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By Anya Peters | Comments: ( 879 ) | Date: ( Feb 22, 2020 )

Separated from her real mother at birth, Anya grew up in terror of her drunken bullying uncle Beaten, humiliated and sexually abused by him from the age of six, she thought her life couldn t get worse But one day it did I was used to Daddy screaming whore s child at me, over and over again But I couldn t get used to what he made me do Anya was too terrified to tellSeparated from her real mother at birth, Anya grew up in terror of her drunken bullying uncle Beaten, humiliated and sexually abused by him from the age of six, she thought her life couldn t get worse But one day it did I was used to Daddy screaming whore s child at me, over and over again But I couldn t get used to what he made me do Anya was too terrified to tell anybody about what her uncle did to her But then he got careless and started abusing her in front of the other children When her brothers started calling her a whore , Anya cracked and all her terrible secrets came pouring out.Anya had always coped because there was one woman who loved her deeply, her Mummy But this time love was not enough One morning Mummy just left.Determined to make a new life, Anya buried her feelings and tried to move on But when she ended up homeless, living in her car, she knew she had to face her past if she was ever going to find happiness and security again.Top 10 Sunday Times Bestseller, Abandoned is Anya s inspirational story of her fight to find love, acceptance and a place to belong.

  • Title: Abandoned: The true story of a little girl who didn’t belong
  • Author: Anya Peters
  • ISBN: 9780007348305
  • Page: 497
  • Format: ebook

About Author:

Anya Peters

Anya Peters Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Abandoned: The true story of a little girl who didn’t belong book, this is one of the most wanted Anya Peters author readers around the world.

Comments Abandoned: The true story of a little girl who didn’t belong

  • Vibina Venugopal

    After reading this book I kept telling myself how lucky I was to be surrounded with all love and care of familyBeing pampered with the warmth of mom and dadTo read horrible tales of fiction never bothers me for a very long time as I know that may not have happened to real people, but reading a memoir like this is a stressing affair as I have a habbit of immersing myself completely into a book, I get attached to the characters very easily and a book like this gets me into a saddening modeGlad tha [...]

  • Louise

    Such a heartbreaking story! Sad, disturbing, heart-wrenching but sadly, this girl's life. She is a flash of light for alot of people.From back cover:"I was used to Daddy screaming "whore's child" at me, over and over again. But I couldn't get used to the shame I felt afterwards.Little Anya grew up in terror of the man she knew as 'daddy' - her drunken, bullying uncle who sexually abused her from the age of six. The only person she could trust was the woman she called 'Mummy'.When Anya's uncle go [...]

  • Silversnow

    I was unable to sleep for several nights after reading this heart wrenching book.The fact that it was not a story at all but the reality of the author's life,compelled me to read Anya's blog (wanderingscribe is her username).I was forced to think about little children who suffer like she did. They are just children and the worse part is that people who do such crimes, do not suffer even the 10% of what they made victims go through. :(Edit-After reading such accounts you realize that the life is [...]

  • IceJewel

    I usually don’t prefer reading any non-fictions. But, the synopsis of this book just got me into reading this one!I admit! I almost skipped the first half of the book!! ‘Anya peters’ was sexually abused by her uncle when she was only a child. The abuse scenes are so descriptive in this book that I just couldn’t get into reading them! Reading about what happened to her just made me cringe many a times! The second half of the book talks about her homelessness as an adult and how she tries [...]

  • Ashleigh Sapphire

    I enjoyed reading this book because Anya Peters wrote the story in such a way that made me want to keep reading, and I could picture what was happening in my head. She used interesting words and phrases that were interesting and worked with the plot. I like the way the scenes have been described, because it makes the reader think, “I know what’s going to happen next,” but then something changes so that the story has taken a whole new perspective. I love the way the story draws out raw emot [...]

  • Lani Luatutu

    So far, the book has dragged on a bit about how the threat of Anya being kicked out of home and how she was physically and sexually abused as a young child, has gone on a bit long. But it's a heart wrenching story and I think the way she describes the abuse is really an eye opener. My heart goes out to her, the poor thing must've been so desperate as a child, desperate to escape but desperate to be with her "mummy". Her story also makes me angry at how selfish adults can be and the choices that [...]

  • Angie

    There are fiction books that we fall into and allow ourselves to dream are true - then there are non-fiction books that we really , really wish weren't true . Abandoned is one of those ;-( How this child ever survived is beyond me . To overcome such ugliness and still be able to write ."is isn't a book about blame . Neither , aside from the abuse , is it about anyone doing anything wrong .It's about people making mistakes and trying to make the best of the situation . It's about being human , ab [...]

  • Books

    The first half of Abandoned was…well, shocking and heartbreaking. I couldn’t believe how very cruel Anya’s uncle was being to her. And when the sexual abuse started, I had to put down the book several times to wipe away my tears. It was just too much. The last half of the story was just sad. It broke my heart that Anya would let her life slip out of control like that. I don’t agree that we should let the past impact on our future, especially since she had so many chances to live a succes [...]

  • Rachel Zylstra

    I read alot of these kinds of books. People baring all of their difficult childhoods and how they became better people. The one thing I enjoyed about Anya's style of writing was how at the beginning of the book I felt I was reading a child's story, and by the time I came to the end I felt I was reading a woman's story. You grow with her character as the story goes on.

