness of our political fights and posturing. but still, free on Pixel of Ink was the right price.

  • Jen

    A cute, quick story. If only the Democrats and Republicans could work together for the common good like the factions in this book instead of going at each other's throats all the time.

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