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A man of vision A man who would breathe life into the Peckham firm of Meadows, Meade and Grindley devilishly funny, with an unerring talent for the absurd Dougal Douglas was that man.But before long, the unsuspecting workforce began to manifest the dubious benefits of Dougal s human research mayhem, mutiny and murder

  • Title: The Ballad of Peckham Rye
  • Author: Muriel Spark
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 351
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Muriel Spark

Dame Muriel Spark, DBE was a prolific Scottish novelist, short story writer, and poet whose darkly comedic voice made her one of the most distinctive writers of the twentieth century In 2008 The Times newspaper named Spark in its list of the 50 greatest British writers since 1945 Spark received the James Tait Black Memorial Prize in 1965 for The Mandelbaum Gate, the Ingersoll Foundation TS Eliot Award in 1992 and the David Cohen Prize in 1997 She became Dame Commander of the Order of the British Empire in 1993, in recognition of her services to literature She has been twice shortlisted for the Booker Prize, in 1969 for The Public Image and in 1981 for Loitering with Intent In 1998, she was awarded the Golden PEN Award by English PEN for a Lifetime s Distinguished Service to Literature In 2010, Spark was shortlisted for the Lost Man Booker Prize of 1970 for The Driver s Seat.Spark received eight honorary doctorates in her lifetime These included a Doctor of the University degree Honoris causa from her alma mater, Heriot Watt University in 1995 a Doctor of Humane Letters Honoris causa from the American University of Paris in 2005 and Honorary Doctor of Letters degrees from the Universities of Aberdeen, Edinburgh, London, Oxford, St Andrews and Strathclyde.Spark grew up in Edinburgh and worked as a department store secretary, writer for trade magazines, and literary editor before publishing her first novel in 1957 The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie, considered her masterpiece, was made into a stage play, a TV series, and a film.

Comments The Ballad of Peckham Rye

  • Teresa

    Though this is sharp social satire, I don’t think it will stick with me long. A trickster/shapeshifter (perhaps)/con-man/devil? (knowing Spark, that’s very likely)/Pan-figure comes to town and chaos/changes ensue. Would these things have happened anyway? Maybe not; but maybe so, as Spark is clear in her belief that evil is always afoot, that (as we see through the character of the gray-haired, pontificating Nelly) we must be vigilant against lies and deceit. Are the forthright characters the [...]

  • MJ Nicholls

    The art of the impeccably constructed comedy, lean and mean from scene to spleen, is Muriel’s MO. This one concerns a sharp-tongued Scot who invades Lyon’s Corner House-era Peckham and upsets the apple cart with his multiple machinations. Spark’s perfect ear and skill at crafting a knockabout romp is on a par with Mr. Queneau and this short novel induces in this reader a state of toe-tingling rapture.

  • Paul

    Quirky and rather brief novel which I rather enjoyed. It is part fable with a spot of magic realism, a dash of humour, some nice twists and clever observations of life in the early 1960s. Dougal Douglas (aka Douglas Dougal) is a Scot who has moved to Peckham. He gets a job in a local textile firm; Meadows, Meade and Grindley, as an "arts man", someone who will observe the workforce and learn how to motivate them. The early days of Human Resources. He has an odd and disturbing effect on those he [...]

  • Chrissie

    All I can say is that this totally confused me. Sure, I understand what happened, but I have no idea what the book is saying. A man wreaks havoc in the lives of many.Without humor, or if it was there it went over my head!Spark's lines said nothing to me; I usually find them so clever. This is the first book by Muriel Spark that has totally failed me.The audiobook narration by Nadia May / Wanda McCaddon was fine, but did not improve the book for me.

  • Scot

    I had recently read some interesting biographical background on Muriel Spark, but had never actually read anything by her, although I did recall the considerable impact the film “The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie” had on me when I saw it as a kid (which in part I attribute to strong acting by Maggie Smith and how exotic far off Scotland seemed to me, but also its focus on teaching, the power of cliques, the pressure to conform and/or obey). I found an old used copy of this earlier work by Spark [...]

  • Gabriele

    «Vuoi tu prendere questa donna come tua legittima sposa?».«No,» rispose Humphrey «francamente no».L'aggettivo più indicato per questo libro potrebbe essere: bizzarro.Muriel Spark imbastisce una commedia ricca di humor inglese ambientandola nella Londra degli anni '60, una Londra industrializzata e sempre più attenta alla situazione degli impiegati. È in questo scenario che entra in gioco il protagonista di questa sinistra ballata: è Dougal Douglas, esperto di "scienze umane" incaricato [...]

  • Judy

    As usual, Muriel Spark was enough over my head that I finished this highly comic novel and was not quite sure what I had just read.Peckham Rye is a small town outside London and the setting for all kinds of poking fun at members of the English lower middle class. These characters dwell amongst their stodgy British habits but carry on in quite a modern style for the times. Lots of illicit sex going on, gossip and rumor of course.When Dougal Douglas comes to town and insinuates himself into two ri [...]