  • Kim

    An absolutely horrific tale about a little girl's life of abuse. Her aunt takes her in when her 'real' mum has her out of wedlock. But her partner subjects the little girl to horrific mental and physical abuse. He is arrested- but the mum takes him back.A truly disturbing account of Anya's life- and her spell of homeless living around the country.

  • Selz

    I don't usually read these types of books but it was in the bookcase at work it's much like any I've read before - I don't mean that to sound callous!

  • Ruth Turner

    DNFI read the first 21 chapters, and that was more than enough.Boring. Repetitive. Implausible.

  • Patricia Naufal

    abandoned is a very touching story about a girl, anya, who has lived with her aunt since birth. her mom was having an affair with a married man and got pregnant, she ended up having to give her child to her sister to take care of,since she didn't want people to know and reputation to be ruined, her sister which just had an illegitimate baby with a drunk man she claimed to love. this man would beat her and anya and started to sexually abuse her by the age of six, eventually she told her aunt, whi [...]

  • Eva Leger

    This is an absolutely heartbreaking book. How Anya Peters overcame everything she was forced to go through I'll never know. I doubt I'd have been strong enough to deal with even a fraction. Anya grew up with an uncle and aunt because her biological parents had an affair no one could ever find out about. Her aunt, who she called Mummy, was the only person- and I do mean the ONLY person- in her young life to show her any love. She dealt with every kind of abuse imaginable from her uncle and "broth [...]

  • Sabrina Rutter

    It took me a little time to get into Anya's memoir but after I read so far into it I was hooked.After reading about her horrible childhood and then her time as a homeless person I would have liked more detail as to where she ended up and exactly how she ended up there. I beleive she will be writing a sequal to this memoir due to the abrupt ending in this book. Overall it was a very good book and definantly pulls on the heart strings.

  • Therese

    This book is disturbing on many levels, perhaps the biggest one being that the aunt allows the abuser to move back into the home with children still living there and the author asks to move back in as well. An absolute testament to the human spirit that people can survive this amount of abuse in all its varied forms and still become productive members of society.

  • Carmen

    From this book I learned a lot how much i must appreciate life and never talk negative. How lucky i am and thank God every single day what a lovely upbringing i had.Its a must to read this book.If in any way this book ends up reading it an abuser please stop and reflect how much these kids suffer, especially if you have kids of your own!!! Nobody would like their own kids to be abused.

  • richwire

    Really sad and awful the way this child was treated, primarily by her heinous uncle but really her entire family let her down. I found it a little difficult to keep track of all of the different people mentioned but maybe that's just me. I thought the last 1/3 of the book was a little repetitive and could have been edited a bit. Still an interesting read and one that I would recommend.

  • Tyler

    this book is very touching it shows all the hurt and heartake that anya peters went through as a child. she gets abused by the uncle she thought loved her and a boyfriend she thought cared for her . she luckly got away from that lifesyle and now lives in a flat in blakcpool happily . this book showed me that i should be grateful for what i have

  • Kim

    The first half of the book was very hard to read, it made me feel sick in what some adults make children go through. By the end of the book i was pleased Anya was finally sorting her life out. I plan to visit her blog to see how she's getting on.

  • Don Ariff

    It is a very depressing book - in a good way of course. Loved it although to me it doesn't give much of an impact to me. Although I have to to say that it was very well written but I just don't feel satisfied with the ending.

  • Jirinka (sony08)

    8/10 - excellent book. I found that sometimes it slowed down a lot and repeated a lot of things, but can you actually critise misery memoir??? Anyway - inspiring story of a gilr abused by her uncle,not having any 'real'family, ending up homless and unloved and still making it!

  • Trupti Dorge

    This book is about sexual abuse. And seriously, the abuse scenes are so descriptive and detailed that I felt myself cringe a number of times. Her story is very heartbreaking. Anya Peters is a really good writer though. I hope she tries her hand at writing fiction sometime.

  • Chelsea Groves

    It was a okay book very disturbing though. I thought it dragged out the part of her sleeping in the car and dragged it out way to long. It got pretty shitty towards the end of the book . It wasn't the greatest . I dont think it would be a book i would pick up and read again .

  • Kelly Tarr

    I liked this book even though it was hard to read. The author had quite a life, very sad. I hope that she is doing well and it is unbelievable that people treat children this way. I only hope I am a resource for children who need help and need someone to listen to them.

  • Sarah

    I've been reading a few books about abuse lately and you think that nothing else can shock you. Anya tells her story of not only dealing with the years of physical, sexual and mental abuse but of the aftermath after it all comes out and how the adults in her life treated her.

  • Sophie Slater

    very good book, intense at some parts, started to get slightly boring at the end, but brilliant

  • Iysha

    Cried so much! Reminded me of my own life!

  • Erica

    fy bubblan vad den var jobbig att läsa

  • Nancy

    This was a really hard book to read. Very sad story of an abused child. It affected me deeply.

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  • [PDF] ↠ Unlimited ✓ Abandoned: The true story of a little girl who didn’t belong : by Anya Peters ✓
    497 Anya Peters
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