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By Philippa Pearce | Comments: ( 520 ) | Date: ( Feb 16, 2020 )

David can t believe his eyes when he discovers the canoe at the bottom of the garden The Minnow He traces the owner and together they begin a summer of adventure, looking for treasure along the river.

  • Title: Minnow On The Say
  • Author: Philippa Pearce
  • ISBN: 9780192751485
  • Page: 133
  • Format: Unknown Binding

About Author:

Philippa Pearce

Philippa Pearce OBE was an English author of children s books Her most famous work is the time slip fantasy novel Tom s Midnight Garden, which won the 1958 Carnegie Medal from the Library Association, as the year s outstanding children s book by a British subject Pearce was four further times a commended runner up for the Medal.Pearce wrote over 30 books, including A Dog So Small 1962 , Minnow on the Say, 1955 , The Squirrel Wife 1971 , The Battle of Bubble and Squeak 1978 and The Way To Sattin Shore 1983 The Shadow Cage and other tales of the supernatural 1977 , Minnow on the Say, Bubble and Squeak, and Sattin Shore were all Carnegie Medal runners up The Battle of Bubble and Squeak inspired a two part television adaptation in Channel 4 s Talk, Write and Read series of educational programming.The youngest of four children of a flour miller and corn merchant, Ernest Alexander Pearce, and his wife Gertrude Alice n e Ramsden, Philippa Pearce was born in the village of Great Shelford, Cambridgeshire, and brought up there on the River Cam at the Mill House Starting school late at the age of eight because of illness, she was educated at the Perse School for Girls in Cambridge, and went on to Girton College, Cambridge on a scholarship to read English and History there.After gaining her degree, Pearce moved to London, where she found work as a civil servant Later she wrote and produced schools radio programmes for the BBC, where she remained for 13 years She was a children s editor at the Oxford University Press from 1958 to 1960 and at the Andr Deutsch publishing firm from 1960 to 1967.In 1951 Pearce spent a long period in hospital recovering from tuberculosis She passed the time there thinking about a canoe trip she had taken many years before, which became the inspiration for her first book, Minnow on the Say, published in 1955 with illustrations by Edward Ardizzone It was a commended runner up for the annual Carnegie Medal It was adapted for television in Canada as a 1960 TV series with the original title, and for British television in 1972 as Treasure over the Water.Pearce s second book was Tom s Midnight Garden, published in 1958 Its midnight garden was based directly on the garden of the Mill House where Pearce was raised The novel inspired a film, a stage play and three TV versions It won the annual Carnegie Medal and for the 70th anniversary celebration in 2007, a panel named it one of the top ten Medal winning works, which composed the ballot for a public election of the nation s favourite Tom s Midnight Garden finished second in the vote from that shortlist, between two books that were about 40 years younger.Every September from 2008, the Philippa Pearce Memorial Lecture at Homerton College, Cambridge celebrates excellence in writing for children and to emphasize its continuing vital importance The lecturers are children s literature authors, scholars or critics, and most of the lectures are published online.

Comments Minnow On The Say

  • Peter Jamieson

    I'd give this 6 stars if I could. Supremely well-measured study of a Cambridgeshire summer, written in the 1950's. There's a cracking amount of tension in the story, which strains the relationships within it to breaking point. The twists of the story, following the cracking and re-cracking of a 16th century code in the search for a hidden family treasure, are beyond fantastic. The whole thing is alive - you can smell the summery river, and see the laze of dragonflies, and swirl of water cut by a [...]

  • Skye

    By the author of the better known 'Tom's Midnight Garden', Minnow on the Say is the summer holiday tale of David and Adam's search for a family treasure to save Adam from a fate worse than death: exile to Birmingham.Written in the tradition of E. Nesbit's Treasure Seekers and The House of Arden, with a dash of Swallows and s, it is beautifully crafted, superbly paced and very satisfying. As someone who spent a good portion of her childhood holidays messing about in boats, I particularly loved th [...]

  • Ivana Nešić

    Letnja avantura, vožnja čamcem po reci, lov na blago, porodična misterija, veliko prijateljstvo, sve!Daleko više mi se dopala nego Kad sat otkuca trinaest, iako bi i po temi i žanru i svemu trebalo da je obrnuto.

  • Andy

    Takes you back to an age in which children in books (if not in real life) messed about in boats, hunted for lost treasure and were always back for tea. It is beautifully written and well-structured. Every bit as good as Tom's Midnight Garden. I can't imagine children reading this today. They would have to slow down and expect to be less stimulated than they are used to: no-one goes goes into space, or steals the crown jewels, or battles against evil in a parallel universe. The countryside is pop [...]