  • David

    I don't like Muriel Spark. She's not really on my side. I feel that she hates us all for the dreadful time we're having (fair enough) but she is convinced that it's our fault. And so she sneers at us and it isn't very attractive.A couple of the best sneers:"She said, 'I feel as if I've been twenty years married instead of two hours.'He thought this a pity for a girl of eighteen.""'God!' she said. 'Dougal, I've had a rotten life.''And it isn't over yet,' Dougal said,"

  • Jessica

    A wickedly funny and odd little book, hard to know how to read it. A clue is in the title: The Ballad The character of Dougal Douglas or Douglas Dougal, is the quintessential "stranger who comes to town" and leaves many maimed in his wake. Is he the devil incarnate? perhaps. Is Dame Muriel Spark a devilishly good writer, always surprising, nudging her characters and the reader off balance? Yes, indeed.

  • Charles Dee Mitchell

    Dougal Douglas, or Douglas Dougal depending upon when and on what side of town you meet him, is a Scottish devil. He offers to let most anyone feel the nubs of his horns buried in his curly red hair. The good working-class citizens of Peckham Rye, a South London suburb where people speak with distaste of any need to "cross the river," don't know quite what to make of Dougal or his nubby horns. If he is not a devil he is certainly a rascal, a young man who cons his way into local industry as an " [...]

  • Fiona MacDonald

    I started this with high hopes, initially enjoying the writing style and story, but as the book progressed I found it less and less well written, and despised almost all of the characters. The shocking climax of the book happens on the last few pages, and it's utterly ridiculous. Not a good initial introduction to Muriel Spark.

  • Jason

    Well, it turns that out my initial positive feeling after reading the first couple pages of Muriel Spark's The Ballad of Peckham Rye was short-lived and quickly replaced by indignation. This novel tries too hard to be some kind of bizarre satire but ends up as nothing more than an affectedly quaint and nonsensical farce without any substantial value. The characters are all flat; their motivations entirely incomprehensible. Muriel Spark can often be applauded for her sly wit, snappy dialogue and [...]

  • Allison Floyd

    I read to page 100 and decided that it was remarkably like a Muriel Spark novel. Coincidence? I think not. What I mean to say is that it's shrewd, sly, and wickedly humorous without being malicious. There's a priceless metaphor about bungalows, skyscrapers, and nervous breakdowns in here. And if Douglas Dougal (and vice versa) is the devil, then hail Satan. Nevertheless, I found myself really struggling to finish, maybe because it's not a plot-driven book and I feel like I get the general Muriel [...]

  • Sophie

    After reading Memento Mori and loving every part of it, I was expecting this one to be as witty and as interesting as the aforementioned. I was wrong. There was really nothing at all that interested me in The Ballad of Peckham Rye, I didn't find it humorous and I didn't care for the characters' fate. On the whole, this novel had an attractive plot summary, which, in my opinion, could have been executed a lot better, but it didn't blow me away.

  • Ffiamma

    spigolosa ballata satirica su un giovane ineffabile e dai tratti diabolici che andrà a sconvolgere l'equilibrio di un quartiere operaio londinese. questo libro di muriel spark trasuda humor nero nel raccontare le avventure di dougal douglas e le sue manipolazioni ai danni delle persone che incontra; non sempre la vena macabra funziona e l'ironia non graffia come dovrebbe- ma nel complesso una lettura piacevole che si sofferma sui meccanismi della fabbrica e sulla società inglese.

  • John

    Douglal Douglas arrives in Peckham and takes a job as an Arts Man which allows him to do what he likes which is mostly mischief. He is Scottish with a deformed shoulder and proceeds to cause disruption in the mundane lives of everyone he meets. The story is told in flashback after Humphrey walks out of his wedding with Dixie. The story is about sexual honesty and hypocrisy set in the 1950s. Douglal manages to sow seeds of envy, anger, jealousy, suspicion that results in violence and ultimately m [...]

  • Linda De

    3.5 Loved her writing style, I will read more of her work, one day.

  • John Cravey

    I get the impression that a group of writers were talking about combining literary styles and forms. One of them said that it would be impossible to combine a traditional ballad with kitchen sink realism. At that point Muriel Spark said that she'd do it. That’s my best guess for the origin of The Ballad of Peckham Rye. The result isn’t pretty, but I’m surprised that it was done at all.There’s much about it that confuses me. Topping the list is the status of Dougal Douglas. Is he a supern [...]

  • F.R.

