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By Alexander Besher | Comments: ( 243 ) | Date: ( Oct 14, 2019 )

In the wake of a mega earthquake in 2027 Japan, the virtual reality entertainment empire Satori Corporation attempts to rescue thousands of people trapped in virtual worlds, including the ten year old son of professor Frank Gobi Reprint.

  • Title: Rim
  • Author: Alexander Besher
  • ISBN: 9780061056697
  • Page: 100
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Alexander Besher

Alexander Besher Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Rim book, this is one of the most wanted Alexander Besher author readers around the world.

Comments Rim

  • Marc

    A little more than a year ago I acquired this book from a neighbor who was getting rid of boxes and boxes of books and was kind enough to let me root through them beforehand. The front cover design and back cover synopsis spoke to me (much like a bag of Combos does at a rest stop during a long trip). I stuck it in the car a couple months ago and I read it at stop lights, drive-thru-lanes, while waiting to pick up my son, etc. It started as a wonderfully imaginative near-future written by someone [...]

  • Dana

    Hey look! I found an old write-up I had to do for an internship:The book is a strange combination of science fiction and new age that never works. I suppose mixing technology and mysticism is an admirable idea, but Besher undeniably fails in his attempt to reconcile the two. And as if this straddling of genres isn’t enough, Besher even throws in zombies for good measure – although, as far as I can tell, they have absolutely no bearing on the plot. Granted, Besher does not seem to take his st [...]

  • Rowan

    It's a real shame this book isn't better, because there's the germ of some interesting ideas here: a near future where VR has been pretty much perfected; a city which shifts into a different reality every night; technology crossing over with the deeper meaning of consciousness. But Besher never really capitalises on these - the VR is the hackneyed old "like real life, only pixellated" (seriously, the moderate success of Second Life notwithstanding, who would actually rent a virtual office that w [...]

  • Randal

    "Things are different here, too, Kimiko, since I met you," he told her. He meant it. She had turned his life into a love factory and production was going up every day."What do you do with a passage like that? As a reader, you have to respond to it, by flinching or gagging or falling to your knees in horrified respect that someone would think it, let alone put it down, let alone allow it to go to print.All I can say is if you admire that turn of phrase she had turned his life into a love factory [...]

  • Olethros

    -Espiritualidad oriental, virtualidad generalizada y mucha imaginación.-Género. Ciencia-Ficción.Lo que nos cuenta. En el 2067, Trevor Gobi nos presenta su breve reflexión sobre los tiempos de las guerras mega-empresariales que ya han quedado atrás. En 2025, en Nuevo Tokio, un anciano gravemente enfermo al frente de una de las mayores corporaciones de su tiempo participa en la ceremonia de la realidad virtual. En 2027, en la frontera entre México y USA, un hombre con la cara plateada se hac [...]

  • bkwurm

    A somewhat weird mix of high tech and new age spirituality. Which is a pity since it had a reasonably interesting plot and some nice takes on how and where our technology might be able to take us and the societies in which we live. However, and this is a rather big however, the use of new age mumbo jumbo, like energy meridians, kudalinis and other such mystical references as an actual functioning reality, as opposed to terms appropriated and used by technology and its constructs, turned the book [...]

  • Marissa

    No, you know what? Fuck it, I'm not wasting my time on terrible books that I want to drop in the bathtub after 36 pages.From my time with those 36 pages: "36pp in, the only female characters we've met are young, voluptuous, sex nymph NPCs. The actual prose isn't so hot, either."So, no, I'm not going to keep reading. I don't need to see what else this turnip has to say about this ridiculously set up virtual meta-reality cum spiritual clusterfuck. I'll up my yearly goal to make up for this nonsens [...]

  • Mark Palmer

    I had a lot of trouble getting through this book. It just seemed to drag on forever.

  • Jamie

    Not virtual reality. Virtual spirituality is more like it and I couldn't get into it. It's rare that I don't finish a book once started, but this one falls into that category.