  • Michele

    I have lost count of the number of times I have read this beautiful book with the excuisite illustrations by Edward Ardizzone. A story that is not without its melancholy, the tragedy of old Mr Codling is so well captured as are the long lovely summer days.I can remember my mum seeking out a copy of this for me.Bought in Smiths Glasgow way back around 73. I have it still.

  • LH Johnson

    It's odd to be able to describe a book as thick and dense with summer heat; a sensation somewhat removed from the cold practicality of reading the printed page, but Minnow on the Say somehow achieves that. It is a story full and dense with aching warmth and heat and slow, steady movements that occasionnally jerk into something quite sharp and brittle and tense. It is a book that reminds us just how good Pearce could be.Set in the area around where Pearce grew up, Minnow on the Say is the story o [...]

  • Mumbler

    I'm not shy about giving books five stars here. To qualify this one more carefully - I think it's better than a lot of books I've rated a 4. It's pretty great. I just finished, so it's early, but it's probably not quite as good as Tom's Midnight Garden. I suppose the consensus of reviewers already told you that. It's a lot closer than I has expected, when I read the quick description. It's not a time slip story, or supernatural in any way. But it does involve the past more than I expected, with [...]

  • janetandjohn

    Yes, I am grown up. Yes I gave this 5 stars. Yes this is a book for children (but children of all ages). This wonderful tale of a canoe (Minnow), two boys and a hidden treasure enchanted me, and I suspect, many other readers. Have a go, it may do the same for you. The late Philppa Pearce was also the author of Tom's Midnight Garden, which readers may know of - but may I suggest that you find this one and read it. I was taken up almost immediately when the boy who finds the canoe, and the boy who [...]

  • Carol Aldred

    Slightly dated story but very good non the less. Good adventure with rivers, treasure hunt and smug baddie. Perfect

  • Barbara

    Excellent old-fashioned childrens' adventure story. Took me right back to my childhood reading.

  • Mathew

    Set in the 1930s, this is a story of two boys from different classes who both come together to solve an ancient mystery regarding a hidden, family treasure. The two families, the Mosses and the Codlings are connected by the River Say whose secrets hold much more than fishes and reeds and the Minnow, a canoe which falls into the hands of young David Moss and leads him to the owner, Adam Codling, an older boy with a turbulent temper bent on preserving his family history and home at all costs. Thes [...]

  • Katie Fitzgerald

    When David Moss first meets Adam Codling, he is only hoping the other boy might allow him to share his canoe, which accidentally slipped away down the River Say and ended up behind his house. As the two boys get to know one another, however, David realizes that he and Adam have not just the canoe to bond their friendship, but a mysterious Codling family secret involving a hidden treasure and an easily misinterpreted clue. Though the treasure hunt is mainly a source of summer fun for David, it is [...]

  • David Mears

    Though this book is probably written with children as its primary audience, it is crafted with as much skill as any adult could desire. The writing is perfectly paced, sophisticated, and beautiful. The small world in which the story takes place draws you in so much that it is an effort to recall that it has been dreamed up by a single woman. This is a very enjoyable book, relaxing at the same time as being enthralling.

  • Anna

    A somewhat old-fashioned children's book. The two main characters - boys of age 10/ 11 spend their time in their canoe on the river, searching for the missing family treasure.Far more subtle than this review makes it sound. Written in the mid 1950s, neither the plot nor the language patronize the reader. Phillipa Pearce wrote a fair number of children's books - strongly recommended for adults who value intelligence and good writing.

  • Lauren

    Hidden treasure, summer days spent in a canoe on a river in the English countryside, and a villain's plans to foil--what more can you ask from a children's book? Plus a little history and best friends and solving the mystery of what really happened to the family treasure. The author based a good bit of the setting on her own childhood home near Cambridge.

  • Kailey (BooksforMKs)

    One of the best adventure stories I've read! Simple plot but sincere writing and engaging characters. A book for relaxing on the river. Just as wonderful on the second read! Definitely a favorite.

  • Nancy

    Wonderful story, a bit of a mystery, and some adventure. Philippa Pearce is a masterful author. Really enjoyed this.

  • Eleanor Blair

    Good kids story, not as striking as the spooky shorts of my previous borrowing but well worth having borrowed this too. A nice little mystery and good friendship. though the boys got all the fun.

  • Kip

    The best treasure hunting story I know. But treasure in this story means so much more. There is so much to learn from Phillipa Pearce's books.

  • Judith

    A fantastic, gripping story - even for adults! Why isn't Philippa Pearce better known?

  • P.D.R. Lindsay

    An excellent book. Philippa Pearce produced many quality children's novels and this exciting adventure is one of them.

  • Taff Jones

    This is a book I read quite frequently. It is among the most perfect of children's books.

  • Madhurima

    My favourite! I re-read this at least once in two years! I love everything about it.

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  • Free Read [Poetry Book] ✓ Minnow On The Say - by Philippa Pearce ✓
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