    For the most part this is a slight and whimsical tale, although by the end it has gone to some oddly dark places. To be honest, I think ‘whimsical’ and ‘dark’ are a literary oil and water, they really don’t mix well together. So, despite having some high points of amusement, ‘The Ballad of Peckham Rye’ has an unevenness of tone which is quite disconcerting.It centres on Dougal Douglas, a young Scot hired in a nebulous personnel role for a Peckham company. Bracingly optimistic, he m [...]

  • Courtney Johnston

    Dougal Douglas (aka Douglas Dougal) is hired by a manufacturing firm in a small town to conduct 'human research' into its workforce in order to reduce absenteeism. Douglas is simultaneously ingratiating and abhorred; he exudes something that makes the people of Peckham Rye react to him with fearful intimacy or violence. His research' is negligible, but his machinations sow discord and destruction throughout the town.'The Ballad of Peckham Rye' is full of what I'm coming to think of as Sparkian t [...]

  • Emil-e

    This is a wickedly funny book, the kind that perhaps might sometimes be described as "too clever by half", but I feel here comes across brimming with earnestness and energy, where every line pops with twist or cleft, and is somehow written in the most simple fashion but conveys multiple layers of meaning. I absolutely adore it, and highly recommend it - it's exceedingly short, as well, but while reading it, I became entirely enveloped in its world. It brings to life all the quirks and foibles of [...]

  • Moira McPartlin

    This is my second time reading but I remembered nothing from the first. I read it because I was going to Peckham, but the colourful multicultural Peckham I saw in July 2015 was nothing like the drab one depicted in this novel. The story follows Scotsman Donal Douglas who works as an 'arts man' (time and motion) in a textile factory. he has a crooked shoulder and 'young white teeth' He likes to dance and caper and his devilish ways make him irresistible to some of the characters he encounters, th [...]

  • Stephen Curran

    My reaction to The Ballad of Peckham Rye is much the same as that of its characters to the protagonist Dougal Douglas/Douglas Dougal: by turns fascinated, alienated, amused and baffled, often suspecting they are in the presence of something malevolent. Muriel Spark's style is a curious one, stripped down and straightforward but forever making unexpected choices. Some of her turns of phrase are deliberately awkward and require rereading. The plot and tone here never settle down. Douglas's brief s [...]

  • Mike Clarke

    The devil rides out: a leading textile manufacturer wishes to introduce its workforce to the Arts and so hires Dougal Douglas MA (Edin) to bring culcha to the masses. Instead, Dougal gives devil-worship, wide-swapping, murder and other assorted mayhem to the lower middles and aspiring working classes of SE15. A lot may have changed in Peckham since then, but some things remain. The doomed head of the typing pool, morose Merle, comments of her involvement with Dougal in a line that sums up how I [...]

  • Esther

    From the indulgent flab of the previous book, to this less than 200 pages of exquisite prose. So so good, very strange in terms of plot but that just made me love it more. Dialogue is so spot on for 1960s working class Britain and reminded me of those kitchen sink films of that era which I love so much. Oh and I got this in the super 1960s Penguin design from, of course, a second hand bookshop in Highgate, north London. Such are the simple and sometimes most satisfying pleasures of life.

  • Brent Legault

    Witty, worldy, charming, irreverent, imaginitive, playful and only slightly bitter, this novel would make an excellent dinner companion but perhaps not such a good life partner. It's certainly too frivolous for the "seriuos reader" but it was the Baby Bear's porridge of frivolity for me.

  • David

    A bit confusing at first, probably due to 'Scottishisms.' Upon finishing, however, I immediately wanted to read it again. Spark's characters and writing are as original and delightful as always.

  • Rado

    I enjoyed the sharp and witty dialogues, but I felt like the disjointed narrative in some parts made it hard to focus (or I just found myself not paying attention and I had to go back and re-read the paragraph). But overall, Dougal Douglas is an interesting protagonist, disturbing the quiet life of the people in Peckham Rye. He says, in the beginning: “I shall have to do research into their lives. Research into the real Peckham. It will be necessary to discover the spiritual well-spring, the g [...]

  • Amy Gentry

    This is lightweight Spark, which means it's perfectly cruel and often funny but I found it unsatisfying. I have a prejudice in favor of Spark's female protagonists, of course, and this one concerns an impishly improvisational meddling devil for the protagonist--someone you could just about imagine being played by Peter Cook if you manufactured a Dudley Moore-type out of one of the ensemble characters swirling around the working-class, factory-town milieu. I've just checked to make sure no one d [...]

  • Linda C

    The story focuses on Dougal Douglas, a con artist, self-purported devil, similar to the coyote trickster of Native American legend. He comes to Peckham Rye for a job as the Arts man in the Human Resources Dept. for a local industry vaguely hired to do human research on its workers around the issue of absenteeism. But basically he convinces the company to pay him to do nothing but hang out with staff, learn everyone's secrets, and tell them to the worse possible people. He changes everyone he com [...]

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    351 Muriel Spark
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