  • George

    Everything I have read from Alexander Besher has been very good. This was his first work that I read - and from here I went to his other books. All worth reading!

  • lisa_emily

    forgettable cyber-punk novel about tattoos & viruses ( I think)

  • Anna

    I couldn't make it thru this one. I just kept getting more and more confused and finally got tired of waiting foer a plot to start.

  • Peter

    Well, I had great expectations for 'Rim' after reading some positive reviews and considering it was an early novel supposed to be about some interests of mine, such as Asian cultures, Buddhism and virtual reality.Unfortunately, I was thoroughly disappointed.To begin with, no part of the story actually make any sense. This novel, almost an inappropriate word in this case, is just so nonsensical that I doubt even the writer knew what the story is about.In reality, the whole book is nothing but a r [...]

  • Dark-Draco

    In the near future, virtual reality is a popular place to spend your leisure time, from the children's Gameworld, to Treking in the virtual mountains, or visting the Adult world. But a virus has escaped, or been set free, and parts of the virtual world are crashing, trapping the conciousness of those left inside, if you're lucky. PI Frank Gobi wants nothing to do with the problems created in the virtual realm, except his son is one of those trapped inside. Seemingly hired by two rival companies, [...]

  • Arax Miltiadous

    εχμ, μακρύ το ταξίδι Λοιπόν, δεν μου άρεσε που διάβαζα λέξεις και φράσεις ( είτε στην ιαπωνική, είτε στην αργκό που δεν καταλάβαινα και αναγκαζόμουν να ψάξω για να κατανοήσω πριν συνεχίσω το ταξίδι. Δεν μου άρεσε που κατανάλωσε τόσο χρόνο και ενέργεια για να αναλύσει το παρασ [...]

  • Bob Whitely

    The copy of Rim that I read did not have this atrocious cover (sorry, I'm a pro artist, not just an author and reader, so art is important to me——I wouldn't have read this book with the cover above. I wasn't in love with the other cover either, but it was way better than this one). If read with the right mindest (like when you read Douglas Adam's work), you can get into it more. It was a fun blending of genres, but the story was clunky at times, with some spiritual elements I could have done [...]

  • grundoon

    3.5 I picked this up in 1994 and apparently got distracted for some 18 or so years. Even now with the lost context, I can see how this might have been considered a third successful foray into cyberdom, just on the heels of Stephenson's. In some ways perhaps the most ambitious, incorporating no small element of new age-y mysticism, which probably explains why it's pretty much faded from collective memory. Some really good stuff in here, including the plot itself, but I think he overreached - it j [...]

  • Snail in Danger (Sid) Nicolaides

    I saw the sequel to this book on the clearance shelves at a secondhand bookstore. Didn't buy it, but thought it looked interesting. Requested this from the library but bounced off it. Didn't feel like the author merged the traditional Japanese culture/cyber-reality aspects very smoothly. It did give me the urge to re-read The Tale of Genji, though.

  • Chris

    can't really say i was interested. the writing was inconsistent, especially in the characters' tone. it bothered me a littleso, i didn't really care about the characters. this was just a sort of 'meh' book all around.

  • Brad

    I really was enjoying this book until about the last 100 pages. It really just falls apart when you get to the ending. There were some great concepts here and an interesting virtual reality fused world but beyond that nothing else.

  • Rogue Reader

    VR gone awry, a virus that changes people into zombies and Tokyo and all its inhabitants disappear at night. What's not to love? Published first in Japan to great acclaim, Rim is a weird, weird ride through cosmic karma.

  • Andy

    At least it wasn't too long.

  • Brian R. Mcdonald

    Brief go reference in p. 171.

  • Stuart

    Fun, quick read. Plot would have had fewer holes if the protagonist hadn't inexplicably banged a bunch of people.

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  • ✓ Rim || á PDF Read by ☆ Alexander Besher
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